Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Listen to Rush!

That’s Obama’s order to “conservatives” if they want to get along with him. That tells me Rush is the MOST effective conservative commentator there is, and that Obama is AFRAID of him. That’s good. I wish he’d tell people not to listen to ME. That would tell me I’m actually being heard. Of course, the “conservatives” he told this are RINOs (Republicans in name only). People who want the world to THINK they’re conservatives, but who vote with the liberals most of the time. People like John McCain. Even HILLARY claims to be conservative, when anybody with any intelligence at all knows she’s further left than even OBAMA. What these people want us to believe is amazing to me. But since most people don’t pay attention to politics, they WILL believe them. (News Max)

The Biggest Government Swindle

When they print money, the way they’re doing for the “great giveaway” known as the “bailout,” where they give trillions of dollars to those “eeevil” corporations they formerly blamed for all our problems, they make ALL money in circulation worth less. I repeat. It makes ALL money now in circulation worth LESS. It’s like someone putting his hand in your pocket and removing SOME of your money. ALL money will then BUY less, and you will need to demand more of it from your employer. Then after giving YOU more, he will have to demand more from his customers, who will then have to demand more from THEIR employers, who will have to demand more from their customers, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum. It’s a “hidden tax” on EVERYBODY that they can’t blame on politicians because no new tax was passed into law. And nobody (who isn’t paying attention or knows nothing about economics) knows why his money doesn’t buy as much any more. This is how the government steals your money without you knowing. And they’re doing it today by the TRILLIONS. They blame “the wage-price spiral” for inflation, but the “wage-price spiral” is a SYMPTOM of inflation, not the cause of it. The ONLY cause of inflation IS the government printing more and more money with nothing valuable behind it. If you notice NOTHING about politics, know this. So you won’t fall for their inflationary swindles. Wikipedia talks about “increases in the money supply.” Sounds innocent, doesn’t it? But that simply MEANS the government has printed more money. (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pelosi: Killing Unborn Infants "Good for the Ecnomy"

She says that every new person living in the United States adds to the “burden of government.” Of course, this is a purely socialist opinion, and by saying it she reveals her socialist thinking. What she’s forgetting is that the fewer people who are born will be fewer voters in the future; fewer people to buy things and improve the economy with their earned money. Fewer people to buy homes and pay taxes; fewer people to invest in profit-making, thus employment-creating projects. How do stupid people like this get in powerful positions in our government? She’s a DEMOCRAT. For Democrats, failure is a resume enhancement. She’s so stupid she makes a GOOD Democrat. This even horrified Obama! He removed this part of his "stimulus (pork) bill" as soon as she said it. (Just common sense)

Obama Kills 17 Terrorists

Anybody who thought Obama would “end” the war on terror immediately upon becoming president, just forget it. The evidence? Americans sent a “drone” aircraft into Pakistan and killed 17 terrorists (good riddance). He’ll probably claim the raid was a “carryover order” from the Bush administration that he didn’t know about until too late. Just as he will blame Bush for the economic downturn the Democrats CREATED, and who made it worse with every action or statement since, just because they were able to do so during Bush’s administration. Karzai says the raid killed "civilians," which is a LOAD. TERRORISTS are "civilians," and how do you tell the difference? Maybe he said that because he is "negotiating" with the Taliban and didn't want to make them mad. (Yahoo News/AP)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fired for Excellence

A high school basketball team won a game 100 to nothing. Obviously because of the excellence of the coach’s training and strategy. So the school fired him for “embarrassing” the other team. This is something that’s going to happen more and more as the liberals consolidate their control over all facets of our lives and continue to punish excellence while propping up mediocrity. Propping up mediocrity is one of their basic scams and those who go against it will suffer. (Fox News)

Obama Seeks GOP Help?

That’s what the headline says, and that’s a LOAD! Likely that’s the only part of the news item most Americans will see. Obama knows that. Yes, he’s meeting with “selected” Republicans (RINOs) and “allowing” them to make suggestions. Will he take these suggestions? Probably not. What will happen is he MIGHT include a couple of small GOP ideas so he can say, “See, see! Bipartisanship!” But you can bet the biggest number of ideas in there will be his, or those of other liberals. The whole purpose of the meeting is to get Republicans to agree to HIS ideas and convince Americans that he is “talking to Republicans.” It’s all “window dressing,” folks. It’s “smoke and mirrors” designed to continue to fool Americans. He recently had a meeting with “conservative leaders” that didn’t include Rush Limbaugh, the TOP “conservative leader. The one all others aspire to be. He wants to be able to say WHO is a “conservative leader” so he can say “conservative leaders agree with me.” Typical Obama swindle.(Yahoo News/AP)

Obama Shows His Ignorance (Again)

One of his very first interviews is with an Arab network, and his message is, “We’re NOT your enemy.” But we ARE their enemy, as long as they continue to kill Americans and other innocent people. Not ALL Arabs, of course. Just those who are murdering us. And not just Arabs. ALL Islamic terrorists from wherever. We will continue to be their enemy as long as they continue to kill us. The longer they kill us, the more we will be their enemy, and if we don’t soon find out that the only way to stop them is to KILL them, we’re going to lose. They will not have won, we will have ALLOWED them to win. (Yahoo News/AP)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Bashing Obama"

