Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Trumped-Up" Violence

It's becoming clear to me that the “anti-Trump gang” is mounting a concerted campaign to paint Trump as being responsible for the acts of violence“that Democrats PAY for people to commit at his rallies, so they can blame him. That silliness between that female reporter and Trump's campaign manager was a “windfall” to them and they're playing it to the hilt. The fool responsible for the charges filed against him was a DEMOCRAT anti-Trump jerk, and a Hillary supporter. Look at those arrested for the violence and look into their backgrounds and you'll find professional demonstrators, the same ones seen at other demonstrations, paid for by George Soros through one of his "satellite" organizations. And they've been somewhat successful in that there are some people who were solidly on Trump's side who are wavering. All the remaining candidates on both sides are blaming Trump in a knee-jerk fashion. This is dirty politics at it's dirtiest. (Just common sense)

Transgenderism of Children

It's child abuse, according to the American College of Pediatricians. It's a CRIME! And they're right. But the liberals pushing transgenderism will call them bigots, racists, and all kinds of other nasty names. That's their way:never answer the charges, just insult the charger and go right ahead with your damned fool actions, whatever the cost to others might be. That's because there is usually no true answer they can give. So they insult the person making the charges, ignoring the charges. That kind of thing is growing thin, but they're too ignorant to figure that out, for themselves. We know they're ignorant, they're liberals, after all. And they MUST be ignorant to BE liberals. Liberals are not known for their logic or common sense. In fact, they deny the very existence of logic AND common sense so they don't have to deal with them. But to teach their stupidity to CHILDREN is not only ignorance, it's EVIL. And the people pushing it don't deserve to breathe the same air as human beings. (The Blaze)

Typical Liberal "Get-Around"

They can't ban guns because of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. So now they're starting a campaign to get the Second Amendment repealed. I'm surprised they didn't think of that a long time ago. It's so TYPICAL of liberals. If something impedes you from doing what you want, get rid of it. Typically too, is the fact that what they want to get rid of is the only thing that has kept the government from disarming ALL law-abiding Americans while ignoring the fact that criminals, who obey no laws, have no trouble getting guns. Which will leave us all (the law-abiding ones) completely DEFENSELESS against them IF we OBEY their laws. But at the same time, it will leave us defenseless against government (criminal) agents, too. And that's what they want. They come to take what's ours, as they have been doing in Texas, and we oppose them with guns. They don't like that. Which is why they murdered that rancher and put another in prison for an imagined debt. If they didn't have guns, they could have “swooped in” and just TAKEN those ranches. Instead, they had to commit MURDER. I think if they manage to get that done, it will cause the Second American Revolution. And if I weren't so old and crippled up, I'd be in the forefront of it. I'm still in their corner, if mostly immobile. (Washington Post)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Is Torture Okay?

For Islamic terrorists, YES! I don't like the very idea of torture. It opens a whole “can of worms” for Americans. Will cops be able to go back to “beating a confession” out of suspects? No, according to the “talking heads” in DC. But where Islamic terrorists are concerned, I waver. They don't hesitate to use torture on US, even to the extent of BEHEADING some of the people they capture, and making videos of their atrocities for propaganda, captured not always on the battlefield. Their biggest targets seem to be “non-combatants” who are doing them no harm, not even by subscribing to other than Islam religions, and the right subset, of that.

But sometimes situations REQUIRE more than average questioning techniques, in order to save innocent lives. And Islamic terrorists don't fear death (or so they say, and some don't). But they fear PAIN. And pain can sometimes get admissions “normal questioning techniques" cannot. So there may be a narrow area in which the application of pain can be beneficial in questioning them. Yes, it can elicit false answers. But the pain itself can be beneficial to us. Not to be used on non-proven terrorists, but able to be used to frighten would-be Islamic terrorists into not allowing themselves to be “recruited” by this EVIL bunch. (Town Hall)

Who IS This Fool?

The State of North Carolina passed a bill BANNING men from using women's restrooms if they “thought” they were women, and San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee is pissed. So he told SF city employees they could not travel to NC and “subsidize bigotry.” Bigotry, to this fool, is what human beings call COMMON SENSE. Human beings don't allow MEN to even be IN women's restrooms. That's pure stupidity! And Mayor Lee has proclaimed his stupidity with this action. If I were a SF employee I would immediately book a trip to NC and DARE him to do anything about it. If he did, I would sue him for unauthorized termination or for whatever he did in response. And I'd find a court run by human beings in which to pursue the suit. Under the laws of human beings in this country, you CAN'T tell other human beings where they can, and cannot go, based on your own bigotry. Mayor Lee, take it and stick it! (The Blaze)

Proof of the Pudding

In Australia, they had a big “gun buyback.” But the result is not what they planned. It predictably (among people of intelligence, at least) created a massive “gun black market.” Criminals brought in their old, mostly unusable guns (some of which had been previously used in crimes) and got good money for them, which they used to buy NEW guns on that gun black market, and continued to use them to rob and kill people. Which reminds me of their almost complete gun BAN. Which resulted in a 300% INCREASE in ”gun violence” as people who wanted to use a gun to commit a crime bought theirs ILLEGALLY or stole them, and used them against the law-abiding, who were mostly UNARMED, by law. What nobody tells you is that gun bans only DISARM honest people, who DO obey laws, while doing NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who DON'T. Every law most politicians propose make it easier for armed criminals to rob and kill because most of their intended victims will not be armed. They INCREASE “gun crime.” (Reason)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Democrats Fix All Elections

The “super delegate” scam was designed to give the Democrat “establishment” the power to “fix” all elections so that the only candidate that has a chance to win their nomination is the one they favor. One wag was heard to say, “Who needs voters? We have the super delegates!” That's why Bernie seems to be winning so many primaries, yet remains so far behind in delegates. Recently, Hillary only won ONE out of SIX primaries, yet walked away with more delegates that Bernie. On the Republican side, they're also trying to fix it so THEIR choice gets the nomination, no matter what the voters say. But they're very clumsy about it, and have to change the rules regularly, “moving the goal posts” in order to stay ahead of the game. They have “super delegates.,” too. But they don't seem to know how to use them effectively. (Daily Caller)

The Religion Scam

Islam is NOT a religion. It is a PRETEND religion that has taken in a lot of not-too-smart people. Claiming to be a “religion” has led to a lot of prohibitions against actions taken against them (while they kill us for not being their kind of Muslim), or even SAYING the truth about them because we “revere” religions and they are “constitutionally protected” AS a religion. Islamic terrorists use that very well to mask and keep hidden their activities. They should be declared NOT to be a religion under our laws. The most recent example of this is the recent uproar about Donald Trump saying we should “pay special attention” to Muslim communities, where a lot of recruiting for ISIS and other terrorist outfits goes on. Muhammad started his “religion” to legitimize his screwing a nine-year-old girl he CALLED his “wife.” But which, in reality, was the victim of an “arranged marriage,” against her will. Screwing little girls (and little boys) is a “cultural thing” to Muslims, and that, alone, should BAN them as any kind of real religion. But they do other scurrilous things like treating their women as slaves, forcing them to go around wearing what amounts to a tent, and KILLING them if they're seen talking to the wrong man. Actually BUYING that “72 Virgins” crap illustrates their ignorance. Not to mention Muslim men going around raping women, thinking that's their RIGHT to rape any “Infidel woman.” (Just common sense)

What Is Obama DOING?

