Friday, September 30, 2016

Clinton Vs. Cosby

They're making a “big thing” about Bill Cosby's sex escapades in the distant past, because most of it seems to have been accomplished through the use of drugs. The fact that none of his “victims” have said a word until ONE comes forward, and NONE of them have any CONCRETE proof, makes no difference. Most of them just want a big payday. Cosby has been “convicted" by the media and his career is ruined, even if he is never successfully prosecuted. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, had a similar history, maybe not by use of drugs, but he had sex with many women, some willingly, and others through forcible rape, and the media thinks he is “cute.” Similarly, not a peep out of any of them until ONE comes out and talks, again without any real evidence. That was destroyed the first time they took a shower after the rape His wife calls all his sex partners “bimbo eruptions” and is now running for president in her own right. If she wins, it will mean a “target rich” environment for Bill again. What's the difference between the two? One's name is Cosby and the other's name is Clinton. Nobody seriously “goes after” a Clinton, notwithstanding Bill lost his law license for five years and his campaign (us) paid a big fine for lying to Congress. Of course, that meant nothing to him, as he was making speeches for a LOT of money, not practicing law. The Clintons are “untouchable.” The fix is in. That has become obvious. (Just common sense)

"B-B-But....It Doesn't Matter!"

In Minnesota, a fool ran around in a shopping center stabbing people—until a legally-armed guy who happened to be there shot him to death. After that, he didn't stab any more people. And the anti-gun fools say that doesn't prove our point that legally armed people already there can STOP criminals from wantonly killing people. So what crystal ball vision do they use to come to that conclusion? It certainly DOES prove our point, which has been proven, over and over, in many places! They say it means nothing because he is a trained shooter. What the hell do they think we, and the NRA have been preaching and teaching forever? Somebody who gets a gun and doesn't learn how to use it is a danger to him/herself, and all those around him/her. They're right in that. And they're all around us. They call them “gang members and criminals) But the more law abiding trained shooters there are who are among us (that the “bad guys” don't know are there) the more often this is going to happen. What do they do when a bad guy starts killing people randomly? They call the trained guys with guns, who are often several minutes, maybe longer, away. Such a fool can hurt or kill many people in those few minutes. But an armed, TRAINED PERSON already there can “git 'er done” in an instant, saving many lives that would be lost while waiting for the cops to arrive. They say such situations are “rare.” But whose fault is THAT? (Breitbart)

Got It Wrong Again!

Two of the anti-gun fools most vocal recently in taking our right to self away, think the “gun lobby” is more like a “cult” than anything else. Which shows me where the “cult” appellation lies. It lies with them. There is certainly nothing that even approaches TRUTH in what they preach. For some reason, they completely IGNORE the fact that the “gun lobby” merely is protecting our constitutional RIGHT to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. What makes them think they can VIOLATE that august document that is the very BASIS of ALL our laws, is beyond me. I guess they're just stupid. They think making a LAW will stop criminals and other “bad guys” from getting guns, which, in itself, it a stupid idea. “Bad guys” don't OBEY laws. If the Founders had had the foresight to prescribe a PUNISHMENT for politicians stupid enough to PROPOSE a law that is patently unconstitutional, we may have not been subject to all the harassment that comes from these stupid people. Maybe. Or they'd still figure out a way to “get around it.” (Bill Moyers)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Complete Surrender to Thugs

That's what Los Angeles wants it's cops to do in the face of an armed suspect: “just run.” this is not the way to protect the citizens. Especially if this policy is announced. An armed thug will then know that all he has to do to dispense with a police presence is to show a gun. He will have WON. A commission on police activity says the cops should have “run away” last year when confronted with an “out of control” woman with a 9 inch knife, swinging it and shouting, “shoot me.” Turning to run would have presented her with a large target” the cop's BACK. It's a real shame when four civilian commission members with NO POLICE EXPERIENCE can “second-guess” cops on the scene who have only SECONDS to make a life or death decision. Such people are going to get a lot of cops killed because they're engendering hesitation on their part. That hesitation can cause their death in a world where criminal thugs go on “hunting expeditions” to kill cops. (Daily Caller)

Didn't Work. Do It Again!

In a good example of one of the major failings of the anti-gun fools, Australia is planning another “gun buyback,” even though the “big one” not only didn't do anything to stop “gun violence,” it caused a 300% INCREASE in gun violence. Now they're whining about all the “gun violence” since then, and planning another one. They say “Melbourne is in the grip of an unprecedented wave of gun violence.” Wait a minute! I thought getting rid of guns (which they almost did with their original “buyback” after a major shooting) would solve all their “gun violence” problems! What? It didn't? Maybe our anti-guin fools should take notice of that. But they won't. They'll do the same thing they did on the original buyback. Lie about it, and insist that it “solved the gun problem.” In spite of sure evidence it didn't (The Age)

The "Anti-Gun Hydra"

