Monday, September 30, 2013

UNIPCC Confirms Warming

The United Nations International Climate Council in its “wisdom,” has declared “climate change” to be real, and man as the proximate cause of it. All without so much as a smidgen of evidence. In fact, in spite of evidence that the planet has NOT been “warming” for at least 15 years. They’re broadcasting this foolishness, Orson Wells style, as if it were true, citing as their source the “pseudo science” report published before and citing now 95% of climate scientists (increased from the previous 90%--I guess that sounds better) who THEY SAY agree with that. They say the more than 15-year “flatline” in global temperature is merely a “slowdown.” Even AlGore admitted the falsity of his “global warming” swindle when he RENAMED it “climate change.” That accidentally acknowledged that the globe was NOT warming and hadn’t been for a long time. Nevertheless, the UN “confirms” that global warming (or “climate change,” as it is now known) IS real, and is man-caused. They present NO EVIDENCE except the OPINION of a few so-called “scientists,” forgetting entirely that OPINION is NOT science. This proves the abysmal state of climate science today, as well as the pitiful state of modern journalism. Politicians the world over have used this phony “science” to further enslave their people in the name of “climate science” while others, like AlGore, have used it to make $billions of dollars. (Trending Central)

Cops Reduce Crime By Changing Its Name

They were “heralded” for reducing crime by reducing arrests. They did it by Making many crimes subject to being given “tickets” rather than arresting the perps. This is how many police departments “reduce crime.” Not by arresting the perpetrators, but by changing the name of their crimes and the result. When you get a ticket, you don’t get “arrested.” Thus, “arrest numbers” go down. This is how police politicians make their “numbers” look good and get awards for “reducing arrests,” therefore, “crime.” It is this kind of subterfuge, allowed by the politicians in charge, that make me wonder about the INTELLIGENCE of all concerned. (Freedom Outpost)

Obama Censoring Conservatives

Using Facebook, Obama is selectively censoring conservatives for violation of IMAGINARY “rules.” They haven’t gotten to me yet, but when they do, I’m gone; maybe before. I won’t use ANY service that censors me for my political views; ever. They pulled the page of the “Barracuda Brigade” several times for simply reporting news they (as liberals and Obama supporters) didn’t like. And most of it is over telling the truth about Islamic extremists. Does that tell you anything? One of the things they yanked was a gun seller's page over a gun sweepstakes. Think about it. It’s very telling that they yank pages for telling truth that disagrees with their liberal stance, but allow pages picturing Islamics BEHEADING people to remain. What kind of FOOLS are running Facebook now? (Barracuda Brigade)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today's "Outrage"

One state (in the UNITED States fergawdsake!) IS “WEEDING OUT” people with “traditional (Christian) values” as potential adoptive parents. Instead, they’re PUSHING the idea of  “GAY VALUES” instead. Can you guess which state is doing that? The name of the state was hardly mentioned in the story, but it is Massachusetts. We really ought to expel that state from membership in the United States for STUPID. Stupid in not knowing that a MAJORITY of people in ALL the United States are Christian (well, maybe not in that state), and for pushing the LGBT  (militant gay) ideas on people. Sounds like something a dictator would do. Talk about GALL! And these people were ELECTED! And they probably will be again in a “strong liberal state.” If they are elected again after this fool action, I really wonder about the INTELLIGENCE of the voters of that state, whose name I will not mention again. They say they will later on require adoptive parents to “take training in alternative sexual lifestyles” which, translated, means “conditioning, or brainwashing.” How do such FOOLS get into office? The answer is simple: the STUPIDITY of voters who deserve what they get. this kind of thing makes me want to vomit.They have a right to do whatever they want in their bedrooms, but not to "push it" on others, especially as a governmental EDICT. (The Daily Smug)

My Job Is SO Easy!

Many people take me to task, calling me a liar, and all kinds of other foul names because they just can’t HANDLE the truth. Today, the truth is “controversial.” Many colleges have refused to let Ann Coulter speak because she is so “controversial.” She’s “controversial”: because she doesn’t shrink from telling the truth, and those liberal professors who run things in many universities can’t stand that. They don’t want their “young skulls full of mush” to think for themselves. They want them to simply ACCEPT the lies they feed them in the guise of “education.” They’re afraid they’ll “wake up” to the truth and all their efforts will have gone for naught. They don’t like Ann and I because they say we make them look foolish. And it isn’t hard—we just point out their fool actions and statements. They say we make them look like fools, but they're wrong. They do a good job of that themselves. We just point out their fool actions. (Just common sense)

"Can't Get Their Guns Out Quick Enough"

The Florida Attorney General says “Even a cop who is on the ground with a criminal on his chest beating his head on the sidewalk can’t get his gun out as quickly as Zimmerman did.” WRONG! This fool statement comes from someone who has never been in that position and knows NOTHING about guns. It all depends on the situation. If the guy is concentrating hard enough on killing that cop, maybe he doesn’t notice as he reaches for a gun. They’re still doing everything they can to criminalize Zimmerman even after he has been found not guilty. Charging Zimmerman with “civil rights violations” is a BIG stretch and is purely political. Obama and his "gang of thieves" want Zimmerman convicted of SOMETHING and they're pulling out all the stops and spending taxpayer money like water in their unending attempts to do so. They figure if he's convicted of something, it will help their agenda to DISARM all (law-abiding) Americans. (Just common sense)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Twisting Zimmerman to Anti-Gun Rhetoric

Leave it to Obama to further politicize the Zimmerman/Martin case to his own ends. In a speech, right after Zimmerman’s acquittal, he asked, “Are we doing what we can to stem gun violence?” The answer is, NO. What people like Obama are doing will INCREASE gun violence, mostly black against white, while he and his henchmen make more and more laws to DISARM honest people and make them more vulnerable to gun violence from criminals, who obey NO laws, let alone gun laws. Obama and his “gang of thieves” worked HARD to get Zimmerman convicted of SOMETHING, even if it was just “bleeding on the sidewalk” or “screaming too loud,” and he lost. Now he’s trying to “snatch victory from defeat” by turning it into his typical; anti-gun rhetoric. (The Blaze)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Like Vice-President Joe Biden's mouth, the “Fast & Furious” scandal keeps “rearing its ugly head” as more and more people are murdered, using Obama’s “gun running to the Mexican drug cartels scam continues to plague Obama’s administration. They try HARD to ignore the ramifications, but it’s getting more and more difficult to put off any real “investigation” of the case. Obama and his flunkies keep on trying, but it’s getting harder and harder. As the bodies pile up (some drug dealers, and others being cops) it’s getting harder and harder for Obama and his “gang of thieves” to ignore it and pretend it will “go away.” The question is, when will the Republicans “grow a pair” and REALLY investigate it? Probably not as long as Obama is “in power” and controls the means of prosecution. (Just common sense)

Missing The Point

In Chicago, the most gun violence is committed by CHILDREN: teenagers in gangs (you know, like Trayvon Martin); people who are NOT legally allowed to even HAVE  a gun, let alone be licensed to do so. So how are laws keeping honest, law-abiding adults from carrying guns for self-defense going to stop this gun violence, which is threatening to overrun Chicago? Chicago has some of the tightest anti-gun laws going, but they accomplish NOTHING! Intelligent people can figure out that these laws will do NOTHING to stop gun violence, but our politicians can’t seem to get it. Are they incompetent, or just stupid? I think both. We tell them and tell them and they ignore us, call us names, and keep on making stupid laws that cause more people to die. We need to find out their views on “gun control” before we elect them. AFTER we elect them, it’s too late. (Just common sense)