Everything he does regarding self defense seems designed to make us as helpless as possible. He can't NOT KNOW that criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists LAUGH at his “gun laws,” yet he continues to insist on making more and more of them. Even to the extent of ILLEGALLY issuing “Executive Orders” that operate as laws, illegally. Something that only works when his cronies are willing to “enforce” them, even if they are illegal. At the same time he is working HARD to make sure as many Islamic terrorists as possible are imported into this country, hoping to KILL as many of us as possible. even to the extent of using OUR tax money to pay their way here while others of their stripe kill, rape, and behead people all over Europe. His “gun laws” only keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding people, not people who get them illegally and wish to do us harm. He MUST know that, but he keeps on doing it. There should be a law against a president installing policies that will KILL many innocent Americans so we could STOP this insanity. (Just common sense)

Monday, March 28, 2016

The "Biden Rule"

It doesn't exist, according to the Democrats, who relied on it in their efforts to keep Robert Bork out of the Supreme Court. I have personally SEEN “Ol' Joe” propound on the “fact” that you should NEVER approve the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice appointed by an “outgoing president” in his last year in office. He expounded on the “fact” that there was nothing in the Constitution giving a “timetable” for appointment, AND holding a vote right away. The Congress has the right to take its time in voting the appointee in or out. They won then, and Bork is relegated to the “dustbin of history.” Now that “rule” is working against them, they wish it didn't exist, and say so, hoping that will make it true. They do that with a lot of things. They make a strong pronouncement that isn't true, and insist we believe it. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Now is a time when it should NOT work. (Seattle PI)

Ask A Stupid Question

Some people are asking, “Why would you ever need a gun in a McDonald's?” That's one of the stupidest questions ever asked. The answer is simple: “To be prepared when some SOB brings HIS gun in a McDonald's to victimize people.” which one SOB did here. It would be a good idea for any honest person to carry his/her gun into a McDonald's as it would be anywhere else, and for the same reason. In the case report linked below, THREE thugs walked into a McDonald's and tried to rob a guy, shooting two people. It is only a testament to their lack of good marksmanship that these two are still alive. If somebody else had been there with a gun, the result could be a lot different, with one or more of the SOBs dead or injured, instead of the innocent people.(ABC)

Flapping Their Wings

And accomplishing nothing. That's what people all over the United States are doing, trying to reduce “gun violence." But they aren't accomplishing a thing because they're moving in the wrong direction. In St, Louis and many other places, they're having “marches against gun violence,” as though that will make any difference, at all. In other places, they're having rallies, trying to figure out what to do about “gun violence.” And all their talk doesn't stop a single act of gun violence. They make laws to do all kinds of things, hoping that will stifle gun violence. They're dreaming. There's only ONE WAY to stop gun violence, and that is to stop the CREATORS of gun violence, by killing them, or putting them in prison for long stretches. But our politicians, in most places, won't even hear of letting honest, law-abiding people own and carry guns for self defense, so they can “clean up” on the criminals who create the gun violence, either killing them or imprisoning them for long periods. As long as they're dead or buried in prison, they won't be committing gun violence. In Raleigh, TN, they have the right idea. They're PROMOTING gun safety training, and as many citizens getting “carry permits” as are qualified. Thus sending a message to gun toting criminals to “Stay away. Or we'll END you.” (CBS Local)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Moving the Goal Posts

Back in 2012, when Ron Paul was looking like he had a serious chance to beat Romney to the nomination, the Republicans made a simple change in the rules to stop him. They changed rule 40(b) that originally said he had to get a majority of delegates in at least six states, to qualify.. After he qualified. They “moved the goal posts” further back and changed the rule to read EIGHT states. So Romney got the nomination and LOST the election. Now, to eliminate Trump from consideration, they have eliminated rule 40(b) altogether. So now, with that rule GONE altogether, all three remaining candidates, AND everybody else is eligible to be nominated, including those who have “dropped out,” leaving things open for them to nominate ANYBODY they so desired. They are OBVIOUSLY “moving the goalposts” to make sure THEY get to nominate the person THEY want. Not the person we have demonstrated WE want. This is scummy, dirty politics at its worst. And will most likely result in yet another socialist Democrat in the White House. (Washington Examiner)

Cruz Is "UnAmerican"

Obama is saying Cruz is un-American for suggesting paying special attention to Muslim enclaves in trying to uncover Muslim terrorists in America, which is not surprising. Obama has done MUCH to help the Islamic terrorists “get ahead” in their efforts to take over the world, especially America, which they consider a “plum” in their hands. Did they pay special attention to Germans and Japanese during WWII? Yes! Certainly. They even put Japanese in “encampments” so as to keep an eye on them. Even those who were American citizens. I'm not saying the “encampment” idea was right, but keeping track of, and paying atterntion to KNOWN enemies is only COMMON SENSE. But Obama is not known for his common sense. And I think he is on their side, working assiduously to help them succeed. He proves it every time he does things like oppose keeping a close eye on Muslims, a large percentage of whom HATE us and want to “bring us down,” even if they're not actively trying to do so. (Town Hall)

They're Going for Guns

In Raleigh, TN, a suburb of Memphis named for a town that used to be at it's center, they're promoting gun safety classes and as many residents who can qualify, getting “carry permits” because of the rising crime rate. They note that there have been 40 homicides this year in Memphis already, many of them in Raleigh, and they want to send a message to armed “bad guys”: “Go somewhere else to commit your crimes. We're armed in Raleigh.” Not too many municipalities take this approach, to their detriment. Most of them simply want to disarm everybody.( Except for the criminals, of course, who always get their guns, anyway.) That imbecility has been responsible for many deaths. But they will not admit that, thinking that their way is best—while people die. We need to replace those imbeciles with politicians of the same stripe as those who live in Raleigh. (WMC Action News)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Use Is It?

We've suffered through many months of “primaries” and candidate's insults, and sent them a lot of money to spend. We began with 17 Republicans, most of whom might have made a good president, and through three on the Democrat side, now down to two, NEITHER of which would be a good president. Although either of which would be a good DICTATOR. Or at least, they think that's what they'll be. But now the Republicans are talking about a “brokered convention” where they may nominate somebody we've never heard of, to keep from nominating Donald Trump, who is the best candidate they've had in years. So, of what USE is all the hooraw and billions of dollars spent in the primaries? I've always known that we do not get to vote for OUR choice. We get to vote for THEIR choice. So why do foolish Americans send politicians so much money, only to get to vote for the person THEY choose? The “fix is in,” and it always has been. It's just a “dog and pony show” to make us THINK we're getting to vote for OUR choice. This year they're revealing the truth (but they don't know it). That OUR choice means NOTHING, and whoever ends up as the nominee will be the choice of the “establishment,” on BOTH sides. (Town Hall)

Not A "Poison Pill?"

The very word “communism” used to be a “poison pill” if mentioned in connection with a presidential (or any other) political candidate, because schools were teaching the TRUTH about communism then, and when their students became adults and voted, they rightly knew that if a candidate was associated, in any way, with communism, they didn't want him (her) in any office. But, even after the FAILURE of communism in Russia, and other places, being a socialist OR a communist is no longer a BAR to being elected. In fact, a large part of the electorate today thinks communism is the best thing since sliced bread. The reason for that is that communists and their sympathizers have had a lot of years, and a lot of communist/socialist sympathizers in schools teaching that communism/socialism wants to RAISE everybody to a HIGHER LEVEL of wealth, making everybody rich. Of course, such an idea is ABSURD, but young people don't understand that. What communism/socialism does, in reality, is to LOWER everybody to the same economical level, making more and more people POOR. And you can't argue them out of it. They're too well conditioned to believe the lies they've been fed for years. So nobody criticizes Obama for praising the Castro brothers in Cuba and the job they've done in enslaving an entire people. (Town Hall)