It has sprouted another head. Financed, of course, by billionaire, and former New York City Mayor Bloomberg. Who else? He's tried so hard to violate the Constitution and the basic right of Americans to self defense, and to own and use the means to that, a gun, without much success, you almost have to feel sorry for him. A man can only take so much rejection. So now, in “The Great Northeast (where else?), he has spawned “Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership,” which is “code” for “let's ban guns in Maine.” Their big thing is gun registration, as if gun registration has ever done ANYTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and other bad guys, who don't bother to register their guns. They just kill you with them. Like Adam Lanza, who stole a gun from his grandmother, killed her with it, then went on to kill a bunch or other people. What the hell good did gun registration do them? (Gun-Free Zone)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Savage Censored

The second most listened-to political commentator in the nation with 20 million listeners on 400 stations has been silenced as he began to discuss Hillary's health issues. If that doesn't demonstrate the power Hillary has in the liberal media, nothingewlse will. If Savage, second only to Rush Limbaugh in number of listeners, can be so silenced, and so blatantly, can Rush be next? Somebody up there who has a lot of power in the broadcast industry, has more power than he should have, if he can “shut down” a commentator such as Savage to keep him from discussing Hillary's health problems, in public. They're really getting desperate, folks! Desperate enough they don't care if we realize they're covering up for Hillary. They've just exposed themselves. They made sure Hillary would get the Democrat nomination, no matter how many elections Bernie won, by “changing the rules” to make sure she got the most delegates, win or lose. But that was “behind the scenes.” This is “right out front,” and easy for us to see. And they're now spreading the rumor Hillary won the presidential debate, even though she was on the defensive throughout. And her snarky grin was offensive. (Blabber Buzz)

"Active Shooter" Training

In Ohio, they not only allow legally armed teachers to carry their guns into their schools, they train them in how to “take out an active shooter.” This probably makes anti-gun fools throw up. The thought of ANY legally-allowed gun in a school makes them dirty their pants and release all kinds of bodily fluids. They're afraid of gunfights between teachers over the possession of blackboard erasers. That's their regular fallback position: talk about the absolute “worst case scenario,” something that would NEVER happen. They automatically assume the average citizen, if he/she gets his/her hands on a gun, will be having gunfights in the halls of the school—or wherever. They have no faith in the responsibility of honest people to properly handle their guns. Or they PRETEND not to believe in the responsibility of teachers to carry guns in school. That's their scam. (Breitbart)

"Fight Against Terrorism"

Hillary says, “Gun control is part of the fight against terrorism.” How her fevered mind figures that, is hard to say. I guess she just figures all Americans are terrorists, and to allow them to legally have guns is to facilitate terrorism. What a wacko this broad is! She should never get NEAR the Oval Office, not even as a visitor. With opinions like that, she might get us all shot. Never mind that her most recent mentor, Barack Hussein Obama, is importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands, and they will be soon roaming our streets, looking for reasons to kill us if we don't believe the way they approve. And they WILL have guns. Count on it. It's difficult to get a gun legally in this country, but very easy to get one ILLEGALLY. And they've got the money to buy them, believe it. This is just one more reason NOT to vote for Hillary. It's a typical liberal idea that, in order to defend ourselves, we have to DISARM ourselves. “Cracked” thinking. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Missed It By THAT Much!"

One of the factors in watching the actions of anti-gun fools is to catch them in as many lies as possible. Sometimes the lies are so outrageous as to be funny. That's how it happened when Kentucky anti-gun fools released a “list of accidental gun deaths” recently. It contained 130 instances. But after they were “caught out,” they had to recalculate, and the number came to only 5. that's a pretty big “accidental” mistake, isn't it? This is how they twist facts to support their false narrative. That's why you can't believe ANYTHING they put out. If they do tell the truth, it's an accident. How do you make a mistake as big as that? It's easy. You LIE, hoping nobody will notice. (Say Uncle)

Playing the Race Card

Seems like liberals can't do anything without playing the race card. ”U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy took a deep dive into the interwoven worlds of the gun-rights movement and gunmakers, saying anti-government “neo-anarchist’’ Republicans are aligned with a firearms industry desperate to sell more guns to a shrinking customer base.” “Shrinking customer base? Come on, Senator, wake up to reality! The customer base is INCREASING steadily, mostly because of the actions of fools like you to take away our rights! But I digress, mostly because of his stupidity. This item is more about his effort to attribute our wish to retain our birth right to hatred of blacks, which is a load of bull dung. “In a speech before the National Press Club, Murphy said, ' hostility to government has become a right-wing standard, especially since the election of the nation’s first black president Barack Obama, in 2008'.“ In that, he's exactly right. And it was so since way before that, for good cause. Except it's not because he's black. It's because he's a damned fool who wants to be a dictator, and thinks he already is. And he refuses to recognize that we ARE at war with Islamic terrorists, and won't even use the WORDS to describe the enemy. He has spent more money than there IS, more than ALL presidents before him, COMBINED. It's because he is the WORST president in memory (With the possible exception of Jimmy Carter). If America was really so hateful of blacks, how did he, and other black people get elected, or appointed to high office? Murphy is as much of a damned fool as is Obama. And he's white. (CT Post)