Friday, September 27, 2013

More Zimmerman (Barf)

I’m getting so sick of hearing the name Zimmerman I want to barf every time I hear it—which is often today. His face appears before me more often than Obama's--and that's a LOT.  But it’s important to point out that the not guilty finding in this case is important to everyone who carries a gun legally for self-defense. If he had been found guilty it would have been a signal victory for those who would deprive us of this basic constitutional right. The reason they pushed this case so hard is that they WANTED a guilty verdict to use in passing more laws to restrict our right to self defense and the ownership and use of the means to it, a gun. They lost. So they’re now trying to “spin it” in their favor, even though they can’t. They’re trying to paint this acquittal as a “travesty” that makes the killing of Trayvon Martin into a real tragedy—which it is NOT. Martin chose to engage Zimmerman, an aging, out-of-shape man, and was beating the hell out of him while threatening to “beat him to death.” So Zimmerman shot him to save his own life, just as a cop would in the same situation. Both men could have chosen to “walk away,” but neither did. They made their own decisions and Trayvon’s death resulted. Had Zimmerman died, would there even been such an outcry? Doubtful. It would not have helped in their agenda for a white man to die.. (Just common sense)

What Is A "Living Wage?"

Liberals define a “living wage” a lot higher than ANY companies can afford to pay people for untalented work. They’ve done this right along. Today they define it as something like $40,000 a year. I’d “dance for joy” if I EVER made that kind of money. Meanwhile they pay social Security recipients a FRACTION of that amount for them to use in “living.” I personally get about $800 a month. On that, I can’t even afford to pay RENT somewhere and I’m forced to live with a family member who charges me nothing. I've never taken welfare, but I may be forced to do so in the future. $40,000 a year is NOT “a living wage.” It’s a wage that can give people a life of LUXURY if they don't overbuy (which many people do). I used to think I was making pretty good money when I was making $15 an hour (back when that was good money). Imagine my surprise when I found out, according to the liberals in government, I was “in poverty.” (Then why did I have several color TVs, two cars and a truck, and a houseful of furniture, and plenty of food on the table, all paid for?) My daughter told me one day when she came home from school and got upbraided when she told us “we were poor,” according to what she learned in school that day.  People criticize Wal-Mart for not paying a “living wage” when they pay more, on average, than any other company, while selling their products at way low prices. That’s a load of crap! So when the DC Council passed a “living wage” law, allowing unnamed bureaucrats who have never run a business, to DICTATE how much a private company must pay their employees, they rightly scrapped plans for three stores in Washington, DC. (The Blaze)

Did DOJ Foment Race Violence?

Did they pay for transportation for, and train “protesters” to make racial trouble in the Zimmerman/Martin case? Is this government so invested with convicting Zimmerman with a crime that they spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to train and transport “demonstrators” to Florida to foment violence? I don’t really know, and I’ll probably NEVER know, as good as Obama is with obfuscating the issues on everything. But knowing how Obama works, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it were true. This isn’t the first time this story has come to light, and nobody did anything about it the first time after the media reported that this organization was actually HELPING to “keep violence down” while it was really fomenting violence. I won’t attempt to report this as “fact” because I can’t prove it. But it IS “something to think about” as you look at the Zimmerman/Martin case. (The Blaze)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why Is It Always Black On Black?

In Chicago, the “mass shooting” that wounded thirteen people including a three-year-old, happened in the black community. Political correctness prevents liberal media from coming right out and noticing this, though I notice the people who were there and the people who were injured are black. Political correctness is going to be the death of us because it prevents the news media from even NOTICING such things; therefore preventing people from doing something about it. Most people who “knuckle under” to political correctness will predictably call ME a racist for taking note of this and actually (shudder!) REPORTING it! But the fact remains that the largest number of shooting incidents is IN the “black community” where blacks “wall themselves off” from whites, many willingly. This hatred of white people is inimical to good order and remains the cause of what strife there is among blacks and whites and is PROMOTED by Barack Obama. The PC police don’t even want me to USE the word, “black.” That’s STUPID. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, not by the group they’re in. Past injury may give them what they think is good reason to hate whites, though most whites today did not participate in that and are not due their hatred. (MSNBC)

Army Sgt. Denied Gun rights

Why? He was convicted of a minor pot charge in 1971! He didn’t think much about it, and after serving his country with distinction for 20 years, he was turned away when he tried to buy a .22 cal. Rifle because of it. He found out, many years later that this minor offense (now legal in many states) BARRED him from owning a gun FOREVER. Another “back door: method of denying responsible people their gun rights. I’m sure the “statute of limitations” would deny the government the prosecution of this man for this “crime” today, but it appears there’s no statute of limitations on denying an essentially good and responsible citizen who served his country with distinction for 20 years the right to self-defense,” hunting, or any other reason for which he wanted this gun. (The Blaze)

Proof Anybody Can Run

Former governor Elliot Spitzer, who lost his job because he was a regular user of illegal prostitutes, ran for New York City Comptroller against his former prostitute provider (Madame). If he wins, he will serve in the administration of Mayor Anthony Weiner (he of the penis picture sent to a poor college student) who is concurrently running for mayor of New York . If he also wins, the city will be run by TWO KNOWN corrupt politicians. The bad thing is that both have a good chance of winning in New York City, which is KNOWN to make stupid election choices (both lost, big but the former madame probably didn't). That’s one reason it went BROKE a few years ago.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks! I give all three of those people (including the madam) credit for having a BIG pair of brass ones. (Kristen Tate)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lois Lerner Retires (Runs)

Ain’t that great? We don’t have to deal with the likes of Lois Lerner in the IRS any more. After being “removed” from her position after “politicizing” her job by “targeting” conservative organizations asking for tax-free status for “special scrutiny” she was given a “paid vacation” when she “took the fifth” and refused to answer questions Congress asked her. Funny: the fifth doesn’t seem to be available to us when the IRS comes after us, but she was very quick to use it. She SAID she committed NO crimes. But the very act of “taking the fifth” tells me she DID. Now she’s “retiring” at almost FULL PAY for the rest of her LIFE! I guess they figured they couldn’t get away with simply “reassigning” her at higher pay. So now she can take a job elsewhere and “double-dip” salary-wise. Thank God she won’t be running things anywhere in the IRS any more. But where WILL she be running things in the future? Will she work for a “non-governmental agency” under CONTRACT to the government? Notice the pose in the accompanying picture: she learned that from Obama. The IRS isn’t commenting, citing  “privacy concerns.” Whose privacy? Hers or theirs? (Cowboy Byte)

Government "Key Words" to Trigger Spying On You

The government has released a list of hundreds of “key words” they use to see who they should spy on. This list is so long it includes many words in daily use by everybody. There is just no way anybody can avoid using any of the words on this list, so you can bet the NSA is spying on you. I’ve probably already used many of them, right in this post. And you can be sure I use many of them every day in my other blog posts, so I’m SURE they have me on their “list.” To any government agents reading this, “stick it.” I don’t care if you spy on me for telling the truth about your crimes. I will continue to do so until I can’t any longer. (Kristen Tate)

Cop's Life Saved By Gun Owner

This happened in Texas (where else?) where a crazed gunman got mad about a dog pooping in his yard and started killing people. The story doesn’t say how such a man got a gun, but it doesn’t matter. If a local gun law prohibited people with mental problems from getting a gun, they didn’t work in this case. He killed two people and two dogs (who will never poop in anybody’s yard again, I guess) and was trying to kill a police officer who responded, and discounted a “spectator” who had a good view of him from the side. This guy figured he’d better do something, so he shot him; and when the shooter started shooting at him, put two more in him while the cop added two more. But for this guy and his willingness to use his gun in self-defense and defense of others, that cop would now be dead. Which means, regardless of “anti-gun laws,” people who want to do bad things WILL get their hands on guns and if innocent people don’t have their own guns, the wrong people will die. (Guns,com)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ft. Hood Shooter: Enemy of U. S.

