Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking Stupid Pills

The Republican Black Caucus just voted to keep financing the mass murder of innocent babies in the womb. They don't care that it's “infanticide.” Just as Germans didn't really care that Nazis were murdering Jews by the millions. Hillary has expressed APPROVAL of Planned Parenthood, after ADMITTING she had seen NONE of the videos abut it's crimes Then there's “global warming” (under whatever new name AlGore is calling it these days to more easily fool the fools). Anybody who thinks “man-made global warming” is something to worry about is a FOOL who ignores SOLID scientific evidence it's a swindle. Not the “consensus” of scientists Gore cites. Science isn't subject to a “consensus.” Science recognizes what IS, from convincing evidence. That's it. They don't get a vote.

People who believe these things shouldn't be in ANY position of power, any time. That includes Obama, and every member of Congress who agrees, as well as the Pope, who also (along with Obama and most Democrats, and some Republicans) thinks socialism is better than the free market. They're too stupid to get out of their own way. If we don't get rid of these FOOLS, they're going to bankrupt this country for their own purposes. Watch closely. Since I specifically mentioned the “Black Caucus” here, not to mention the truthfulness of the statement, I will be accused of racism and my main point will be ignored. Then there are the fools who refuse to credit the importance of doing what's necessary (whatever that is) to destroy the Islamic terrorists before they come here and create “blood in the streets (some ours, most theirs—we're not as easy as the rest of the world). (Reason Magazine)

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