That’s what I do: “bash” socialist idiots. Some people criticize me for “not giving Obama a chance.” A chance to do what? Socialize my country? Create a socialized medicine program similar to that in Canada, where you can wait MONTHS to even SEE a doctor, even in emergencies? Where a “faceless bureaucrat” with NO medical training gets to say whether or not you even HAVE a medical emergency? Where it is to the “payer’s” advantage that you die while waiting so they don’t have to pay for your medical treatment, rather than our present system where it is to the doctor’s advantage to keep you alive so you can pay your bill? Maybe like Cuba, where they have a “two-tier” system where people like Fidel Castro and his friends get top-drawer medical treatment while the rest of the people get lousy treatment? How about like England, where they keep patients waiting in ambulances for HOURS waiting for the emergency room to “get to them” because the minute they go through the door they must be seen within four hours (a bureaucratic edict that has nothing to do with reality)? Is it any wonder why I “bash” Obama and the rest of the Democrats, who have similar plans? (Just common sense)

Terrorists Are "Mothers and Fathers"

That's Rosie O'Donnell's opinion. When she was on "The View," she said, "Faith or fear, that's your choice. You can walk through life believing in the goodness of the world, or walk through life afraid of anyone who thinks different than you and trying to convert them to your way of thinking." I got news for you, Rosie. Yes, they're "mothers and fathers," and they're teaching their children to hate anybody who does not believe as they do, and sending them out to kill them, even BE killed in the attempt. You can't convert anybody to your way of thinking if their FIRST desire is to kill you. What I'd like to do is put Rosie in a room with one of them, with no protection, and see if she continues to think the same way--for as long as she lives, which won't be long. (News Busters)

"Leading From the Middle"

Obama makes many impossible statements and expects us to believe them. He and his apostles must really think we’re stupid. Maybe we are. We elected him president, didn’t we? (I don’t include myself in that crowd; I didn’t vote for him.) How do you “lead from the middle?” Being “in the middle” means you are listening to people from both sides and doing what everybody says. That’s not LEADING. It’s COMPROMISE. And compromise is NOT leadership. In any case, don’t believe a word of it. Obama is NOT going to “lead from the middle.” He’s going to “lead from the extreme left” and lead us to economic and social disaster if we don’t stop him. Don’t listen uncritically to anything he, or his apostles say. He has already been declared “the best president in history” after only a few hours in office. That should tell you a lot about his adherents and their opinions. (IBD Editorials)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Former GITMO Inmate Back to Killing

A former GITMO detainee who was released is now in Yemen (where the U. S. Cole was bombed killing many U. S. sailors). This proves my contention that if you release these murderers, they will find their way back into the “war on terror” (on the terrorist’s side, of course). This guy isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, as Obama sets about reversing everything Bush tried to do, good or bad, and kills a lot of people in the process. (Yahoo News/AP)

Ask Wesley Snipes

Can everybody now claim “they forgot” to pay their taxes for years and say “I’m sorry” and be forgiven? No, unless you’re a Democrat “favorite.” Actor Wesley Snipes is apparently not. He is in prison for tax evasion. Or Al Capone, who was finally “nabbed” on a tax charge. How about Leona Helmsley, the hated hotel owner who was jailed for tax charges? How about you? Or me? We’d go to jail instantly if we did what he did. Bet on it. But he is an “Obama favorite,” so he will no doubt be confirmed to actually RUN the IRS, the very agency that enforces tax laws!. Wanna bet the guy who gave him a hard time in the past will have a very short career? Look for this kind of thing to happen regularly in a Democrat-controlled government. (Yahoo News)

Iraq Ready for Troops to Leave

Predictably, As soon as Obama gets in office, the news media begins its DEMOCRAT-loaded campaign to get our troops out of Iraq, even if it means the death of millions, as our pullout meant in Viet Nam (another pullout engineered by liberals). Obama says he won’t pull them out immediately, but I’d bet it won’t take him long, if this announcement means anything. (Yahoo News/AP)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Anti-Annoyance Law"

It’s a law ANYBODY can use to annoy others, simply by DEFINING what they do as being “annoying,” and the cop they cal can make a SUBJECTIVE decision as to whether or not a law has been violated. Such laws SHOULD be unconstitutional, but they’re not. They’re good tools for politicians to shut people up and get rid of people who criticize them. People who criticize ME “annoy” me. Could I use this law to shut them up if I wanted to? (Common Sense)