Guns In Classrooms

Anti-gun fools get very nervous at the thought of guns in classrooms, in the hands of students. But they're wrong. That isn't the source of danger from guns in classrooms. The danger comes from guns brought in by outsiders, who want to kill people they can be pretty sure won't be armed and able to defend themselves. But they're wrong, too. More and more college students are arming themselves for just such an occurrence. And they ARE bringing their guns to class with them. A mass killer just hasn't run into any of them, yet. The anti-gun crowd doesn't know about them because they have kept their “killer instincts” under control, and haven't killed anybody because of something unimportant. Anti-gun fools have no confidence in the ability of these honest people to keep their passions under control. But they're projecting their own passions onto others. They don't trust THEMSELVES not to shoot somebody over a fender-bender or an insult, if they had a gun in their pocket, and they project that onto others. (Weapon Blog)

Friday, March 25, 2016

"Revenge" Killings

Recently, we killed the #2 man in ISIS. Which wasn't a surprising thing. Such things happen when we are at war with someone. But the Islamic terrorists will treat it as if we are the barbarians and had no Earthly reason for killing this “poor man” and will tell the world that their next atrocity is “in revenge” for his “murder.” Chances are that next atrocity had been planned long before his death, but propaganda is an important thing to them, and this is too good a propaganda thing to pass up. Later, when we capture some of the terrorists, they will talk about our “unnecessary killings” as if we started this fracas, and for no reason. They're fools, and think we'll believe their crap. They ARE right that SOME of “us” will. Those who are predisposed to blame America for everything, and aren't smart enough to know any different. Liberals, actually, who don't have the brain power to let a fart quietly. There are always liberals around to criticize people who do the right things. In the American Revolution, we called them “Tories.” The stupid will always be with us. (Just common sense)

Eliminating Private Transportation

Liberals are working HARD to force us into depending on public transportation. I've managed to avoid it most of my life, because I've always had a car, from the time I became an adult. But the bombings in Brussels show how short-sighted that is. After the Brussels bombings, the government shut down ALL public transportation so that NOBODY could go anywhere without having their own transportation (of course the terrorists had theirs). People like me, who CAN'T walk very far, must depend on somebody else to get where I must go if they don't have a car. Public transportation is responsible for many robberies, rapes, and other crimes, because it forces a lot of people together, making them good targets. And the crooks go onto public transportation to prey on them.  I choose not to use it. The same is true of all the mass gatherings for entertainment and political speeches. I'm sure there will soon be a bombing at one of Trump's rallies, and it will predictably be blamed on him. I'm not going to put myself in such am position, by not going to such gatherings, ever. If they ever ban private transportation in America, I will become a criminal. (Just common sense)

The Impossible Dream

Anti-gun fools really think they can eliminate guns from the world by their actions. But nothing is more silly than that. But they think silly thoughts. One is that the way to self defense it to DISARM yourself. Another is to think that making LAWS against guns will stop people from making, and buying them. They're easy to make. I could make some if I knew how. I could learn how, easily. And there are many craftsmen who DO know how. One of the current efforts of the anti-gun crowd is to make a law allowing victims of “gun violence” to sue gun makers for damages done by their guns, mostly done by people who got them illegally. That would only force gun makers underground, where they can't be found by fools who want to sue them while leading to suits on auto makers for accidents caused by the owner's damned foolishness. And “gun crime” would go on, without letup. It would increase. Prohibition did more to INCREASE alcohol use in the United States and cause the rise of organized crime than did anything else. The same is true of the drug trade. Ban guns and create yet another illicit market that will dwarf both. (Gun Watch)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

It Happened Again!

The major cable and Internet provider in Denver seems especially prone to outages. This is the third time in three weeks there has been an outage covering Denver. But this time they did have a good excuse. A FOOT of snow after a day of “shirtsleeve weather" Wednesday. It started about one o'clock and extended into the night. Sorry about that.

Journalistic Malpreactice

It's really too bad there is not a law about journalistic malpractice in some of the STUPID things they publish. The Washington Post is now saying “it is patriotic to question Scalia's decisions about gun rights when it is clearly NOT. But they're too stupid to know that. There are way too many liberal fools in the liberal media—which is why it IS a “liberal media.” the liberals have taken over many of our most basic entities, including the media and our schools, at all levels. They make phony pronouncements and they are taken as gospel by other liberals. Liberals are NOT in the majority. But the ones there, are in key positions that allow them to “mold” public opinion, since most conservatives are not as vocal. But that will not last forever. The people who go about their own business every day and IGNORE the depredations of liberals, are starting to take notice as liberals go too far as they get too overconfident. And soon they will destroy everything liberals have worked for—and rightly so. (Breitbart)

Goldwater Again

Remember the fiasco America suffered when Barry Goldwater almost took over the Republican Party in 1964? If you don't, Google it. The “power brokers in the Republican Party didn't approve of Barry, and they showed it. They compared him to the Nazis and told all kinds of lies about him. And what did they get? No Goldwater as president. And no other Republican, either. What we got was Lyndon Johnson and the “War on Poverty,” which was simply disguised socialism. The Democrats “RULED” in DC for most of the next 50 years, and so screwed up this country, you wouldn't recognize it. What they wrought is now regarded as “normal.” The country being “ruled” by un-elected bureaucrats using “regulations,” instead of laws. Regulations don't need congressional approval. They are passed, and enforced like laws, at the WHIM of the politicians. They're supposed to be SUPPORTED by laws, but today, they're not. We have exactly the same thing happening today, with Donald Trump as their target. And if they succeed, as they did in 1964, we'll get another SOCIALIST in the white House, and either Hillary OR Bernie will finish the job of making another socialist “showcase nation” out of America (Like the Soviet Union in Russia was until communism collapsed there), and America will suffer until her socialist government dies because it produces nothing, as all socialist regimes do. Eventually, when other socialist nations, themselves collapsing, stop supporting them, and they run out of other people's money. (Conservative Newsroom)

Most Powerful Lobby

That's the “gun lobby,” according to Hillary. But she just can't figure out WHY the gun lobby is so powerful and why she can't beat it. The answer is simple. The “gun lobby” represents most of the people in America, who DEMAND the right guaranteed them by the Constitution to self defense, and to buy, hold, and carry the means to that end, a gun. She just doesn't understand that MOST AMERICANS are AGAINST gun control. She thinks just because she favors it, she should be able to “ramrod” through her proposals to take guns away from honest people to let them defend themselves against the holders of ILLEGAL guns, people who commit most of the crimes. (The Hill)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"We Must Join Together"

That's the message given by Obama in Cuba as he spends less than a minute on the Brussels bombings by ISIS. And he includes Muslims in that. How do you “join together” with people whose only goal is to KILL as many people who don't believe in THEIR religion as possible? (It's that simple. Scratch a Muslim and you just might uncover a terrorist.) They don't want anything else, and they are not amenable to “joining together” unless the entire world “converts” to Islam. This is the same kind of INSIPID response Obama has had to ALL the murderous activities of ISIS and other Islamic terrorists. He won't even CALL them Islamic terrorists or identify them as Muslims. I think it's because he secretly is a Muslim extremist and wants them to win, so he works as hard as he can to make that happen. He is the embodiment of the “Manchurian Candidate” raised and trained to undermine everything America does to fight Islamic terrorism. When he says “We must unite against terror,” he STILL doesn't identify it as what it is: “Islamic terrorism.” (WUSA9)

No Gun Needed

Again proving my contention that if there is no gun available, “bad guys” will “do their dirty work” with whatever comes to hand. In this case, it was a knife used to kill 14 PEOPLE! Anti-gun fools think what's at blame in mass killings is the gun, since most mass killings happen with the use of a gun. But that's only because a gun makes it easier. If guns disappeared today, people would still kill people, would still rob people, using whatever tool came to hand. Anti-gun fools aren't intelligent enough to realize that. It's a classic case of putting the toothpaste back in the tube. It can't be done. But those fools keep trying it, and failing. But that doesn't stop them. They try it again, and fail again. Then again, and again. In spite of constitutional guarantees otherwise, (CNN)

A Reason for More Gun Laws?

