Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking Stupid Pills

The Republican Black Caucus just voted to keep financing the mass murder of innocent babies in the womb. They don't care that it's “infanticide.” Just as Germans didn't really care that Nazis were murdering Jews by the millions. Hillary has expressed APPROVAL of Planned Parenthood, after ADMITTING she had seen NONE of the videos abut it's crimes Then there's “global warming” (under whatever new name AlGore is calling it these days to more easily fool the fools). Anybody who thinks “man-made global warming” is something to worry about is a FOOL who ignores SOLID scientific evidence it's a swindle. Not the “consensus” of scientists Gore cites. Science isn't subject to a “consensus.” Science recognizes what IS, from convincing evidence. That's it. They don't get a vote.

People who believe these things shouldn't be in ANY position of power, any time. That includes Obama, and every member of Congress who agrees, as well as the Pope, who also (along with Obama and most Democrats, and some Republicans) thinks socialism is better than the free market. They're too stupid to get out of their own way. If we don't get rid of these FOOLS, they're going to bankrupt this country for their own purposes. Watch closely. Since I specifically mentioned the “Black Caucus” here, not to mention the truthfulness of the statement, I will be accused of racism and my main point will be ignored. Then there are the fools who refuse to credit the importance of doing what's necessary (whatever that is) to destroy the Islamic terrorists before they come here and create “blood in the streets (some ours, most theirs—we're not as easy as the rest of the world). (Reason Magazine)

Terrorists Among "Refugees"

Just one? Finding terrorists among those “refugees” would be like “shooting fish in a barrel” if they were actually LOOKING. But as long as Obama is running things, we won't be looking. I'm firmly convinced Obama is a “ringer” who CONNED his way into the presidency for the purpose of looting this country of everything he can while HELPING Islamic terrorists to win their war against America. And he has succeeded. He has spent more money than there IS. More than ALL previous presidents, put together. And he wants to spend more. How much of that ended up in his pocket, I don't know. His policies have weakened this country in many ways. Just his cutting of the military has put us in a bind. I doubt we could sustain two wars at once, any more, after he has gutted the military the way he has. The only reason this terrorist was found is because HUNGARY was looking. Obama is not only NOT keeping Islamic terrorists out of this country, he is paying their way here, calling them “refugees.” (Conservative Byte)

Hillary's "Accomplishments"

Wolf, Blitzer asked Hillary to name her top accomplishment as Secretary of State and she couldn't. She referred us to her book, trying to get SOME of us to actually BUY it. She did mention a few things that are IN the book, including her CLAIM to have negotiated a truce between Israel and HAMAS, something that doesn't exist, if all the rocket bombs raining down on Israel daily are any indication. All the others she mentioned are SOCIALIST “pipe dreams” she faults the GOP for not mentioning. Of course, the GOP doesn't mention them because they ARE socialist ideas, and they're NOT socialists. Hillary is a “dedicated socialist,” whether or not she admits it. A simple look at her ideas will confirm that. Her candidacy only appeals to socialist dupes, which explains why Bernie Sanders is beating her. Bernie is an ADMITTED socialist. A look at that self-satisfied expression on her face will tell you a lot about her, too. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Islamaphobia Is Phony!

It's a “made-up term” designed to eliminate criticism of Islamic terrorists, AND the evil actions of many “moderate Muslims” by intimating the critic is somehow, “mentally disturbed,”They can call me what they want, I will continue to print and speak the TRUTH about them and their labels be DAMNED! Even if you only consider what they do to each other, Islam is EVIL! Under what other “religion can they threaten you with DEATH if you don't “convert” to Islam:? Or if converted, you decide to change to another religion? Under what other “religion” do they countenance the MURDER of women for TALKING to someone NOT a Muslim? And which other religion treats their women as “second class citizens” with no rights, whatever? And forces them to go about wearing what amounts to a TENT? Which other religion practices SLAVERY, today? NOT hundreds of years ago, TODAY! Or screw little boys and call it a "cultural thing?". They made this term up to STOP CRITICISM from weak-willed people who worry about what Muslims call them. I don't. I know it's meaningless. (Liberty Alliance)

Trump Din't Say It!

But it's true. Obama is a “closet Muslim.” Maybe not a “CLOSET” Muslim, because he has said it, himself, on occasion, on live TV. I remember once hearing him say, “I'm not the ardent Muslim youth I was.” Or words to that effect. But Donald Trump didn't correct an audience member who said Obama was a Muslim, which tells me a lot about his opinion, even though nobody can attribute it TO him. Tell me Trump is not a politician. The Republicans just don't realize what a GEM they have in Donald Trump. He has proven himself by beating every other Republican candidate they can come up with, and by a large margin, while also beating the top DEMOCRAT candidate handily.

They refused to embrace Ronald Reagan, too, for the same reasons, They're AFRAID of him—and they're right to be. Reagan “upset many applecarts” and so will Trump when he is elected president. Reagan did many good things for this country, and so will Trump. If they do something to “scuttle” his chances on a procedural basis, they'll be sorry, because that will mean another eight years of Democrat “rule,” because then any election will be close enough to allow their chicanery and they will STEAL the election, AGAIN, even if Trump doesn't run as an independent. (Mail News)

The Real "Inconvenient Truth"

Just as the gun grabbers use the wrong methods to “reduce gun violence,” so are the real reasons FOR gun violence ignored. It's not the guns, it's the people. As this linked article says, the reasons for gun violence are, the popularization of violence in the media, the abuse of drugs, poverty caused by welfare, and one-parent families (usually the mother). But if I were to choose ONE THING that is the MOST responsible, I'd choose the use of illegal drugs. There is more crime committed to “get the next fix” than for any other reason. Another factor is the “cheapening of life” precipitated by the Supreme court's MAKING A LAW that says it's “okay to murder infants in the womb," and now even OUT of it., therefore cheapening our reverence for life, itself.

That is emphasized by the current “Planned Parenthood controversy where there shouldn't be a controversy, at all. People called returning Vietnam veterans “baby killers,” and today, the same people ARE “baby killers. Anybody with half a brain would CONDEMN what Planned Parenthood is doing, but apparently there are too few people with half a brain left in this country, which is why stopping them is a “controversy.” It is this lack of intelligence that leads people to take up an illegal gun and kill people for little, or NO reason at all. In 1996, Australia flat-out BANNED GUNS. Then crime increased apace. The number of guns in Australia INCREASED, while OTHER violent crimes (using knives, heavy objects, and other killing tools including bare hands) increased, as well.

France has largely banned guns, too. Even many of their COPS are unarmed, which became obvious when two Muslim terrorists attacked a newspaper for drawing a picture of Mohammed, and the responding cops, being unarmed, could do nothing but cower while the criminals did their dirty work. Gun grabbers keep saying America has more gun violence than any other country. That's a bald-faced LIE. Australia (which banned guns entirely) has the LARGEST increase in violent crime, while America is THIRTEENTH on the list of violent crime increases. I hate to say, “I told ya so,” but I told ya so. Will the anti-gun freaks listen to reason and logic? Not likely. That would take INTELLIGENCE, something that is in short supply among them. (The Right to Bear)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ben Carson Is Right

When they asked him of he would approve of a Muslim being elected president, he said, “No.” This was NOT “unreasoning bigotry,” as Muslims and liberals (read: dumb butts) say. It's common sense. Muslims are not just “different” from us. They are ENEMIES. Their very way of thinking is inimical to our way of life. Their “BIBLE” tells them to lie to us, to kill us, to behead us, and, NEVER: that's NEVER be a friend to one of us. Any bigotry there is on the part of the Muslim. Why? Because we don't believe in the same God they do. They want the whole world to believe in THEIR phony god they call, “Allah.” They get down on their noses and pray to him five times a day, with their butts in the air. Even those who are not among the Islamic extremists don't like us. They KILL their own CHILDREN if they associate with us. “honor killings” of their own daughters (not boys, you'll notice) if they're seen TALKING to a non-Muslim. God save them if they're caught KISSING an “Infidel" or worse, screwing one of us.

