Friday, February 28, 2014

GOP Squandering An Opportunity

They have one of the best opportunities today they have ever had to send the Democrats packing , But they’re ignoring it and turning it away. That opportunity is the Tea Parties. Instead of welcoming this movement with open arms as intelligent people would do, they ostracize it every chance they get. The Tea Parties were responsible for the loss to the Democrats in 2012 of 720 seats all over the country. If they combined forces, they could CRUSH the Democrats. But because they’re AFRAID of the Tea Parties, they spurn them, to their own detriment. Obama’s popularity is at its lowest point ever in the history of presidential popularity, but the GOP does nothing with that. Furthermore, the “separation of the three houses of government” is “going away” because the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch are “LAYING DOWN” and allowing Obama to “rule” as if he was the ONLY authority. The Founders never envisioned a situation like this. They thought the three branches would ALWAYS fight to keep their power and not “cede it” to such as Obama. And as long as they DO “lay down,” Obama can get away with murder; literally. (Just common sense)

Sponsorship IS "Cost-Effetctive"

 The news media asks General Motors why it is able to spend a million dollars to sponsor the Texas State Fair in a “down economy.” This illustrates a complete ignorance of how business works. They don’t do these sponsorships as “charity.” They do it to get their name out to as many people as possible, as cheaply as possible. GM says it would have to sponsor as many as a dozen other events to get their name out to as many people as they do in just a few days by sponsoring this one event. They’re not GIVING this money away. They’re spending it to improve their business, just as they spend money for TV ads—and for the same reason. If you don’t advertise, you’re going to go out of business. I sure hope Obama doesn’t start barring such sponsorships in a short-sighted effort to save money. That would be disastrous. But it is something Obama would do because it hurts private enterprise. (Just common sense)

American Flag "Offensive?"

AMERICAN FLAG “OFFENSIVE?” An apartment manager is banning American flags ANYWHERE within the complex because it would “offend” some people (Muslims, of course). His city says they can’t do anything because this is private property. Banning the American flag offends ME. But he doesn’t care about that; I'm not a Muslim. I care. This is OUR country, and it’s OUR flag. You can bet they won’t ban THEIR flags in other countries (particularly those under Sharia Law) because it might “offend” Americans. I'm getting real tired of ignorant people who "knuckle under" to Muslims because what they do might "offend" them. Especially on such things as the flag of our country. "I understand that in some condo complexes and gated communities that there are restrictions on certain things– such as needing permission to install a flag pole. I don’t agree with this particular restriction but if you join a community and you agree to abide by the rules and one of those rules is a restriction on flagpoles that is just the "way it goes." I would not join such a community under any circumstances. I will NOT allow ANYBODY to dictate what I may do on my property. As one commenter said: “If American flags offend you, don't come to America.” (America's Watchtower) No connection to any religion.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

They Wonder Why They're Dying

The Post Office is dying, and they’re helping. The Post Office is today’s “buggy whip maker” and are fast becoming superfluous to everybody’s needs. UPS and FedEx have taken over most of the package delivery business, and even some of the delivery of letters. They DO retain SOME letter delivery, but it’s becoming too costly. Sending a letter is just not worth 50 cents, which is almost what it costs today (They'll be there, soon). Their business is getting sparse, so what do they do? They raise the price again, and wonder why more and more people have stopped using them. Are they really that stupid? Apparently so. I expect them to go for yet another rate increase soon, while further reducing service by closing Post Offices on Saturday. When somebody comes up with a way of sending letters with other stuff in them without them, they’re dead meat. And they don’t know it. The only thing they have left is their monopoly on delivering messages. All some politician has to do is lift this monopoly and they will go the way of the do-do bird. But they keep raising their prices and reducing their service. Their incompetence reigns supreme. (Just common sense)

"Freedom FROM Religion"

This is a statement that was read over the PA system at the football game at Roane County High School , Kingston , Tennessee , by school Principal, Jody McLeod "It has always been the custom at Roane County High School football games, to say a prayer and play the National Anthem, to honor God and Country." Due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am told that saying a Prayer is a violation of Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to approve of sexual perversion and call it "an alternate life style," and if someone is offended, that's OK. I can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by dispensing condoms and calling it, "safe sex.." If someone is offended, that's OK. I can even use this public facility to present the merits of killing an unborn baby as a "viable! means of birth control." If someone is offended, no problem... I can designate a school day as "Earth Day" and involve students in activities to worship religiously and praise the goddess "Mother Earth" and call it "ecology.." I can use literature, videos and presentations in the classroom that depict people with strong, traditional Christian convictions as "simple minded" and "ignorant" and call it "enlightenment.."

However, if anyone uses this facility to honor God and to ask Him to Bless this event with safety and good sportsmanship, then Federal Case Law is violated.. This appears to be inconsistent at best, and at worst, diabolical. Apparently, we are to be tolerant of everything and anyone, except God and His Commandments. Nevertheless , as a school principal, I frequently ask staff and students to abide by rules with which they do not necessarily agree.. For me to do otherwise would be inconsistent at best, and at worst, hypocritical... I suffer from that affliction enough unintentionally. I certainly do not need to add an intentional transgression. For this reason, I shall ‘Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's,’ and refrain from praying at this time. "However, if you feel inspired to honor, praise and thank God and ask Him, in the name of JESUS, to Bless this event, please feel free to do so. As far as I know, that's not against the law----yet."

One by one, the people in the stands bowed their heads, held hands with one another and began to pray. They prayed in the stands.. They prayed in the team huddles. They prayed at the concession stand and they prayed in the Announcer's Box! The only place they didn't pray was in the Supreme Court of the United States of America- the Seat of ‘Justice’ in the ‘one nation, under GOD.’ Somehow, Kingston , Tennessee Remembered what so many have forgotten. We are given the Freedom OF Religion, not the Freedom FROM Religion. Praise GOD that HIS remnant remains! JESUS said, ‘If you are ashamed of ME before men, then I will be ashamed of you before MY FATHER..’ If you are not ashamed, pass this on.” I’m not big on organized religion, but this is clearly the right way to handle a WRONG decision by the Supreme Court. I'm not one bit ashamed to pass this on. Are you? Thank God we still have some intelligent people running SOME of our schools. (Just common sense)

"Taxing the Rich"

That’s what we’re doing. “The Congressional Budget Office joined the IRS in releasing tax numbers for 2005, and part of the news is that the richest 1% paid about 39% of all income taxes that year. The richest 5% paid a tad less than 60%, and the richest 10% paid 70%. These tax shares are all ..” So what is this crap about how we need to tax the rich more to pay for Obama’s “flights of fancy” he calls “essential programs?” the rich pay most of the taxes anyway! The “poor” (the lowest 50%) of society pay NO TAXES at all! So where do the liberals get it that they are being victimized? The government tells such lies every day and they have become accepted as truth. Like the idea that federal law TRUMPS state and local laws. the Constitution specifically states otherwise. (Wall Street Journal)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kill Them Because They're Doing Better

An immigrant from China who never bothered to learn English murdered an entire family because they “were doing better than me.” He couldn’t figure out why, even though he spoke only Mandarin after ten years in the United States, and never bothered to learn English. So he killed a mother and her children. I’ve always maintained that people who come here to LIVE, should ALWAYS learn the language. Why should they limit their possibilities by not being able to speak the language of the country in which they LIVE? Some fools will call me a racist for this, but they are fools and what they say doesn't concern me. It’s only common sense for you to learn the language of the country in which you live. If I were to move permanently to China (for what reason, I don’t know), I WOULD learn their language because I would want to be able to communicate with them. ( News)

Another School Shooting

Every school in the land is a “gun-free zone.” Which means it’s illegal to bring a gun into the school, at any time, unless you are a policeman. But crazies who shoot up schools don’t care about the law. They don’t obey laws that say they can’t take a gun into that school. I predict that the “anti-gun Nazis” will demand even more restrictive anti-gun laws as a result of the shooting on February 23, 2010 at the Jefferson County, Colorado middle school, even though such laws NEVER do anything to stop such people from shooting up a school and, in fact, make such shootings even more possible and likely by assuring the shooter there will be nobody there armed and willing to stop them. There has never been a shooing at a gun show because a potential shooter KNOWS there are guns and people willing to use them in self defense there. A uniformed, armed policeman won’t work because they KNOW he is armed and can take him out first, before anybody is ready.

I’m not suggesting they let the students be armed. I AM suggesting that teachers and staff who have a concealed carry permit be allowed to carry their guns into the school specifically so a potential shooter cannot be sure there will be no one there to stop their rampages. And I suggest those teachers and staff be ENCOURAGED to get a gun and a carry permit so there WILL be someone there who can protect these defenseless students. The same holds true elsewhere. ANYBODY who can qualify for a carry permit should be allowed to carry his gun into what is now a no-gun zone. That way, illegally armed criminals cannot ever be SURE they can shoot people at will with nobody able to defend themselves. Anti-gun laws just do NOT work, so why do we continue to make more and more, every time somebody shoots someone with an illegal gun? (Fox News)

Children Out of Control

In New York, bands of children are beating up on random people and the ”authorities” are upset about it and want to “hold the parents responsible.” The “child protectors” will PUT YOU IN PRISON if you so much as “raise your hand” to your children, and when they predictably get in trouble, they want to hold YOU responsible. I think the “child protection services” (no matter what name they go under) should be held responsible for making it impossible to control your children. I would never “beat” a child. But corporal punishment should NEVER be removed from consideration. If a child KNOWS he/she will NEVER suffer it, he/she will be uncontrollable. In my case, I used mild corporal punishment on my children early in their lives so they’d know I would do it. In their later childhood it was not necessary BECAUSE they knew I would do it.

