Thursday, March 3, 2016

Justice Thomas Asks A Question

Whooie! And the reporters were so astounded they went into overdrive. Their heads exploded in purple smoke, like in that TV commercial. They were all sorry they didn't bring extra panties. See, he hadn't asked a question in ten years, and this was such a departure that the Blaze reporter repeated the reference to it 11 times before he finally got to the question, itself. Everybody wondered why he has started asking questions now. I think the answer is simple. His close friend and ideological compadre on the Court is dead—maybe murdered—and he was the one who always asked the questions Thomas might have wanted asked, so there was no need for him to speak up—until now. Frankly, I think Thomas should be very careful until Obama is gone from politics. Don't go on any hunting trips, and don't stay in homes owned by Obama confidantes. Oh, and keep the pillows UNDER your head. (The Blaze)

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