The recent shootings in Kansas are NOT a reason to talk gun control for a couple of reasons. One, it was NOT a “mass shooting,” because four people did not die. Only 3 did. Second, the shooter was BLACK, and everybody knows ALL mass shooters are white, right? Obama will stomp around the Oval Office and whine and gripe for days because he can't use this one as an excuse to bray about his USELESS “anfi-gun laws.” Why? For the reasons mentioned above, PLUS the fact that this shooter was a FELON, and it was against the law for him to have a gun, anyway. But he still had one, despite the law. Of course, that points up my contention that his “gun laws” won't stop somebody who wants to kill a bunch of people because the laws he intends to break are WORSE than those for just having a gun. But that goes right past him and his, and they keep on making them, in spite of the fact that they do nothing to limit gun violence, and really only INCREASE it. (Tea Party Politics)

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Meeting of Criminals

There was a meeting of the top criminals in two different countries held , and it was amazing. Barack Obama and Raul Castro met in Cuba to talk about how to divide up the spoils. Raul wants “the blockade” he blames (lyingly) for his country's poverty ended, and I'll bet Obama will do it. Probably without announcing it. He has done everything he could to advance socialism already, why should he hesitate there? Some say he wouldn't do it because Raul demanded he do it in public and that would make him seem subservient to Raul's wishes, But Obama doesn't care what people think. He still thinks he's a dictator, even though his term will soon end (we hope) if he doesn't do something dastardly to stay in office. This meeting reminds me of a meeting between two top Mafiosi. They've solidified their power so much (they think) they don't need to worry about what people think. And they have made sure they've milked both of their countries of every dime they can. And the liberal media has a mass orgasm. (New York Times)

Mexico's Illegal Immigration Law

Mexico criticizes us for deporting a few illegal alien criminals, but their law is a model we could use here. Being an illegal alien in Mexico is a FELONY, punishable by years in prison, THEN deportation. Their law makes perfect sense, while they pressure us to “water down” OUR illegal alien laws so their people can sneak in here and take many of our jobs, collect our welfare, and other perks NOT allowed for illegal aliens in Mexico. Their Constitution clearly spells out the rights enjoyed by legal citizens in Mexico, and DENIED to foreigners, legally there, or not. Mexico deports more people than does America. And they want us to “lighten up.” (Human Events)

Shootout In Chicago

In a city with the stiffest “gun laws” in the land, you'd expect “peace and quiet,” wouldn't you? At least, that's what the anti-gun fools tell you. But it doesn't work that way. All that does is DISARM law-abiding citizens and leave the way wide open for criminals, who don't OBEY laws. And “gun crime” goes up. Then you have statistics like 15 people shot in one weekend, and a big “shootout” between the cops and one of the illegally-armed criminals, where the criminal is killed. No doubt because he just had the gun, but not the knowledge on how to properly use it. Illegal gun owners seldom take “gun safety” classes. In a city with such gun laws, you wouldn't expect to get shot immediately when questioning a suspected drug dealer—right? WRONG! Three cops did just that, and shot the crook to death. One more criminal gun off the street—unless some crooked cop sells it out of his trunk in a back alley somewhere to another criminal. This is yet another demonstration of the fact that the kind of “gun laws” now being made not only do NOTHING to “stop gun violence,” they actually INCREASE it by DISARMING honest, law-abiding people. Chicago is the anti-gun fool's “showcase city,” they think. Actually, it is OURS. The people trying to pound some sense into the heads of anti-gun fools. A city with some of the tightest gun laws in the country, coupled with the highest murder rates in that country. (Mail News)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Democrat "Double Dippers"

Remember Stephanie Cutter? She was Obama's campaign manager in the 2012 election. Now she's on the payroll of MSNBC as a “roving commentator” while, at the same time, she is working for Obama, heading up a committee to promote the Senate approving his latest Supreme Court nominee. Then there's Ed Schultz, who was LITERALLY on the payroll of the unions while at the same time, covering the unions for MSNBC. There are probably more cases like this out there, too many to mention. But these are two well-known ones. Then there's George Stephanopoulos, who was a communications director in the Clinton administration. You remember; the one who lied to his own diary? He is now a top anchorman for ABC. He's a classic case of “double-dipping.” (Hot Air)

"Shirking Their Responsibility?"

Democrats, who are frustrated in their efforts to “pack” the Supreme court, are whining that Congress is “shirking their responsibility” by not holding a vote on replacing the now deceased Justice, on THEIR schedule, not that of the Republicans. But the Constitution does not specify a time limit on holding a vote. They are NOT “shirking their duty” by refusing to hold the vote as long as that fool, Obama, is in the White House. They are DOING THEIR JOB by preventing Obama from “packing the Court” with liberals. Democrats have a very different idea of what represents “doing their job” than we do. Democrats successfully blocked the appointment of new Justices in the past, when they were in the majority, and said it was right for them to do so. What's different here? The Congress is mostly REPUBLICAN now, that's what! (Just common sense)

"I've Got Higher Numbers"

Hillary says, “I've got higher numbers than Trump.” Hooraw! She has a bigger percentage of a two-person race (with her only competition being an ADMITTED socialist) while Trump still has the largest percentage of numbers from a FOUR-person race containing some good people. Big whoop! It might also be instructive to note that her numbers are ALL DEMOCRATS, none of whom would vote for Trump, anyway. And Trump has the highest numbers among those who WOULD vote for a Republican. So her “higher numbers” mean NOTHING! Just wait until Bernie's gone and her only competition is only Trump. Then watch her numbers drop like a stone! Leave it to somebody like Hillary to take a phony statistic and tout it as if that meant she was LEADING. (Just common sense)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why Congressional Action Needed?

Why is congressional action required to declare something even small school kids can see clearly? That ISIS is committing genocide on Christians? Meanwhile, our president AND Secretary of State can't see it, and still resist it. The State Department is “dragging its' feet (though they did recently surrender and confirm ISIS is genocidal). I've talked about the INCOMPETENCE in DC, and this CONFIRMS it. IF you believe it's incompetence. I don't. I think so, any more. I think it's part of Obama's concerted effort to destroy America as we know it, making it into a “socialist paradise” his “runners” want it to be. Anything that disrupts things, he is going to maintain (he's got his own “war against Christianity” going on in this country). Even defying common sense. Some of his cohorts even deny there IS such a thing as common sense. (Town Hall)

Twisted "Logic"

It can't be anything else. Democrats (and some other people) blame Trump for the violent demonstrators that seem to be following him around. Yes, he might have said a few things about “punching them out” or “paying their legal costs,” but that doesn't give them the right to create violence in their attempts to deny him his First amendment rights. The liberals paying the expenses of those UNEMPLOYED demonstrators that seem to show up at every place they can do the most damage might have some of the blame. And it might pay to notice that ALL the demonstrators seem to be “lefties.” Very few such demonstrators seem to show up at Democrat events, and that's not to the credit of Democrats. Those violent demonstrators are too busy making trouble for Republicans. Conservatives are a lot less likely to BECOME demonstrators, and, unlike “lefties,” clean up their mess” when they leave. Besides, they have JOBS or are spending their time to get one because of Obama's efforts to destroy them. Leftist “demonstrators” always just LEAVE their mess. Tea Party demonstrators (when there ARE such) clean up after themselves. (Town Hall)

Questions for Obama

Barack, I'm sure you can imagine that making laws against gun ownership will do NOTHING to “stop gun violence.” why then, do you insist on making them? Is it your way of making people think you're “doing something” when you're not? You KNOW how easy it is for criminals, crazies and Islamic terrorists to get their guns ILLEGALLY in some back alley somewhere but the laws against that are the ones that are “weak.” Why is it at the same time you are taking away our right to have and carry the means to self-defense, you're importing by the hundreds, of thousands, Muslim terrorists? And don't even TRY to tell me they're NOT terrorists! To believe that is STUPIDITY. You're even paying their way here. I'm an old man . If I'm confronted my a terrorist with a gun, I'm dead. I have NO DEFENSE without a gun in my hand. The same applies to being robbed by somebody who is carrying the predictably ILLEGAL gun. And “old folks” like me are their primary targets, because they figure we're “easy targets.” And they're right, as long as people like you keep us disarmed. You, and people like you say if you let us have guns (as if you have the right to deny us), we'll start shooting each other over trifles. Nothing could be more IGNORANT. The truth is, the whole campaign against gun ownership by law-abiding people is ignorant. At least the way you people run it. (Just common sense)

Friday, March 18, 2016

"Trump Is No Conservative!"