But you can’t convince these “child protectors” of that. They have “dirty minds” and they think ANY corporal punishment is “beating” the child. They think ANY “touching” of a child is sex abuse. They overreact as a matter of course. They will “swoop in” and REMOVE the child as a FIRST OPTION at the slightest hint of physical punishment. Then they’ll tell the child (if they’re allowed to return home at all) that all they have to do is “drop a dime” on their parents if they EVER feel they’re being “abused,” and they’ll “take care of it.” So next thing that happens, the kids tell you they’ll “tell CPS” if you do so much as put them on restriction, and the “child protectors” will come out and harass you, maybe even put you in prison. This abuse of the system has GOT to stop before they ruin our youth entirely. (New York Examiner)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Voter ID "Controversy"

It shouldn’t even BE a controversy, but the Democrats are “losing their minds” over it. They KNOW they can’t win elections without voter fraud and voter ID makes it much more difficult to steal elections. They SAY there IS no voter fraud, but how can they even SAY that with no means to prove there is, OR isn’t? You have to show picture ID in order to do many things in our society, INCLUDING attending many of their own meetings. But to do one of the most important things you can do, VOTE, you don’t have to prove who you are. In some places you need a photo ID to use a pubic TOILET; but not to vote. Because to require photo ID is to get rid of a MAJORITY of Democrat votes, since Democrats could not vote more than once any more. They SAY it’s a “violation of the rights of poor people.” But most people, poor OR rich, already HAVE photo IDs to use in doing other things, and photo ID is cheap to obtain. So everybody CAN “afford it.” In some places, it’s FREE. (The Blaze)

Interpol "Wakes Up"

Many anti-gun fools think the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves. But when we do, we make it EASY for Islamic terrorists to come here and kill us. Interpol now says this: .“For many years,” they noted, “the anti-gun establishment has been putting forth the idea that gun control is necessary for public safety. During an Interpol conference in Cartegena, Colombia, they indicated that in an open society an armed citizenry can protect people from terrorist attacks.” This points out something that anti-gun fools can never understand: that an armed populace can ENSURE self-defense. The Japanese realized this during WWII when they refused to attack the American mainland “because there would be a gun behind every bush.” Some liberals say this is a “generalization” and not right. But just the IMAGE of that was enough to keep the Japanese away from the American mainland. We should maintain that image and project it to Islam. While giving our citizens the right to defend themselves from  domestic AND foreign enemies rather than present these vipers with “easy targets.’ (Eurasia Review)

They'll Try, Anyway

The most recent mass killing, involving a woman and her children, ages 1 to 7, didn’t involve a gun. But the anti-gun freaks will try anyway. I don’t know how they’ll try and twist things to blame guns, but I just know they will. That’s their “modus operandi.” They may try to blame this on “the will to kill” because of “the ready availability of guns and other weapons.” I don’t know what impels these fools, but they have an unreasoning FEAR of guns and a hatred for them, even though without a human holding them, they cannot harm anyone. They’re inanimate objects. There have always been such people around, even back in that vaunted “wild west,” but they hadn’t gained as much power as they have, now. And they only “held sway” in the big Eastern cities where everybody lived in each other's pockets, but not in the West. Westerners thought they were fools, and they were right. They’ve had an unreasoning fear of guns since the day the first gun was made. (

Monday, February 24, 2014

Obama Decimating the Military

He doesn’t seem to understand that we are AT WAR. He seems to think Islamic terrorists are a “minor inconvenience,” even though they are working to kill “unbelievers” all over the world, including in the United States. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in New York in 2001, even if that success WAS a complete accident. They stole four airplanes filled with innocent people and used them to murder more than 3,000 other innocent people (All they really hoped for were the people on the airplanes and a few people in the buildings. They were as surprised as anybody when those buildings collapsed.). I’m sure they have any number of other “secret cells” in our country, just waiting for an order from whoever replaces Osama or whoever replaced him when we kill him. I don’t think he simply doesn’t understand that we are at war; he knows it, and he is ON THE SIDE OF THE ENEMY and always has been. The people who count won’t accept the fact that he is a Muslim AND a communist. NO? He was born to Muslims who were communists, raised by communists who were Muslims, MENTORED by communists all his life. How could he NOT be a communist? And as to being a Muslim, it’s like being a Marine: once a Muslim, always a Muslim.

They work HARD to brainwash ALL Muslims, and I’m sure they did no less with Obama. How did he come out of nowhere and become our president? The Democrats wanted Hillary in 2008, but he suddenly appeared and just “swept her aside,” and she didn’t really mind. Not enough to refuse to be his Secretary of State and collude with him in the murders in Benghazi. Where did he come from? Who was his sponsor? George Soros? Or somebody like him? Somebody “behind the scenes,” but with a LOT of power wanted him to be president, and president he became. This is what America doesn’t understand, and everything he does weakens us: financially, politically, ethically, and militarily. Soon we will not be able to withstand those who wish to “take us over.” Kruschev was right. We’re going to “fall into the hands of the collectivists like a ripe plum.” Not in his lifetime, and maybe not COMMUNISM, per se; but communism is but ONE kind of COLLECTIVISM and it is alive and well and growing apace in America. Somebody better wake up, fast, and put a stop to its advance, as well as to Obama. I don’t mean kill him, just put a stop to his schemes. Or we will be the next “Soviet Union,” under Sharia Law. (Just common sense)

Drag A $100 BIll through A Trailer Park"

And see what you get. That’s a statement made famous by James Carville, that alien-looking baldy who supports anything Bill Clinton and any other Democrat did, even if it’s illegal. But it would better apply to “schools of journalism.” George Soros, that “behind the scenes” meddler in our society, who is responsible for the economic collapse of FIVE government economies, gives a LOT of money to various journalism schools, and it would surprise me if he had not put pressure on journalism textbook publishers to include things only HE wants in their texts. Which is most likely a main reason that a full 90% (or more) “journalists” are liberals and push that liberalism in what they write. He literally DOES “drag hundred dollar bills through journalism schools and makes whores of the journalists they graduate. (American Thinker)

Six More Words

Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, in his new book, suggests adding six words to the First Amendment to stop misreading and misrepresenting it. Those words are, “when serving in a militia.” That suggests that they need to be IN an “organized militia” to be able to carry a gun, which is, in itself, a “misreading or misinterpretation” of the Second Amendment. He says they should not be allowed to be armed UNLESS they are “members” of an “organized militia.” Of course, that’s WRONG. At the time, ALL AMERICANS were considered to be part of a “militia” and subject to being “called up” in time of troubles to repulse invaders. There WAS no such thing as an ”organized militia” at the time, so they could NOT have been thinking this way. At the time, everybody had guns and they were a regular tool used, not only for self-defense, but to put food on the table. They knew not about an “organized militia” and that was NOT their meaning. So it’s a good thing Stevens is now retired and cannot impose his damned fool fantasies on the Supreme Court any longer. (The Blaze)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Politicians Are "Quivering Mad"

They passed an unconstitutional law requiring the “registration” of all guns THEY deem to be “assault weapons” but which are not well described (very loosely) in the law and are thus able to be “defined” by the cops as “assault weapons” on the spot, at their whim and non-compliance is near 99%. The politicians who passed this law are STUNNED that so many Americans would “violate the law.” What they don’t understand is that, as one Supreme Court Justice once said, “An unconstitutional law does not exist and need not be obeyed.” I’d like to see them try and imprison 99% of the gun owners in Connecticut. If they want to try, they’d better get right on building a lot of new prisons and hiring lots of new prison guards. (Bearing Arms)

"Grenade Walking"

Obama sold many guns to Mexican drug dealers HOPING, he said, to trace their movements and find the drug dealers. Unfortunately some clown (Obama?) “neglected” to put any GPS trackers into the guns so it is impossible to track their movements except by the people they kill. Then it’s too late. It’s the same with his more recent “Grenade Walking” scam which similarly had nothing in the grenade parts the US government smuggled over the border and they can only be “traced” by the PEOPLE they kill—which at last count is THREE. Three COPS. Just one more CRIME to pin on Obama. Add that to the list. (Breitbart)

Carry Permits for Politicians?

Politicians make many laws to make it hard for you to get the right to carry a gun (a right guaranteed by the Constitution), but THEY (and their spouses) are granted license to do so on a regular basis. “Franklin D. Roosevelt is considered a pioneer of gun control, passing legislation during his presidency that “imposed a tax on the making and transfer of firearms defined by the (National Firearms Act of 1934).” In light of that, it might come as a surprise to some that his own wife possessed a license to carry.” And he’s not the only one: Senator Feinstein (former Mayor of San Francisco, which has very tight gun laws), who is known for waving loaded machine guns around at anti-gun meetings had had her own license to carry and DOES carry her own gun. Other politicians HIRE their guns and people to use them, at YOUR expense. But don’t worry: they work HARD to keep you from doing the same! Click the link and see a facsimile of her license. (The Blaze)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Should Spanking Be Illegal?