Their values are NOT our values. And thus, they are not QUALIFIED to be our president, or to be elected to ANY office in America. If they take our "oath of office,” they're LYING because if you are a Muslim you may NOT swear an oath to ANYBODY but Allah, and NOT be lying (which is okay, according to the Koran--the lying, of course). Barring them from being elected is not because of WHO they are, but WHAT they are. And it's NOT BIGOTRY, it's just GOOD SENSE. And don't let ANYBODY tell you different. One of the biggest “controversies” right now in America is over gays wanting to FORCE us to approve of them and their supposed marriages.” And we get in trouble if we resist. In Muslim countries, they say there ARE no gays. That's because they KILL them as soon as they find them. The cops don't do it, ANY Muslim who “uncovers” one (who isn't gay, him/herself) is allowed (expected) to kill them, with impunity. (CNN)

Slavery Is Nasty

And we did it, in the PAST. Muslims do it, NOW! Worse, they CASTRATE almost ALL male slaves to keep them from having sex with female slaves. They want to reserve that “right” for themselves. And the way they do it guarantees a high death rate among slaves. There is an estimated 600,000 slaves in Mauritania, alone. And no telling how many in other Muslim countries. Liberals like to make a “big thing” about the slavery we USED TO DO, but say not a word about the slavery NOW practiced by their favorite people, the Muslims. And this is not even those Muslims who are making war on anybody who doesn't believe exactly the way they approve. These are “everyday” Muslims who are SUPPOSEDLY not at war with “Infidels.” Their word for “unbelievers.” (Conservative Tribune)

Violation of Civil Rights

Apparently ALL those signs posted on the front of various businesses saying “No Guns Allowed” are a violation of the civil rights of concealed carry permit holders. It was a city-owned outfit, the ZOO in Houston, Texas that put up the signs and the city quickly told them to take them down, which they did, In Texas, they SHOULD know better, It was in Texas where a doctor who was a concealed carry permit holder had to watch her parents be murdered by a mass killer in a restaurant after being forced to leave her gun in her car by such a sign on a restaurant. ANY place that is a “gun-free zone” is an OPEN INVITATION to would-be mass shooters to “come in and shoot us up, nobody will be here with a gun to oppose you.” And if they think that sign will stop a deranged killer from bringing his gun into their place of business because of a SIGN, they are DELUDED. I would not enter a business sporting such a sign on their door because I would feel unsafe there. (Personal Liberty)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is the Pope A Liberal?

Yes. Absolutely. He speaks of communism in approving tones. He thinks socialism (which is just another form of collectivism) is a “good thing,” which shows his intelligence is not what it should be. Why do I say that? Because communism AND socialism, and all other forms of collectivism are BASED on STEALING from the PRODUCER of new wealth, for the benefit of those who EARN no new wealth, and simply let the government steal it for them and pay their way in life, instead of paying it themselves. When socialism (or communism) takes over, it destroys INITIATIVE to do anything for yourself, since the whole idea is for the government to provide it, after they steal it from the producer. There is a “subset” of people happy with that arrangement, because it demands nothing of them except their vote in any election, for Democrats, who are the party of collectivism.

The very MOTTO of collectivism (in all its forms) is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making NEED a demand on the earnings of others.It's simply based on jealousy and greed. In addition, the Pope is in favor of the whole idea of “man-caused climate change” (or whatever AlGore calls his swindle today). Gore has used this roundly DISCREDITED theory to amass $BILLIONS, while various politicians (Obama included) use it to gain more power and as an excuse to raise our taxes higher and higher. Socialism is an EVIL system that is DESTINED to FAIL eventually, whenever they run out of “other people's money,” and has already failed in Russia, which was, for 75 years, it's biggest “showcase.”

It still exists in China (which has moved toward capitalism in part, so as to stay alive) and Cuba, which is still as much a communist nation as it ever was, under Castro (with financial help from other collectivist nations that are still economically viable), while several other nations still survive under communism, but are in economic trouble, themselves. The “hallmark”:of life under the Castros is that people who disagree, in any way, (with “the revolution), which is what they call their pipe dreams being jailed and executed, while the average age of cars in Cuba (except those driven by high government officials, of course) is the 1950s. People risk their lives to leave Cuba sometimes successfully (and other times unsuccessfully as witness the 6-year-old Cuban refugee Clinton sent back, after his mother died to get him out of Cuba). The very fact that the current Pope favors communism AND “climate change” shows me that his intelligence isn't what it \should be, though he IS a “NICE MAN.” (BBC)

Muslims Beat Bare-Breasted Women

Muslims just can't handle a forceful woman. They're used to their women being subservient to them and agreeing to wear those ugly tents they make them wear and not going out without a MALE member of her family to accompany her. They say she is a whore while they MAKE one of her. So when some women crashed a Muslim event, bare-breasted, running up on stage, they beat the hell out of them and, while the cops hauled them away, there were shouts from the audience of, “Rape them!' “Kill them!” Boy, was that a nasty thing to do, to make the Muslim Imams on stage look so stupid! Of course, that's hot too hard to do. They were in the process of doing it, themselves, telling their audience all about how they can beat their women and “keep them pure.” Of course, the shouts of “rape them!” reveal what they really want to do, and they do it, on a regular basis wherever they can capture someone else's women. Muslims say the only Muslims who do that are extremists, but a look as a REAL Koran will tell you raping and subjugating women are an important part of their “religion.” And their "culture." Yes, a FEW Muslims don't take that kind of thing seriously, just as some Christians don't take the Old Testament seriously. But if you “scratch a Muslim” you'll find a rapist and a murderer. (WorldNet Daily)

Well, Well, Finally!

Our new Attorney General has come out and condemned the violence perpetrated by the race whores who came to Ferguson, MO to make trouble. She didn't put in those words, but that's what she meant, even if she doesn't realize it. And why didn't her predecessor (Eric Holder), who was in office when it happened, voice a similar condemnation? It's obvious he was in agreement with the rioters (there's “his people,” after all). It's somewhat surprising she said this, considering that she comes from “similar stock” to Holder. Maybe the fact that she was addressing the Fraternal Order of Police had something to do with it. Maybe later when she addresses the NAACP, she will say something different. That's how it's done in DC. (The Hill)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Releasing Another Terrorist

Abdul Shalabi was a bodyguard for bin Laden. He used the Pope's visit as cover, so there would be less attention paid to this release of a terrorist murderer. He was also a bodyguard for Kalid Sheik Mohammed, one of the architects of 9/11. The Bush administration thought Mohammed was “too dangerous” to release. But that didn't faze Obama. He let him go, anyway. What does Obama think Shalabi is going to do now? Take up needlepoint? Go to work for Colonel Sanders? No—he's going to go right back to killing innocent people. This article didn't say anything about Obama's REASONING for releasing this Islamic killer, but I'd bet it's a doozy if he ever tells us. Obama is slowly emptying the prisons where we're holding Islamic terrorists instead of punishing them for their crimes against humanity. He's HELPING a lot in their “cause.” When are the “powers that be” going to “wise up” and get rid of this guy by putting him in prison for treason? Probably never. They probably agree with him—which is why they “put in the fix” to get him elected, and stay elected. (Freedom Outpost)

What's Wrong With People?