This Is Child Protection

“In September, an HSLDA [Home School Legal Defense Association –RT] member family in Sinton was visited by a social worker who had a list of allegations an anonymous tipster had called in. The list included that the family homeschools, that the children are sent to bed ‘really early’ and do not play with neighbor kids, and that there are firearms in the home.” All things that are legal to intelligent persons. In this case this “dastardly family” sent their kids to bed too early and they must be punished! They also homeschooled their kids and had firearms in the house! (Last I heard, there was a constitutional protection for “guns in the house”) That’s the opinion of the “child protectors.” How stupid ARE they? They also punish parents for “grounding” their children for “acting out,” and for other things parents do to be able to control their children. Thus, they “send a message” to your kids that their parents have NO authority over them and they can do as they wish. That all they have to do is “drop a dime (now a quarter) on their parents if they don’t like the way they’re being punished and the “child protectors” will take care of it. Then, when they predictably get in trouble, they (the “child protectors”) want to blame the parents. This will ultimately destroy parental authority over their children. But that’s what the “child protectors” are after. Then their parents cannot object when their schools brainwash them to believe socialism is a “good thing” (as one of my nephews told me one day). (HSLDA)

From Peter to Paul to Peter

What out esteemed Democrats are doing is “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul” so Paul can pay Peter. It creates NO new wealth. It only moves existing money around. It’s like the “three shell game” where you have to figure out which shell the pea is under. Lower taxes, creating INCENTIVE to do new business, DOES create new wealth. How STUPID are our Democrat (and Republican) politicians not to know that? I’m not even an economist and I can figure it out. It's all a "dog and pony show to convince us that they’re “doing something.” (Just common sense)

Does Iraq Make Bush a "Failed President?"

Not in the slightest. Iraq is a “bad war” only in the imagination of certain liberals, to whom ANY war is a “bad war.” Makes me wonder what they’d do if I walked up and punched one of them in the nose. He’d probably hit me back. Remember, these are the same people who think a CRIMINAL, who doesn’t OBEY laws, will obey one that says he can’t be armed. These are the people who want to HURT “big business,” but who are giving big business BILLIONS of dollars to keep them from going OUT of business, in a “tacit admission” that “big business” making money is important to the rest of us (something they’ll deny to their dying day). Remember: If Bush did nothing else right (and he did many things right), he kept us safe for his entire time in office after 9/11. The terrorists were NOT able to attack us on our own ground again after 9/11. They were too busy keeping their rear-ends from being shot off in Iraq and Afghanistan. (One News Now/Larry Elder)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ramos & Compean Free

Which is okay. But I’m still disappointed in George Bush. Why did he wait so long? Why did he not simply pardon them? I’m glad they’re going to be no longer in prison with all the scum of the earth. But as released felons they can never again work in law enforcement, nor in any job worth having unless employers are able to see beyond the fact they’re felons and consider the fact they were “railroaded” into prison on the testimony of a drug smuggler. Even Rush Limbaugh says they “tried to cover up the shooting,” which is incorrect. Their supervisor was ON SCENE and knew exactly what was going on, yet he still allowed them to be imprisoned on the word of a drug smuggler. A pardon would have cleared them completely and they could go on with their lives. But NO! He simply commuted their sentences and left them to fend for themselves, crippled by the label, “felon.” (Breitbart)

Obsessing Over Obama

I’m ashamed of the media. I haven’t seen such a sickening case of obsession in my lifetime. Not even when Clinton was inaugurated the first time. It’s SICKENING the way the news media fawns over Obama and his inauguration (or coronation, actually). The inauguration is today (Tuesday) and they’ve been “wall-to-wall inauguration” since Friday. I’m trying to ignore tha hoopla, but you can’t. It’s on every station, even some that are only “sometimes” news stations. I’m having to watch “House” reruns to avoid it. Such complete admiration is what creates dictators from properly elected “rulers” such as Adolph Hitler. Hitler was properly elected, then went on to make a dictator of himself while he tried to take over the world. Obama won’t have as much trouble as Adolph did because as America’s president, he is the most powerful politician in the world. Hitler was only the dictator of a small country. I’ll be watching carefully and if he starts proposing things that can make him a dictator, I’ll be the first to notice and shout it to the rooftops (for all the good it’ll do). I’ll also probably be one of the first to be “silenced” when his troops notice me. (Just common sense)

A "Hard Sell"

It must be hard to try and swindle the populace about “global warming” as temperatures drop to record cold levels all over the world. What amazes me is AlGore is still saying even extreme COLD temperatures are “sure evidence” of man-made global warming. Boy, does he think we’re STUPID! He’s still out there promoting his swindle, telling crowd after crowd (at high speaking fees, of course) that man-made global warming IS real, despite the evidence of their eyes and bodies as they shiver (He has schools FORCING children to watch his propaganda movie and forcing their parents to watch it, too, on pain of bad grades for their children). He brands ANYBODY who disagrees with him as “the fringe” and stupid. But it is those who BUY his swindle that are stupid. He’s made MILLIONS from this swindle, and he intends to make millions more from the gullible of society. (Yahoo News/AP)