They’re doing it again. They’re “tying the hands” of parents. Spanking a child (within reason--not beating them) should BE a standard practice. I spanked my kids when they were young and rarely ever had to spank them later because they KNEW I would. Today’s practice of not EVER spanking your children lets them know they can get away with ANYTHING. And when they predictably get into serious trouble, the “authorities” try and blame the PARENTS! This is STUPID and ruins the children when a few well-placed slaps on the butt might have reinforced their parent’s authority while they were still young. (The Blaze)

Imams Rape Sister

Apparently the pressure of teaching Muslims that it’s okay to rape your sister drove two brothers (both Imams) to rape their own sister repeatedly, then force her to have an abortion. Strangely enough, they’re facing charges for it. I say “strangely” because charging rape in a Muslim-run country usually requires FOUR male witnesses before ANY charges can be filed. Violence against women has become so common that it’s now regarded as "routine." It’s no wonder they require their women to be completely covered if this is how BROTHERS act toward heir SISTER! But apparently their female "dress code" didn’t work in this instance. I wonder what these Imams; punishment will be? Bread and water for a couple of days? Or maybe they’ll just punish HER! That’s how Muslims operate. And they want intelligent people to adopt their ways and convert to their "religion?" Muslims are gonna be really mad at me for reporting this. They consider telling the truth about them to be "hate speech." Go figure. (Aydinlik)

Are Guns A Must?

The article linked below begins with this sentence: "I'd rather have a gun and never use it than not have one when somebody comes to shoot me (Or words to that effect)." Anti-gun fools stridently scream that gun ownership it NOT a necessity while many people who CANNOT get a gun for self defense are gunned down by criminals, who obey NO laws, let alone gun laws. They SAY that cops can protect us, but they can't. The best they can do is arrive AFTER the crime has been committed, write it up, carry off the body (or bodies) and MAYBE catch the bad guy later. I don't consider that "protecting us." I lie in bed of late wondering what I would do if some Islamic fool who doesn’t like what I write about them in my blogs finds out where I live and comes to kill me for it. What would I do? Attack him with bare hands? I’m 76 years old and can barely walk. I'd be dead. I wouldn’t even make it across my small room to grab his gun. I'm too slow. But if I had my own gun I could shoot him before he could get off a shot. That gun could make all the difference in the world. With violence increasing day by day, the necessity for innocent people to have their own guns to oppose the millions of ILLEGAL guns in the hands of gang members and other criminals, not to mention the Islamic terrorists who WILL eventually come here rises with it. Politicians will NEVER realize this truth and make gun laws that actually WORK, instead of those stupid, useless laws that criminals and other crazies NEVER obey, and which kill people. (The Loadout Room)

Friday, February 21, 2014

What's Wrong With Socialism?

It’s “forced servitude,” otherwise known as “slavery,” which this country banned a long time ago. It's forcing one person's labor or money to be used for the purpose of another. But the government doesn’t CALL it that. They have fancy slogans like a “safety net,” “spreading the wealth,” “income redistribution,” “caring for the less fortunate,” and the “will of the majority.” I’m sure you can think of others. What if they demanded you give the aged widows in your neighborhood $50 a week so they could afford to hire someone to mow their lawns and do other things for them they can no longer do? Or that you go over (under orders) and do it yourself? You’d rebel, wouldn’t you? And the socialists would criticize you, saying you’re “heartless and selfish,” and many other derogatory terms they keep in stock to use in “shaming you.” But I’d bet you’d willingly mow their lawns or do other little chores for them if it were your OWN idea. This is what’s wrong with all forms of collectivism: socialism, Fascism, communism, Progressivism, etc. FORCING you to do what you’d do willingly on your own, if it were YOUR idea; and TAKING your money to accomplish it. (Walter E. Williams in Capitalism Magazine)

Destroying the Catholic Church

The Catholic church was once a “wonder of the world,” making a large segment of the population think it was as near perfect as human beings could make it. The recent proliferation of child sex claims involving young boys (not even nuns) has threatened to destroy it. Mostly because the high-ranking priests covered it up for so many years, and ignored the effect it would have on the Church if it were not stopped. Now it’s getting worse, as Europeans file claim after claim. Can claims in the U. S. be far behind? Can they continue to deny it is a major problem and remain a “bastion of good in the world?” Their credibility has suffered tremendously.  (New York Times)

"Queen" Pelosi Spends Your Money

She ordered up three (count ‘em) THREE government jets to take her family and all her friends to Copenhagen for that notorious climate “dog and pony show” that accomplished NOTHING. And she spent more thousands of dollars on expensive meals and drinking binges for many members of Congress. She acts like she’s queen of the world, and more important than the president, who only gets TWO airplanes when he makes unimportant trips. What amazes me is this video clip is from CNN, which usually ignores things like this when a liberal does it. I wonder how long Cafferty will keep his job. When asked about this, Peelosi refused to answer any questions. She's above that, you know. Hopefully, she'll join the ranks of the unemployed after the next election. (CNN Video)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Kind of FOOLS Are They?

HAMAS-CAIR  says, “Liberty and justice for all” is blasphemy under Islam (another good reason NOT to convert ti Islam). They want to remove that from the Pledge of Allegiance and replace it with “Allahu akbar!” They say there IS no “allegiance” except to Allah. What FOOLS they are! NOBODY should have any “allegiance” to Allah EXCEPT Muslims. But they want to FORCE their phony “religion” on the world, whether or not they want it. They think nobody should HAVE any will if it is against Allah. They think they can IMPOSE such a fool “religion” on the world with their seventh century methods. They say, “Liberty and justice for all is an assault on Islamic supremacism,” which is so damned silly it is laughable. There IS no “Islamic supremacism” in real life. And none outside of places where they “rule.” They can’t understand that. They’re fools enough to think they can win over intelligent people. (Freedom Outpost)

This Isn't The Middle Ages

That’s the argument most often posed by those ubiquitous anti-gun fools out there. They say, “This isn’t the middle ages where you’re likely to be robbed by a highwayman on the way home, so you don’t need to carry a gun.” But you ARE. You might be robbed on the way home, or AT home. Or wherever you are. One man was standing on a street corner in Denver when a car stopped in front of him. One occupant of the car asked him for a cigarette; he replied that he didn’t smoke, so had none. Whereupon the occupant shot and killed him—for not giving him a smoke! It is this lack of respect for human rights and life that began when liberal idiots made it okay to murder infants in the womb that is why we NEED to carry guns, so if someone confronts us with an ILLEGAL gun, we can defend ourselves. Oh, by the way; they didn't have guns then, but they found ways to kill each other anyway. Only a FOOL thinks DISARMING ourselves is the way to self-defense. (Eagle Rising)

Obama's Blackmail Deal

Obama “shut down the government” rather than not get his way. And make no mistake: It WAS Obama’s decision to (pretend to) shut down the government until he DID get his way. After a lot of blab, Republicans finally surrendered and let a bill pass that gave him everything he wanted. What’s to stop Obama from doing the same thing to pass an unconstitutional gun ban? That's the next step: use the same scam to get his pet gun ban bills passed into law. Laws he couldn't get passed any other way. Just "hold Congress hostage" until they surrender the way they did here. And they probably will. There doesn't seem to be a SINGLE member of Congress that has a backbone, except for one or two senators in a body where Republicans do not hold a majority  (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Liberal Textbook Slams Reagan

Reagan stands ALONE as the best president ever, after George Washington. Liberals can't have that, so they go out of their way to slander him. “A university-assigned textbook appears to suggest former President Ronald Reagan was a sexist and says conservatives view individuals as lazy and corrupt is under fire from at least one student.” They’re right and they’re wrong. Reagan wasn’t ANY kind of a sexist (they have no PROOF he was, and just blatantly SAY it), and conservatives DO view about HALF of the American population as lazy and wishful of a “free ride."  Which is confirmed by the fact that more than 50% able-bodied Americans are on some sort of a “dole” from the government. And that does NOT include Social Security recipients, which just about EVERY American “contributed to,” at the point of a gun. And if you don’t believe that “gun” bit, just try NOT “contributing” and see how quick the guns come out. This book is a typical textbook for the people who are its targets: It’s title is, “Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare.”  This is what they teach potential social workers: that conservatives are EVIL, and their enemies. And that they think EVERYBODY is lazy. (The Blaze)

Cops Assult woman, Take Baby

All this without a warrant and after other cops found NO reason to do so. What happened was the parents insisted on a second opinion when Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, CA told them their five-month-old child needed heart surgery. They weren’t opposed to it, but did not want it to happen in that hospital so they took their child and left, going to a Kaiser-Permanente hospital. The previous hospital called the cops and told them all kinds of lies to get them to intervene. The cops found otherwise and left. When they got home, other cops, accompanied by a CPS worker, knocked the woman down and threatened her if she resisted, entering the home WITHOUT A WARRANT, and “snatched” the child and left them lying on the ground. After a court hearing, they are close to getting their child back at this time, but what can EVER justify their treatment at the hands of the cops and CPS in such a case? Last I heard, getting a second opinion was NOT illegal and there was NO REASON for the child to be taken away under ANY circumstances, Let alone assaulting the parents and forcing your way into their home without a warrant.