What does it take to get through Obama’s thick skull that the Ft. Hood killings were NOT “workplace violence,” but were, in fact, ISLAMIC TERRORISM? How many times does this deranged fool have to SAY “I did it to protect my Muslim brothers” before Obama gets wise and starts calling it what it is, “ISLAMIC TERRORISM?” No; he wants to maintain the FICTION that there “have been no terrorist attacks on our soil during my presidency” by LYING about it. Just as he refuses to call what happened in Egypt a “coup” so he can keep sending them our BILLIONS of dollars in “foreign aid.” Major Nidal Hassan (the Ft. Hood killer) doesn’t want to wear a uniform in court; I say, don’t ALLOW him to wear the uniform he DEFAMED. Give him a special uniform specifically designed for TRAITORS and FORCE him to wear it. He wants to wear a beard; let him. It doesn’t matter a hill of beans if he has hair on his chin. Give him a lawyer who thinks he’s guilty and make him SHUT UP, personally to keep him from using this trial as his personal podium, from which to spout Muslim nonsense. Then give him a death sentence and enforce it right away, not two decades later. Give him his “72 virgins” sooner, rather than later. (The Blaze)

"Gabby" Lies About guns

Apparently, she thinks ALL conservatives are religious fanatics, so all she has to do is “invoke Jesus” to get us on her side, panting like excited dogs. She emphasizes the “responsibilities” involved in gun ownership over the RIGHT to gun ownership. RIGHTS do not depend on “responsibilities.” If you break a law with a gun, you’ll be punished. That’s already on the books (if they enforce it). We don’t NEED more restrictive laws to accomplish it. She thinks all she has to is speak the words “patriot” and “responsibility:” and we’ll follow her, lemming-like, off the cliff. Like most liberals, she thinks we’re stupid, and easily led. She’s wrong. She thinks getting shot gives her more credibility than others. Again (like most liberals) she’s wrong. (Town Hall)

74 Shot In Chicago: Media Yawns

This is our liberal media. Seventy-four people are shot over the four day 4th Weekend and all the liberal media is the TWO people who were killed in the crash of an airplane by an inexperienced pilot who “happened” to OWN the airline for which he was flying. He was “trying to learn” how to land the 777 on one of the mist difficult airports anywhere and managed to kill two people and put many more in the hospital. Meanwhile, 74 people are shot in the city with some of the STRONGEST anti-gun laws in the nation and that’s “not news.” How do we GET such fools in charge of these news agencies? I know; they’re hired by the fools who OWN them! (Rush Limbaugh)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Indiana Man Kills Burglar

A hatchet-wielding man broke into this man’s house wielding a hatchet and ran into a bullet because the homeowner (who is not named) used his legally owned gun to kill the intruder (who is). Thus again is proved my insistence that honest people should not ever be barred from being able to own and use the means of self-defense, a gun. If this homeowner had not been armed, he (and his family) would be dead by now, instead of the (unnamed) intruder. What is WRONG with politicians, who work HARD to disarm us to let people like this prevail? What STUPIDITY abounds in politics! They’re not only stupid when it comes to economics, they’re even more stupid when it comes to our self-defense. The problem is, there’s no way to keep stupid people out of office. (The Blaze)

I Can't Abide Stupidity!

A man well known for being a “conspiracy theorist” went out on a beach one day and got a lot of signatures for his petition. That’s not a problem. What IS a problem is that the petition was to REPEAL THE BILL OF RIGHTS! What kind of FOOL would sign such a petition? People who KNOW NOTHING. People who “don’t pay attention to politics” and have no ideas what they did. People like a man who sent me a message the other day saying, “I think Obama is doing a good job.” This kind of stupidity is going to create another “Soviet Union” or the “Fourth Reich,” here in the United States! It was just this sort of stupidity that allowed Hitler to become a dictator in Germany and allowed Vladmir Lenin to create 75 years of tyranny in Russia and kill millions of Russians. And there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Damn! (The Blaze)

Is This Truth?

Is Obama "The Manchurian Candidate?" Have they successfully installed a blatant COMMUNIST in the White House? I have no idea if this is true, but it sounds very much like what MIGHT be true considering his actions since taking office. The main question here is how such a man as Barack Obama could possibly have been elected president with NO background check (Was "the fix" in?). He was born of communists, raised as a communist, his very MENTORS were communist and terrorist (who now teach in our schools to our impressionable children) and whose IDEAS are at least socialist, while socialism and communism are two of the MANY sides of collectivism. Yet he literally came out of nowhere to rise to the presidency with NOBODY spending a minute looking into his past. Since he has been president, he has spent more money than there IS while telling us “we don’t have a spending problem.” He has caused the printing presses owned by the Federal Reserve to run day and night printing phony “money” whose very existence steals money out of the pockets of every man, woman, and child. Everything he does moves us ever closer to socialism, which is but one step toward communism and all the atrocities of communism. Once he achieves socialism it is but one small step toward communism and making of this country “Soviet America,” which will END all the aspirations of all Americans. For you youngsters who don’t even know what communism and collectivism ARE, you need to FIND OUT—and right away, or this lack of knowledge will be the DEATH of many of you while being the ENSLAVEMENT of ALL of you). (The Common Sense Show)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Phony Acusation

Democrat prosecutor Ronnie Earle successfully “brought down” one of the strongest Republicans in Congress with a false accusation of corruption. The decision of the Appellate Court acquitting Tom Delay relieves him of the threat of prison, but does nothing to give him back his career. In that, Earl was successful in destroying the career of a potent force against Democrat socialist policies. Delay can now ask, “Where do I go to get my career back?” The answer is “nowhere.” Unlike with Democrats, your career is over by this action. With Democrats, such as the Washington, DC mayor who is now a convicted criminal who spent time in prison before being elected AGAIN as Washington mayor, being charged with a crime seems to be a resume enhancement. (American Thinker)