GFITMO Too Expensive

Obama is now saying GITMO is “too expensive” for us to keep open. Basing that, I suppose, on the small number of prisoners now incarcerated there. Which was CREATED by his unconscionably releasing them by the hundreds so he could make this excuse while they go back to killing innocent people for not believing in their phony “religion.”. What makes this an abomination is the fact that, even if he closes GITMO, we will still have to have a place to keep the Islamic terrorists we capture while they're busily murdering innocent people, somewhere. Unless we just kill them where we find them, something of which I approve, if they're caught in the act of murder. The idea of closing GITMO is IGNORANCE of the highest order. And on the grounds of COST is STUPID, especially from a president who has spent more money than there IS. More than ALL previous presidents, COMBINED. He's never worried about the expense before, why now? I think that's just an excuse. (Minuteman News)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Stupendously Ignorant Law

Did you know that, after a recent decision by an Arizona court, if you change a baby's diaper, you are a child sex molester? My God! How stupid can they GET? It's gonna get pretty stinky in Arizona if this court's abysmally STUPID ruling remains! And babies will suffer from being made to remain in dirty diapers because nobody wants to change them, lest they be accused of child abuse and imprisoned for five years!. The ruling prohibits ANY contact with a baby's genitals. You not only can't CHANGE that baby, you can't give him/her a bath! The problem is, in making the law this decision is based on, they neglected to require the touching to be of a sexual nature. The Arizona legislature had a chance to correct that, but REFUSED. So it's not just the stupidity of a few judges, it's the stupidity of the LEGISLATURE that refused to correct the incompetence shown in the law! (Slate)

Coming for Your Guns

The Democrats have been trying to disarm the American people since before I can remember. And they're closer to being successful than ever before. They had their chief opposition in then Supreme Court murdered so they'd have a “free hand” in appointing another Justice who would rule in their favor and get rid of the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court is the only body that can do that, and the Republicans know that, which why they refuse to allow an up or down vote on Obama's pick while he is still in office. But if Hillary wins, we're LOST. One of her first acts will be to appoint a flaming liberal judge to the Court, and he/she will find some excuse to nullify the Second Amendment. And the Republicans won't be able to stop her. Then her thugs will “come for your guns” and you will be disarmed when they come back for your other property, and your freedom. The first things despots do is disarm the populace so it will be easy to subjugate them. And if you don't think that is her plan, you need your head examined by an honest doctor. (AmmoLand)

"No Guns for Students!

That's what they say at Harvard. They think people under 30 should not have guns because their brains aren't sufficiently grown to know how to use them. Why then, do we send so many “under 30” people overseas after putting guns in their hands, to fight for us? Are all the soldiers we send UNABLE to handle their guns? Their logic here escapes me. But then, ALL the “logic” displayed by liberals escapes me, because they don't HAVE any logic. So I guess they want their students to remain DEFENSELESS against the crazies who come there to kill them, in big bunches. It seems like ALL the laws they make about guns are designed to keep people from being able to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns out there. I was thinking the other day: what would happen if a thug attacked me on the street (I'm pushing 80) and I killed him with a knife with a blade over 3 inches? I'd probably end up in jail for the rest of my life. ANY jail sentence for me is likely to be a life sentence. But I'm not a criminal. I just insist on being able to defend myself AGAINST a criminal. (Harvard Crimson)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Scott's Family Lying!

The family of the man shot to death by police in Charlotte, NC, say he “never owned a gun.” Then how did he get arrested several times in the past with a gun in his possession? “…documents from Bexar County, Texas, reveal that Scott was actually an ex-con. He had been convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in July 2005 and sentenced to seven years in prison.” At the same time, he was charged with the unlawful possession of a gun. And the gun found after he was shot contained his fingerprints, all over it. So it's pretty clear it was his gun. Not only that, he had an ankle holster to use in carrying it. Yes, the video is not conclusive about him holding a gun and threatening the cops with it. But it's pretty clear that he DID have it, and HAD held it—and was a known shooter. After all, he did spend 7 years in the clink for a gun charge. (Patriot Update)

Chicago: "Showcase City"

The anti-gun fools point to Chicago as their “showcase city” for tough gun laws. What they fail to mention is that none of them work worth a damn. 65 people were shot over the Labor Day weekend, 13 of them fatally. It was the most violent weekend in Chicago history And that's after last month, which was one of the most violent in it's history, too. They CLAIM that their laws “reduce gun violence,” but they don't. They attribute the violence to cops shooting blacks, but it's actually blacks shooting other blacks. Yes, some WERE shot by cops. But only while they were trying to kill the cops. Chicago IS a “showcase city, but not for gun laws that WORK. For gun laws that DON'T work, and incompetent government that can be traced right back to liberal Democrat “rule.” There are Democrat-run cities all over the country, and every one of them is in trouble, through the INCOMPETENCE of their Democrat leaders. (Guns)