But when you get CPS involved, legality flies out the window. They have their own set of rules, legal or not. I think this family has grounds for a HUGE lawsuit and should file it forthwith. they SAY they're protected against such suits by the "Good Samaritan Law," but not when they EXCEED their authority. Update: After ONE court hearing, the parents are given back their child, but CPS has still told them of their intention to "keep an eye on them" with regular home visits, even though the problem was that THEY screwed up. These "visits" are MORE home imvasioms without a warrant (A suit can gain them an injunction against CPS interfering in their lives). will action be taken against these cops who assaulted them and pushed their way (without a warrant) into their home? Probably not. They'll cover it up with the usual legal mumbo-jumbo and gobbledegook until it loses interest and "goes away."  (The Blaze)

Laws for Thee But Not for Me.

In Illinois, they’re altering their gun laws to allow certain “government officials” to carry their guns concealed in places where others are prohibited from carrying. In other words, the laws are for US, but not for THEM. This is typical of the way politicians make laws: for US, but not for THEM. I guess when Obama sends his thugs to steal out property, he wants to make sure his thugs are armed, but WE aren’t. Just like in Obama’s health care swindle law: ALL government employees are EXEMPTED from it, and are on a “gold-plated” government health care system that costs them NOTHING. (Detroit Free Press) Are they still in business?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Barfing On My Keyboard

This kind of story is hard to write about after barfing on my keyboard. Imagine a reporter STUPID enough to CRITICIZE students for getting good grades! Sounds like a guy (or gal) who couldn’t do it when he/she was in school, so now he’ll denigrate others for accomplishing it. This is a typical example of a liberal promoting mediocrity. For him, ANYTHING denoting excellence is to be criticized because he was never able to excel at ANYTHING and he’s plainly jealous. Liberals don’t realize what they reveal about themselves when they do such things. But they’re stupid, and stupid people have no idea how stupid they ARE. (Eagle Rising)

Don't Know What They're Talking About

That’s the “common denominator” when talking about the “anti-gun freaks” out there talking about guns. They just don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. But they pontificate on it as if they did. Meanwhile people are dying because of the laws such people get made to disarm honest, responsible Americans. Yes, guns are for killing people. But they’re also for self-defense against people who WOULD kill us with ILLEGAL guns. Guns, like fire, are for both good and bad. Fire, when misused, can hurt us. So can guns. But when used by responsible people (which includes most honest people), can be very beneficial. Just because fire can burn us, you shouldn’t try to ban fire—which would be just as foolish as trying to ban guns to keep people from misusing them. FOOLS blame the gun when a fool hurts somebody using a gun (who has no gun to use in opposing him because of foolish laws) when it is the person USING the gun that needs to be dealt with. A gun is an inert object until somebody picks it up and misuses it. Laws need to be made to punish a criminal for USING a gun in the commission of a crime, and those laws need to be strictly enforced, not used as “bargaining chips” to get convictions for other crimes. Even if the liberal media has made you hate the NRA by lying about them, you need to listen to the COMMON SENSE words these people say. (NRA Commentators)

"A Reason to Buy A Gun?"

Anti-gun fools talk a lot about your need to “have a reason to buy a gun.” That’s stupid. We ALL have a reason to buy a gun. Basic self-defense against criminals who have no problem getting their guns out of the trunks of another criminal’s car in a back alley somewhere. They ridicule us for saying, “criminals don’t obey gun laws so why make them?” (Which is not what we're saying. We're just saying their target is wrong.) As usual, that’s a twisting of the facts. We simply say their DIRECTION in making laws is wrong: their laws need to punish the USER of a gun who uses is to commit a crime, not make “blanket laws” that disarm honest people and make them “easy targets” for criminals who NEVER have a problem getting guns. And it’s getting worse, with Islamic extremists pouring through our porous borders (thanks to Obama) and getting ready to make war on “soft targets.” We need to “stiffen up” their targets as they do in Israel, which has been the closest victim to Islam’s ways for a long time. My favorite picture is of a middle-aged, overweight woman standing over an Islamic extremist in Israel, pumping bullets into his head. The source for this is the NRA. Even if you hate the NRA because liberals have lied about them long, and often, you need to listen to the COMMON SENSE these people are talking. (NRA Commentators)

Monday, February 17, 2014

"They're Worse Than Us!"

That’s going to be the theme for Democrats in the next elections. They’re going to say, “The Republicans are going to make it worse!” But truly, I don’t know HOW the Republicans CAN make it worse than Obama and his crowd have done. Notice their strategy IGNORES the fact that THEY made it so bad in the first place. They hope we forget that and believe the Republicans WILL “make it worse than THEY have.” Unfortunately, there are millions of ignorant people out there who PROUDLY  “pay no attention to politics” and thus are ignorant of what Obama and his crowd are doing to them until it is DONE. And they VOTE! They’re counting on there being enough of those IGNORANT voters out there to return Democrats to power. That’s why I wrote a book called, “Pay ATTENTION to Politics! (Because Politics WILL Pay Attention to YOU!”) The book is available on Amazon if you’d like to read it. The fact is, those are their constituents. People who “pay no attention to politics.” And therefore have no idea how much they’re being victimized. This is the one main reason why they MIGHT win, in the end. The ignorance of large numbers of voters. (Just common sense)

America Needs to Be Armed

There are many reasons for the “average American” to be armed. The Japanese, during WWII found one: ”We didn’t invade the American mainland because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.” Today, the people who must know that are the Islamic extremists who are pouring through our porous borders (thanks to Obama) and making their plans to make war on us on our own soil and will soon outnumber us as they now do in several countries. In Israel, everybody is armed because ALL Israelites are in the Army to repulse attacks by Islamic terrorists. We should be armed, too, for the same reason. We should go back to the original idea of an "armed militia" made up of ALL Americans. Yes, armed criminals are a problem, but the Islamic extremists who live here are an even bigger problem that must be dealt with—and disarming honest Americans will not do it. My favorite picture is the one of a middle-aged, overweight woman in Israel standing over a terrorist, pumping bullets into him. Terrorists living here need to know there “will be a gun behind every blade of grass” when they try and kill innocent people here. And Americans will not be afraid of them as citizens in Islamic countries are. (Just common sense)

Forced Home "Inspections" (Searches)

FORCED HOME INSPECTIONS (SEARCHES): That’s one measure included in Obama’s health care swindle law. They SAY they’re to “search for dangerous practices evidence,” but one of the things they have orders to search for are GUNS in the home. These are “inspections without warrants,” understand. All that has to happen is for some unnamed, faceless bureaucrat to put your home on a list” of “suspect homes” and you get a visit from “jack-booted (armed) thugs” looking for your guns. The mechanism for taking your guns is in place. In spite of the Constitution, which Obama ignores every day, anyway. (Personal Liberty Digest)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

CBO Report Hurts Obama

Apparently he hasn’t yet extended his “complete control” over the government to the Congressional Budget Office, because they just came out with a report that is a “wrecking ball” to ObamaCare. It shows many things: Obama was LYING, and KNEW he was lying, when he told us we could keep our favorite doctor; it is NOT “revenue neutral.” It’s gonna cost us a LOT of money; it will cost us MILLIONS of jobs. So far, just about AL the plans cost more money and provide less coverage. That’s the OPPOSITE of what Obama promised us. Obama’s government says their figures are “subject to misinterpretation.” But ARE they? In exactly WHAT WAY are they “subject to misinterpretation?” Typically, they say that, but don’t offer any specifics, because there ARE no specific places where it can be “misinterpreted.” But he thinks we’re stupid enough to believe that. (Glenn Beck)

Deli Owner Uses Boiling Oil

Sometimes you don’t even have to have a gun to stop an armed robber. This intended victim stopped his with boiling oil. The guy tried to rob a deli in Linden, NJ just after lunch. The owner happened to be carrying a container of boiling oil, with which he doused the gunman, who ran away without the money. The cops say they didn’t get a good face shot on the security video, but “other obvious injuries” will probably identify him when he seeks treatment; and he will. Good for this fast-thinking deli owner. Thanks to him, this robber’s “career” will soon be interrupted by a long jail sentence (after he recovers from his burns). (Short News)

Teen Thugs Beat War Hero to Death

But the liberal media isn’t interested. It’s a “black on white” crime and doesn’t advance their agenda to demonize guns. They painted Trayvon Martin as an “innocent boy” who was “callously shot to death by a white man for no reason.” The fact that this “innocent kid” (who was hand-to-hand combat trained and was a known local thug) was beating the hell out of him and threatening to kill him didn’t seem to bother the liberal press, who just wanted a white scapegoat even if he WAS a minority they could CALL white). In this case, TWO “innocent kids,” 15 and 16, beat an 88-year-old war hero to death, “just for fun.” Delbert Belton, who “fought on” after being wounded at Okinawa, but was beaten to death by two young thugs with long criminal histories. If this man had had a gun, maybe things would be different. And the liberal media would again be “crying” about an adult killing two “innocent kids.” (The Blaze)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Why I Stay Away From Demonstrations

 And why I would like to have my own gun if I got caught up in one. Even cops firing “less-than-lethal” bullets can kill and maim, as these Venezuelan cops did, ans these pictures confirm. They have a law against use of “deadly force” being used on unarmed demonstrators, but some cops have a very fuzzy definition of what “deadly force” is. Further, those “less-than-lethal” rounds can, and DO, do a lot of damage. And there are way too many cops out there who don’t know the difference between shooting a guy in the head with a “non-lethal” round and a lethal round, with fatal results. They KNOW even a non-lethal round can kill when aimed at the head, but they still do it.Venezuela voted their new communist leader into office, as we did. So I guess they (and we—not me) deserve what they get. (Gun Free Zone)