So the hell WHAT? I'm no conservative, either. Although conservative is CLOSE to the “rational individualist” I am. But not being a conservative is only a bar to the presidency to political elites who want to DICTATE the candidate you MUST vote for. The political bosses have the deck stacked so that you can only vote for the candidates THEY put forward. Trump has found his way around that “stacked deck” and they don't like that, one bit. So Republicans and Democrats are joining together to “stop Trump.” Never mind the Republicans are committing political suicide by doing that. If they keep on the same road, I predict they will go the way of the Whigs, and the “Tea Party” will become a real political party. They can't CONTROL Trump, and that frightens them. One of their “dirty tricks” is to accuse Trump of racism. That used to be a “kiss of death” for a politician. No more. They've “worn it out” by using it everywhere, including places that are impossible. (Town Hall)

Why's It Trump's Fault?

The Democrats make a big thing out of the fact that people who oppose them do not seem to demonstrate so much, and so violently against them as they do against Trump. They twist facts so as to blame Trump for that. That's “circular reasoning.” Their position is that Trump has brought it on himself by the violence he talks about in how he will handle certain things. WRONG! What you need to look at is the CHARACTER of the demonstrators, and the violence in the campaign on the Internet against him, coming from the left. “Right-wingers” who demonstrate against Hillary or Bernie just are not the violent type, whereas the “lefties” who are demonstrating against Trump ARE. They are people who mostly have no jobs because of Obama's policies, and no hope of ever finding one—IF they even care. And they blame the Republicans for it. They don't have the brain power to know any better. Additionally, we KNOW that liberals PAY people to demonstrate, and some just go too far.  Or if they do, the liberal media hides it. (Yahoo News)

The Real Solution

People like to say different things are “the solution” to gun violence. But most of them don't work. Here's one that DOES work, every time. In one case, a woman had a restraining order against a man, but it didn't work. He attacked her, anyway. So she shot him to death. That worked. Statistics show that criminals stop committing crimes after their intended victims shoot them to death. The message here is unmistakable. Gun registration doesn't stop killers. It only MAY help catch him AFTER he has killed. That doesn't help the guy or gal he killed much. Gun free zones are only an “engraved invitation” to killers who would rather kill people without being killed immediately, themselves. Making LAWS that keep guns out of the hands of known criminals (maybe) don't even slow them down. They all know exactly where they can get an ILLEGAL gun. And disarming ourselves is the stupidest idea there is, when it comes to protecting ourselves that would only work if the “bad guys” disarmed themselves, too. But that ain't agonna happen. Count on it. (Just common sense)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Garland: "Anti-Gun Zealot"

They're trying to paint Garland as a “moderate,” but that's “code” for liberal undercover. He's also an anti-gun zealot, and always has been. If he is confirmed, that will spell the END to our Second Amendment right to self defense. Garland has a long record of anti-gun judgments, and his confirmation would mean the DEATH KNELL for most of Scalia's best decisions. In 2007, Garland voted to keep a clearly unconstitutional law in DC BANNING guns, even in someone's private home, for self defense. He has shown a long record of hostility to gun owners (the LEGAL kind, that is). Scalia said once that he would NOT like to see someone appointed who would UNDO all his good work on the Court. And Obama has appointed just such a man. Our Second Amendment RIGHT is ONE JUSTICE AWAY from being destroyed. And Garland is that Justice. (American Thinker)

Raising the Age

“Welshing” on a promise. The feds have forcibly taken money out of our paychecks for many years on the PROMISE that when we arrive at the age of 65, we could start getting some of it back. You question the word, “forcibly?” Just try NOT paying into it and see how quickly it gets violent. Now they're “welshing” on that promise and even some presidential candidates agree that's a “good thing.” When they started this “pyramid scheme” called Social Security, the life expectancy was LESS than 65. They figured they could steal a lot of money and not have to pay it back because the recipients would be dead. So they SPENT the money. And now Social Security benefits are being paid out of the “General Fund,” and it's “going broke” because people are now living a LOT longer than 65. So now they're raising the age so it will soon again become beyond the normal life expectancy so they can continue to “keep the money.” Social Security is one of the biggest governmental con games there is, and, as usual, they muffed it. (Just common sense)

More Mfg. Overseas

Hillary wants to make a law making it possible to SUE gun makers every time one of their guns injures or kills somebody. That will mean the END of the LEGAL gun business in America, and the only guns available in the world will be made in foreign countries. Which is a BOON for overseas gun makers, who won't be liable under their new laws. Illicit gun importers will profit handsomely, too. If Hillary thinks that will reduce “gun violence,” she needs to have her brain removed (IF she indeed has one) and tinkered with so she can recognize reality. Even if she manages to destroy the American gun industry, what makes her think gunsmiths everywhere can't make and sell guns on the QT? You can't sue a gun-maker if you can't find him, just like with drugs. Americans have a way of “getting around” restrictive laws they don't like, even if this action doesn't cause another American revolution. I smell a revolution coming. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Supreme Court Fight

Obama has “done his duty” and nominated a judge for the Supreme Court, to replace the deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. Republicans, according to their promise, say they will NOT hold hearings for this nominee “under the Biden Rule.” You'll remember that Joe Biden, while still a senator, said you should NEVER confirm a Supreme Court nominee during the last year of a president's term. Of course, it was “different then,” and Democrats were then trying to defeat a Supreme Court nominee. Now the “shoe is on the other foot,” and REPUBLICANS are trying to defeat the nomination of a Supreme Court nominee in the last year of a DEMOCRAT administration. Whether or not they maintain their promise remains to be seen. The nominee, whose name I won't even bother to mention, is “Thought to be a moderate,” which is “Democratese” for, “:He's a flaming liberal, but we want to fool you into thinking he is not.” Obama says, “I've done my job, now the Congress should do theirs.” Believe me, Barack, they WILL “do theirs” when they BLOCK this nomination, IF they do. They have to CONSIDER your nominations. They DO NOT have to confirm them. (Town Hall)

No First Amendment?