Too Many Guns

The anti-gun fools are constantly reminding us that there are “too many guns out there.” which is something we can agree on. What isn't mentioned is that too many of them are gotten ILLEGALLY, and thus there can be no “record” of their purchase and ownership. Obama recently mandated that EVERY gun confiscated be “traced” back to it's original owner. WITHOUT budgeting any money to carry our his order, which makes a hard job even harder. It's an impossible quest. In just one day at the trace center, there are 5,000 cases demanding a trace. And the next day, they'll get 1,000 more. It's a CRUSHING load of work, and does little to reduce gun crime. And tracing most guns confiscated at crime scenes will NOT give any information on LEGAL gun owners, who aren't the problem, anyway. Obama just wants to make it LOOK like he's “doing something” to stem gun violence, when he's NOT. But that's how he operates. He does things to make it LOOK like he's accomplishing things, when he is NOT. (Smallest Minority)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Looting the Rich

That's what Hillary wants to do. Ripping off the heirs of the ultra rich by passing a 65% “inheritance tax” on the richest of them all. This is still showing her in the “time warp” where liberals think ALL the rich got their riches by cheating the poor. How you take from people who have nothing is a mystery to me. The idea that they mostly got rich by having ideas and coming up with products millions of people wanted to buy seems to escape them. She thinks still, since that's how SHE got HER riches, that that';s the way others did, too. It's an old, discredited idea that they still believe, to this day. So she's set to screw the heirs of those people out of 65% of their rightful inheritance, after doing NOTHING to EARN it. This is yet one more reason NOT to vote her into the presidency. Her very THINKING is archaic, and she wants what is NOT hers. The “rich” are the only ones who do “create jobs.” And when they make money, so do you. It's what Democrats derisively call “trickle-down economics,” but which human beings call “the free market.” They say the free market doesn't work, but what doesn't work is the SOCIALISM they promote, and that has been proven, time and time again. (Eagle Rising)

How to Stop Terrorists?

Liberal “logic” says, “ban guns.” What kind of “logic” that is, I can't understand. But that's their opinion—unless they're threatened themselves, that is. Then they pull out their own guns. Like the now dead liberal columnist who wrote many columns against guns, then pulled a gun on a kid swimming in his pool without permission. Or Sen. Feinstein, who is one of the most vocal members of Congress against us “peons” being able to carry guns for self defense, but who has her own “carry permit” and carries her own gun, in ADDITION to the armed security with which she goes around surrounded. This is a good example of the contradictions in the thinking of liberals. Contradictions that never cease to make me crazy. (Keep and Bear Arms)

Gun Laws Don't Work

So make more of them! That's what Chicago Bulls player Dwayne Wade thinks. He thinks Chicago's gun laws are “weak and ineffective.” So they have to make more of them. Only one problem. They can't think of any that will WORK. And they're so weak and ineffective that some of them have been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Never mind that, with all their stupid “gun laws,” they've got the highest “gun violence” stats in the nation. A “gun violence epidemic” like that nowhere else in the country, even in other liberal run cities with similar laws on the books. Maybe one day they'll find a law that WILL work and pass it. Then I'll be right with them. But they never will. They aren't smart enough. That's proven by the fact that they think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself. That same ignorance is displayed by the “disarmament treaties” politicians have pushed about nuclear weapons. It's NOT. The way to self defense is to be BETTER ARMED than the opposition. But they're not smart enough to figure that out for themselves. (Sports Net)

Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm Baaacckk!

Did you think I wasn't coming back? I would have almost agreed. We had a helluva time getting our Internet set up in the new place. And it took forever to find some of my important stuff, and we aren't finished looking, yet. I finally did get my office set up—kinda--after a couple of days typing on the computer sitting on a dresser, which almost ruined my back. But I think the worst of it is over, now. Although there are still a few problems, like my almost complete inability to roll my chair back and forth on this rug, which is the only one in the whole house. Anyway, I'm back in business—I think. A lot has been happening while we were out, including two cop shootings, one of which might even be real. The other one the usual bunch of crap where they call it a racist killing when the shooter was black, too. Add to that a mess of outside agitators—did you know 70% of protesters arrested in Charlotte were from “out of town?” Having rushed there to make as much trouble as they could, just like in Ferguson, MO. We'll be writing more about that, later, as the real FACTS come out, as they usually do after we sift out all the LIES. (Just common sense)

"Fight Against Terrorism"

Hillary says, “Gun control is part of the fight against terrorism.” How her fevered mind figures that, is hard to say. I guess she just figures all Americans are terrorists, and to allow them to legally have guns is to facilitate terrorism. What a wacko this broad is! She should never get NEAR the Oval Office, not even as a visitor. With opinions like that, she might get us all shot. Never mind that her most recent mentor, Barack Hussein Obama, is importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands, and they will be soon roaming our streets, looking for reasons to kill us if we don't believe the way they approve. And they WILL have guns. Count on it. It's difficult to get a gun legally in this country, but very easy to get one ILLEGALLY. And they've got the money to buy them, believe it. This is just one more reason NOT to vote for Hillary. It's a typical liberal idea that, in order to defend ourselves, we have to DISARM ourselves. “Cracked” thinking. (Breitbart)

Lotsa New Gun Owners!