A teacher had her students write “fan letters” to Syrian “rebels.” According to the Site Intelligence Group and the Middle East Media Research Group, the letters “heaped praise” on them and referred to them as “heroes” and “role models.” Never mind they're the ENEMY, killing thousands of innocent Christians and Jews because they weren't Muslims, beheading many. One child said, in her letter, “I wish I could be there, fighting for Islam.” Which just shows how easily pro-Islam fools can take impressionable children in. And what they “learn” early stays with them, even if they're exposed to the truth later. What makes people like this teacher “tick,” I don't know. Doesn't he/she know these people are wanton rapists and killers? That they aren't people who should be admired in any way? Or is he/she a Muslim extremist him/herself, for which this teacher should be REMOVED, and disciplined for subversion. According to the British Daily Mail, this teacher has posted praise for Islamic militants (extremists) in the past. (The Blaze)

Office Depot Apologizes

They have apologized to that woman for whom they refused to print some anti-Planned Parenthood flyers because they were “too inflammatory.” They thought the flyers constituted a form of racial or religious discrimination of a group, when actually it was about Planned Parenthood MURDERING unborn infants, mostly black infants, according to the beliefs of it's racist founder, who wanted to “reduce the black population,” since she thought they were “inferior people.” They thought the flyers “persecuted people who supported abortion rights.” That's like refusing to print flyers advocating putting MURDERERS in prison. Of course, this refusal did nothing to stop the printing of the flyers, because she just went elsewhere to do it where people didn't get their noses out of joint over the content if it didn't agree with THEIR beliefs. But she still felt herself discriminated against, which is why she made an issue of it. The worst thing about it is, it was neither racial OR religious discrimination, it was about stopping mass murder. (TheBlaze)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Kids Don't "Remember" 9/11

And that's a shame. 9/11 was a “formative moment” in our history, and shouldn't be forgotten by ANYBODY. Somebody out there made a decision early on, not to show the pictures (plenty of them) of the airplanes flying into those buildings, because it was “too upsetting” for people to see. That was a big mistake. Americans are much stronger than that, but apparently they don't know that. Not seeing those pictures has allowed our youngsters to ignore it, and thus has not prepared them for the war they will inevitably have to fight FOR us in the future. Those pictures should have been shown on a regular basis, maybe even until they get tired of it--like they're doing with the Pope.

You can bet there is no shortage of those pictures being shown in the Muslim world because, to the Muslim extremists, it is one of their biggest accomplishments. Showing them reminds their children of what they have done, even though it was completely accidental for those two buildings to fall. They couldn't have envisioned just how bad it would be. Their seventh century minds just couldn't have foreseen it. They thought maybe they could kill a few hundred people in those buildings and on the airplanes, at most. Showing these children these pictures, they tell them the “mission” went exactly as planned, and they PLANNED to bring those buildings down. Which is a lie, if course, but the Koran allows a Muslim to lie to promote Islam.

A complete lie, as usual. Elders (in both worlds) usually lie to youngsters to make themselves seem more than they really are. Muslim extremists are no different in that respect. But for our children not to remember that atrocity, in detail, 14 or more years later, is CRIMINAL. If they don't remember it, it will not infuriate them and they will wonder why we got so excited over it. I remember it in detail because I watched it, LIVE. But I'm too old to be a soldier and fight these people. They will not understand that more than 3,000 innocent people (3,000 PEOPLE!) were killed by members of a phony “religion” that wants to conquer the world, which is the only way they think they can enlarge their “religious base.”

They think the only way to increase their base is to threaten “unbelievers” with death, and show them regularly how ready and willingly they carry out that threat. They think the people who, thus threatened, “convert” to Islam are REALLY “converted,” and are not Muslims in “word only,” who still worship their own God in private, unseen by prying Muslim eyes. Giving “lip service” to a religion is not being a “believer.” They may THINK they have “converted” these people, but it will be a sham they, themselves have created, as they fool themselves. (Morning Journal-News)

Child Rape "Part of Culture"

Worse yet, it's “little boy rape” and whose “culture” is it part of? AFGHAN, or MUSLIM, that's whose. And American soldiers are told to ignore it BECAUSE it is “part of their culture.” And it's “political correctness” that drives it. Even in Great Britain (it's little girls mostly, there) it is ignored when it happens in Afghan areas, for the same reason. That's one of the reasons why Dr. Ben Carson says we should never even CONSIDER a Muslim to run for president. It's not a racist thing, it's a common sense thing. If Muslims allow boy-rape as “part of their culture,” we don't want a Muslim helping to make laws for us. No way. Anybody who WOULD consider it is, themselves, ignoring the “cultural” child rape Muslims approve. Their views are not anywhere near ours. And they call US “corrupt.” Talk about accusing others of things of which YOU are guilty! And they don't care where they screw their little boys, either. The soldiers can even hear the screams of those children and, if they ignore those orders, they can have their careers ruine. as some have, already. (Town Hall)

Somebody Out There's Incompetent

I've said many times that the people we send out to run our government are incompetent to do it. Nothing shows the truth of what I say better than the fires in California, raging right now. They have burned (thus far) 40,000 acres and destroyed an “unknown number of homes” so far. Four firefighters (so far) have been injured and have been airlifted out. Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency for Lake and Napa Counties. An earlier fire burned 65,000 acres in two other counties. The causes of both fires, so far remains unknown. My claim of the incompetence of their politicians is not because of the fires themselves, but because of their NUMBER and the very SIZE of the fires, and the massive damage they have caused. Competence in government would have been able to stop these fires from becoming so big and destructive, not to mention not happening so often. But politicians are not used to being READY for such things, only being REACTIVE to them, after the fact, and then claiming responsibility for “putting a stop” to it. (Direct Relief)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Muslim "Master Plan"

Muslims plan on outnumbering us as soon as they can, and “taking over” that way, since they can't seem to do so by “force of arms.” We're just too strong, and too smart for that. So they're moving here by the millions, many thousands at a time. In at least one case (maybe many cases) PAID FOR by Obama with YOUR money, calling them “refugees,” when they're plainly not. They breed like rabbits and if it keeps up, I guarantee you there will be more and more trouble soon as Muslims INSIST on us adhering to THEIR “values,” not ours—and enforcing it by law after they attain a voting majority. We can stop that plan by banning Muslims from any elected or appointed office, and by withdrawing their “right to vote.” They'll cry like babies at that, but that's the only way to stop their “master plan.” They'll cry racism and/or religious bigotry, but is is NOT either. It's common sense and good practice to put a stop to their plans to “take us over.” They've managed to con a Muslim or Muslim sympathized into the White House, and he's doing everything he can to help their cause. (The Blaze)

Islam Atrocities Not New

Muslims have been trying to take over the world as long as history has been chronicled, and probably before that. This story tells the tale of 9/11, 1683 when Islam, which had taken over much of Europe, fell to the Polish, which stopped their advance for a time. That was called “The Battle of Vienna,” which the Polish won. Islamists called it “The Golden Apple,” because once it fell, they could go forth and conquer all of Europe. They failed. Now they're “conquering Europe” by immigration. So many Muslims have emigrated to Europe they are beginning to be a “force to be reckoned with” INSIDE Europe. They never “assimilate.” They have their own enclaves, where non-Muslims dare not venture. Soon Muslims are “running for office” and bringing their ideas to the local politics and making trouble everywhere they can by being "offended" and suing people. They're doing the same thing here, with Obama's help. Currently he's “paying the way” to bring 10,000 Muslims here, calling them “refugees” from the Syrian war—but they're not. They're largely young, war-age men from “peaceable” countries PRETENDING to be refugees. Elsewhere, the “Barbary Pirates,” who were mentioned in the Marine Corps Hymn, were Muslim terrorists. They're like a horde of ants or roaches. They win, they lose. Then they pop up again somewhere else until defeated. We have to defeat them again, this time forever. Or they'll “pop up yet again” somewhere else and eventually win. They never give up completely. (Conservative Byte)

Hillary's Stupidity

She says, “If somebody is breaking into your home and you are in imminent danger, or you go to your door and you see something that is deeply concerning, well, first thing you should do is call 911,” IF they don't just shoot you when you pick up the phone. Remarks like this reflect the stupidity of someone who has had around-the-clock armed security surrounding her for most of her life. The following quote says it all: “When you have 24/7/365 taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection for life—like Clinton has—it’s easy to dismiss the security concerns of 'ordinary' Americans.” Whenever I hear a politician talk about supporting “gun control,” it tells me that politician plans later to come to take your property from you and doesn't want you to be armed and able to repulse it. I think it's also instructive to note that almost everybody who recommends calling 9/11 when faced with an armed criminal themselves run around behind a WALL of armed security. (America's First Freedom)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Want NAMES, Dammit!