Gun-Free Zones Kill

I’ve said this (and so have many others) and nobody listens. Every mass shooting that killed many people happened in a “gun-free zone.” The only one I know of that happened in a gun store (a stupid move) resulted in the shooter being made to resemble “Swiss cheese,” which is the reason shooters usually don’t go to such venues to kill people. They want to be pretty sure nobody will be there with their own guns and the will to use it in self-defense. So it’s a GIVEN that they’ll HUNT  a “gun-free zone” in which to kill people. The Aurora theater killer certainly did. That theater was the only one in the area with a rule against guns. He drove PAST several theaters to get there (and I live less than a mile away so I know that’s true). Why do the fools we (not me) elect refuse to listen to good advice? Because they ARE incompetent and merely want people to THINK they are trying to curb gun violence when what they’re doing is trying to assure themselves and their fellow politicians they won’t meet a gun when they come to take what’s ours. (Eagle Rising)

These Are Muslim Extremists

Just after Obama’s trip to Africa, a Muslim group attacked a busload of CHILDREN, killing 29, plus one teacher, and BURNING some of them. These are the kind of people Obama SUPPORTS. They’re adamantly AGAINST schooling for children, especially for women. They think if the children remain ignorant, they will accept Islam. Only ignorant people accept Islam as a religion, and that has been proven, time and time again. These are the people who so “jealously guard: their “right” to respect. I don’t think people like this have a “right” to ANYTHING except a bullet to the brain. When are people going to wake up to this MONSTER they put in office? AFTER he has taken us from freedom to slavery? This is exactly how HITLER took over in Germany after being "democratically elected." I don't know why "intelligent" people can't see that and DO something about it. (Freedom Outlook)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"It's the Law of the Land!"

That’s the “battle cry” of Democrats who want us to “shut up” in our opposition to this unconstitutional usurpation of our rights that represents a “takeover” of 1/7 of the economy by the feds. Just as a shortage of sand would result from the feds being in charge of the desert, this will result in a shortage of medical care AND of doctors.. They SAY the medical system was “broken.” It was NOT. Yes, it had a few problems; most of which were caused by governmental interference. But MORE governmental interference is not going to solve any problems we might have. As to is being “the law of the land,” SLAVERY was once “the law of the land” and ABORTION (The MURDER of millions of helpless infants IN the womb) is NOW the “law of the land,” no matter how WRONG it is. You can’t make wrong right by making it LEGAL. This law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL on its face, no matter what Obama’s friends on the Supreme Court said. And continuing to point out that it is “the law of the land” doesn’t make it right. (Bearing Drift)

Selling Us Down the River

We’ll vote (not me) for ANYTHING that “sounds good.” That’s why they give their onerous bills that, if passed, remove from us basic rights that the Constitution said they may not have, "good-sounding" names. Such as the “Parental Rights Act,” which is about ANYTHING BUT parental rights. It’s written in the usual complicated “legalese” that is difficult to understand (they plan it that way so you’ll get bored and stop reading), but clearly enumerates our RESPONSIBILITIES to our children, not our RIGHTS. (This use of the word “enumerated” having nothing to do with the “enumeration of powers” written into the Constitution). DO NOT allow this to be implemented unless you want to LOSE your parental rights over your children. READ the Act, no matter how boring, and EXAMINE what they’re saying DEEPLY. This is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law on its face if you take the time to do that. DO IT! They’re passing it quietly, without much notice from the liberal media. PAY ATTENTION to it and STOP IT! Somehow, somewhere, they ALWAYS have something like this “in the works” and you need to be ALERT to this kind of subterfuge and con games. (Freedom Outpost) Notice the source for this is the “alternative media.” You won’t find it in the liberal media

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Obama had high hopes that we had forgotten about ONE of his scandals, the “Fast & Furious” scandal where he supplied guns to the Mexican drug cartels for the purpose, supposedly, to track their usage and find out where they were. One little problem: there was nothing on or in the guns to do that “tracking,” so basically Obama was “gun-running” to drug dealers. He ignored it and ignored it so long that it wasn’t mentioned much in his “compliant media” these days so he could “breathe a sign of relief. Then one of those guns was used to kill a Mexican police chief in the State of Jalisco and it all came to the surface again. I guess that will happen again each time the Mexicans use one of his illicit guns to kill somebody; sometimes in Mexico, and sometimes even back here in the United states, If I didn’t know the reason (Obama controls the means of investigation and prosecution), I’d wonder why nothing had ever been done about this. There has been no REAL investigation in ANY of his scandals and I guess he hopes he can stall until he MUST leave office in 2016 (unless he figures out a way to get around the Constitution—you know, that document he ignores every day) so he can stay in power longer. At least 211 people including one Border Patrol agent, have been murdered with guns from this collection. (The Blaze)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Chicago Nassacre

No, it’s not one crazy going in and shooting up a “no-gun zone.” It’s several “crazies” shooting up a PARK in a BIG “no-gun zone.” Chicago has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, yet gun deaths (using ILLEGAL guns) remain high. THIRTEEN people (including one THREE-YEAR-OLD) were shot down by ILLEGAL guns just last night (as this is written) in Chicago! NOBODY but cops and government agents can carry guns in Chicago legally, but it seems like EVERYBODY has a gun. Everybody, at least, who doesn’t bother to obey the law, that is. In Chicago you can buy an illegal gun on almost any street corner. This is true of ANY place where anti-gun laws are tight. MAKING tight anti-gun laws is an INVITATION to illegal gun sellers. Chicago was recently named the WORST city in the nation for gun violence while having the tightest anti-gun laws. If this doesn’t prove my thesis that anti-gun laws, as currently made, don’t work, NOTHING ever will. (Chicago Tribune)

Cursed With FOOLS In Charge

There’s one major flaw in our method for electing our “leaders.” There’s no way to keep the fools out; and there are many. Obama is one. He thinks you can steal from those who have nothing, and many other stupid notions. Then there’s Nancy Peelosi, she of the “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it” stupidity who thinks Republicans hate Obama because he's brilliant (how "tone deaf" she must be!). But fools in the electorate keep electing such people and they keep making fool decisions; and as long as they’re “in charge,” we’re in danger from their stupid decisions. Obama thinks socialism is the way to go and is working as hard as he can to implement it while helping our enemies (Islamic extremists) by making decisions that favor them and allowing their representatives to hold powerful positions in his very government. This can be disastrous, but he isn’t smart enough to care. We are CURSED to have fools in charge. (Just common sense)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Obama Lies Again

Although admittedly this particular lie might just be caused by his LACK of knowledge of our history. He said, “The Congress has NEVER attached non-budget items to debt-ceiling negotiations” and that’s a lie. “In 1973, when [Republican-RT] Richard Nixon was president, Democrats in the Senate, including Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Sen. Walter Mondale (D-Minn.), sought to attach a campaign finance reform bill to the debt ceiling after the Watergate-era revelations about Nixon’s fundraising during the 1972 election. (Wash. Post) Note that it was DEMOCRATS who did it and now a DEMOCRAT president is decrying the action, saying it is “extortion.” If so, they got the idea from Democrats. It is NOT “unprecedented,” and we now know it. (The Blaze)

"Contradiction In Terms"

An “Islamic scholar” says Israelis invented the cell phone. What? An Islamic ANYTHING saying something good about an Israeli? Or do they consider that a condemnation of Jews? They’re considering a boycott of ALL cell phones because of his “discovery.” Of course, the terms, “Islamic” and “scholar” are a contradiction in terms. There is no such thing as an “Islamic Scholar.” Just BEING a Muslim reflects a certain lack of intelligence; and the more he knows about Islam the less he should respect it because it’s a dumb “religion.” It makes NO sense at all, in all its forms. Only someone with a fifth century “intelligence” would believe such crap. They won’t like me saying this, but I speak the TRUTH. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sorry about that. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What Part of "No Law"