Throwing Rocks At a Brick Wall

I’m frustrated. I’ve spent many years trying to wake people up to the danger they’re in from the collectivists who are running most of their lives (even now) and are moving us ever faster toward a complete socialist (collectivist) society every day. I bring them fact after fact, and it’s like throwing rocks at a mountain. Nobody, not even the guilty, even notices. Nobody even ANSWERS my charges, like they’re not worth noticing OR answering. My own NEPHEW thinks, “socialism in Europe is a good thing.” I tell him all about how Europe is dying without our help, and he isn’t listening. My own BROTHER, who started me down this road, isn’t interested in what I’m saying. I talk about the reason why America, in less than 300 years, has surpassed societies thousands of years old, and it just “bounces off” them. What’s WRONG with people? (Just common sense)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration: 575 Million Lbs. of Co2

“Everybody knows” Obama’s will be the “most green” administration in history—but that’s AFTER the inauguration, which will pump 575 MILLION pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere (of course, intelligent people know carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant; plants need it to stay alive, and so do we, since plants breath it in and exhale OXYGEN) But Obama, Gore, and their apostles think we don’t understand that. We’re too stupid. (The “Chilling Effect”)

Bin Laden Silent (Really)

The Islamic terrorists released yet another AUDIO tape purporting to have been made by Osama bin Laden, but which wasn’t. Not in the last few years, at least. Do they really think they’re fooling us? Making us believe Osama is still alive when we have not seen, nor heard from him in a provable manner since we bombed a cave he was hiding in years ago? I’d say this tape was made before that time and archived until now. References to Obama and the economic slowdown could have been (and probably were) added by Photoshop and an imitator. I hope they some day “get smart” and abandon their efforts to fool the world about his death. I’m really getting tired of their transparent attempts to insult our intelligence. (Yahoo News)

Surprise, Surprise!

An Auto company exec says the automakers “may need” (edit that: “WILL need”) more government money. They’ll have their hands out as long as the government will put money in them, as will bankers and other lenders, governors, mayors, and any and all other beggars who come before Congress trying to prove they are the most needy. Is anybody surprised? Outside of the gullible politicians who dole out OUR money to buy votes, that is. I predict that these beggars will be back, time and time again, as long as they can con money out of somebody (usually this gullible government). (One News Now)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why I'm NOT a Republican

That’s what Rush Limbaugh says whenever liberals accuse him of “carrying water” for Republicans, and he’s right. Just as ANYBODY who thinks Israel is justified in attacking Hamas is accused of “carrying water” for Israel is wrong, it’s only in the minds of liberals that he is. Anybody who opposes either of them is “carrying water” for the other side, according to them. I’m a "rational INDIVIDUALIST," not a Republican. Nor am I a Libertarian, although they are pretty close to what I am. I'm damn sure not a Democrat. Liberals ignore people’s right to think for themselves, and for us to do so is “carrying water” to them. That’s a good scam. It works on many people, though it’s just stupid to people who are intelligent. (Just common sense)

Ignoring the Obvious Cure

Obama says the recession “could linger for years” if he doesn’t “pump money into the economy” with a “stimulus package,” much like Bush did, with no results. This is Keynesian economics, a system that has been proved wrong for many years, that government spending and DEFICIT spending can stop economic downturns. He refuses to learn from history, that every time you REDUCE taxes (as John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush did, which INCREASED the "tax take" each time, in Reagan's case almost DOUBLING it), allowing investors to KEEP more of their money. So they will invest it in projects that will not only create MORE taxable income, thus INCREASING the “tax take,” PLUS creating MORE JOBS. This is the “cure” that is obvious to most intelligent people, but not to Democrats, and especially not to socialists, which Obama IS. (Yahoo News/AP)

Believing in Santa Claus

Some comic strips get it right whether or not they know it. This strip, “The Knight Life,” is too new in our newspaper for me to figure out the artist’s political leanings, but after seeing this strip, I think he’s not a big Obama fan. Basically, this strip says people who idolize Obama also believe in Santa Claus--which is right on. (The Knight Line)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mexico May Fail

Will we bail them out? Are they “too big to fail?” We’ve been sending them money for years. Now they need more? Will we soon be “bailing out” every nation in the world? It’s called, “Foreign Aid,” I hear. But now they want more. They’re in line with the rest of the beggars who want to prove they’re the most needy. Will they get some? Probably, with a fool like Obama in office. (News Max)

Sea Ice Plentiful

Again showing AlGore’s lies on global warming. It is at the same level as it was in 1979, putting the lie to AlGore’s swindle, yet again. Of course, Gore will say this is “further evidence of global warming.” That this is impossible is lost on him. What amazes me is that this man rose to the second-most powerful office in the land. He really must have a powerful politician in his corner. (Daily Tech)

They Wish, They Hope

CNN is saying “Sarah Palin has “fallen from grace.” “CNN, in a year in review story entitled ‘Politicians who fell from grace in 2008,’ listed the top eight politicians who found 2008 to be a ‘career-buster’ because of their crimes, misdemeanors and outrageous controversies.” WHAT “crimes, misdemeanors or outrageous controversies? How stupid do they think the American people are? Sarah Palin is our best hope in 2012, and that scares the hell out of Democrats (liberals). That’s because she is an unabashed conservative and is proud of it. The last unabashed conservative to be president was Reagan. He won TWO elections in landslides and finally ended the “cold war” with Russia by whipping them badly. He showed it could be done. His administration changed this nation (in ways the liberals hate). They don’t want another Reagan in the presidency. The Democrat (liberal) party might not survive it, so they hate her with fervency once accorded Reagan and more recently to Bush (though he didn’t deserve it, since he was no conservative). Any “crimes, misdemeanors of controversies” are only in CNN’s mind. Gawd, it amazes me how the liberal media tries to twist the news to their own making! (One News Now)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Toldja So!