Somebody needs to tell Obama's current Attorney General she has no grounds to “prosecute” climate change “deniers.” Too bad there is no LAW to prosecute office holders for willfully violating the Constitution. People have the absolute RIGHT to disagree with Obama's fool notions and ANY “prosecution” would be not only damned fool, it would be ILLEGAL. Of course, that doesn't bother Obama people, with their “boss man” violating the Constitution, left and right. Climate change fools are really getting frightened that “deniers” will end their ability to con money out of gullible Americans for this swindle if they want to make it a CRIME to disagree. What the hell makes them think they CAN prosecute people for their opinions in the United States? Maybe they think they have enough liberal judges to “ramrod” such a “prosecution” through. I guess I'll be one of the first to be “prosecuted” on this phony charge because I say ”climate change” or “global warming,” or whatever they call it now is a SWINDLE and has made BILLIONS for the people pushing it. So there! Come and get me. (CNS News)

Fewer Guns, More Stabbings

Proving my prediction, the tighter gun law are, the more lawbreakers will use OTHER weapons to kill or intimidate people. And New York Mayor DiBlasio has confirmed that. If there were no guns, at all, people who want to hurt other people will use the next best thing. In this case, a knife. Criminals WILL do their “dirty work,” no matter what they must use to do it. Back in Medieval times, there were guns. But they were few, and far between, because of the difficulty in using them. So everybody carried knives or swords. And sword fights became an almost daily occurrence. You can't stop people who want to hurt others by taking away their weapons. If they want to kill you, they'll find a way, if they have to use their bare hands. (Fox 5)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

They Came to Their Senses

They finally came to their senses where it concerns the possibility of filing charges against a billionaire presidential candidate, namely Donald Trump. Some people are ready and willing to do ANYTHING to keep Trump out of the White House. And this is part of it. Maybe if they showed such determination in 2007, we would not have to have suffered eight years of Barack Obama. And we will suffer more until all vestiges of Obama's sabotage of liberty are removed, which will take years. But, it's pretty obvious they're “tailoring” those charges for Donald, when they ignore the murder threats made by various Muslim terrorists, then consider charging Donald with “inciting a riot” for offering to pay the legal fees of that 78-year-old man who had “had enough” and cold-cocked a liberal demonstrator at one of his rallies. "Wiser heads prevailed" and no charges will be filed. I've always wondered why they allowed Muslim terrorist sympathizers to threaten death and destruction get away with it. It's probably Obama protecting his Muslim terrorist friends keeping anybody from charging them. It's becoming painfully obvious that Obama is the “Manchurian Candidate born and bred” to destroy America in every way he can. Probably financed by George Soros. The most painful part of it is, he's almost there, with a big part of a year to go if somebody doesn't stop him. (Town Hall)

Fire the Fool!

Trump campaign manager Lewandowski physically assaulted a female Breitbart reporter who tried to ask Trump a question, along with several other reporters. He left bruises on her arm and almost threw her to the floor. It wasn't even a case of a “security man” overreacting. This was in no way something a campaign manager is allowed to do, and he should be FIRED for doing it, especially since it is not the first time he has done it. The reporter would be within her rights to file a felony assault charge against him. And she has. He “says” he thought she was a “mainstream media” reporter, as if that gave him the right to manhandle her. If Trump is smart, he will get rid of this fool before he really destroys his campaign Lewandowski is obviously a “loose cannon” and has no business continuing. I wouldn't have him any where near me. If anything can derail Trump, this is it. (Twitchy)

Obama: Best Gun Salesman

He has been responsible for more gun sales than ANYBODY. Every time he makes a speech about “gun control,” gun sales increase. He's well known to be the best gun salesmen EVER. I'm sure that's an “honor” he wishes he didn't have. Maybe he'll one day wake up and realize that every move he makes to limit gun ownership in the United States sells more guns. Probably not. America's will is decidedly AGAINST limiting gun ownership in America. But he'll never “tumble” to that. He lacks the intelligence, as do the other anti-gun fools. Hamid Peseshk, a long-time gun dealer, in spite of more restrictive gun regulations now in place, is selling more guns than ever. And he gives Obama and his anti-gun cronies the credit for it. He says—and he's right--”it's not the job of law enforcement to protect us. That's an impossible job, since they can't be everywhere, at once.” All they can do is “clean up the scene,” get rid of the body, and document it, MAYBE catching the criminal, later. That does NOT “protect us.” cops will be the first to say this. (Arkansas Matters)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump Supporters Violent?

Gimme a BREAK! The liberal news reported that “Trump canceled his Chicago rally because Trump supporters became violent.” Only problem is, that's an absolute, COMPLETE LIE! Trump supporters DID NOT “become violent.” It was “Black Lives Matter” fools who became violent. Trump supporters merely stood by and watched. The “Black Lives Matter” crowd are “lefties,” who want to disrupt things as much as they can. It is this kind of media malpractice that screws everything up. Trump supporters have NEVER been violent. It's all the “lefties” (paid for by MoveOn, with money from George Soros) who come to his rallies to make trouble. And make trouble, they do. Then the media blames it on Trump and his followers. I wish we had some HONEST media in this country. In Russia, they used to be CONTROLLED by the government. In this country now, they are SELF-controlled liars. (Free Republic)

Obama Will Not See

And nobody around him will open his eyes. He's a FOOL or a traitor. I favor traitor. He will NOT recognize the danger to this country from the Muslim terrorists. He is releasing Muslim terrorists we have lost lives to capture, “willy-nilly,” in his quest to close GITMO, for whatever excuse he uses today. Either way, his policies, if they are allowed to continue, will kill us all, or sell us into Muslim slavery. He works HARD to take away our guns and with them, our ability to defend ourselves, not just against the depredations of criminals, but against the Muslim terrorists he is importing by the hundreds of thousands (even paying their way). I fear it will take a new American revolution to save us from his stupidity, or his treachery. He ignores Muslim murderers even as they conduct a genocide of Christians while he conducts his own, here. (Town Hall)

Illegal Alien Kills

Just as in San Francisco, the mass killer in Kansas City was an illegal immigrant who has been previously deported and came back many times. The press is strangely silent about this. It's really a shame there seems to be no way such people can't be stopped from coming back here to commit their crimes. Maybe when they're caught twice in the U. S., they could be sentenced to a long prison term, for violating their deportation order. Maybe that would make them think again before returning after being deported. That would certainly slow down their crimes here, and some Americans would still be alive, since they would be in prison for a long stretch. But don't expect anything like that to happen as long as that limp-wristed wimp is president. The only thing he is hard on is opposition to his fool ideas. The problem of previously deported illegals (a word they hate) coming back and committing crimes is growing worse as more and more illegals sneak in. And if something isn't done about it, it's only going to get worse, until it becomes a problem that can't be solved without drastic measures. (The Gateway Pundit)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hillary Won Nevada?

Or did she? She won it by Harry Reid changing the rules at the last minute to avoid a humiliating defeat for her. This is how Democrats win elections.”Putting the fix in.” And Nevada is not the first place it has happened, and won't be the last. In at LEAST two elections, she has clearly LOST, but walked away with more delegates than Bernie, due to “super delegates,” whose votes mean more than “just a delegate.” The Democrat Party clearly wants Hillary to be the next president, so they're fixing as many elections as they can. They're only just now realizing their mistake in putting Bernie up to bedevil her and make it LOOK like she actually has an opponent. But the Republicans will have something to say about that when she faces them in the general election. They're going to win by such a margin that the Democrat finagling and dirty tricks won't be enough to steal this election. (Preserve Freedom)

Martyr? Hero? Absurd!