Hospital Bans Fox

In Michigan, Family Health Center, which operates five different medical centers in that state, has blocked Fox News, the ONLY station that brings us ALL the news from BOTH SIDES because patients were physically changing the channel from CNN to Fox and management didn’t like that, being pro-Obamacare. A board member complained, because Fox is in not in favor of Obamacare, and they are. They wanted to censor their TV system. They CLAIM they did it because of “customer complaints,” which is a patent lie. And such actions seem to be widespread, since I’ve been in several hospitals in recent years (in Denver) and can’t find Fox on ANY of their Cable services. To claim they did it because of “customer complaints” is very hypocritical (there’s that word, again!). They keep lying and telling the whopper that they did it in response to PATIENT complaints when, in actuality, it was a complaint from ONE board member. I might add that this outfit gets a lot of money from the feds. (Fox News)

Politicians Pander to Anti-Gun Groups

After Sandy Hook, where many CHILDREN were murdered by a publicity-seeking fool, they IGNORED good suggestions from NON anti-gun groups: suggestions that could actually HELP in the suppression of gun violence, rather than disarm honest, reliable people and make them “easy targets” for criminals, who don’t obey laws. All most politicians are interested in doing is APPEARING to be “doing something.” When making new laws, they don’t even bother to see if the old laws work when USED. We have enough laws now, but most are not used. Even those laws that add more time in prison for criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime are usually used as “throwaway” charges to be “thrown away” in plea bargains to get other convictions. This is NOT working. But try to tell “tone-deaf politicians” that. (AmmoLand)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Is Assad

He has placed prisoners at the places he expects Obama to strike when he (Obama) makes his much-heralded missile strikes (no boots on the ground, of course). That guarantees civilian casualties I’m sure he will point out in news media reports for weeks afterward (if he’s still alive) without mentioning that HE placed those prisoners in harm’s way. But this is how bloody butcher dictators like Assad operate. They care not about human life. Unless it’s their own, that is. And they teach their young to be just like them, as witness the profane, racist comments his 11-year-old son made in a taunting message to Obama on his Facebook page. Assad himself is the son of the original dictator of Syria, and Syria is most likely where Saddam sent the “weapons of mass destruction” we couldn’t find in Iraq after we “blew him out of the water” as we will do to Assad if he doesn’t “straighten up and fly right.” (World Net Daily)

Women Raped In A Park

And they were raped by a gang of black men. The media isn’t interested because this story doesn’t advance their agenda to demonize white people. They didn’t even reveal the race of the women involved so we don’t even know if this is “black on white” or “black on black” crime. The media today is in a sorry state. This park has been the scene of many such rapes and other crimes and, similarly, has not been covered by the media (except, maybe, the alternative media). And the media today wonders why they’re having so much trouble “staying alive.” People are tired of them selectively covering only the news they think is “fit to print.” They’re registering their disapproval by “walking away.” I, for one, have done so. I no longer read the newspaper and stay away from ALL outlets for the liberal news media. I get my news from the HONEST media. (American Overlook)

Killing A Jogger "For Fun"

Three high schoolers (two black, one white) in Oklahoma targeted an Australian basketball player who was jogging in a park, drove up and shot him to death because they were “bored” and wanted to kill somebody to “have fun.” they didn't care who. This illustrates the complete LACK or reverence for human life that began when the supreme Court MISREAD THE constitution to allow the MURDER of tiny babies before they even had a chance at life. There are many such killings happening today, and what do GUN LAWS do to stop it? Nothing. Those teens were not legally able to buy a gun, but they still had one. What kind of a law would have prevented this tragedy? (Gawker)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Iran's Death Wish

An Iranian general (whose name is not important enough for me to name) says, “We’re ready for a decisive battle against the United States.” What a damned fool he is! Hitler thought HE was “ready,” too So did Tojo and Saddam Hussein. All fell to the might of the American armies, as will Iran if they persist in acting like a flea crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. Yes, we failed to put Kim Il Jung in his place in N. Korea, but not because we could not. It was because the politicians then in power would not LET us. Same in VietNam. But never think just because a wimp is NOW in charge that we can’s whip a “pipsqueak government” like Iran. We took Saddam down in less than a week while his PR man was saying it would never happen, and can do the same to this ignorant bunch, who seem to have an inflated opinion of their own might. (The Blaze)

Congress Rejects UN Gun Treaty

It didn’t even make it to a vote. Nobody wants to give the UN authority over our constitutionally guaranteed gun rights. To enforce their ideas, national gun registration would be required. The fools in the UN think we will submit to that. Haven’t they been watching what has been going on for years in this country as politician after politician have tried to institute national gun registration and failed? The United Nations is nothing but a “debating society” for dictators. For anything else, they’re useless. To give them the right to control our gun rights is INSANITY. Yet that’s what Obama tried to do. We need to get arid of this fool before he “gives away the store.” (Capitalism Institute)

Incompetent Politicians

Why do we (not me) keep electing these incompetent politicians who think the way to stop gun violence is to take guns out of the hands of honest, responsible Americans? What FOOLS are they who think DISARMING us is the way to help us defend ourselves while they run around with their “hired guns” to protect them? The best defense is a gun in the hands of honest people. But lacking that, people can buy, and carry devices made to allow them to divert an attacker’s attention for an important split second that allows them to “get out of there.” I’m 75 years old. I was driving one day when a fool passed me on the right and cut in front of me. I just shook my head, which apparently made him mad. He blocked me to the curb and ran toward me with “blood in his eye.” He reached in my window, intending to jerk me out and beat the hell out of me, I guess. I took that opportunity to zap him with my stun gun (disguised as a cell phone) sending 800,000 volts through his arm. The last I saw of him as I drove away, he was standing in the street, wondering what just happened. These things work. Get one, or a pepper spray, which also works well as long as these incompetent politicians won’t let you have a gun to use in self-defense. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Communism: "A Pivotal Experiment?"

That’s how they’re spinning the killing of 50 million people in Russia” during their communist years, at the Olympic Games in Sochi Russia. They ruined Russia’s economy and, in one case, murdered an entire country. They clearly “bit off more than they could chew” (communism in Russia), forgetting one basic flaw in their system. Communism destroyed the INCENTIVE to produce, and over 75 years, Russia produced NOTHING, guaranteeing their demise. They suffered as a communist society. Now they’re a socialist country, following a similar path toward nothingness. The SAME PEOPLE are still in charge there, and there’s no telling how long they can hold on before the inevitable failure of their economy, again. But their failure is ASSURED by that same flaw in their thinking. Then they will replace it again with something similar, based on the same basic premise and will fail, again. And again. Socialists never learn. They fail over and over and make excuses for their failure, and try again. And fail again. And their people allow it again and again because they know how to manipulate and lie to them. Obama is doing the same to the US. Will we be as stupid? (Just common sense)

More Than A Gun Lobbyist

The National Rifle Association in Florida (where they make intelligent gun laws) is much more than a lobbying group. As it is all over the United states, it is a premier gun safety instructing group. It is responsible for millions of well-trained shooters and its training also includes how to know when NOT to use a gun. Anti-gun fools like to make the NRA out to be the “bad guy” because they promote laws that ALLOW honest people to own and use the means to self-defense, a gun. That’s absurd. But then, the anti-gun fools ARE absurd, as we all (except the anti-gun fools) know. Other states could well look to Florida for competent gun laws. (WJCT News)

Intimidation Attempt

What the Texas Rangers were doing here is simple intimidation. They KNEW the so-called “laws” under which they arrested two demonstrators did not apply, thus their arrests were false. But they did it anyway, just to intimidate the crowd. But in fact, the crowd was NOT intimidated, though most of the cops there did their level best to LOOK intimidating while the demonstrators called them the mist vile names. If anybody should have been intimidated here it was the cops. I’m not too sure of the “Daily Sheeple,” but the video speaks volumes. I saw a couple of times when a cop started to hit a demonstrator, especially when one of them made reference to his wife. But undoubtedly he was instructed to ignore ALL insults to avoid a bloodbath. It is just such a thing as this that prompted the American Revolution, and I believe we’re getting close to another one. One of these days a cop isn’t going to “take it any more” and will shoot or assault someone—then it will be ON! It’s a “powder keg” ready to go “BOOM.” (The Sheeple)

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's A Bitch (Not (Biotch)

It amazes me how far people will go to avoid using a word that is proper in a certain instance. Like this case, where they say a black man will be a difficult target for those “race-baiters” who will want to paint him as a racist after he killed two unarmed black men who appeared to be reaching for a gun while robbing him (he’s black, too). The quote to which I refer is this: “It’s gonna be a biotch playing the race card against this guy.”) I have always refused to “knuckle under” to the PC Police and have always used the words that are proper to the situation. Liberals can rail at me all they want, and it will be like throwing rocks at the Hoover Dam. To hell with them. (Gun Free Zone)

"More Guns, Less Crime"