What part of “NO LAW” regarding freedom of the press” don’t they understand? That’s what the Constitution says; but in this world where the PRESIDENT “gets around the Constitution” every day, they think they can violate it at will. “Citizen journalists are under attack by Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, and other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The dynamic duo of progressivism has attached an amendment to Senate Bill 987, which would give the Department of Justice power to determine who qualifies for protection as a journalist under the First Amendment. Currently, bloggers cannot be compelled to reveal their sources or turn over materials that they have used in their investigations. The proposed Schumer-Graham Amendment would empower the federal government to unilaterally decide who is and who is not a journalist. If granted this power, federal officials could suspend First Amendment protection by changing the definition of “journalists” to fit their agenda.” A law “redefining” just what IS a “journalist” IS a “law REGARDING freedom of the press” and is an obvious VIOLATION of the Constitution. People who PROPOSE laws that obviously violate the Constitution ought to be JAILED. (The Right Planet)

HIding Con Till After Election

I guess Obama just didn’t want to defend his health care swindle in the 2012 election to keep Democrats from being unseated, so he postponed the implementation of it to companies with more than 50 full time employees until 2015;. safely AFTER the election. He says this is NOT a “political move.” Does anybody BELIEVE this lie? Personally, I don’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth because he’d rather lie than tell the truth, even if the truth would serve better; just like Bill Clinton. It IS a “political move,” however much he might lie about it. Which brings up another question: if Obamacare is such a good thing, why does he have to give so many exclusions to it? Damn, he must think we’re fools; or HE is a fool. I believe the latter rather than the former. (Heritage Foundation)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not Islamic Terrorists?

I doubt seriously if the shooting at the Navy Yard is an Islamic terrorist operation because it is a “hard target.” Islamic terrorists, being the cowards they are, mostly only attack “soft targets” where they can do their killing of innocent people without worrying about armed security meeting them. Word is now that there are only two shooters and one is dead (Update: only one shooter and HE is dead). They don’t say how he died, only that he is dead (Update: a DC cop killed him). Earlier they said there were three shooters but they have negated that in subsequent reports. If it IS an Islamic terrorist, it is most likely some individual like those in the Boston bombing; one who CONSIDERS himself to be al-Qaida or some other Islamic terrorist group, but which those groups have never heard of. The DHS (Homeland Security) released a report WITHIN MINUTES saying it was NOT a terrorist act. How did they know within minutes? they didn't. They’re just :”whistling Dixie” to please Obama who doesn’t want it said there was a terrorist act during his presidency so he’ll just call it something else. (The Inquisitr)

Guns Frighten Them

People with guns don’t frighten liberals, the guns themselves (even if they’re unloaded) frighten them. Even if they’re just lying on the table, guns stir an unreasoning FEAR in the minds of the “anti-gun fanatics” who are trying to make guns not exist any more (except for those in the hands of cops and government agents). A Tea Party group in a small Colorado town is planning a demonstration in which they plan to carry UNLOADED guns around and the anti-gun fools are “freaking out.” One pro-gun local said this: “Even if they were loaded, I'd still feel safe around people who are familiar with firearms. But the reaction to the group's plans is incomprehensible. Do residents know that a gun needs, like, you know, bullets to be even remotely threatening? And a person to pull the trigger? Are they really frightened of a piece of metal with a wood stock?” Yes, they are. The gun itself frightens them and they want to do away with it. (American Thinker)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Here We Go Again!

The “anti-gun fools” are getting yet another excuse to make even more futile laws that do nothing but DISARM honest people and make it easier for illegally armed criminals (who have no trouble getting illegal guns) to victimize them. Two (they think) shooters are “running amok” in the Navy Yard, one of the most tightly secured places (outside of the White House and the Pentagon) on Earth. We don’t know yet the age or sex of the shooters (one is male in his thirties), or whether or not they got their guns legally but either way, it’s more evidence liberal anti-gun laws don’t work. I notice in this picture the cops are doing what they do best—standing around wondering what to do. Remember, these are the people who are supposed to be PROTECTING us. Nothing has been said on the possibility of this being an Islamic terrorist shooting, but I suspect it is, but not directly from al-Qaida r other international terrorist organizations. I’ll be watching. (Washington Post)

Colorado Floods

Some of you who know I live in Colorado wonder if I’m “high and dry” or if I’m “drowned out.” The word is “high and dry.” Apparently I’m too far away from the flooding streams. We haven’t even had a power outage where I live. So it’s “business as usual.” I have my own personal disaster to contend with, however. Due to an unexpected repair bill for my car, as of today I’m flat broke until the first of the month. From what I can see there will BE no money for me until then. I hope I make it. This is NOT a plea for money. I’ll make it some way. This is only temporary. I couldn’t find any Denver Post coverage; I wonder why? I DID find a Denver Post story but I had to really look for it. On further search, I DID find a Post story. (New York Times)

"Backdoor" Gun Control

Doctors are now REQUIRED to “report” any patient that they think MIGHT be a danger to themselves or anybody else, or that they just can’t manage their own financial issues. Whether or not they “think” those patients need to be reported isn’t up to the doctor, it’s up to the DEFINITION of an unnamed, faceless bureaucrat who is “outside looking in.” If there’s ANY CHANCE there’s any danger the doctor MUST report him/her, even if that doctor feels that might be wrong. It’s the same way the “child protectors” get so many “reports” of child abuse by doctors, who are afraid of being punished themselves if they don’t “report,” even if they don’t believe it, themselves. (GOA)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not Acceptable

Byron High School in Slayton, Mass. Saw these shirts being worn on 9/11, and told the wearers they were “unacceptable.” What? Where the hell do “school officials” get off telling their students patriotic shirts were “unacceptable? “Kelton Stewart wore a red and blue T-shirt with the words ‘America — land of the free’ stamped on it. Clay Earnest wore a white shirt that said ‘U.S. pride’ on the back (if you could decipher it). Both said they were sent to the office. ‘The vice principal told me that it was unsatisfactory and that the shirt was not acceptable,’ Stewart told WREG. ‘If you’re going to wear something to do with your country and the colors are red, white and blue, then why are you being told you can’t wear the red, white and blue when you come to school?’ “ THIS is “not acceptable.” Tell them to take their “dress code” and stick it where it hurts—sideways. (The Blaze)

They Don't Enforce Current Gun Laws

That’s one of the major problems with “gun control laws.” They don’t enforce the ones already on the books, while RUNNING to pass new ones after EVERY shooting. They KNOW they don’t work, but they want it to LOOK like they’re “doing something.” They don’t care that their laws don’t work because they go in the wrong direction. They punish HONEST PEOPLE by making it harder, or impossible for them to get guns with which to defend themselves Meanwhile criminals go into back alleys and buy illegal guns out of the trunk of another criminal’s car. Even the background check laws aren’t prosecuted in most cases; it’s against the law for someone not qualified to buy a gun to even TRY. But that law is not usually enforced. There were 76,142 denials in 2010, but only 62 prosecutions and only 13 convictions or pleas. Those are miserable figures. (My Fox Tampa Bay) Why is this stuff only reported by Fox?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Terrorists Attack Embassy