Terrorists having been released from Gitmo have “returned to the fight” and swelled the ranks of “martyrs” killing Americans and others. I predicted this when they started releasing people who amount to “prisoners of war” but who can’t claim it because they represent NO government and wear no uniform. During WWII, such people were declared “spies” and shot. That’s what should have happened to these people. When they close Gitmo (as Obama has promised to do) they’ll have to either put them in another facility (which the liberals will want to close) or release them to go back to killing people as they were doing when caught. (Yahoo News/Reuters)

They're Only Mad At Israel

The “Arab world” is “up in arms” at Israel’s retaliation against Hamas for their incessant rocket bombing of Israel. Nobody said a word while Hamas was bombing Israel, but they’re demonstrating in the streets after Israel (rightly) retaliated in an attempt to get rid of the Hamas ability to rocket bomb them. Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with Hamas killing Israelis with daily rocket bombs, but they don’t want anybody to die on THEIR side. This is insanity for people (mostly the liberal press) in this country to echo what the “Arab Street” is saying. I’m sure Israel has been somewhat "heavy-handed" in their dealings with Palestinians, with good reason. But I think Palestinians should not underestimate the intelligence of Americans. (Just common sense)

Al Franken WAS A Good Comedian

But a lousy politician. He can’t win an election without swindling the public with the help of his Democrat friends on the election board and in the Minnesota Supreme court, who throw out votes that are obviously for Norm Coleman. I would be laughing uproariously at his antics if the result would not be yet another Democrat insisting Republicans “reach across the aisle” and agree with Democrats. If he finally wins, his will be just one more vote for Democrat attempts to make this a socialist nation. (Yahoo News/AP)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Franken Tries to "Get Around" Election Law

He tried to get the governor or Secretary of State to sign a certificate naming him as the winner of the election, despite the fact that his opponent’s lawsuit is still in play. Maybe he ought to get it, based on his effort. He took a losing election and became a winner by “finding” votes that never existed. Some votes were in excess of the number of voters in the districts in which they were “found,” but nobody seems to have noticed. If Franken does win, I’m sure he won’t be the first senator to steal an election, but he will be the best-known one. (News Max)

This is Socialized Medicine

"Dad-of-two Stewart Fleming grips his head in pain as he waits to be seen in A&E [Emergency Room. –RT]--but he died after being ignored for SIX hours. Clearly suffering, Stewart was clutching a note from his doctor saying he must be seen IMMEDIATELY. But the railway signalman, 37, was left to die as a deadly virus ravaged his body and one by one his organs collapsed. He was not admitted until six hours after arriving at the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham, Kent, by which time it was too late. An infection had taken hold of his heart, liver and kidneys and specialists were unable to treat the disease." This is what you can expect if we ever get socialized medicine in this country. The government, which is the “single-payer” in such a scheme, has a financial incentive in your death. Under private-paid medicine, the doctor has a financial incentive in your RECOVERY. Not so with a government-payer system. Further, if medical care is FREE, more people will use emergency rooms as they formerly used doctor’s offices, going there for the smallest of maladies. Soon they will not be able to get into one for a LONG time, and if they fie waiting, that’s good for the government’s pocketbook. (The Sun)

Typically UN

They passed a resolution saying they’re going to put one of their units between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists in the Palestine territories. They decry Israel’s RESPONSE to the Hamas attacks. But they say not a word about the Hamas attacks. This is an obvious double standard for this “world government wannabe” outfit. If they DO put their people in between, I’d BET they’ll let Palestinian terrorists do as they wish, while stopping Israel from retaliation (if they can). (Just common sense)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israel Depicted as "The Bully"

Never mind they have suffered daily rocket bombing from Hamas, or have suffered Hamas-sponsored suicide bombings all the time. When they FINALLY hit back, “they’re the bully” in the piece, according to our incompetent liberal media. When are the incompetent liberal media going to get it? Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations have sworn to “push Israel into the sea” and are trying daily to accomplish it. The fact that they are incompetent to do it doesn’t seem to matter to our liberal media. They see things the way they WANT to see them, and that is to push socialism on us any way they can. (One News Now)

Not a Word About "Gun Control"