This article about how a highly respected Green Beret was “separated” from the military because he “roughed up” (I hope he beat him within an inch of his life) a child sex predator who LAUGHED about screwing a little boy ON BASE, and who assaulted his mother when she objected, names only that Green Beret. It fails to mention the name and rank of the OFFICER who first ORDERED him charged, nor the name and rank of the officer who denied his appeal. Both those officers should be taken out and SHOT. As well as anybody in his chain of command who participated. I want those names. And I want the names of all the people ABOVE them that brought this rule down. If that includes Barack Hussein Obama, so be it. The people who cover up such atrocities deserve the same treatment as those committing them. The article also doesn't say what happened to the butthole who COMMITTED this atrocity, but under Islamic Law, I'd bet he went free, and those who SET him free probably had their own little boys chained to their desks so they could give them oral sex while they “ruled.” I'm sorry for that nasty word in the last sentence, but this incident requires such words. I'm somewhat comforted by the fact that the Afghan COMMANDER who screwed this little boy, and whose screams that Green Beret heard got at least a LITTLE punishment when that guy beat the hell out of him—something that should be repeated, every day. (Town Hall)

Back to Global Cooling

About 25 years or so “climate scientists” were, oh, so worried about what they called, “The coming ice age.” They had detected a certain “cooling” in the weather statistics and their computer models told them a “new ice age” was coming. They were oh, so sure of themselves, and that man had caused it. Then the world turned, as it is wont to do, and temperatures started warming. So they did their computer modeling and concluded that the world was in for a major “warming” and Al Gore took full advantage of it to become a billionaire by pushing the idea that it again was a “man-caused catastrophe.” What neither bunch of fools knew was that global warming and cooling was CYCLICAL, and to believe it could be either CAUSED or CONTROLLED by man is an assumption that is unbelievable. Couple that with the fact that the entire time Gore has been preaching “warming,” the globe has NOT been warming, and you can see his swindle clearly. Unless you've “bought” the “global warming religion” and can't be swayed by facts. Look at the FACTS contained in this article linked here. Now the world has “turned” again and “climate scientists” are AGAIN worried about global COOLING. They never admit they're wrong, they just “go with” the current statistics and their computer models and “freak out.”. (Conservative Byte)

9/11 Muslim Karma

Karma: “what you do will return to you many times.” Proof: on the very anniversary of the Muslim-created atrocities at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, 107 Muslims were killed by a crane working to enlarge the largest mosque in “Mecca, Saudi Arabia.” That leaves a lot of Muslims yet to suffer because of the atrocities of a few. The timing, as well as the fact the collapse of the massive (bin Laden owned) crane tight on top of a large gathering of Muslims was caused by God-created weather is instructive. What would really make this tragedy unique is if that crane had been owned by one of bin Laden's construction companies. was! Is this insensitive on my part? Yes. Absolutely. It is PLANNED to be insensitive to people who “dance in the streets” at the thought of 3,000 Americans being murdered by Muslims at the world Trade Center and the Pentagon. I have no mercy for these people because they all HATE me and mine, and want to kill us. Think not? Get hold of a REAL Koran and get a trustworthy interpreter to help you read it, and see where it instructs all Muslims to kill “unbelievers” and lie to them to “put them to sleep” about Islam. (Conservative Byte)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

They Found A Way

The government hates Hillsdale College because they refuse all efforts to give them government money, and therefore open themselves to “government orders.” They were FOUNDED as a non-racist college that doesn't divide their students by race, nor accept government money, in any form, including indirectly. And the government has been looking, for a long time, for a way to punish them for that. Now they've found it. Hillsdale College was not included in their “College Scorecard,” which students use to find colleges that meet their needs. When asked why they left them off the list, a government “talking head” said it was because they didn't offer “bachelor's degrees,” only “certificates,” which is a bald-faced lie. The main reason is that they don't separate their students, in their paperwork, by race, and don't report the result to the government, which is part of the basic reason they exist.

All colleges accepting government money are REQUIRED to keep a record of their student's race. Hillsdale doesn't, and has resisted all efforts by the government to make them do so. So they don't have to do that, and the government hates that. According to many independent (translated: non-government) organizations, Hillsdale is one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation. They are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (a non-governmental organization that accredits many colleges), and have been in existence since 1844. This would be the best place to go for ALL potential college students. One of their finest accomplishments is their FREE Constitution on-line course that familiarizes everybody who takes it with the Constitution. To the government, that's their biggest “crime” because then government doesn't want you to know what's in the Constitution, since it's the BASIS for ALL our laws and if you know your Constitution, they can't screw you over so easily. (Town Hall)

"Any Way Possible"

I'm going to go out on limb, here. But I don't think I'm going very far, what with “Black Lives Matter” fools telling black men to kill cops with impunity, I don't think I'll get in much trouble if I tell you to IGNORE the liberal “gun laws” they have out there, now. Get your guns any way you can, legal or illegal. Just get them. That way, when Islamic extremists come here to shoot us up like they're doing in the Middle East and Europe, you can shoot back and help them to become martyrs and get their 72 virgins. You can't behead somebody for not believing the way you think they should if you have a bullet in your brain. It's our politicians' wish to take away our guns so they can enslave us. Hitler had COMPLETE gun control, and that's what he did, until some people who still HAD guns came in and put an END to him. So did Stalin until his system met a similar fate. Taken down by somebody with guns. (The Blaze)

"It's A Cultural Thing"

When they discovered that Afghan COPS (Muslims) were screwing little boys (they could hear them scream), members of the military were ORDERED by their”superiors” to ignore it because it was a “cultural thing” for Muslims to screw little boys and force them to become sex slaves. If that's an example of the “cultural things” you can expect out of Muslims, I don't want any part of it. And these are those “peaceable Muslims” liberals say they all (except for a small number) are. The Muslims, “peaceful” or not, have some “cultural things” that have no place in this country. Namely screwing little boys, honor killings of women for speaking to the wrong man, forcing their women to wear what amounts to a tent, treating their women like slaves, etc. If that's the kind of “cultural things” they do, I don't want ANY of them living among us. And that's not racism or “Religious intolerance,” that's COMMON SENSE. It's impossible to tell which ones of them are just waiting to kill “non-believers” and which are not, so I don't want ANY of them around. In any case, even the “peaceable” ones have values and practices I don''t want here. And who is the source of those orders to ignore their raping of small boys because it's a “cultural thing?” I'd bet the house it was Obama. Maybe soon the local cops will get orders to ignore child rape (of even American children) by Muslims because “it's a cultural thing.” (New York Times)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Approving Child Rape

Some American soldiers interrupted a child rape being committed by Afghan POLICE, and got in trouble for it. Our “Afghan allies” have been engaged in what is called a “cultural practice” called “boy playing.” That means abducting, imprisoning, and raping young boys, and sometimes keeping them as sex slaves. Those American soldiers stopped at least one instance of such an atrocity, and their “superiors” punished them for it. American soldiers were told to “ignore it,” even when it took place on American bases. Some could not ignore it, and intervened—and were subsequently punished by their “superiors.” Some were even dishonorably separated from the service. The Taliban screwed little boys, and that's bad—but our Muslim ALLIES did it, too. And when one soldier found a little boy chained to a bed on an AMERICAN BASE, he “snapped,” and released the boy, taking the Afghan cop into custody, beating him severely—and was soon, himself, punished.