No, not in Benghazi. That’s apparently history, according to Obama. He isn’t, and is not going to, answer ANY questions about how his incompetence (or indifference) allowed our ambassador to be MURDERED there and he is not really DOING anything about it. The Libyan government is blocking all efforts, and we SHOULD “take them down” and grab the perps, who ARE known (even the media can find them, but he can’t). But since we do not, the terrorists have rightly figured we ARE a “paper tiger” and they can attack our embassies at will and kill as many of our people as they wish without fear that we will retaliate. So now they have attacked the embassy in Herat, Afghanistan, as expected, after Obama told his forces to RUN from Afghanistan. He SAYS he “ended TWO wars,” and he did; by “cutting and running.” We’re never going to win a war against Islamic terrorists as long as he is in charge because they are his FRIENDS and he WANTS them to win. You may not believe this, but just watch what he DOES. (Sacramento Bee)

Robber Not Too Happy

He was industriously crawling through the “doggy door” in a man’s house when he looked up and saw that homeowner standing there pointing a gun at him. I’d say that kinda ruined his day. But I guess the robber can thank his lucky stars that the homeowner was such a lousy shot, since he shot at him several times and missed with every shot. Maybe that homeowner ought to take a course on how to hit your target. But this robber won’t have to worry about it for a long time, until he gets out of prison, along with his accomplice, who never even got into the house. Which just goes to prove that sometimes even a lousy shot can repulse a criminal by making him “run for his life.” They couldn't find his accomplice, even by following the brown trail he left. (The Blaze)

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Fool speaks

Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Democrat Chair (and queen of voter suppression) says Colorado’s recall of two (Democrat) anti-gun senators is “voter suppression, pure and simple.” Of course, she has not showed any PROOF of that, but that’s the ”modus operandi” of liberals (Democrats): make a statement, show no proof, and expect everybody to believe the lie. We expect that kind of thing of Debbie. Debbie "does" everybody. Democrats are not surprisingly incensed at what happened in Colorado because it hurts their agenda, which is to disarm ALL Americans and CRIMINALIZE gun ownership for ANYBODY but cops and federal agents so they won’t meet privately owned guns when they come to take what’s ours. (The Blaze)

Giffords And Husband For Gun Control

That bullet must have addled both their brains. What they’re pushing for won’t stop a SINGLE shooting like the one in which she was injured. People like Laughner (the killer) get their guns in any case. If they can’t buy them legally as Laughner did, they find some guy who is selling illegal guns out of the trunk of his car a inflated prices. There is NO WAY you can stop criminals and crazies from getting guns, but you CAN increase the punishment  meted out to them when they do use them to commit crimes, while allowing honest, responsible people to carry guns for their own protection. If ONE PERSON had been there with a gun he could have shot Laughner before he could shoot more than one person and that federal judge, or that innocent nine-year-old girl (not to mention Gifford's staffer) might not have died. There WAS one guy there legally carrying, but he arrived after it was all over, unfortunately. There ARE laws on the books to increase the penalties for using guns in violent acts, but they are usually not enforced, and are used as a “bargaining chip” to get convictions in other crimes. This has got to stop. (CNN Blogs/Jake Tapper)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Do We DO These Things??

A school in Sheridan, Arkansas scheduled a speech by a militant Muslim on terrorism and the Muslim faith who was known to have said, “9/11 was our own fault” or words to that effect. To ask such a person to speak to students on ANY day is wrong, but to ask a Muslim to speak on 9/11 is wholly inappropriate and, after further thought, they cancelled the speech. It was like asking a Nazi to speak on Nazism and killing Jews on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. How stupid these people must be to even CONSIDER asking a militant Muslim (who has been proven so by his own words) to speak to students reveals a stupidity that is breathtaking in so-called “school officials.” But then, the same “school officials” came up in earlier versions of current schools where they weren’t taught real information, but socialist brainwashing. (The Blaze)

Sequestration Is A JOKE!

Obama is using it as a “club over our heads,” canceling things that we enjoy and blaming it on “sequestration.” Everybody (except those stupid people who pay no attention to politics) know sequestration represents just about point .01% percent of our federal budget, meaning those REDUCTIONS in INCREASES (not cuts) are MINISCULE and mean NOTHING to the national budget. So he goes about spending MILLIONS of dollars on his (and her) “vacations” and sending money to Islamic terrorist-run Egypt while canceling fireworks shows on military bases and Easter egg rolls at the White House that aren’t even paid for by the government to fool us into thinking the sequester is at fault. This is PATHETIC. Obama is pathetic, and we should do away with him and his fool policies. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Don't Mess With Our Gun Rights!"

That’s the message sent to anti-gun fanatics who think they can “willy-nilly” remove our gun rights with impunity. They can’t. The two Colorado lawmakers who were in the forefront of making the most recent tight gun laws have been FIRED by the voters. They thought they could further limit our constitutional right to “keep and bear arms.” The means to self-defense. They couldn’t, and voters told them that in Colorado’s FIRST successful recalls in history. They still bluster that they did nothing wrong,  and blame their recalls on other things, like low voter turnout. But the voters told him otherwise. Hopefully this will “Send a message” to other anti-gun fanatics” who think they can “do their thing” without a response from the people. (

Laws Are An Inconvenience

Obama enforces or does not enforce laws at his convenience. He has instructed the Border Patrol to release illegal aliens because he doesn’t want to prosecute them or send them home, regardless of what the law says. At one point, he put out an “executive order” creating “amnesty” for certain illegal aliens with the scratch of a pen. His Attorney General refused to prosecute some black men who stood in front of a polling place during the election that put him in office carrying “nightsticks” and “advising” voters to vote for Obama or go home because “they’re my people.” I didn’t know that was a legal defense for the chief law officer in the nation to refuse to enforce a law enacted legally by Congress and signed by a president. The law is the law. It’s ILLEGAL for the president, or any OTHER federal enforcement agent to refuse to enforce it. But Obama gets away with it because he controls the means of prosecution. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NY to Tie Cop's Hands

In New York City (under Mayor Blunderberg), the cops will no longer be able to use a suspect’s race, age, and even gender as an identifier if a bill now in Council passes. Without those identifiers, what’s left? Boy, liberals like Bloomberg sure know how to tie the cops’ hands. Tell me, without those identifiers, how are they going to describe the suspects at all? Talk about incompetent politicians who have NEVER been “in the trenches” making impossible rules for those who are! NYPD Captain’s Endowment Association subsequently ran an ad showing a cop in uniform with a blindfold over his eyes, which pretty much describes how he will have to work if this bill passes. If the mayor finds out who this cop is, no doubt he will either lose his job or be demoted to the lowest rung on the NYPD roster. To my way of thinking, if this bill passes, every cop in NY should resign, en masse. Such rules will get them killed and make their jobs impossible. What kind of damn FOOL is this mayor? I'm glad this fool is in New York, and not where I live!(The Blaze)

Cop Upholds Constitution! (Surprise!)