Many cities have had reductions in homicides; some that have tight gun laws, others with looser ones. But all gave as the cause of the reduction, “more or less gang activity.” Not a word about their “gun control laws.” What this proves it that gun control laws make NO DIFFERENCE in the violent crime rates. “Gang activity” is ALWAYS with ILLEGAL guns. I don’t think a gang member has EVER had a license for his gun (or guns). Some credit “more police activity,” and they might be right, in some cases. But more guns in the hands of responsible, honest people to allow them to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-ARMED criminals would mean an even larger drop in gun violence and murders by guns, though not by other means. People who want to kill will kill, whether or not guns are available. Tight gun laws do NOT cause violent crime to “go away.” Because criminals do not obey ANY laws, much less those that say they can’t be armed. In fact, if guns miraculously disappeared tomorrow, they’d find ways to kill and maim, as they did before guns were invented. (Yahoo News/AP)

Tracking Bailout Money "Difficult"

Of course it is; how else can you bilk the American people out of billions (trillions?) of dollars without being caught? The “financial meltdown” was originally designed to simply ensure the election of a Democrat president. It was started by Jimmy Carter (Democrat) and a Democrat Congress (a law to FORCE lenders to lend money they KNEW would never be repaid, on pain of law), later strengthened by another Democrat, Bill Clinton, with the agreement of another Democrat Congress, and put into action by yet another Democrat Congress, by “pulling the plug” on their “safety valve,” Fannie and Freddie (who bought up those bad loans). It worked beyond their wildest dreams, and Bush “bit,” by suggesting the $700 billion “bailout” of the financial industry, which has now become a bailout of the entire business world. What do they gain? Support from those “evil corporations” they pretend to detest, as well as getting some of that money back, putting it into their own pockets. The money is ‘difficult to trace” because they DESIGNED it that way. Now they’re gaily throwing money around to everybody who supports them, and none who don’t. Bankers did, auto makers didn’t (until they saw they must to get any money). The whole system is designed to keep people from ever finding all the money that has been “thrown around.” (Money News)

Al-Jazeera in America

The photo caption in a recent news magazine said, "Washington-based Al Jazeera anchors Ghida Fakhry [An apt name. -RT] and Dave Marash are assisted with their microphones as they prepare for a live news bulletin on the first day of Al Jazeera's International English language service from Washington November 15, 2006. Arabic television station Al Jazeera launched an English-speaking channel on Wednesday to report world news from a Middle East perspective and challenge the dominance of Western media." "World news from a Middle-Eastern perspective." What does that mean? It means anti-West, pro-terrorist propaganda, and now emanating from an American base. They think they're going to "challenge the dominance of Western media." Didn't "Air America" try to do that before they went bankrupt? Any cable company that carries this propaganda machine should have its collective head examined.(Reuters)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recipe for GOP Success

One News Now goes on and on about how the GOP can regain their former prominence: "A House Republican leader says the only way his party can find its 'way out of the wilderness' is to renew its commitment to a strong defense, limited government, and traditional moral values." That’s the long way of saying they need to run as “proud conservatives,” and govern that way when they get elected. Reagan did, and he won TWICE in two landslides. He had one of the most successful presidencies in recent years (no matter what the Democrats say). He lowered taxes and almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” He destroyed communism in the Soviet Union. How much more can Republicans ignore this and pretend to be Democrats (They call it “centrist”)? They need to be what they ARE, and demand that DEMOCRATS “reach across the aisle.” That’s the way to WIN elections. (One News Now)

Playing the "Race Card"

The Illinois official Blogojevich appointed to replace Barack Obama is now “playing the race card” as if the ONLY reason why Congress would refuse to seat him is because he’s black (How stupid is THAT?). But that crap doesn’t work any more, now that we have a black president. Apparently he thinks since it has worked before, it’ll work in his case. I don’t think so. I don’t care if he’s PURPLE. If Blogo appointed him out of spite, he should not be seated, and I’d say that, no matter what color he is. Actually, I’m INSULTED by his attempt. I’m not stupid enough to buy that crap. Yes, he’s as “qualified” as Obama was, but his appointment is in question, not because he’s black, but because he was appointed by a governor who is “under a cloud.” (Did Burris win the auction Blago was holding for the seat?) Is Burris really so stupid as to think people will believe this? This country is way beyond that. But apparently Burris isn't smart enough to know that. If they can prove nothing against Blago, there should be no reason not to seat him. (World Net Daily)

Stock Response

Politicians are well known for ignoring the voters after they get elected. Mostly they do it by hiring a bunch of clerks to read their mail and sending back a form letter than does NOT address the concerns in the voter’s letter and counting the letter answered. That’s why I never bother to send letters or e-mails to politicians, nor call them on the phone. They also have people to answer phones and “deal” with callers. The politicians never get to hear what the voter says. He/she only gets a “synopsis” for or against an issue. If you have a specific concern, he/she never knows it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stealing an Election

Al Franken lost in Minnesota until they “discovered” new votes, most of which were for him. But the very amount of “typos” dwarfs the number ever found before, in ANY state election: "As the inestimable economist John Lott pointed out, the ‘corrections’ in the Senate race generated more new votes for Franken than all the votes added by corrections in every race in the entire state -- presidential, congressional, state house, sanitation commissioner and dogcatcher -- combined." And nobody seems to care. Not on the Democrat side, anyway. Franken knows “the fix is in” because he is acting like the “senator-elect” and is confidently predicting victory. Maybe because he provided the necessary number of new votes. They SAID Bush stole the 2000 election, but he didn’t. He merely insisted the law be followed. Franken is insisting it NOT be followed if it wins him the seat. The biggest joke around is if this incompetent comedian becomes a senator. (Human Events)