When questioned, the military said they had a policy of “non-intervention” so as to :maintain good relations” with their allies. And I suspect the officers (or higher) who authorized this policy are themselves PRACTICING pederasty. “Good relations” is just the “excuse” used. What I want to know is, who instituted this policy and how far up the chain of command does it go? But I doubt I'll ever find out, because the military is pretty good at hiding it's crimes. So are politicians. Liberals are whining because Dr. Ben Carson (presidential candidate) would not want a Muslim as president. Some call that racism, but I call it COMMON SENSE. We would NOT want somebody who APPROVES of, maybe PRACTICES pederasty as president of this great nation. Of course, we may already have that. Which may be why we're instructed to IGNORE this atrocity in Afghanistan. Muslims will say we're LYING about this (as they usually do when we uncover the truth about some of their abhorrent practices), but some of us have SEEN it with their own eyes. Which is why one Afghan who was “caught in the act” got the hell beat out of him. (HotAir)

Luttrel Says It All

Luttrel Says It all in a recent NRA ad, he told the Muslims this: “Don’t ever confuse me for my politicians or my media. I am an American, free born and free bred…My freedom is more powerful than anything you can possibly do,” Luttrell says in the ad. "I will say what I think, worship according to my beliefs, and raise my children how I see fit. And I defend it all with the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States,” he added. “I cower to no one.” And he speaks for me, and a lot of other people when he says these things. The Japanese in WWII refused to invade the American mainland because “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.” Muslims would be wise to remember this when they decide to “shoot us up.” As soon as they start shooting, they'll die ans get their “72 virgins.” They say they want to die for their beliefs? We'll be happy to help them do that. Just get in front of our guns and do something threatening. If they think they're being discriminated against now, wait until they get serious about shooting us up. (The Blaze)

"Americans Don't Care"

Esqire's Charles Pierce says, “Americans don't care about Hiillary's e-mails.” Oh, right? since when does Pierce speak for all Americans? Way too many of these liberal weenies think they can speak for all Americans—they can't. If nobody cares, why has it been such a “wall-to-wall” thing for so long? Why does Hillary squirm and evade every time she's asked a question about it? Why did she make a feeble “apology” that wasn't an apology at all, and contained even more lies? If nobody cares, why do reporters continue to ask about it while she ignores all those questions? Maybe they wouldn't care much about it if it didn't show so graphically how CRIMINAL she is in her actions and thinking? She only HAD her own e-mail server so she could hide her e-mails from the world—which she really can't do as Secretary of State. It's dumb fools like this that have made me lose ALL respect for liberal “journalists.” (News Busters)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Criminalize "Em

If you can't answer their questions because you're WRONG, just make up something to allow you to demonize your opposition. That's a clear signal global warming (whatever they call it, today) religion “believers” are sending by their insistence that “global warming deniers” should be prosecuted. They can't come up with cogent answers to the real questions they're being asked by more intelligent people They just can't stand being opposed, and we have a First Amendment right to disagree with them. The “globe” hasn't been warming for almost 20 years. Other “scientists” are beginning to worry (again) abut “global COOLING”), as they did about 25 years ago (just before AlGore started his swindle about global warming). If they succeed, I will no doubt be one of the first to be “prosecuted” (harassed) because when I know what is the truth, I will NOT be shut up. They can stick it in their exhaust hole. (Daily Caller)

The Pot And Kettle

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Muslims are calling America racist. This, from people who treat their women like slaves—and they LIKE it. Who hate Jews with a passion and want to kill them! Maybe they don't hate black people (unless they're Christians or any religion BUT Muslim), but if so, they're the ONLY group they don't hate and want to kill. They hate the whole world of people who don't believe EXACTLY the same way they do, even other Muslims whose beliefs are SLIGHTLY different than theirs. They hate people who eat anything that comes from a pig while they're more piggish than anybody I know of. And they hate drinking alcohol (unless they can get away with it). In short, Muslims are the most bigoted bunch in the world, and they have the GALL to call US racists? At least we don't behead people for believing in the wrong God. (Conservative Byte)

Why Not In Jail?

Cathy Lanier is the Police Chief in DC. She is refusing to issue “Carry” permits unless the applicant can prove a “telling need” for a gun, something that is NOT required in law. A court has issued a restraining order to stop this practice, but it hasn't made a ripple in her operation, which continues unabated. She is IGNORING that court order. Just like Tennessee County Clerk Kim Davis did in refusing to issue gay marriage licenses in violation of a court order. Kim went to jail. Why doesn't Cathy? The answer is simple: what Kim did was AGAINST liberal wishes. What Cathy did was IN SINC with liberal wishes. That's the way it is in America, today. Laws are enforced or ignored on the basis of liberal wishes. (Town Hall)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Guaranteeing A Democrat Victory

Democrats are all for “recycling. Apparently, Republicans are, too. At least when it comes to presidential candidates. After failing miserably to “shove it to” Donald Trump. They now want to run Romney the loser, again. But they're not looking to put him up as a REPUBLICAN candidate. They're “exploring” the possibility of supporting him as a THIRD PARTY candidate, thereby GUARANTEEING a Democrat victory in 2016. I wouldn't have thought they were that stupid, but apparently they are. They hate Trump THAT much. Many people wonder what they hate about him, but I know. He's not like any politician I've ever seen. He tells the truth, and he tells it loudly. You ask him a question requiring a yes or no answer and that's what you get. He doesn't break into a 50,000 word essay on everything BUT the answer to the question you asked, like politicians do. He doesn't “fold” immediately whenever a liberal demands an apology for something he said they didn't like. If elected, he will upset a lot of applecarts in BOTH parties. Both parties are FRIGHTENED of him, and with good reason. Especially if they're both trying to recycle old losers. The GOP Romney, and the Democrats “Ol' Joe Biden (only losers get to be vice-president). (World Net Daily)

8 Dead, 46 Wounded

In one long weekend in Chicago. If that doesn't tell you how well tight gun laws work, I don't know what will. The City of Chicago has some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, coupled with one of the highest gun violence rates in the nation. This is something I've been predicting for a long time. So why don't supposedly intelligent politicians realize this simple fact? Because their reason for making such laws has nothing to do with “crime prevention.” They are designed to ASSIST crime—theirs. When the feds come to take your property under those unconstitutional RICO laws, they don't want you to be able to shoot back. Under those laws, the cops (or the feds) don't need to show you are committing a crime, OR charge you with ANYTHING in order to take your money and property. They just say the money or property “might be” the result of criminal activity. Sure, you can get SOME of it back by suing them (after they take everything you own). Or they'll offer to give you some of it back if you promise not to sue them for the rest. They'll probably come after me before long for revealing this scam. (Chicagoist)

Didn't They Know?

Didn't Obama or any of the other ”powers that be” know that the prisoners they release from GITMO would rush back to rejoin their terrorist groups and continue killing people? I knew they were incompetent, but their every action proves just how incompetent they are, LED by Obama. He has PLEDGED to close GITMO. Where does he think the terrorists he sets free when he does (or before) are going to go? What they're going to DO? They're going to go back and kill more innocent people, and the blood of every one they kill will be on his hands. Not that he cares. He does exactly what HE wants to do, and DAMN the consequences (to somebody else, not himself).I doubt a single president in the past has been responsible for the deaths of more innocent people that has Barack Hussein Obama. Nor more willfully. (Last Resistance)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Killing Thousands Daily

Planned Parenthood is killing THOUSANDS of babies every day. They have murdered MILLIONS of babies, born and unborn, and sold their body parts at a profit. And the government is “investigating.” Not Planned Parenthood, the murderers, but the ACCUSERS, who have done nothing but trap PP people into admitting their crimes on video. They're more worried about getting the accusers for what they call “illegal videotaping” (invasion of privacy) than the murderers for killing millions of babies, in and out of the womb, most of them black. Most of their “clinics” are in black neighborhoods for a reason—to make it easier for black women to kill the result of unprotected sex. Does that tell you anything about our current CRIMINAL government? The ugly secret is, the FOUNDER of Planned Parenthood (Margaret Sanger) was a PROUD RACIST who wanted to “cleanse” the country of blacks. And she and her descendants in PP are doing a good job of killing black babies. They will call ME a racist for pointing this out, but it is THEY who are the racists, as well as mass murderers. Congress is about to issue a subpoena for the footage they took, as if they were hiding it from them. (World Net Daily)

Surprise! She Lied!

