Friday, August 26, 2016

"Truth Is Lie"

“Lie is truth!” It's “1984” all over again, where they tell you lies and you must pretend it's truth. They're now telling us that Hillary, one of the biggest ENEMIES of the Second Amendment, is not elected, it would “hobble gun reform.” THEIR idea of gun reform, that is, with the Second Amendment “low-hanging fruit,” ready to fall. They make pretty speeches, designed to fool the gullible among us (those who pay no attention to politics except just before and election, then vote). She has said, several times, that she “doesn't want to take away our guns,” while she works HARD, “behind the scenes,”” to do just that. And she thinks we ALL believe her while only the gullible do. The only reason “gun control” has ANY support, at all, is because of the LIES she, and other anti-gun fools tell the gullible, and which they believe. The bad thing is that there is no “intelligence test” required in order to vote. The votes of the intelligent AND the stupid are of equal value. (Time Magazine)

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