That’s the title of John Lott’s largely ignored (by anti-gun fools) book, and it says more in one sentence that all the other “knowledge” out there. The shooter in that Maryland mall carried his hidden gun into the mall unseen until just before the first two murders. There is NOTHING that could have been done to prevent this murder in this mall except treating the mall like a prison with armed mall cops (friendly guns) and metal detectors at all doors (notice: the solution to an illegally used gun is LEGAL guns), and that doesn’t even include all the BACK doors tenants use to get deliveries. But as this article makes clear, he would have just waited for them to be at an alternate location to commit his murders. Pundits (myself included) have speculated that this was a simple jealousy killing, But the real motive has yet to be revealed. The “authorities” have mentioned this shooter’s hatred of “unnamed” groups but I sincerely doubt it. Like in that gun store in Indianapolis, if lots of armed people were around, maybe this wouldn’t have been so bad. But the “authorities” aren’t smart enough to know that. (Bearing Arms)

"Wall-to-Wall Football"

You’d think the game of football was more important than what happens in politics; more important than wars, and the poor guys who go overseas to fight this country’s wars and get killed and maimed in the process, the president spending more of our money than there IS, while whining about being given permission to spend even more and working HARD to disarm us in the face of in increasing amount of gun violence. I keep the television on at my elbow as I work, all day, not really watching, but keeping track of that’s the most important thing in the news at any given time. And recently, it’s been ALL FOOTBALL. As if that were the most important thing in the world. So at the risk of being shot, I’ll say this: What’s so all-fired important about football? It’s just a game, fergawd’sake! I like auto racing, but THAT’S not really “all-important” to me. It’s just a race! People go completely INSANE over football. They paint themselves in their favorite team’s colors and pay exorbitant amounts for tickets to the games. They spend thousands of dollars, traveling across the country to see—football. For me, football bores me. I’ve watched ONE football game in my life: the Superbowl one year the Broncos went there. They played like a high school team. To me, it’s nothing to get excited about: it’s just a game. It’s just entertainment. Yes, I know, it produces millions of dollars in peripheral income. But so does auto racing, basketball, hockey, and many other things. So why do people go INSANE over it? Maybe it’s me. I don’t tend to get overly excited about anything. But that’s because I’ve never seen anything to GET overly excited about in my long life. Now you can start firing on me. (Just common sense)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Obama Betrays Israel

Iran and Syria are “playing Obama for a fool.” That’s what some think, and that’s what Obama WANTS them to think, because his action in lifting many sanctions on Iran gives them more money to play with and supply arms to the Syria “rebels”/Islamic terrorists. Iran has been shipping arms to the terrorists/rebels on a weekly basis, and now with more money in their pockets, they can help them even more. That have openly said, “First Syria, then Israel.” Obama has not been “played.” He is ACTIVELY helping the Islamic terrorists in Syria under the guise of gaining an “agreement” on nuclear proliferation with Iran. Further, members of Iran’s “Revolutionary Guard” have been fighting alongside of Islamic terrorists/Syrian rebels in Syria for a long time, keeping that secret. Obama is on the SIDE of the Islamic rebels/Islamic terrorists in Syria, but has been pretending to help the Syrian government. His “agreement” with Iran makes their job of overthrowing the Syrian government much more easy and Obama can still PRETEND he isn’t helping. (CNN)

Liberals Hate A Winner

And they love a loser. One football team won the Super Bowl by a score of 48 to 8 and they whine about “bullying.” That actually happened to the Denver Broncos, but did they whine about losing so badly? NO. They set out to BE the winner at the next Super Bowl. But liberals criticize the Sea Hawks for “bullying” the Broncos. What a LOAD that is! Kid’s teams lose by big margins all the time. They want to have SCORELESS GAMES so as not to “humiliate” the loser. So what? If a team (or an individual) isn’t ready for the game, they shouldn’t play it. They SHOULD be “humiliated.” Sorry about that. If they can’t make themselves good enough to win, or even lose closely, they shouldn’t be IN the game. Liberals PROMOTE MEDIOCRITY. Their entire BEING is to promote mediocrity.

Can you imagine an auto race without a winner? The whole purpose of a sport is to decide a winner. The AMOUNT by which he wins makes no difference. I remember one race where the winner won by more than one lap over second. Another where the winner came back from THREE LAPS DOWN to win, convincingly. How about a boxing match with no winner? Can you think of anything more STUPID? But this is what liberals promote. In a “Pee-Wee” football game where the adults refuse to keep score, you can bet the KIDS know who won, and by exactly how  much. Not keeping score is the act of a FOOL, and that’s what liberals want in ALL things. That’s so they won’t have to work too hard to “feel good” about themselves. It’s the same thing in life. They want to “level the playing field” so it’s easier for them to win with someone else doing the work. But is a win under those conditions a real win? When you handcuff your opponent as they want to do, are you REALLY a winner? NO. You’re a PRETEND winner, but liberals are happy with that because they know they aren’t good enough to win unless their opponents are handcuffed. (Just common sense)

Karzai Committing Suicide

 He is using the accidental killing of a child (something that happens in all wars)as an excuse to refuse to sign the security agreement that will keep American troops in Afghanistan. What he doesn’t think about is the fact that when American troops leave, the Taliban is going to “take over” again, and his death will be at the top of their “to do list.” America got rid of the Taliban and got him elected president. He apparently has no appreciation for that and is LOOKING for an excuse to be rid of them. Well, okay. If he doesn’t want us there, so be it. We’ll be gone, and a day later he will be dead. (Washington Post)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crumbling Society

I think Russia has “bitten off more than they can chew in taking on the Olympics. It becomes obvious when you consider the condition of their hotel rooms, shortages (of PILLOWS, fergawdsakes!), “yellow water” coming out of their faucets that they tell you not to drink or even wash in. Then add in their signs telling you not to put toilet paper in toilets and the failure of their highly touted  Olympic symbol that didn’t work, and their covering it up, as usual. What’s with THAT? Then there’s their inadvertent revealing that they have video cameras in SHOWERS! (The guy who accidentally revealed that has disappeared, and has not been seen since). Russia is STILL a “crumbling society” because while they SAY they’re “no longer communist,” they ARE still SOCIALIST, which is very close. Both are collectivist.

Both are BASED on Marx’s maxim, “FROM each according to his ABILITY and TO each according to his NEED,” which legalizes theft from the producer and destroys initiative to produce, causing the country to produce NOTHING. Cuba is crumbling under its version of communism much faster because Russia is no longer able to “prop them up,” having “gone bust” themselves for the same reasons. Yes, “communism is dead” in Russia. But SOCIALISM (which is almost the same thing) is NOT. The SAME PEOPLE are running things as were when it WAS a “communist country.” Communism failing is just them taking “one step backward and two steps forward.” They’re playing the whole world for fools in a game of stakes much higher than that in Syria where they PRETEND to play OBAMA for a fool . (Just commons sense)

But It's NOT!

A secular group is complaining about children from a local school being sent on field trips to a local church to help in feeding the needy. They say it’s unconstitutional—but it’s not. “Separation of church and state” is NOT a constitutional thing. It was NOT mentioned in the Constitution. It was only mentioned in a LETTER from one “Founder” to another. Besides, the concept is NOT “freedom FROM religion.” It is the freedom to choose your OWN religion without pressure from the government. But liberals don’t practice it this way. To them, ANY mention of religion in a school is a violation of the Constitution, which it is NOT. It’s used as a means to limit participation in religion. At least, the CHRISTIAN religion. They don’t holler at all when schools teach about Islam, and that’s WRONG. And they HATE the Constitution when it stops THEM from doing something. Then they call it "old-fashioned and outdated." But not when it gives them a basis to PROMOTE their views. (The Blaze)

One Smart State

Mississippi has made “open carry” legal. What that means is ANYBODY can carry a gun openly as long as it’s not hidden. One former cop says you should watch out for someone taking it away from you and using it on you; to which I reply, “You should always be aware of your surroundings at all times, gun or no gun.” Somebody could always sneak up on you and attack you if you’re blissfully unaware of what’s going on around you. He says he would never carry a gun into a bar where drinks are served. Why? Because some fool would get in an argument and shoot somebody? All the more reason TO carry your own gun to stop that fool from killing you. One thing we need to remember is Robert Heinlein’s remark that “An armed society is a POLITE society.” Only fools use guns wrongly and most Americans are NOT fools. Anti-gun fools need to learn that. (American Overlook)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Bieber Is A Dead Man Walking

And he doesn’t even know it. His father is his worst enemy and he doesn’t know that’ either. His dad is an enabler, enabling him to do drugs and stupid things all over the country. In Miami renting an expensive car and racing it on the streets, In another city attacking a man for some imagined slight; smoking so much dope on his private rented airplane that the pilots were forced to use their oxygen masks to avoid getting a “contact high” that could cost them their licenses and ruin their lives; and making life so terrible for the flight attendant that she took refuge in the cockpit and refused to go “back in there.” All this is the result of getting too much money at too young an age, when he doesn’t have the sense to spend it wisely, and having a father who never says “no” to him and helps him do it, thus enabling every stupid thing he does. It’s not going to be long before he overdoses or wrecks an expensive car or picks a fight with the wrong man—and he’ll be dead. (New York Daily News)