Surprise, surprise! The Deputy called to “enforce” the wishes of an airport “official” who first tried to stop a group of activists from filming TSA people “at work,” then made a lying claim that they need a “permit” and a million dollar insurance policy before filming ANYTHING at the airport. He scotched both efforts and told the “airport official” they didn’t need to provide their IDs if they were doing nothing wrong. This is evidence of the kind of harassment people criticizing and documenting government agencies overreaction can expect, and usually the local cops go right along with it, unconstitutional or not. But this officer not only knew the Constitution, but he UPHELD it, scotching this “airport official’s” illegal efforts. This should NOT be “news,” but in today’s world, where local cops enforce illegal demands from federal “officials” without question, it IS, when a cop actually UPHOLDS the law; and this is pathetic. (Brass Check TV)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why'd He Let Them Die?

To “defend his credibility” in saying there has been NO terrorist attack during his presidency. So when the terrorists attacked our embassy in Benghhazi, he refused to act, claiming it was an attack by angry local citizens because of a video they couldn’t even KNOW about at the time and had never seen. He even put the producer of that video in PRISON to bolster his lie. He’d rather let people die than be proven a liar. He’s trying to attack Syria for the same reason. He “drew a red line” and Assad (or somebody) crossed it and now he denies drawing that red line while he’s working hard and spending political capital to get the attack done. I think keeping his “gun-running” in the area is just ONE thing he’s doing. Letting our people die in Benghazi solved a number of problems for him. And people wonder why so many people view him as something that came out of the backside of America and was dropped on the world. (American Thinker)

Democrat "Advice" to GOP

Democrats are constantly giving “advice” to Republicans on what they MUST do to win elections—and some Republicans even buy it. Like when they told them not to criticize Obama because the “independents” wouldn’t like it (ehat a LOAD of bullderm!). And many Republicans “bought it” and stopped criticizing Obama and they lost the election. I laugh so hard my sides hurt when I hear the Democrats giving them “advice” on how they should act so as to win elections. What the hell do DEMOCRATS care if REPUBLICANS win elections? The “advice” they give LOSES elections for Republicans when Republicans “buy it” and do what they “advise.” Many Republicans are dumb like that. They really think the Democrats are interested in "helping them" win elections! Currently they're giving Republicans "advice" about the immigration bill.  What do you want to bet their advice is to "shut up" about immigration to keep from "angering" illegals? What FOOLS some people are!   to actually TAKE the advice of Democrats! (Neo-Neocon)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Attacking Syria A "War Crime"

 That is, if Obama does it without congressional approval. That’s according to former judge Napolitano on Fox News. Of course, the liberals won’t listen to that since it’s Obama who is doing it. Bush did the same elsewhere under the “War Powers Act,” which is, in itself, unconstitutional, according to Napolitano. He says any president can go overboard (“power mad”) when he has military equipment at his disposal. And he’s right as long as nobody has the gonads to call him on it. So far, nobody has “grown a pair” to oppose Obama on anything he does, constitutional or not. Sorry to be so graphic, but I’m really getting tired of Obama doing whatever he wants, constitutional or not, every day. I could get even more graphic, and if he keeps it up, I may. (News Max)

GITMO Detainees Refuse American Made Treadmills

Who cares? Send them back to the maker and forget the whole idea. We give them things WE can’t even afford, in a (typical liberal) misguided effort to make these murderers more comfortable—and they refuse to use them because they aren’t “Muslim made.” Ask me if I care that they won't use them. Send them (the treadmills) back where they came from and they get no more. Muslim, OR American made. They think we care if they have treadmills or not? Other detainees are on a hunger strike for something or other. Who cares? Let them starve themselves to death. We don’t care. I know I don’t. They can starve themselves to death for all of me and we’ll throw their bodies in the Dumpster with the rest of the trash. (Just common sense)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Iran FOOLS Threaten U. S.

Iran is targeting U. S. embassies if Obama attacks Syria in one of the most foolish moves ever. Iran hasn’t a prayer to beat us if we retaliate for them attacking our embassies and we will, if they PROVABLY do so. Not even “spaghetti-spined” Obama can avoid it if they do. Obama’s cowardice has put us in a bad position worldwide when piddling little countries like Iran think they can attack us with no reaction. Iran has a big problem; they’re all mouth with no ability to back it with action and this is what will spell “end” for them if they attack us. Oh, well; we needed another parking lot in that area. (News Max)

Obama's An Absolute Fool!

He says, “The planet will boil over if everyone has a car, air conditioning, and a big house." On what fool notion does he base this statement? There's no way he can back that "flight of fancy" with facts! Only ignorant socialists think such things (socialists are ignorant by definition), and there is NO scientific (real science) evidence to back up this pipe dream. He willfully told this LIE to Africans, who don’t know any better, having been taught the same pipe dream by their own socialist politicians. Only a majority of “moochers” would elect this fool TWICE. And that’s what we have as so-called “voters” in this country (More than 50% of the population is on some sort of government "dole" and many have been on it for generations.). He says it’s true “unless we find new ways of producing energy.” Meanwhile, he does his best to DESTROY any progress we make in producing as much energy as we have, by his “war on the coal /energy industry.” (The Blaze)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fools Ban Cross

The “powers that be” in Brandon, Miss., afraid of “offending Muslims.” They SAY it “violates city code,” but we know that’s CYA. They’re too damned afraid of Muslims to take a chance on “offending” them. It is this kind of “no spine” politician that will be the reason if Muslims eventually prevail with their ignorant political system PRETENDING to be a religion. Obama “rules” in favor of Muslims every chance he gets, and it’s spreading. Do Christians get “offended” when they see a Muslim symbol in a Muslim-run country? NO. Because they know it wouldn’t do them any good. And it might even get them KILLED. That’s how Muslims work. I’m getting really sick of spaghetti-spined politicians “bending over forward” for Muslims and taking it where it hurts. They’re damned fools. Why do we (not me) keep electing such spineless fools? (American Overlook)

Again, Don't Mess With Texas!

In Houston, three men burst into the apartment of Javier Ortiz and demanded money, pointing a gun at him. So he killed two of them with his own gun and the other is probably still running toward the tall and uncut timber. The cops haven’t figured out yet whether or not he shot in self defense, but that will be figured out later. I guess it just takes them a little longer than other people to figure things out. But when they finally arrived, they started looking for the third man, but he was too far away and they haven’t found him yet (if ever). You can expect to see many more of this kind of story in the near future, where responsible people are allowed to keep the means for self defense, a gun. this is NOT a "knock" on cops, but a real illustration on why you cannot expect them to protect you; only to document your murder or other crime AFTER it happens. (The Blaze)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

CPS Takes Kids for LEGAL Pot

Michael Lewis is a vet who was injured seriously while in the service in the Gulf War. He legally uses pot for medicinal purposes. The cops came to his house on a spurious charge of “illegal daycare service.” When they couldn’t prove it, they charged him with “general neglect” and took his two children, keeping them for a year. An appeals court found them not guilty of ANY offense and ordered their kids’ return (no doubt after an expensive legal battle CPS could afford, but he couldn’t). He’s now suing them. Apparently these cops think ANY use of pot is unlawful, even though his was legal. This is typical CPS operation. They take your children as a FIRST OPTION any time they can find an excuse. They LIE to keep them and get federal money for every day they’re in their custody. And you have to spend YOUR MONEY to fight them while they use TAXPAYER MONEY to fight you. (The Blaze)

