Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We Didn't Worry About Islam

Until they started killing us for not believing in their phony “religion." The Muslim “religion” was NOT “under attack” until they started KILLING Christians and members of all other religions but Islam. And they wonder why people give them a hard time today. They scream “religious intolerance” every time somebody tells the truth about their abominable practices (among them screwing little boys and girls as a “cultural thing,”: killing their daughters for being seen with the wrong man, and the way they treat their women, in general). We don't tolerate “holding women down” and treating them badly as a matter of “custom.” They cry “racism” every time somebody talks about their medieval practices. They have CREATED any intolerance against them they see today, and it is NOT wrong to be leery of them as they spend a lot of their time making trouble for American Christians instead of “assimilating.” (Just common sense)

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