Saturday, September 26, 2015

Releasing Another Terrorist

Abdul Shalabi was a bodyguard for bin Laden. He used the Pope's visit as cover, so there would be less attention paid to this release of a terrorist murderer. He was also a bodyguard for Kalid Sheik Mohammed, one of the architects of 9/11. The Bush administration thought Mohammed was “too dangerous” to release. But that didn't faze Obama. He let him go, anyway. What does Obama think Shalabi is going to do now? Take up needlepoint? Go to work for Colonel Sanders? No—he's going to go right back to killing innocent people. This article didn't say anything about Obama's REASONING for releasing this Islamic killer, but I'd bet it's a doozy if he ever tells us. Obama is slowly emptying the prisons where we're holding Islamic terrorists instead of punishing them for their crimes against humanity. He's HELPING a lot in their “cause.” When are the “powers that be” going to “wise up” and get rid of this guy by putting him in prison for treason? Probably never. They probably agree with him—which is why they “put in the fix” to get him elected, and stay elected. (Freedom Outpost)

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