Anti-gun fools worry about more people getting more guns, thinking the more guns in the house will up the chances of some untrained fool shooting himself or somebody else. Especially kids, who somehow know where each gun in the house is located. And that scares them to death. They don't think we have the responsibility to be able to have guns—all of us—except them, of course. They think ALL of us are really stupid when it comes to handing guns. They keep telling us guns in the house will probably be more likely to be accidentally used to hurt ourselves, rather than an intruder. And, as usual, they're wrong. Anybody with a lick of sense knows you have to LEARN the proper handling of a gun, in addition to how to hit what you're aiming at. The NRA takes care of that, if you just ask.

They hate the NRA because they also champion our right to own and use guns in self defense, in ADDITION to teaching us how to handle our guns. Something illegal gun owners usually don't learn—which makes them the ones who are usually GUILTY of accidentally hurting others with their guns. There are fewer people getting multiple guns than there are NEW gun owners, who see the need for self defense in the stupid things Obama is doing—like importing thousands and thousands of Islamic terrorists,, PRETENDING they're “Syrian refugees,” which most of them are NOT. Then there's his practice of releasing dangerous killers to plague us. Islamic terrorists formerly imprisoned, plus many DOMESTIC killers in OUR prisons. All in all, Obama is doing everything he can to make it less safe for us, which includes trying his best to take our right to own and use guns away from us, in spite of the constitutional prohibition on doing that. If we don't “arm up,” we're going to be in big trouble when all this comes home to roost. (Washington Examiner)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We're Moving Thursday

And until then, we'll be packing. And then unpacking. Which leaves no time for research or posting. So I'll be off line until Saturday or Sunday, hopefully. Or maybe even Monday. I'll still be checking my e-mail, so if you need to say anything to me, you can do it that way. E-mail will remain the same.

Monday, September 12, 2016

They're Really Scared

Comedienne Sarah Silverman, when asked about Hillary's health, said, “Anybody who questions HIllary's health is a 'f—king a—hole.” Boy, that's a really strong response to a simple question showing concern about the health of a presidential candidate. I guess I'm an a—hole, too. I'm concerned that we may elect a woman who is on the brink of a serious illness president, and we will get, instead of her (bad as that would be) somebody we don't even know much about in her place, if she is elected. They're already planning to circumvent the process if something happens to her to get around the constitutionally-prescribed succession. And they're afraid it she is “out of it” BEFORE the election, Trump will be elected (Something for which I fervently hope, in any case, and makes them pee their pants). If she IS seriously ill, that's a major problem and SHOULD be investigated, thoroughly, not covered up, and those who question it should not be insulted by pig-headed liberal comediennes who know NOTHING.. (Daily Caller)

Hates Pro-Gun Laws

Until he needs the laws for his own benefit. That's the way with anti-gun fools. Like that now dead columnist who wrote many columns against guns—until he found a boy swimming in his pool and threatened him with a gun. Or like Sen. Feinstein, who is one of the most virulent anti-gun fools, and has her own “carry permit,” in ADDITION to the ARMED security that surrounds her day and night. And others, who also go around behind a WALL of ARMED thugs while denying us “peasants” the same right. This guy used to be a Montana lawmaker and voted AGAINST a law that ALLOWED him to threaten someone with a gun if he thought he was in danger. It passed, in spite of his opposition. Then he pulled a gun on one of his tenants while she was moving out, and is citing that law in his defense in court. This is a good example of the irony of anti-gun fools getting in trouble for their own use of a gun while working to deny us the same right. (AmmoLand)

Lying About guns

It's too bad there isn't a “board” or “committee” somewhere to approve of the veracity (truth) of what is written about guns in the liberal media. There are too many fools who know absolutely NOTHING about guns, who write these pieces that contain many lies and misrepresentations. It's hard for the average person to “filter out” the lies, and see what's true. They preach the same old crap they've read in other liberal publications without questioning it, so as to notice the contradictions in what is preached. Like the idea that the Second Amendment is NOT an “individual right,” but a recognition that an “organized militia” needed to be armed. Which is a “flight of fancy,” as the amendment itself makes clear, since there was NO such thing as an “organized militia” at the time, so they HAD TO mean that ALL THE PEOPLE must have the right to be armed, so THEY could be “called up” in an emergency. And that's just ONE of the lies and misrepresentations, just in this one article, linked here. Another is the fiction that it only covered MUSKETS, which were the guns in general use at the time it was written. Today, the guns in general use are the automatic and semi-automatic weapons in use by the military and by the cops and government agents (and crooks). (The Dana Show)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Can't Use the Documents