It took a second intelligence review to uncover it, but it has been “found” (finally) that MANY e-mails she sent to her HUSBAND contained Top Secret material, at least one of which contained information about N. Korea's nuclear program, which Bill tried, and FAILED to stop. “Intelligence officials" (surprise, surprise) “scoff at it,” saying “that happens all the time.” Which mitigates it--NOT. Of course, that means she was lying through her teeth (if she has any real ones left). She keeps saying, “What I did was allowed,” which is one of her BIGGEST lies. It's hard to define her biggest lie, there are so many of them. But this is definitely one of them. And people (mostly Democrats and their dupes) seriously consider her to be PRESIDENT? What a big load of stinky brown stuff THAT is! (NBC News)

Obama Staffer Shoots At Cop

Then she resigns. Barvetta Singletary, fired at her boyfriend, who happens to BE a Capitol Hill police officer. Worse, she did it with his own gun, which she stole. Fortunately, she missed, or she'd be under arrest for murder. Or would she? She's an Obama staffer, you know. Had she been a Republican, the story would have been media “wallpaper” for WEEKS. But she's a DEMOCRAT, so it's “yawn city” to the liberal media. She's now facing “assault” charges. Not attempted murder of a police officer and the other charges anyone but a “connected” person would face in a similar position. Yes, she lost her job. But I'd bet that, after this “dies down,” she'll quietly be appointed to another job, maybe on a higher level than this one. Maybe the Democrats will run her for president after Hillary fails miserably, as she is bound to do, IF she gets elected. There will still be those pesky assault charges, but Democrats know how to stifle those, and bore the hell out of us while we ask about it time after time and get no answers. (Patriot Post)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sorry, Folks!

It happened again. We lost power again at 6:47 AM Wednesday and I had only the overhead lights under power all day yesterday and most of today until they figured out how to fix it. Unfortunately my battery backup didn't work. I did manage to “jury-rig” a power source for my computer a little while ago and that's what I'm using now.

Atheists Hate Christians

And only Christians, it looks like. Teachers can spend WEEKS teaching about the “Five Pillars of Islam” and making their kids write, “Allah is the only God, and His prophet is Mohammed,” and not a peep out of them. But let a teacher so much as bring a cross into her classroom and they “lose their minds.” What is there about Islam that does not anger atheists? It's a “religion,” like theirs. At least, they SAY it is. Christians and Muslims are free to practice their religion just as the atheists are. So what are they mad about? They think they have the right to interfere with somebody else's practice of their religion in the practice of their own religion. Oh, yes. Atheism is every bit as much a religion as is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any other religion. They just don't realize it, or admit it. They think theirs should prevail over all others (except maybe Islam, for some stupid reason). But they're wrong. They have no more legal right to protest the Christian practice of their religion than other religions have to protest theirs. And the Constitution DOES NOT say there shall be NO religion in schools or in any other government-run institution. It simply says, “NO LAW shall be made regarding religion, or the practice thereof.” It's that simple. What part of "no law” don't these fools understand? One of their objections is that they think the teacher is “proselytizing.” There is NO PROHIBITION in the Constitution against that, but they think there is. (Last Resistance)

Shot Him In the Back

Texas sheriff's deputy Darren Goforth was probably humming to himself as he pumped gas into his patrol car as a black extremist sneaked up behind him and put a gun to the BACK of his head. Goforth was unaware that he was about to die as that thug blew his brains out all over the back of his patrol car. Then, when he fell dead at his feet, the thug fired again and again, fifteen times, all in the deputy's back. I would bet not a single bullet entered that deputy in his front. The killer may have even rearranged the dead body to make sure all bullets entered from the back. That shows the kind of man who killed Goforth—a “back-shooter” who doesn't have the GUTS to shoot him from the front. That shows the character of these “black lives matter” “back-shooters.” No guts. All of therm COWARDS. Another such cowardly thug sneaked up and shot TWO New York City cops, both minorities, probably also in the back. That's their “trademark.” “back shooting.”

The “black lives matter” fools who CALL FOR killing cops are also cowards. “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, the “leader” of the “Nation of Islam,” is WORSE than a coward as he publicly calls for “10,000 men to kill cops.” That Farrakhan and those fools on the radio are not in prison for this speaks volumes about our ignorant president and HIS thugs. They are cowards, too. They are creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy” that will inevitably result in many black men being killed by “nervous cops” who know they're simply “moving targets” in their distinctive patrol cars and wearing their uniforms with that shiny “target” on their chests. All of which will facilitate Obama's wish to start a “race war” so he can declare martial law and take full control of this country while calling ALL opposition racist. (CNN)

Gun Laws Don't Work

Not the kinds of laws they're making these days Did you know that thousands of people are killed with knives, clubs, and bare hands? Statistics show that you'd have a better chance of being struck by lightning than to be killed with a gun. Why then, is the gun their FIRST TARGET when it comes to “:making us safe?” The gun is USELESS without somebody HOLDING it, pointing it, and shooting it. Otherwise, it's an inanimate object, like a car, that without a driver can't hurt anyone. More people are killed by cars than by anything else. Why don't they want to ban cars? They say adding fees to gun purchases and ammunition isn't “infringing.” It IS. Guns are expensive by themselves. To add unnecessary “fees” (taxes,” “penalties”) to their cost is DEFINITELY an “infringement.” Voting people who MAKE “gun laws” in office isn't too smart. But we do it, anyway (not me). They keep saying their laws are “reasonable.” But who defines “reasonable?” Them, of course, and the laws they come up with are ANYTHING but “reasonable.” The secret is for people to be more vigilant. If someone “shows signs” of mental problems (as all of the mass shooters have done, but were ignored), somebody should SAY something to the right people so they can be restrained, if possible. (The Gleaner)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Can't Believe Hillary!

She's out there now “courting” women who have been sexually assaulted by men, looking for their support. She says, “When women make accusations, they should be believed, and that starts the process.” Never mind when a score of women accused her husband, with PROOF, she came up with the term, “bimbo explosion,” and one of her mouthpieces started talking about “dragging a dollar bill through a trailer park and see what you get.” The women who accused Bill were systematically destroyed, by her, or her thugs. Then she started talking about an imaginary “vast right-wing conspiracy,” something she talks about, to this day. Bill Cosby is now being accused by a number of women, who have NO proof of anything (not that I've seen, anyway). Everybody believes them. He doesn't have a blabbermouth spokeswoman, like Bill did. Now Cosby is largely ruined. How she can ask for the support of the women she insulted roundly when they accused her husband, I can't imagine. Are they really that stupid? Is SHE really that stupid? I guess she figures they ARE. And to an extent, they ARE. Many of the young women living today didn't live (except as children, who paid no attention to that kind of thing) and don't even know what Bill has been guilty of. And the Republicans never mention it. So most of the populace remains ignorant of the “elephant in the room” that is Bill Clinton, former president, and an IMPEACHED president who escaped being removed from office only because he knew where the bodies were buried—and probably buried a few, himself. This is one of the most brazen things I've ever seen a politician do, and I've seen some doozies. (Bill Clinton's Hookups)