Gimme a break! Mahmoud Abbas, “boss man” of the Palestinian contingent in Israel, so described the fool who went on a stabbing spree in Israel. What kind of twisted logic led to that assessment of a murderous thug who started stabbing people at random? He did it while Vice President Biden was in conference a short distance away. He ran up and down the street stabbing people and was so inept at it that after stabbing nine people, he only managed to kill one. Fortunately, an Israeli cop caught up to him and shot him to death. Which is a good thing. People who do what he did deserve only death. Not a “show trial” at great expense and YEARS in prison before he is finally rewarded with the death he actually got immediately at the hands of a hero cop. And so do people like Abbas, who probably planned the whole thing and supplied the knife. To call him a hero and a martyr is so absurd as to be laughable. As are the Palestinians, who “claim” a “homeland,” when they never had one. (Yahoo News)

The "Gun Lobby Myth"

The NRA is not a “gun lobby,” although it does have a lobbying section. It is a “member-driven” and supported organization that teaches gun safety and trains people in that. It also educates people in the TRUTH that the “anti-gun fools”lie about. They lie on a regular basis and the NRA corrects the lies. They are an organization that protects the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which says categorically, “The right of the people to bear arms shall NOT be infringed.” How much more plain can you be? The anti-gun fools DAILY work HARD to “infringe” on that right. Thanks to the NRA, they have not been successful in their efforts, and they HATE that, lying again in their attempts to discredit the NRA. The anti-gun fools still think the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves—which would leave the way clear for the ILLEGALLY armed criminals to kill us at will. We are seeing an influx of extremist Muslims into this country, supported, and PAID FOR by their subversive lackey, Obama, and we'd BETTER be ready to defend ourselves against their attempts to KILL us for not believing in their phony “religion.” (Daily Caller)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

It's Getting Pretty Bad

It's really getting pretty bad out there. The FBI has “ordered” schools to REPORT any students who express anti-government views, like that's illegal. We're getting closer and closer to an “authoritarian” (dictatorship) government. Next thing, they'll start ordering employers to similarly “report” their employees who express anti-government views. I wonder what they plan to do with this information? Put the kids in JAIL, or force them to go to “re-education camps” so they can teach them how to “think properly?” That's something we used to criticize Russia for doing. They used KIDS to “spy” on their parents and report any anti-government views they might express. I'm just glad I'm old enough I won't have to live through much more of this crap. I just hate it that my kids WILL. (Info Wars)

College Is Not Rquired

The liberals (Democrats) have SOLD a majority of Americans on the idea that a college education is REQUIRED in order for a person to enter the workforce and get anywhere. This completely ignores the fact that CRAFTSMEN, such as plumbers, painters, and others commonly make as much, or MORE than college graduates. The stories of college graduates standing behind a cash register at McDonald's and similar places abounds. A college education guarantees NOTHING. Especially for people who major in such things as “art appreciation” or some such. Liberals are ALWAYS criticizing “big oil,” “big this, or big that,” but never mention the massive overcharging that goes on in “big college,” which has been CREATED by them. (Just common sense)

Overriding the Veto

In W. Virginia, “permitless carry” has become law. This law was vetoed twice by the same governor. But this time, it didn't “take.” the legislature overrode the veto and soon everybody can carry a gun, concealed or otherwise, without the necessity of getting a permit. It's the only right thing to do, since the Constitution prohibits ANY law interfering with the American people being armed. They managed to get around that for years. But America is waking up to that and going “over their heads.” Yes, that law does allow criminals to buy guns legally. But all that will do is make for less business for ILLEGAL gun sellers. They never have trouble getting guns, anyway, and nothing will change there. This law is NOT the “disaster” the anti-gun fools will paint it. (Breitbart)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Sorry About Yesterday

My cable AND Internet was out most of the day and I could not get any work done. This one wasn't my fault. I was “rarin' to go,” but couldn't.

Why Only Trump?

As I write this, there is a massive “peaceful demonstration” (about 1,000 people against, vs/ 30,000 FOR) outside a Trump event in Chicago. Those demonstrators are comparing him to Hitler and other dictators. But there is an equal or larger mass of people who want to hear him speak. Some of the people inside, I'm sure, are part of that demonstration and are PRETENDING to be Trump supporters so they can interrupt and make trouble, hopeful of being “roughed up” by Trump security, making him LOOK like the thug they say he is. Of course, the media never shows video of what THEY do, only what the security does, in response. Why does this not happen at other events for other candidates?

Or does the media refuse to report it when it does? They just want to make it look like a lot of people hate Trump, which they do. But not shown is the larger number of people who LOVE him. From what I heard of their chants, this is part of the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. Their problem is they FEAR Trump. They know he won't let them get away with the crap Obama allows, and will take away a lot of the “freebies” Obama gave them, and what both Bernie of Hillary have promised. Most of them have no jobs. They're on welfare. So they have a lot of time for these “demonstrations. Likely many of them are PAID to be there, as they have been in other places, like Ferguson, MO. (Update: The event has now been canceled, due to security concerns. and the demonstrators are "eating it up," figuring they've won. They've managed to "shut Trump up" for the moment.) (Chicago Patch)

They Always Get It Wrong

Liberals always get it wrong. Mostly because they just can't face the reality of their own failure. Now they're blaming the GOP opposition to Obama for the current failure in the Republican Party, and their eminent failure AS a party. Not the fact that they're working against their own best candidate. That's what a recent AP dispatch said, anyway. Where the hell they get the idea that opposition to OBAMA has caused the decline in the influence of the Republican Party, I can't fathom. But logic is not part of the liberals. Republicans are committing political SUICIDE by their own actions, not the PROPER opposition to a Democrat who is systematically destroying this country. They're SUPPOSED to be “the loyal opposition.” That's how it was DESIGNED. Without their opposition, the presidency would have become a DICTATORSHIP, and it may, yet. I've really come to believe that the liberal media is just plain STUPID, and they think WE'RE stupid. (Twitchy)

Church and State Separation

Liberals are big on the “separation between church and state.” They think that means there will never be ANY connection between church and government. They're WRONG, as usual. The “separation between church and state” was NOT in the Constitution, nor in ANY of the Founding Documents. It was mentioned in a LETTER between two of the Founders. That is all. The Constitution does NOT ban any connection between the church and government. It merely says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” What part of “NO LAW” do the liberals not understand? They have made NUMEROUS laws regarding religion and the practice thereof, in the GUISE of keeping government and religion separate, even though there is NO constitutional provision against it. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

She Did It Again!

Bernie Sanders won Michigan by a narrow margin. But again, Hillary walked off with more delegates than he did. The system is rigged, so they can make the one they favor win the “big game,” in spite of the “local winner” winning. That's because most of the electoral officials all over the nation are Democrats. They quietly made sure of that, so they could steal as many elections as possible. Expect Hillary to get a lot more delegates illicitly in the future. Trump needs to win by a BIG margin so they can't steal the election for her, as they did for Obama. Stealing the election is the only way he could have won TWO elections, especially after his incompetence was revealed in his first term. (Just common sense)

Blame the GOP

That's Obama's mantra. Blame the Republicans for his own failings. The “recovery” from the recession HE caused is slow, and he blames that on Republican “obstructionism,.” whilke at the same time telling the country the economy is "doing quite well." Like they're not there TO obstruct his “flights of fancy” he calls “policies.” Even though it is HIS POLICIES that have contributed to the “slow recovery.” Policies such as a $15.00 an hour minimum wage when he knows that will INCREASE unemployment and cause many businesses to fail because they can't afford to pay that much to beginning workers with NO SKILLS. Other policies like consistently shortening the work week, which requires people to hold two or more jobs to make as much money as they USED to make with one, while finding a job has become impossible, due to Obama's other policies..Then there's Obamacare, which has so screwed up the health care profession that nobody wants to become a doctor any more. That hurts the profession while making health insurance so expensive nobody can afford it, any more. And many other policies, which I have no room here to mention. But, as usual, he blames the Republicans. I'm surprised he didn't name George Bush. (American Tthinker)

Oh, Damn!