Nancy Peelosi has told speaker Ryan not to allow Republicans to use any revelations found in the hacked “leaked documents.” Hold on there, Nan! This is America! You can't stop them from using ANYTHING that will help them in their campaign. Democrats freely use documents that were illegally gotten to defeat Republicans, what makes her think she can keep Republicans from doing the same? She'd dearly love it if she COULD bar Republicans from using that material. Some of it is the only real evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Democrats. So, of course, she wants to suppress it. If Ryan “knuckles under” and allows it, he should immediately be recalled, as unfit for his office. The Republicans, as a party, are wimpy enough, without being “ordered around” by Nancy. (Patriot Tribune)

Enforce Current Laws

Obama and his accomplices are constantly working to make new anti-gun laws. But my question is, why don't they enforce the ones already on the books? Laws against criminals being in possession of guns are already on the books. They can mean an extra ten years, ABOVE the sentence for the other crimes of which they are accused. But they are ROUTINELY “waived” in return for “confessions” to other, lesser crimes. And then, Obama has the perpetrators RELEASED after serving only 40% of their sentences, saying they are “non-violent offenders.” In the case of Richard Reid, a “two-time loser” who was in possession of TWO guns when arrested for selling drugs, maybe he IS a “non-violent offender.” But why did he HAVE those guns while he sold his drugs? Maybe he just hasn't been caught in a violent crime yet. Or maybe he “has people” for that, who weren't caught. (Daily Caller)

Japanese Gunman Sought

What? I thought Japan wasn't a “gun culture.” That's why they're so heavily invested un unarmed combat, along with the Chinese. The anti-gun laws in Japan (just like in China) are very tight, and gun crime is almost non-existent (they say). Of course, crime with many weapons less than guns is rampant. Japanese gangs are known to be deadly with knives. So why is this guy able to get the gun or guns he used to make himself a wanted ma by Japanese police? I guess we've got proof yet again that laws against gun ownership make no difference to people who really want to get them, in whatever country they live. England, which has VERY tight gun laws, is complaining about high gun crime. Australia, which almost completely BANNED guns after a major shooting, saw a 300% increase in gun crime in subsequent years. Why do politicians all over the world never learn from experience? (The Japan Times)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

I'm Still Waiting

The FBI just gave the guy who used “BleachBit,” a program to totally destroy computer files (and e-mails) immunity so he could testify against her. Using that software on the files demanded by subpoena was a federal crime, whether you were the one doing it, or the one ordering it done. PROOF of Hillary not only COMMITTING a federal crime, but KNOWING the was doing it. But I don't expect an indictment any time Soon. They ALREADY have enough evidence to hang her, but “she didn't mean it,” so they're not taking action. And they most likely won't, until AFTER the election. If she wins, the whole thing will go away. If Trump wins, I guarantee Hillary will not see another day without bars between herself and the outside world. So it's very important to her to win this election at all costs. So you can expect BLATANT election fraud, even more than usual. If she doesn't win, she won't be allowed to go home “with her tail between her legs.” she'll be immediately “taken into custody” on January 21, 2017. (Minuteman News)

Wish It Were Federal

In Ohio, they have put forward a vote on an amendment to their Constitution that declares abortion to be MURDER, in all cases, to be punished as such. It is the second such attempt, in two different states. Would that it were a FEDERAL thing, so it would be understood that, in America, murdering defenseless infants IS murder of the vilest kind. And it's instructive that it was started by a Republican. Apparently, Democrats don't care about infanticide. Apparently, only human beings care. Apparently, we're going to be faced with a mish-mash of laws, country wide, some states recognizing this atrocity as murder, and others not. If Trump wins the election, there may even be a chance at a federal law prohibiting the murder of unborn infants, country wide. All I know is, we can never hope for the Democrats to introduce, OR pass such a law. (Minuteman News)

No Guns, Government Rules

In communist China, the government RULES, as demonstrated in Tianenmen square a few years ago. One of the most poignant pictures was the one of the one man standing in front of a tank. But nobody knows what happened to that man, and I'd BET he didn't survive. He was brave, but not too bright. But the simple fact that this demonstration for human rights from an oppressive government turned into a massacre of UNARMED people by soldiers, with grenades, automatic weapons, missiles, and TANKS, sent in by the communist Chinese “rulers” to put down this uprising, not by people wanting the freedom they didn't have, but by what they called “hooligans.” They say, if those citizens had had guns, the massacre would have been even worse. They're right, but it would be worse for those troops, many of whom would have been injured or killed, instead of coming away with no injuries, while murdering their own people. This is what happens when guns are completely BANNED, as they are in communist China. Don't let it happen here! (Jerry the Geek)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Creating A Lie