It's All About Control

Look at ANYTHING the government does, it has one of two goals: usually both. Control, and raising taxes. In this article it is about gasoline rationing by an unelected gang of bureaucrats (thugs) with NO OVERSIGHT by elected politicians (as if that would help). Whenever they pass something that further limits our rights and gives the government more CONTROL over our lives, they give it a “good-sounding name” so we won't be able to figure out what they're doing unless we really pay attention. And since so many of us DON'T pay attention to politics until just before an election when the paid lies are flying, we usually don't. That's how we've gotten so many silly, stupid laws. A good example is their fool GUN laws that they SAY are designed to “stop the flow of guns to criminals,” but are really designed to give them more CONTROL and let them charge us more “FEES.” In addition to making of us “easy targets” for those three groups mentioned, since we will have nothing to use to counter their ILLEGAL guns. (Elm Tree Forge)

Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Have you ever heard of “Vox?” I haven't. I had to look it up to see what it was. It is a liberal-oriented digital media outfit nobody ever heard of. They say the reason Ben Carson is so popular is because of racist Republicans. What? Never mind he is a very successful and well spoken brain surgeon who is not afraid to say what he means, even when Obama is sitting a couple of feet from him. Never mind he is articulate and well-informed, and actually ANSWERS questions, unlike Hillary, who avoids them like the plague and makes jokes, instead, any time she gets a REAL question about her many crimes. Forget the ONLY reason Barack Hussein Obama is president is because racist DEMOCRATS all voted for him because they were TOLD to, and thought they HAD to, to “keep the goodies coming.” Forget that the Democrat Party IS the “racist party,” and always has been. Jim Crow was a Democrat. The people Martin Luther King marched against were Democrats. There have been many known racists in Congress, who were Democrats, and were there until they DIED. Lincoln, the man who famously “freed the slaves” was a REPUBLICAN. Democrats still think they can make something so just by saying it—without ANY kind or PROOF, and repeating it, over and over. They're FOOLS and need to be “taken down a notch.” And the voters, who have had way too much of the socialism Democrats represent, will do just that in November, or I miss my guess. I've always said, “When fools speak, just shut up and let them confirm their STUPIDITY. That's what happened here. (Twitchy)

Monday, September 14, 2015

"We'll Help You Invade"

But we won't let you into OUR country. “We'll build you 200 mosques IN EUROPE, but don't come here. We already have enough Muslims here, already. We have Muslims 'up the ying-yang,' and don't need any more, especially not Muslim extremists, which it seems like many of you are. So stay out of Saudi Arabia.” That seems to be what Saudi Arabia is telling the Muslims who are claiming to be “refugees” from Syria. They know what the Muslim extremists are up to, and want nothing to do with it. We should follow their example and refuse entrance to those phony “refugees” instead of actually “paying their way here,” as Obama is doing for 10,000 of them (this time). (Liberty Alliance)

DIA Changes It's Mind

Chic-fil-A will be there, after all. Denver International Airport (Where I used to work, I hate to admit) originally told Chic-fil-A they couldn't locate a restaurant there because the City of Denver (who owns DIA) had “concerns that it would generate corporate profits that would fund and fuel discrimination.” That is driven, of course, by the owner's very verbal Christianity and their opposition to gay marriage. Of course, the idea that this is “discrimination” is only in the minds of the Denver City council, which effectively runs DIA. It is only “discrimination” because THEY have DECLARED it so. Frankly, I don't think politicians have the RIGHT to DECIDE what is, and what is not “discrimination.” They have no business interfering with business because of their own bigotry. I have been a Chic-fil-A customer for a long time. Their food is good, and I will be one of their customers as long as I live. I especially like their “ripple fries.” That was what drew me to them in the first place. And they've never tried to recruit me to any “Christian organization.” In any case, they didn't change their minds because “sanity prevailed,” but because they feared an expensive lawsuit when they were warned that refusing a business on the basis of political prejudice would be “a one-way path to a successful First Amendment lawsuit.” They never should have admitted their real reasons They should have lied to us as politicians usually do. Then they might have gotten away with it. (Patriot Post)

Biggest Military Blunder, Ever!

That's what Allen West thinks, anyway—and he's right. Obama “snatched surrender from the jaws of victory” by pulling out of Iraq. Not only that, he managed to ARM the terrorists further by ordering his troops to “leave their guns, ammunition, and millions of dollars' worth of military equipment when they “cut and ran.” And he's doing the same thing in Afghanistan. It was this action by Obama that led to the rise of ISIS and to the deaths they caused, and are continuing to cause, every day This president has more innocent blood on his hands than any previous president. What he is doing will inevitably lead to a world in which Islam comes here to kill innocent people, with his blessing. Couple that with his campaign to hinder police while working HARD to DISARM American citizens to make them “easy targets for not only our home-grown criminals and deluded blacks, but for the Islamic terrorists that he is IMPORTING by the hundreds every day. It's all part of his drive to become our “Supreme Leader.” (CNS News)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

More Black Men to Be Killed

Black men who are threatening to kill cops are creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy” in that cops will be super observant of their surroundings like never before and will be much quicker to shoot black men who “look suspicious” than ever before, therefore making their accusations come true for real. If they thought cops were quick to shoot black thugs before, watch out, now. And they have good reason to be “quick on the trigger' now, which they might not have had, before. They think they're starting a “war on cops” that they are going to win, but they're wrong. They're not trained, but the cops are. And the cops are well-equipped for this war, which they are not. Yes, they can readily identify a cop, since he's wearing a distinctive uniform with a shiny “target” right on his chest. And he drives around in a well-marked squad car. But he's good at spotting thugs who want to do him harm and WILL react to any violence against him. Black men, this is a “war” you can't win, and you'd better learn it before many more of you are killed. You are “useful idiots” for Obama's wish to start a race war for his own purposes. Don't fall for it. (Conservative Tribune)

Wake Up, WAPO!

Washington Post says “Income equality is responsible for CRIME. How STUPID is THAT? That's apparently what a WAPO reporter thinks, and that's what he said in a recent article. I've always said to just let liberals talk (or write) and they'll reveal their stupidity readily, as this fool has done. Apparently he thinks SOCIALISM is “the cure.” where do we GET such fools? And how do they keep their jobs? Maybe because the people who hire them are as much a fool as they are. Socialism is NOT the way to go. It steals from those who EARN their own way and giving that stolen to those who don't, or won't. That's what socialism IS. Why so many people BUY that horse manure would be beyond me if AI didn't understand how that damned foolishness is TAUGHT in our schools, from the beginning. I remember when I was in grade school (a LOOONNNGGG time ago) where they emphasized “sharing.” The only problem is, nobody shares back. they just take. Which is a basic tenet of collectivism, of which socialism is but ONE FORM. Another is communism, Nazism, Fasdcism, Progressivism,” etc. I guess the fools at WAPO are made up of such fools. (Minuteman News)

No Jizya, No Bowing

Who the hell do these ISIS fools think they are to demand that Christians “declare subservience” to them by paying “belief tax” (Jizya) that “allows” them to follow their own faith as long as they pay it and follow the “rules” ISIS sets down? Yes. ISIS will kill them if they don't. And why do they get away with that? Because the Christians don't kill them in return. They “turn the other cheek” and “bow down” as part of their belief system. This makes them WEAK and “easy prey” for the predators that Muslim extremists are. What we need to do is “take out” ISIS and every other outfit like them, under whatever name, brutally, and without mercy. That's all they understand. But as long as Obama is in charge, that will never happen. He's either too frightened of them, or he is a Muslim and is secretly “in their corner.” Those are the only two logical reasons for his seeming INABILITY to even recognize what they are or call them what they are, Islamic terrorists, and to speak out solidly against what they're doing, even if he is making some feeble moves to convince us he is doing something. (The Blaze)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Election Officials "Investigate" Hillary

