Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trump Din't Say It!

But it's true. Obama is a “closet Muslim.” Maybe not a “CLOSET” Muslim, because he has said it, himself, on occasion, on live TV. I remember once hearing him say, “I'm not the ardent Muslim youth I was.” Or words to that effect. But Donald Trump didn't correct an audience member who said Obama was a Muslim, which tells me a lot about his opinion, even though nobody can attribute it TO him. Tell me Trump is not a politician. The Republicans just don't realize what a GEM they have in Donald Trump. He has proven himself by beating every other Republican candidate they can come up with, and by a large margin, while also beating the top DEMOCRAT candidate handily.

They refused to embrace Ronald Reagan, too, for the same reasons, They're AFRAID of him—and they're right to be. Reagan “upset many applecarts” and so will Trump when he is elected president. Reagan did many good things for this country, and so will Trump. If they do something to “scuttle” his chances on a procedural basis, they'll be sorry, because that will mean another eight years of Democrat “rule,” because then any election will be close enough to allow their chicanery and they will STEAL the election, AGAIN, even if Trump doesn't run as an independent. (Mail News)

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