You'll find very few black people who don't believe that cops are unduly willing to kill black men, even if they're unarmed. They give us the same examples, over and over, but those examples seem to be of the same situation. They “cherry pick” them to prove their point. The real fact is, cops killing black men who are unarmed are a very small number, compared to those who were shot while trying to KILL that cop. But they ignore those situations, or intimate the black man was unarmed, when  he was NOT.  And they repeat the same situations, over and over in their propaganda, to prove their point. They don't tell you about all the thugs, black and white, who use their ILLEGALLY-gotten guns to try and kill cops. That isn't important, to them. The only ones that ARE important to them are the very few where a “bad apple” cop DOES kill without reason. And there are a few of those, as there will always be, in every barrel. But the fact remains, it isn't NEAR the problem they make it out to be, and they're CREATING the very problem they claim to be fighting. Cops, knowing they have “targets on their backs,” are today very nervous as they run around in their distinctively marked cars with their easily recognizable uniforms, just waiting for some thug to decide to kill them. That they just MIGHT “shoot first and ask questions later” if there are any left alive, would not be unexpected. (Daily Caller)

Leaving America

Comedienne Amy Schumer is the latest in a long line of liberal celebrities to say they're going to “leave America” if Trump is elected. So now we have one more reason to elect Trump. To get rid of some undesirables. IF all those who promise to leave America if he is elected actually DO it, this country would be a lot better off. I don't know what makes them think we'd want to stop them from leaving. Maybe they have an inflated opinion of their self-worth, I don't know. But they all, without exception, know NOTHING about who Trump is, what he stands for, or what a Trump presidency would mean. All they have is what they've heard other liberals say, and most of that is a LIE. Schumer says “Hillary is misunderstood.” That “Nobody who doesn't like her has anything meaningful to say.” But that's as much of a lie as anything else she says. I don't like Hillary, and I, like FBI Director Comey, can recite a litany of her felonies, though I don't give a damn if she “meant it,” or not. I'd just file charges and force her to “face the music.” Be warned. they are liberals who publish this “NME” site, and they let some really crappy language slip through. (NME)

Women Getting More Guns

Better watch out, if you're the kind of man (man?) who likes to beat on your women. Nowadays, women aren't as often getting “stay away orders” which mean NOTHING to a determined woman-beater. They're getting GUNS. You could end up DEAD! Gone is the time when a man who likes to completely control his women, making them fearful to even TALK to others and making sure they have no money OR friends willing to help them. You can't frighten a woman if she has a gun, and knows how to use it. Yes, you might be able to take it away from her. ONCE. But then, she'll get another. And another, however many times it takes until she can kill you with it. And she will learn all your sneaky tricks to get her gun away from her. And you thugs on the street who think all women are “easy pickings,” will soon learn they aren't. If you live long enough for the lesson to take hold. Times are “a changin' “ and you'd better change with them, or be ENDED. (Western Free Press)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Promoting Segregation

Blacks used to hate it when there were separate facilities for blacks. Now they WANT it. But what they want is to keep WHITES from co-mingling with them. Funny: that sounds just like racism, to me. Ever since Obama got elected, we've seen the rise of black against white racism, and they're making it “the law of the land,” just as it used to be the law of the land for white against black racism. Obama insists white against black racism is rife in this country, but the facts deny it. Yes, there will always be a few malcontents who hate people because of the color of their skin. But a racist country doesn't have a black president, a black Supreme Court Justice, a black Attorney General (the second one), and numerous black mayors and governors running things all over the country. In Chicago and many other places, the “top cop” is black. There are numerous black senators and representatives. How is that possible it this country is as racist as he claims it is? At Cal State Los Angeles, they're creating new segregated housing for students. But at the DEMAND of blacks, not whites. It's beginning, folks. It's the NEW segregation. Soon, whites will have to go to the back of the bus and drink from their own drinking fountains, never touched by black lips. (CBS Sacramento)

Following Obama's Lead

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, of California, has sponsored a “voter initiative” that is much more restrictive of gun owners than even that put out by the governor. He says, “Gun control is the will of the people and should trump the legislature.” He thinks, like Obama, that if the legislature doesn't “do his bidding,” they're not “doing their job.” Tell me, Gavin, why then, have the anti-gun fools had so much trouble getting their USELESS “gun laws” passed, generally? They have less trouble in California though, because there are so many FOOLS in California, who agree that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, and “throw yourself on the mercy” of the ILLEGAL gun owners. Frankly, I don't think that will last long, because those ILLEGAL gun owners will kill them off. Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm beginning to think that's the only way to get through to those fools. Fools like Newsom and the governor, himself. Whatever gave him the idea that “gun control” is the will of the people is a mystery. Maybe he saw it in his crystal ball. (NBC LA)

"Trump Has No Chance!"