Ho, hum. So what? What DIFFERENCE does it make? Everybody's “investigating” Hillary, and she goes right on lying to us, making jokes about it, acting dumb, refusing to answer questions about the many “investigations,” and nothing happens except that her numbers keep going down. Nothing ever seems to get done, except for the endless “investigations.” I'm really getting tired of the “dog and pony show” they're putting on with “Hillary investigations” with NO ACTION forthcoming, while Hillary tells the “investigators” when and how she will testify and what questions they may ask and blames the whole thing on "politics." I think Trey Gowdy is serious, but I think there's somebody out there behind the scenes nullifying everything he does. If I had committed as many crimes as has Hillary and Bill, I'd be so far back in the prison system they wouldn't even be able to find me. But with Hillary, she's running for president, and has many followers. The reason the only person who can make inroads on her is a SOCIALIST is telling. Democrats really have nobody else, so they have to promote her—or the (other) socialist. (Allen West)

Americans Fund Terrorism

Obama and Kerry both freely admit that a lot of the money ($BILLIONS)they allowed Iran to regain is going to go toward KILLING people. But they don't care. Not so long as they get “an agreement” they can tout to the “useful idiots” who vote for them and support their idiocies. That's one of the hallmarks of the Obama administration: they don't give a damn how many people their policies KILL, so long as they realize THEIR goals. That's true of most liberals, but they aren't usually so blatant about it. Obama figures that, since he can't run again, he can do just what he pleases, and the “powers that be” will not “call him on it.”  "The fix is in." But he's wrong, and I figure the voters are going to tell him so in the next election by turning the last of the government over to the Republicans—not that that will help a lot, considering how the Republicans have “surrendered” to Obama in so many things. But at least, HE won't be at the helm—IF he doesn't figure out a way to nullify the next election and stay in office indefinitely. (Breitbart)

It's Not Bigotry, Stupid!

Girls don't want boys to pee in the same restroom as the one they use. Not even if that boy is PRETENDING to be a girl. There's a GOOD REASON for that, and it's NOT BIGOTRY. If you think it is, you're STUPID! I wouldn't want a girl to be in the same room with me when I'm peeing, either. Unless I'm having sex with her on a regular basis. And that's not bigotry, either. They create SEPARATE restrooms boys and girls for a damned good reason. Their “plumbing” is different, and for a boy, seeing a girl peeing, can titillate him and if it continues, give him an uncontrollable urge for sex—which she may, or may not want. In any case, in schools, they are both too young for that, and they don't need any help with their hormones raging as they are at that age. It's not like it used to be with some white people not wanting to use the same restroom as black people. THAT was bigotry, and is largely gone (Even though Obama and his “useful idiots” won't admit it.). But to attribute this to bigotry is patent STUPIDITY. As is most of the fool things liberals promote. (Last Resistance)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Do They Really Remember?

Today is the 14th anniversary of the atrocity at the World Trade Center in New York City. A lot is being said about that, including a ceremony in New York where dignitaries are standing through a reading of all 3,000 people who were killed in that mass killing by Muslim extremists. But do we really remember? If so, why are schools teaching about Islam and skipping teaching about Christianity while forcing impressionable children to write, “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger”? Why are Muslims getting preferential treatment all over this country, not just in schools, but wherever and WHENever they “complain?” Why do we let them walk all over us everywhere we look? It's almost like they were gay, the way they take advantage of every liberal rule and law to undermine this country and its citizens.

Why do we bend over to the front and let them do what they want at the expense of the rights of American citizens? Such as getting down with their butts in the air right in the middle of the street (or anywhere else they wish) to ”pray” five times a day? Why do we let them double (triple) park their cabs outside their mosques while we struggle to get around them? One Muslim complained that “They used to allow it (when Bloomberg was mayor) but now do not.” And they wonder why. Why? Because they have abused the “breaks” they were previously given. They're being “cracked down upon” now, but aren't bothering to pay their tickets. For that they should LOSE their taxi medallions.

If anybody DESERVES to be discriminated against, it is this bunch, who CLAIM to be a “religion,” but are really nothing but a political movement CLAIMING to be a religion so they can take advantage of the “perks” we give to religions while they kill us for not believing the way they think we should. I've never seen a more DESTRUCTIVE bunch. Their friends overseas BEHEAD Christians for being Christians, and their Imams (and their "Bible") approve it. Female Muslims demand the right to wear their Muslim headgear in jobs where wearing it disrupts things, and SUE if they get penalized. If we truly REMEMBERED 9/11, we'd run all Muslims out of this country and never let another one come in. They're INVADING us without firing a shot to do so. And we're ALLOWING it. In fact, Obama is PAYING THEIR WAY by the thousands (he calls them "refugees"). Soon, they're going to “overrun” us and this will then become a Muslim nation. Do you want that? (Bare Naked Islam)

Don't Need to Say It

SC Governor Nikki Haley said it, anyway. Being in favor of voter ID is NOT racist. To call it so is just to advance Obama's campaign to call EVERYTHING that goes against his wishes to be racist. That tends to END the opposition, because who wants to be called a racist? But that ploy is “wearing thin.” We're “getting wise” to the scam. Voter ID should be a “no brainer” for INTELLIGENT people. That doesn't describe Obama. You need a photo ID to use a RESTROOM in some places, and to get into MOST political meetings run by BOTH SIDES. And try to get into the White House without one! But many of the politicians don't want to require it for one of the most important things you can do—to VOTE! To make sure nobody votes more than once, and that the person they say they are is who they REALLY are and that they are not dead. Politicians don't want that, because many of them today DO benefit from illegal voting, and to require voter ID would “put a kink in that.” (Cowboy Byte)

Surprise, Surprise!

A new study finds that criminals don't buy their guns legally! No kidding! They need a STUDY to determine that? I'm just an old man sitting in front of a computer and I knew that, without a shadow of a doubt. I've been telling everybody I could get to that, for a long time. And they're just now finding that out, with a STUDY? Jeeze! Maybe they'll catch up to us INTELLIGENT people someday. Maybe they'll have a “study” to figure out why the “experts” are so behind the times. It seems like they need “studies” to find out anything. No wonder they don't know anything. Yet they think they know EVERYTHING and pretend to ”instruct us” on things. They're still dumb enough to think they can make a LAW that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Hey, “experts,” criminals don't OBEY laws! So your “laws” are USELESS! (Eagle Rising)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shades of "1984!"

In Orwell's prophetic “1984,” the “Ministry of Truth” was charged with changing history to back up the government's lies. The “hero” of the story was in charge of rewriting history until it became just too much for him and he rebelled. Apparently, that's the way it is under Obama, who has just appointed a “transparency czar,” whose principal responsibility will be to LIE to the populace while swearing what she allows in the media to be the truth. Janice Jacobs, the newly appointed czar (an extra legal position not allowed under any law, meaning it is ILLEGAL) made a sizable “donation” (bribe) to Hillary Clinton ($2700.00). That her first job would be to decide which of Hillary's e-mails to be released is ludicrous. But that's “government,” as we know it, today. Critics jumped on her bribe (“contribution”), saying she was exactly the WRONG person to be in charge of this. But under Obama, she's PERFECT. She would have to be DEDICATED to promoting everything Obama wants in order to be appointed (without approval of Congress). State Department “officials” say that “contribution” (bribe) is not important, and will have nothing to do with her performance in this job. WRONG! As usual, liberals are SAYING something that's a LIE and expecting us to believe it. That's one of their common scams as the “con artists in charge.” (Washington Examiner)

Already A Martyr

Gay leaders are now saying, “we don't want to make her a martyr,” speaking about the Kentucky County clerk that has been jailed for refusing to issue a “marriage” license to two gay men. Too late. She already IS a martyr. Not to bigotry, but against the unconstitutionality of putting her in jail for refusing to bend on her religious principles. An ignorant court, which apparently has never heard of, or read the Constitution, found her in contempt for clinging to her religious beliefs, which is patently against the Constitution, and everything this country has ever stood for. There are other ways around her refusal without punishing her for her religious beliefs and acting on them. But apparently the gay zealots wouldn't be satisfied with using them. They want to PUNISH her, and they found a court that would go along with it, unconstitutional as it is. There should be a way to remove judges who so obviously violate the Constitution, for cause. (The Blaze)