Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Subjective Laws

Subjective laws are those laws that can be decided by an individual. That only require the opinion of the person affected; a cop, or other government agent. Like the “sexual harassment laws” in which the unsupported OPINION of one woman that she was sexually abused is enough to "tar and feather" a man for life. Or rape laws, where all it takes is for the woman to CLAIM rape when sometimes it's consensual sex that “went wrong” in her mind, with no other evidence it was rape. The newest subjective “offense” is the wearing of the Gadsden Flag image. A cop or other “official” can decide, on his/her own, that wearing it is an “actionable racial offense” and you can be prosecuted. The same is true of the “Rebel Flag.” I shudder to think what they'll “deem” illegal next.Maybe the "Stars and Stripes?" Other subjective laws are those you can “violate” by such things as saying or writing something critical of Islam, or of gays, or of any other group “deemed” to be “endangered” by such criticism. Islam, for instance: several people have been punished for “calling them out” on killing innocent people for not believing in their phony “religion.” Who the hell, behind the scenes, decided THAT was a punishable offense” ought to be “drawn and quartered” because it helps Islamic terrorists in their effort to establish a caliphate over all of us. (Just common sense)

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