Now they're questioning the very meaning of the words, “bear arms” in the Second Amendment. One of the methods they attempt to use in their attempts to discredit the Second Amendment is to twist the very meaning of the words used. Now they're working on the words, “bearing arms,” saying that is a “military term” and doesn't apply to civilians. They try to ignore the fact that the Founders considered ALL CITIZENS to be a “militia” and subject to call up in the event of trouble, so a military term DID apply to them. But that's something the anti-gun fools don't understand—or PRETEND not to understand.. Even if so, it doesn't change anything. And it is NOT so, in any case. The term was NOT used to refer specifically, and ONLY to a military. (Tenth Amendment Center)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Incompetent GOP Establishment

I never thought I'd see it: Republicans supporting DEMOCRATS instead of their own overpoweringfront-runner . I know they've supported a long list of “also-rans,” like the last three Republican candidates including Dole, Romney, and McCain, that I PREDICTED would lose when they announced. But to talk of voting for HILLARY if they can't keep their own front-runner from getting the nomination? That's REALLY absurd, and irresponsible. This portends the END for the Republican Party, and that's no “bad thing” with the incompetent fools now running it. Most likely they will be replaced by the Tea Party, which also arose out of GOP incompetence. Maybe the Tea Party won't field a presidential candidate this time, but the candidates they support will win BIG, leading to a presidential candidate that will heavily out-pull any Republican candidate in the future, thus spelling DOOM for the Republican Party. (Town Hall)

What's Wrong With Gay Marriage?

Not a damned thing. If men want to marry other men and women other women, that's okay with me. Assuming they need my approval. What I don't want them to do is destroy the meaning of the word, “marriage” by using it to describe their unions. They can call it anything they want, EXCEPT for “marriage,” as far as I am concerned. But they aren't satisfied with that. They've been offered it, and they have refused, insisting on using the word “marriage.” And it's THAT to which I object. Not to them legalizing their unions. But they won't accept that. If I oppose them, they swear I'm against gay marriage itself. Not a bit of it. They're entitled to legalize their “unions” if they want, and get all the rights attendant thereto. But NOT the use of the word, “marriage.” As long as they insist on corrupting the meaning of that word, I will oppose them. (Just common sense)

Government Watch Lists

Many people think there's little possibility their name is on a “government watch list,” and they'd be wrong. It takes little to get your name on such a list. All you have to do is disagree with something Obama wants, and say so where somebody can hear you, and you can be placed on such a list. I'm probably on many such lists, because I say what's true, and to hell with what Obama or his thugs may think. For one thing, I usually pay with cash. When money comes in to my bank, I immediately take it out, and always pay with cash whenever I can. Comcast spoiled any possibility of my paying their bill by debit card by double-billing my card a few months ago.

When I had my card provider get the money back, they marked it “stolen,” canceled my card, and put a bar on Comcast debiting my new card in the future. Yeah, I know. It's a bureaucracy. What can I say. They have “rules” that do not consider real life, and nobody wants to change them. If you vote a third party or even fly an American Flag, that's enough. If you take pictures or videos of ANYTHING, or have a garden, that'll do it. It must be nice to be able to smear people by putting them on such lists, if they simply disagree with you, or just do things you don't like, like home schooling their children to keep them out of your clutches in the public school (conditioning) system. My publishing a truth blog that regularly exposes things they don't want you to know is enough, by itself. (The Daily Sheeple)

Monday, March 7, 2016

So Hllary Won Louisiana!

Big whoop! She's only got one opponent, and he's an ADMITTED socialist. What's not to win against? They're both “singing the same tune,” And not just in the North East. “Freebies for everyone,” and Bernie is a wild-haired socialist who wants to take away 90% of what people EARN and give it to people who DON'T earn anything. So does Hillary. But she just doesn't admit it. She plans to surprise us with it AFTER she's elected president. IF she is elected, and doesn't go to prison, first. Damn! Talk about “making a mountain out of a molehill! Hillary is the ORIGINAL molehill! It's like that old story about a two-car race between Russia and America. America won. In Russia, it was reported, “Russia came in second, and America next to last.” When Hillary gets up against a REAL candidate, things will change, drastically. ANY one of the Republican candidates will CRUSH her like a bug. (Twitchy)

Doctors Snooping?

They made a law letting (letting?) doctors question their patients about gun ownership, and then tell the feds, and anybody else that wanted to know about it. But that law was judged to be unconstitutional by one court, then upheld by another. In a surprising move, a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court decided to hear the case. Frankly, it's not surprising to INTELLIGENT people. Doctors have NO BUSINESS injecting themselves into the “gun fray,” and especially not in breaching doctor/patient confidentiality in giving that information to others, no matter what silly laws liberals have passed. Frankly, if my doctor asked me about gun ownership, I'd answer him, all right. I'd tell him it was none of his damned business and if he threatened to stop seeing me, I'd find another doctor. Immediately. But I don't think that would happen. I know my doctor, and he would not be taken in by that foolishness. (Gun Watch)

Gun Control KILLS!

How do schools protect your children? How DO they plan on protecting them? Disarm ALL the honest, law-abiding Americans? Make schools one of the best-known “gun-free zones,” so that people who want to kill your kids can be pretty sure there will be no guns there, in the hands of people they don't know about, so they can't “target” them FIRST, before killing anybody else? Ignore all the criminals, crazies, and even Islamic terrorists, who like to kill at random to “make a statement?” What statement killing defenseless children makes is a mystery to me, but that's what they like to do. They ALWAYS look for “soft targets” where they won't meet any real opposition until after they've killed a bunch of people.

They're stupid enough to not worry about being killed themselves, but that's AFTER they've killed as many innocent people as possible, first. And there's NO “softer target” than a school full of defenseless children and some UNARMED teachers, janitors, and social workers. The “gun control” crowd don't want “gun control.” They just want CONTROL. They don't care that their laws KILL people every day. They insist on continuing to make them, and will not listen when people suggest arming non-uniformed people the potential shooters cannot know about (like teachers and janitors), so they can kill them before they can kill more people. They think that's a “horrible idea,” completely dismissing the FACT that their usual laws ARE a “horrible idea” that kill people, every day. (Just common sense)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bernie Wins, But....

Hillary walked off with more delegates—again. Tell me the fix is not IN. This is twice now Bernie has won, but Hillary has walked off with more delegates. Things are definitely fixed to help her along. I wonder if this isn't fixed, not just for her, but for ALL Democrat candidates the Democrats favor. If you win the election, you should get the most delegates. How they ever figured the one who DIDN'T win gets the most delegates, I don't know. It's illogical. But then, liberals have never been known for their logic. Some of them even deny the very EXISTENCE of logic (logically). And Democrats are in charge of the election process all over the country. They've seen to it, so they can more easily STEAL elections. If I'm wrong, tell me. And back it up with REAL facts. (American Thinker)

Has It Come to This?

I've heard about “penis measuring contests,” but I never thought I'd see one in a presidential primary. Rubio started it with his crack about Trump's “small hands,” (which anybody can see are NOT small) and his reference to penis size as per the “old wives' tale” about penis size being indicated by hand size. So trump predictably responded by assuring the world his penis size was completely adequate. That this is TMI (too much information) goes without saying. Is the next move for Rubio to demand that Trump “lay it on the table” so it can be measured, followed by trump demanding the same from Rubio? I wonder when either of them are going to get to arguing about important things like THE ISSUES! It's a shame how much this contest has degenerated. (The Blaze)

W. Virginia Angers Anti-Gunners

The legislature passed (again) a measure to stop requiring adults to have a “carry permit” in order to carry a gun. It passed a similar bill before and it was vetoed by the governor. The same governor has to sign this one into law. Will he ? (Update: He did, and was overridden) It is predicted that this will NOT cause the “doomsday scenarios” claimed by the opposition, and crime (violent) will predictably go down, as it has elsewhere where getting guns is made easier for the honest people. Criminals will still find it easy to get their guns illegally. But the anti-gun fools don't realize that. It's not part of their “religion.” They'll fight this all the way to their graves, which will no doubt be caused by gunshots. We sincerely hope other states have the intelligence to do the same, but we're not holding our breath. Turning blue doesn't appeal to us. (Captain's Journal)