Pakistani Confesses Mumbai Attack

That’s a PAKISTANI, not Pakistan. Just as most of the 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia. It is not the country from whence they came that is important; it is the people involved. Two suspects are in custody in Pakistan, and are said to be members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a “banned” militant group SAID to have been started by Pakistani intelligence agents to battle Indian-rule in Kashmir, a Himalayan region claimed by Pakistan and India (they have been banned in Pakistan). Of course, none of this has been proven yet, and hopefully these men will not be used as “scapegoats” by India with a case based on rumor and innuendo. If they’re guilty, and it is PROVEN, they should be speedily put to death. (Yahoo News/AP)

One Picture

It really amazes me how Michael Ramirez, editorial cartoonist for the Investor’s Business Daily can say so much in one cartoon. The one linked below puts AlGore’s swindle about global warming in its place. (Michael Ramirez/IBD Editorials)

"Experience Issues"

The liberals are saying both Sarah Palin and (Princess) Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg have “experience issues.” But that’s a load. (Princess) Caroline does. She’s never done ANYTHING beyond lending her name to charities; something most rich people do so they can THINK they’re doing something important with their idle time. Sarah, on the other hand, has been a councilperson, a mayor, and subsequently a governor and in charge of billions of tax dollars, which she has managed well. They’re a “bit miffed” that Princess Caroline wants the “family seat” in Washington after Hillary vacates it. But they’re still LIVID at Sarah because she’s an unashamed conservative who would have won the presidential election EASILY if she had not been “pulled down” by a “wishy-washy” Republican in name only, John McCain. Update: The Democrats seem to have decided to give "Princess Caroline" the "family seat" anyway, in spite of her "experience issues." Seems like the only "experience" required for that seat is your name being Kennedy or Clinton. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let 'Em Die

If you’re not a trained medical person, and you see somebody in a burning car, do you pull them out or just let them die? The latter, according to California law today. When I was a paramedic, EVERYBODY who tried to help someone in such circumstances were covered by the “Good Samaritan Law.” So nobody had to worry about being sued if they saved someone’s life, but left them paralyzed in the process. So now more people who aren’t medical professionals will NOT help those in distress, for fear of being sued. I predict the number of people who die in such cases will increase exponentially in the future. (Common Sense)

Recession Has Two Causes

“Lack of “consumer confidence” and the government printing money with nothing valuable behind it. It’s “just paper.” Lack of consumer confidence is simply, people AFRAID money will soon be in short supply and holding onto theirs, creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” Money then DOES become “in short supply” because they’re holding onto theirs. Then the government starts “printing money,” making every dollar already in existence worth less. It is, in effect, the government STEALING your money. Eventually, the “free market” brings things back to normal and politicians blame the “wage-price spiral” where workers discover their money doesn’t buy as much as it did and demand more money. Then their employers raise their prices and EVERYBODY pays more for EVERYTHING, causing yet another demand for higher wages, making everybody pay more for products, etc., etc. The “wage-price spiral” is a SYMPTOM of recession, not the cause. (Yahoo News/AP)

Taxing "Cow Farts"

The EPA has “defined” cow farts as “pollution” and at least one state is taxing cow farts. How they do it is to levy a tax on each animal on a farm while “estimating” how much gas each emits each day, which forms the basis of their “animal fart” tax. What about HUMAN farts? Are THEY pollution? How stupid is this government? Stupid enough to “define” CARBON DIOXIDE, which is ESSENTIAL to plant life, as a “pollutant” and using this As the basis for many new “pollution taxes.” The fact that without carbon dioxide we would all die doesn’t seem to be important to them. Plants “breathe it in” and exhale OXYGEN, which is essential to US. But try convincing the EPA of that! One day, the EPA will "define" BREATHING as a pollutant," and begin levying a "gas tax" on every individual living in the United States to collect it.(Just common sense)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are They Sending A Message?

This is about Atlanta police officer Raymond s. Bunn. "Officer Raymond S. Bunn has served his community and country with a clean record for years. He now needs your support. Bunn is married with five children and cannot risk being sent to prison for crimes that he did not commit. In 2002, Bunn fired two shots at a Chevy Tahoe SUV that was trying to run him down in a parking lot. Corey Ward, the driver, was hit once and died instantly. Bunn is being charged with murder, felony murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and violation of oath. Bunn was only trying to defend himself and his fellow officer.” Are the liberals trying to “send a message” that deadly force will not be allowed, even for police officers trying to do their jobs? I’d like to know what law officer Bunn violated in trying to save his own life, and that of his partner. Police procedure says this: “The regulation in effect for use of force in July 2002 for the Atlanta P.D. provided that "an employee shall only use necessary force against another person to effect an arrest, prevent an escape...or defend himself or another from physical assault." That’s what he was doing, as Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean were doing when they shot a smuggler in the rear end as he was escaping, and pointing something at them. Subsequently, this smuggler TESTIFIED against them at THEIR trial before being arrested later for the SAME crime. They’re now in prison for ten or more years for doing their jobs. Will this police officer be another example of how their employers will not only NOT support them, but will act AGAINST them for doing their jobs? If you want to help, go here: (Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund)