"Mayors Against Guns" Screwed Up, Big

New York Mayor Bumberg’s “Mayors Against Gun Violence” have completely discredited themselves by including the name of one of the Boston bombers among the names of “victims of gun violence” when his death was from POLICE actions in their attempts to arrest him for multiple murder and mayhem. They had already been criticized for running ads that were way too offensive rather than TRYING to “reason” with pro-gun people. Of course it’s not unusual for fools like Bumberg to screw up like that, since they are blinded by their zeal to get rid of ALL guns not in the hands of the cops or federal officers, no matter what they had to do. (Nashua Telegraph)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gun Promotors Take Over Anti-Gun Rally

Blanche Luczyk and a few (6) other members of Mayor Bloomberg’s phony “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” organization (that is filled with crooks and felons POSING as mayors) came to Ohio (what are they doing there?) to promote a national gun owner’s registry. But they were soon outnumbered by pro-gun people, who took over the rally. There were about 50 pro-gun people there. Which goes to show that news media reports to the contrary, the MAJORITY of American people do NOT approve of the national gun registry. The anti-gun fools are lying about it, as usual. Samuel Adams said all it took was “an irate, tireless minority” to stop the progress of tyranny. But this is no minority. Lying politicians like Bloomberg will soon get their comeuppance. (Political Outcast)

Baltimore gun Laws Fail

Baltimore has made some pretty tight anti-gun laws, so the number of deaths by gun should be going down, right? WRONG! These new laws have not made one whit of difference in the gun death figures in Baltimore. One of those laws requires that anybody buying a gun be treated like a felon, and be fingerprinted. But that doesn’t apply to those guns bought out of the trunks of cars, “on the street,” does it? That’s where most criminals get their guns. Of course, our incompetent politicians never think about that, so you can depend upon the fact that, no matter how many peripheral laws they make, they “ain’t agonns work.” But they can tell their constituents they “DID something” about gun violence by passing these laws, even KNOWING they aren’t going to have ANY effect on gun violence. (Washington Examiner)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Is How They Lie to Us

They use a photo of Iraqi bodies killed by Saddam's people and tell us it is pictures of bodies in Syria. This is supposed to make us mad enough to support Obama’s personal war to help the Syrian rebels, who are now Islamic terrorists, take over yet another government in the Middle East. What we need to do is stop believing ANYTHING the media tells us. Obama wants to help his Islamic terrorist friends and so he supports his “captive media” in lying to us. Which is not hard, considering he lies to us every time he opens his mouth. Obama is not only a fool, he is a “Fifth Columnist” for the enemy. He needs to be in prison for war crimes. The photo shown was actually taken by Marco Di Lauro in Iraq in 2004. Imagine his surprise when he saw it attributed to killings in Syria. (London Telegraph)

An "End-Run" Around the Constitution

Colorado has passed several laws that are “anti-gun.” They can’t ban guns outright, so now they’re trying to make the guns in your possession useless because they will soon be without ammunition. That’s what ALL their ignorant laws do: make it hard or impossible for you to use your gun in self-defense, while no such limitations ever seem to be on the criminals, because they don’t obey laws. This approach is IGNORANT, but if you point that out to the anti-gun freaks they just call you names and walk away. They never try to REFUTE what you’re saying with facts, because there aren’t any they can use. As to bullets, all this action will do is create a black market in bullets. (Fox News)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Burger Strike flops

Newspeople went to the advertised places for the “burger-flipper strike” and guess what? No burger-flippers; only union organizers. The whole thing was a setup designed to let the unions get in on the action at McDonald’s and other fast-food outlets. They pretended to be fast-food workers but weren’t. The whole thing was not the idea of the “burger-flippers”: it was the idea of the union organizers and only very few of the IGNORANT workers went along with it. Nobody seemed to understand that the franchisees paid their workers what they could AFFORD. They could not AFFORD the $15.00 an hour they were demanding unless they charged $15.00 for a hamburger, which they could not do. I, for one, would not buy it (and no liberal-spnsored strike could make me). So the strike would, if successful, only cost them their jobs. The UNIONS would have put the fast food industry OUT OF BUSINESS as the union did to Hostess Foods (Twinkies). The liberal news media is making a “big thing” out of it, but they had to work hard to do it. They predicted a big “shake-up,” but it didn’t happen. The “strike” lasted about an hour before it broke up and business resumed as usual. Liberals still think people are in business to create jobs for their workers; not so. The reason is PROFIT (a “dirty word” to liberals) for the owners and if they can’t make a profit there’s no reason to even bother. (Fox 31 Denver)

Manipulating the Election

Democrats (when they owned the Congress) reduced the student loan interest rate by HALF in 2007, just in time for the 2008 elections. When they did it, they set it up to go back to the original rate in 2012, just before the 2013 elections while certain Democrats told the press they wanted to stop that from happening. What they didn’t say was that they had the power to stop it but weren’t going to do so, while braying that it was the Republicans who were doing it. Obama went out and griped about it, as if it were the Republicans who were doing it when it was Obama and the DEMOCRATS who were doing it, specifically to manipulate the election in Obama’s favor. He won both elections, and KEPT the higher rate so he could use the money to promote his health care swindle law while “railing against it” making people think he didn’t want it and was trying to stop it while the Republicans were keeping it high. A bald-faced LIE.. Damn, this is one devious SOB! (Rush Limbaugh)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Black Teen Gang Rapes Women

The cops didn’t say if these rapists were white or black in their first dispatches. It was only brought out later in press reports and they were FORCED to admit it. Maybe they’d get some help in finding them if they’d release such information. What’s WRONG with this police force? Are they so afraid of being called racist they’re AFRAID to let it out that this gang was a bunch of young black thugs? There’s been a visible INCREASE in black on white violence since Obama began his campaign to start a race war. Young black gangs have cooperated well in helping him to attain that goal. The media in Wilmington, DE, where this occurred, never mentioned the race of the girls involved—almost as bad as not mentioning the race or age (12 to 17) of the boys involved. This is a glaring case of media malfeasance and should be prosecuted (but won't, since there's no law against stupidity). In New York City, cops are not even ALLOWED to mention the race OR sex of the perps involved in crimes. How do you find people if you can’t describe them? This is damn fool action and should be stopped. This is what you get when incompetent liberals (and they’re all incompetent) run things. I guess they'll call ME racist because I report things like this. But I don't give a DAMN what they call me. It just doesn't matter to me what they think. I will report the NEWS, whoEVER it involves. And I don't care if the people involved are black, white, or PURPLE. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS and criminals are criminals, whatever color or nationality might be. (World Net Daily)

Yes for Africa, No for Us

Obama is doing everything he can to help AFRICANS get access to more electric power. Meanwhile, Obama is doing everything he can to KILL access to electrical power in the United States. WTF? Damn! Can’t people see this fool is doing everything he can to KILL this country? He’s in the process of BANKRUPTING the coal industry which, if he succeeds, will also kill the electricity industry and we will descend into the “dark ages” again. Doesn’t ANYBODY take this fool seriously? Damn, I hate to watch while my country causes its own demise by ignoring the fool policies of a madman! I notice Obama’s “personal hero” is a communist. That, alone, should tell you all you need to know about him. Yes, I know I've run this item before. But it needs saying over and over again until SOMEBODY notices it and has the gonads to do something about it. (