Concealed Carry NOT Public Safety Concern

An Oregon DA has sent a letter to the Portland Oregonian saying that “concealed carry” has NOT caused public safety problems. What that means is that more people carrying guns has NOT created the “Western shootout” mentality the anti-gun fools predict. Concealed carriers do NOT “shoot it out” with each other at the slightest chance. They are simply able to defend themselves when ILLEGALLY armed criminals try and victimize them. Picture it: if one or more individuals (not Islamic terrorists) had had a gun and the guts to use it, a lot FEWER innocent people would have been gunned down by those Islamic terrorists who took over that shopping center, killing at random. The anti-gun fools say people with their own guns would have been killed quickly. That’s a specious argument. With proper training, they could have “picked off” the shooters, one at a time, and ENDED their shooting spree or at least scared them off. From what I saw on the videos that were released, they weren’t in the slightest worried about opposition (it was a "no-gun" zone, after all). They strolled through the stores, talking on cell phones, stopping to pray, etc. There were so many opportunities to “pick them off” it was funny if it hadn’t been so tragic. (Examiner)

"Anti-Gun" Propaganda

The anti gun fools continue to lie to sell the idea that DISARMING yourself is the way to self-defense. It amazes me how they twist things to suit their fool notions. Like this: On “Yahoo Answers,” this: “Walk up to one of these paranoid gun owners once [starting right out with an insult -RT]. Ask them why they need a gun. I'm sure the first thing your going to hear is about is some highly unlikely event [notice they aren't specific about this "unlikely event." -RT]. Every shadow will hold armed gunmen. A madman with a firearm will be hiding behind every tree [yeah, exaggeration after exaggeration. -RT].  Reality is if your targeted you will be dead before you have a chance to reach for your firearm [lie. -RT]. Reality is that CCW holders don't stop crimes or won't stop that mass murderer.” [Another lie. Reality is, they HAVE. -RT]. The “alternative media” is FULL of stories of concealed carry people foiling crime. But the LIBERAL media won’t carry those stories, so liberals (who only read the liberal media) think it doesn’t happen because they never see it in their media. (Yahoo Answers)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stupidest Thing I've Heard

Obama and his “talking heads” are trying to sell the idea that losing their full time job is a “good thing.” That is gives them the “freedom” to “do other things with that 'free time' they suddenly have.” You know, write that book they’ve been wanting to write; write that opera; spend more time with their families, etc. What they’re NOT telling you is that with the REDUCED (or lack of) INCOME that comes along with it, they’ll never be able to enjoy ANY of these things. They won’t be able to pay their bills, and bill collectors don’t give a damn if you’re broke. They WANT their money and they intend to get it. They'll make your life hell. With less money in YOUR pocket, you won’t be able to buy as many things, which will reduce the income of the people they would usually buy things from; which will reduce THEIR income, and so on,

It will be a “domino effect” that reduces the income of every American. There is NOTHING good about this. Obamacare is the first major step in causing the COLLAPSE of the free enterprise system in this country and Obama will blame it ON the free enterprise system while moving us ever closer to socialism. For Obama’s purposes, Obamacare is working perfectly. It’s fast ruining our economy, and that’s what he wants. He must think we're REALLY stupid that we'd believe this crap. Problem is, many people ARE that stupid because they proudly do not pay attention to what he's doing to them. And they vote, in their ignorance, and keep putting people like him in office time and time again. (Just common sense)

Disarming the Citizens

If you look carefully into what our politicians are doing, you’ll see their REAL agenda: to DISARM all Americans so there will be nothing to stop them as they steal everything we have and give it to people who will vote to keep them in office so the “goodies” will keep coming. Look at Obama’s “second coming” in 2012. Combine the fact that he got re-elected in spite of all he’s done to destroy this country with a report that more than HALF the population of this country is today on some sort of “government dole,” it becomes clear what his agenda is. His biggest constituency is the MOOCHER and he is the chief LOOTER who takes what people EARN and gives it to those who DON’T earn. Taking our guns away is just part of his plan—and he has a lot of help from other LOOTERS who found their way into our government. We need to get rid of these LOOTERS so they will stop supporting the MOOCHERS who want a “free ride” and will vote for any fool as long as he promises to keep the goodies coming. Hitler disarmed his people FIRST when he took total power; so did Lenin and every other bloody dictator that ever was. Thet way we can't fight back when he rapes us for real. (Just common sense)

Don't Hold Up A War Vet

He's probably killed more people than you'll ever think about. so you ain't gonna cow him. This man went into battle FOUR TIMES and came out alive. So when a man walked up to him and pointed a gun at him, he pushed the gun away and shoved his own gun in the robber’s mouth. I think that would-be robber is still running, hoping he doesn’t get a bullet in his butt. This robbery attempt didn’t last long, which again proves my contention that we need more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people. If there were, more would-be violent criminals would either go into other lines of “work” or be dead. But don’t look for today’s crop of incompetent liberal politicians to agree. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seinfield Pisses Off Left

Because he doesn’t use race or gender or any other thing in choosing just whom he features in his latest television comedy enterprise. They’re so racist they think he should choose his guests on the basis of “some pie chart” about the percentage of blacks, whites, and women. That pisses HIM off and the first thing he did was take note of all the white faces around him while he was on THAT show, which shows the stupidity and racism of the questioner. He says people look at things based on the PERCENTAGES of what race or gender are represented by the guests used. To him, that is NOT important. Are they funny? Or are they NOT funny? That’s his measure, and the left hates that because they are so racist. (The Blaze)

It Doesn't Take A Gun

In Houston, TX, three people were stabbed in a fight at the Spring High School. One died, three were injured. They think this is “gang-related,” which is code for “don’t expect us to solve this.” NO guns involved. So the anti-gun fools in the media aren’t interested. This story won’t advance their agenda to demonize guns. This is so typical of the media. If it doesn’t advance their gun-hating agenda, they don’t care that somebody got killed with a knife. They’ve already got knives down to three inches. They don’t think a knife shorter than three inches can kill anybody. But as usual, they’re wrong. But since knives are so insignificant in their scheme of things, that’s okay with them. Since their agenda is to disarm America, they’re satisfied. If there had been a gun involved (on the killer’s side), they’d be screaming to high heavens. (The Blaze)

Super Bowl "Security"

The stadium in which the Super Bowl is played is a “gun-free zone”—except for the cops. It was like an armed camp there. What do they use to “protect us” against illegally-armed crazies? LEGALLY armed shooters, including hidden SNIPERS. If anybody “gets frisky” with a gun, guess what? A guy hidden in the rafters with a gun shoots him. Which again proves my theory that more honest people with guns would trump one crazy with a gun and cost a LOT less. But politicians never listen to the “voice of reason.” They think they can stop gun violence by banning guns. You CAN’T ban guns. Criminals and crazies will ALWAYS be able to get their guns out of the trunks of cars in a back alley somewhere. Those laws DO NOT WORK. So why keep making them? Why not make some laws to punish criminals who use a gun to commit a crime more than a crime without? That CAN work. But they ignore that logic in their ignorance. Then they send out lots of expensive people with legal guns to “protect us” in the absence of logical gun laws. (London Daily Mail)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Obama's Outrageous Lies

He says, “What, me? A liberal? I’m more like Richard Nixon.” In that, he may be right, since Nixon had to resign so he wouldn’t be impeached. After a rambling and incoherent exposition of how Fox was “unfair” to him, he asked, “What are you guys going to do when I’m gone?” Heave a sign of relief, I expect. They did plenty well before he came on he scene. Like many fools like him, he thinks he’s the only reason Fox has grown so fast. What an EGO! He cites important questions he has refused to answer as how Fox was “unfair” to him. Questions that if he would answer would get him a prison term. (Daily Caller)

Boy, Is Obama Mad!

He can’t seem to get his anti-gun laws passed in Congress, so of course, “Congress is lazy.” He doesn’t even consider that Congress might—just MIGHT disagree with him and THAT’S why they won’t pass his piss-poor anti-gun laws (Oops—sorry about that)... Maybe they READ them. I guess the Emperor will just have to do what he wants without Congress like he does on most things. He doesn’t need them, anyway, so why does he keep asking them to vote on things? He’s the boss, right? Maybe we could balance the budget (if we actually HAD one that is) if we fired Congress for “sloth” and just let him go ahead and make the laws he wants that Congress always seems to keep him from. In case you’re wondering, this item was hard to write with my tongue so far in my cheek. (Washington Times)

Religious Intolerance

Muslims are quick to cry “religious intolerance” when Christians and Jews and members of other religions kill them in RETALIATION for their attempt to kill THEM. Christians and Jews usually don’t take action against members of a different religion unless PROVOKED, and they are provoked often because it is an article of Muslim faith to KILL anybody they can’t convert to Islam. It is taught in the Koran, the Bible of Islam to convert if you can, kill if you can’t. I don’t understand the mentality of this. Yes, that’s what they’re taught from birth, but you’d think at some point, they’d “wise up” to the fallacy of such thinking. But they don’t. There seems to be no shortage of Muslims willing to KILL for their religion while whining about “religious intolerance” on the part of the people they try to kill. They're even quicker to kill people who tell the truth about them; truth they consider unnecessary criticism of Islam. They will want to kill ME for writing this. (Just common sense)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Death Penalty for Boston Bomber?