That Global Warming Swindle

“Lies, distortions, cover-ups and threats: It's standard operating procedure for the global warming industry: They've ruined careers, blacklisted respected scientists, and knowingly spread lies about dissenters. Global warming fanatics have even called for the imprisonment of skeptics and used government pressure to cut off rivals' funding." If their theories are so true, why do they need to do such things? Can’t AlGore’s swindle stand on its own? Or do they need to imprison skeptics as kings used to do (dictators still do)? Seems to me that if their theories were true, they’d just sit back and make their critics hang themselves. But(they know) their critics are right, and that won’t work. So they need to shut them up any way they can. This book tells you all about it and how AlGore and his accomplices have made millions promoting this swindle.(Red Hot Lies)

Perfect Truth

Some editorial cartoonists can quickly tell a lie in one picture, and others can tell the “perfect truth” the same way. Such is the case with Michael Ramirez, editorial cartoonist for the Investor’s Business Daily. In this one (December 29), he puts global warming firmly in its place. Of course, AlGore still insists that ANY extreme in temperature is "sure proof" of global warming. Boy! He sure must think we're stupid! Maybe some of us are; including George Bush, Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi, among other supposedly intelligent politicians who seem to have "bought" his swindle.. (IBD Editorials/Michael Ramirez)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Gun Control" Doesn't Work

It didn’t work in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India where TEN people killed HUNDREDS in a country with tight gun laws. It doesn’t work in Australia, which suffered a 300% INCREASE in gun violence after effectively BANNING guns. In America, we have periodical massacres, sometimes in schools, other times in churches and colleges. Some have been done with ILLEGAL guns; others with LICENSED guns. Nothing the anti-gun freaks have tried has worked. If someone wants to go on a shooting spree, he/she always seems able to get guns, legal or not. Whatever makes politicians think that the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves; or that criminals, who don’t obey laws, will obey one that says they can’t be armed, I don’t know. Stupidity, maybe? If the Columbine school principal (during their massacre) had had a gun and the will to use it when he peeked around a corner and watched one of the shooters firing into a room and could have “put a couple in him,” maybe the death toll wouldn’t have been so high. In Colorado Springs at a church, it was different. There was a female parishioner there who had been asked to bring her gun to services and act as a “part-time security agent.” She shot the shooter after only two deaths. So he killed himself, knowing it was “all over.” The point is, no amount of “gun control” has EVER been able to “control” guns. So why not allow innocent people to carry guns for self-defense? Maybe violent criminals will find something else to do if they can’t be sure their intended victims aren’t armed and ready to shoot THEM. What good are “gun laws” if they can’t get rid of guns? Only violent criminals meeting guns in the hands of their intended victims will lower gun violence. That’s an absolute. (Just common sense)

"Living Constitution?"

How stupid is that? Yet, even some Supreme Court Justices believe in it, because it gives them leave to “find” new rights that aren’t there. A “Living Constitution” means we have no Constitution at all if it can be changed at will by activist judges. It’s a scam to convince people that the Constitution is no longer the basis for the law of the land, and that it can be changed at will, no matter that the Constitution itself DICTATES how it can be changed. Ignoring the Constitution is very dangerous, but our politicians (among them judges and justices) use the "Living Constitution" scam to facilitate ignoring it. (Just common sense)

Was He Under Oath?

"It's a simple question, really, and one that any 1st year journalism student should be able to come up with after reading the Obama team's report that has the stunning admission that President-elect Obama was interviewed by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, as was Valerie Jarrett and Rahm Emanuel. Was Obama under oath when he answered questions? If so, that would raise the stakes significantly in the ongoing Blago probe, and where the tentacles lead next. But amazingly, mainstream media seems absolutely uninterested in the question, and is perfectly content to take the Obama team's absolving itself report at face value ("We investigated ourselves and found ourselves innocent")." This is so typical of the liberal media it wouldn’t even need mentioning if people were paying attention. (Hugh Hewitt)

Loser Should Pay

One of the worst tactics used by people who just want to “bankrupt” their opponents is to sue them. Even if they KNOW they can’t win. That’s because it will usually cost their enemies a LOT of money for lawyers and court costs, even if they DO lose. That has to change. Anybody can sue for anything, even if they KNOW they can’t win. Cities across the nation are pursuing spurious suits against arms manufacturers, knowing they can’t win, but with the goal of bankrupting them. With all the trial lawyers in Congress and the bureaucracy, I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime. But it is the BEST way to get rid of “spurious suits.” (IBD Editorials)