I can’t believe there’s actually a controversy over whether or not to put the Boston bomber to death if he is convicted. What kind of fools are running things in Washington today? They talk incessantly about “cruel and unusual punishment,” but I can tell they have no idea what that IS. Cruel and unusual punishment is punishment that is more cruel or unusual than that meted out by the perpetrator on his victims. Anything up to, and INCLUDING that visited upon his victims is, in my opinion, NOT “cruel or unusual.” Should he die? Yes; absolutely. If it were up to me, I’d sit him in the middle of a field on top of some explosives and blow him to hell where he belongs. It doesn’t matter if he was “unduly controlled by his brother.” He has a mind of his own, and he KNOWS what they did was wrong, or he wouldn’t have run and hid. The only EQUAL PUNISHMENT would be to subject him to the same thing to which he subjected his victims. Liberals will criticize me for saying this, but I couldn’t care less what liberals think of me. (Just common sense)

"Conservative Pundits?"

MSNBC did a segment where they condemned the NRA for “bringing the president’s daughters into the anti-gun fight.” But their first mistake was in calling “Morning Joe” a conservative. Their second mistake was in trying to find ANY conservative on staff at MSNBC, period. But the point in the NRA ad is right and proper. The president DOES have ARMED GUARDS for his kids and we DO NOT. Our kids must go to schools declared as “gun-free zones,” while his kids likewise are in “gun-free zones” except, of course, for the guns carried by the ARMED GUARDS (Secret Service) there to protect HIS kids, but not ours. I resent this. Not that the president’s kids are protected by ARMED GUARDS, but that ours AREN’T. These supposed “conservatives” on MSNBC say the NRA is “out of touch,” but in reality, it is people like “Morning Joe” and Mika Brzezinski who are out of touch. (Upworthy)

Is There A "Conspiracy?"

Is there, or is there NOT a “conspiracy” for control of the United States of America? My answer is, NO; there is NOT a “single conspiracy” for control of this country. There are MANY, most with similar goals, which makes it LOOK like there may be a single conspiracy, which lends credence to the “pipe dreams” of the fools who see conspiracies everywhere they look.(Like those who used to "see communists under every bed." What nobody faces up to, is that many of them were right.). They’re wrong, and they’re right. Since before the ink was dry on the signatures on the Constitution, there have been people scheming to overturn the free country it created. But no, there is NOT a single conspiracy.” There are many, and many of those have similar goals so it would APPEAR to some that there is a “single conspiracy.” The Bilderbergers, for instance; the international bankers who have financed both sides of every war in the last hundred or more years; the New World Order, the Federal Reserve, the existence of "concentration camps" in America, and many others. Some are very REAL conspiracies, who sometimes cooperate with each other in the furtherance of their own aims. What I am saying here is, STAY ALERT to such a possiblity and don't reject it out of hand. It could mean your life and your freedom. (Just common sense)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Getting Old

Sometimes I feel like I’m in prison. Every day (at least in the dead of winter) is the same. Get up, have breakfast (at my desk in my little 8x10 room) while reading the funnies, then research, research, research; write posts for my blogs. Then post to the blogs, then dinner (at my desk) Watch a little TV sometimes when there's more than dreck on it, then bed, hoping against hope to be able to sleep all night straight through. Then get up at 5 AM and do it all again with no discernible results. I try HARD to bring as much truth to the world as I can, and I know there are people reading it. But not many comment, good or bad. AM I getting through to anybody? I don’t know. My enemies don’t even tell me. But I will keep this up as long as I can. When my time comes it might be in the middle of writing a post for one blog or another, I don't know. I used to think that when I died, I'd make a jagged paint line down somebody's office window, but it's been more than 20 years since I was even ABLE to do any sign painting. Then I thought I'd be found in the morning by my relief as a security officer, but it's been almost ten years since my last assignment in that business after my quadruple bypass. I started this "quest for truth" even while I was a security officer and now do it full time. I'm getting SO tired... (Just common sense)

"You're An Incredible Fool!"

That’s what the REAL incredible fool Peirs Morgan told the head of one of the strongest pro-gun organizations when he couldn’t figure out how to argue against the man’s logical arguments. But the real fool here is Morgan. Larry Pratt argued against his fool arguments without once asking him the simple question that would show him for the damned fool he is: “What makes you think a criminal, who breaks laws for a living, would OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?” This is the mistake most people make in trying to support self-defense and the right to own and carry the means to self-defense, a gun. Rather than asking them an unanswerable question they try to oppose them by answering THEIR arguments while they (pro-gun fools) let those arguments bounce off their heads like a nerf ball off concrete. And their heads are just as hard. (YouTube) Thanks to Chuck Burns for this video.

It's NO "Recovery," Dammit!

The media calls it a “slow recovery,” but it isn’t. It’s NO KIND of a “recovery.” Unemployment continues to rise while Obama celebrates a lowering of unemployment "statistics" caused by people GIVING UP ever finding a job and LEAVING the job market. Millions and millions of people who want jobs are UNABLE to find one for YEARS, and STILL aren't able. They SAY Obama “inherited” a recession, but he didn’t. Democrats CAUSED the beginning of the recession when they “pulled the plug” on Fannie and Freddie, the only thing that prevented the collapse that would be caused by their 1976 law REQUIRING lenders to loan money to people they KNOW could never repay it, until just before the 2008 elections  CREATING a recession at just the right time for them to win the presidency (by blaming Bush for it), using an unknown Muslim former “rabble-rouser” from Chicago who never did anything important, and who thinks NOBODY could ever be against him if they weren’t racist; which raises the question: how did he get elected in the first place? Let alone TWICE. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Is Obama A Muslim?

I don’t know for sure. But the more I hear about the way he “bends over forward” to accommodate anything Muslim, the more I believe he is. Now I’m hearing that the entire Obama family has been involved in a Muslim conspiracy that has fooled Americans into electing him to be our president, an office that allows him to do things he could not do otherwise: such as push a law on us to make saying ANYTHING BAD about Muslims a crime, with what represents “bad” being up to the Muslims, just as what represents “sexual harassment” is completely up to the woman involved. It is a SUBJECTIVE law, making any Muslim able to punish people who tell the TRUTH about Islam.

Otherwise, the things he has done have moved us dangerously close to collectivism (socialism, communism, etc.), a system that DEPENDS on close CONTROL of the populace, which only enhances his ability to push us toward Sharia Law, that abomination of a “legal system” now only applicable to Muslims. He will call me racist for saying this, which is his “fall-back position” on how to handle ANYBODY who gets too close to the truth. Next, he will ridicule me, calling me a “conspiracy theorist,” hoping to discredit me. May I remind you that this very country was FOUNDED through a conspiracy? Yes. One major conspiracy would collapse of its own weight,

But MANY conspiracies leading in the same direction and which compliment each other in their individual goals, might SEEM like one conspiracy, but is not. Socialism and Islam are like that. Muslims are taught from birth that ANYTHING is okay if it helps Islam; murder, lies, conspiracies, cooperation with “the enemy,” etc. So it’s not “way out there” to think that socialism and Islam are compatible—at least for now. I’m not saying Obama IS a Muslim conspirator; what I AM saying is, don’t rule it out without considering it, and pay attention to what he is doing. It could save your life and keep you free. This “freedom” we have enjoyed for a relatively short time is fragile and there are many people working HARD to destroy it. Socialists and Muslims are at the forefront, and I can still say this without being put in prison by the law Obama wants to make, in SPITE of the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Stay alert, and LEARN from what Obama DOES. (Patriot Action Network)

LaPierre's Declaration of War

Some people think the NRA is an organization “promoting violence.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The NRA simply wants to help us keep our natural tight to self-defense and the right to own and use the means to that defense, a gun. So we can defend OURSELVES and not depend on the police, who can only get there AFTER the crime has happened, “write it up” and take care of the body or bodies. Yet the “anti-gun FOOLS” continue to make more and more laws that DISARM honest people and leave them defenseless against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Criminals that often include people wearing badges. The United Nations, that organization made up of dictators and Kings, useless in anything except to help people like Obama disarm his citizens so he can rape them at will without being afraid his thugs will be shot by people defending their lives and property, has presented a “treaty,” which no intelligent president would sign.

This treaty turns over our sovereignty to that rogue organization and allows them to reach right into the United States and harass its citizens. Obama’s Secretary of State was ordered to sign that treaty, thinking it would allow the “gun haters” to bypass our Constitution just by its signing. That he did, happily, this stupid man. And that allows this “treaty” to go into operation as soon as signed, unless or until the Congress rejects it. That’s the way it works with treaties. But this treaty, violating the basic concept of our Constitution, cannot do so by law, since NO treaty can be in effect in the United States that is in opposition to our Constitution. But Obama intends to use that treaty as COVER while he further erodes our natural right to self-defense. LaPierre, the perennial “Executive Vice President” of the NRA, makes an excellent case against it, and should be heard. But will the liberal media allow it? Doubtful, since they are peopled in the majority by gun-haters and fools. (The Daily Caller)

$10 Billion Loss Equals Success

That’s what it is to Obama. It’s only (your) money. To him it’s only a figure on a piece of paper. He loaned GM $49 billion and has only gotten back $39 billion. That, to me, is NOT a “success.” And he didn’t “save” the Detroit auto industry. It still failed, and Detroit is still going bankrupt. He can’t get around that, so he just ignores it. Ford refused his money, and thrived. He ignores that, too; except for what he plans to do to hurt the Ford Motor Company in the future in retaliation for spurning his offer. “Hell hath no fury like an Obama scorned.” (Last Resistance)