That's the refrain among ALL Democrats, and even some Republicans. Never mind he draws the biggest crowds, his crowds making Hillary's look like afternoon birthday parties for children. They make a big thing about Hillary raising a lot more money than he does, completely forgetting he doesn't NEED to raise a lot of money and is thus not motivated in that direction, and spends little or no time trying. He HAS more money than many countries. And don't forget the primaries. When the PEOPLE voted, he won, big. When the Republican elites voted, not so much. But the general election now, the PEOPLE vote. Some people “bad-mouth” him because they're AFRAID of him. They know he can't be controlled by the “king-makers.” He doesn't need the money they can withhold if he doesn't “toe the line.” He has PROMISED to “upset many applecarts,and it is the owners of those applecarts who predict he will lose, big against that master CRIMINAL, Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile the source of much of her “fund raising success” is the foreign potentates and dictators who give money to her, uh, “foundation.” The pollsters routinely slant the polls to favor her by the very questions they ask, and the places where they TAKE their polls. A poll taken in the lobby of the Democrat Party headquarters about Trump means nothing. All that “Trump has no chance” drivel is just them hoping against hope they're right. They're going to be mortified when he wins. (Chicago Tribune)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just Like Hillary

This famous singer thinks laws don't apply to him, as does Hillary Clinton. Her lawbreaking is a little different than his, though. She “has people” to do for her the things this guy does for himself. The only laws she personally breaks are those regarding her political life. Such as having a private r-mail server as Secretary of State when doing so is, if not completely illegal, it is unethical. Then there's her actions in allowing Islamic terrorists to murder her diplomats in Benghazi when some of them could have been saved if she'd just gotten off her considerable rear and sent some people to do so. This guy likes to do things himself. Which is why he has been charged, many times, with violence against the women in his life, always getting off with “slaps on the wrist.” But he IS a felon, which begs the question of how he was able to have the gun he threatened one of his girls with when she admired some jewelry he though she shouldn't. There are LAWS against felons having guns, especially in California, where he lives. Looks like those laws aren't obeyed very well by guys with a lot of money. Which makes them pretty useless. Even if he is not guilty of the crime of which she accused him, how did he get the gun with which he allegedly threatened her, being a felon? (NBC News)

Target On HIs Chest

I've talked about cops having that shiny “target” on their chests. Here's a case where a criminal took that seriously, but it didn't work out quite the way he planned. After shooting at the cops, one bullet bouncing off a cop's badge, he wrecked his car and died at the scene. The “Black Lives Matter” fools will probably play this up as the cops PUSHING him into running, when anybody with a modicum of common sense would have stopped, and “faced the music.” He ended up “facing the music” anyway, in a BIG way. He didn't manage to kill that cop, and he got himself killed while running away. Oh well, thugs have never been the smartest of people. That's why so many of them die when they attack cops. Cops are better trained, and better shots than the average crook, who doesn't bother with such training. Which is why they usually come out on top when thugs rtry and attack them. It's not that cops CHOOSE black people to shoot or otherwise kill. It's because the dead criminals more often turn out to BE black. And the “Black Lives Matter” fools play up every instance of a cop coming out on top in a gun fight with an ill-trained crook, “righteous shoots,” or not! (Guns)

Carry Your Guns!

Liberty University is getting smart. Their new policy on student safety tells students, “Go on, carry your legally carried guns on campus.” which is the ultimate answer to criminals and crazies who IGNORE their policies and come on campus and kill people, no matter what their policies are. I guess they've finally figured out that restricting guns in the hands of legal carriers is counterproductive. It only costs the lives of many who OBEY them, while “active shooters” ignore them. Law-abiding people don't just “go wild” and “create a wild west atmosphere” when they have a gun. They don't shoot one another over trifles as unlicensed gun carriers do, because law breakers obey NO laws. (The Gun Feed)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Christianity Not A Religion?

That's one of the most ignorant thoughts there is. Christianity is the DEFINITION of religion. It involved a sincere belief in God, and the fact that he “sent his son” to save us all from our sins. Whether you believe that, or not, that is what MAKES a religion. I'd bet the “rumor” that Christianity isn't a religion started in Islam. They think NO religion is a religion, but theirs. And they'll KILL you if you disagree, and refuse to convert to THEIR “religion. Now THAT is the definition of a NON-religion. A CULT. Any “religion” that tells it's followers to KILL “unbelievers” is not a religion, but is a POLITICAL system, MASQUERADING as a religion for the benefit that gives them. Islam has fooled a lot of people, all over the world. They are said to be the “fastest-growing religion in the world,” which is not unexpected, when you consider it's “convert or die.” There are many “Muslims in name only” who “converted” in order to stay alive, but who don't really believe in the lies they tell. (iPatriot)

Making Guns Useless

You probably didn't know that most of the guns they get in “gun buyback programs” are old, and useless guns nobody wants any more, so they're turning them into money, so they can buy newer, better guns—both legal and illegal. They tell you how many guns they “take off the street” while not mentioning that most of them are useless. Gun buyback programs” are as useless as are most of the ideas the anti-gun fools come up with. They don't “get guns off the street—not, at least, guns that work. They only provide money to buy newer, functioning guns to use in victimizing us. Another of their stupid ideas is the “gun-free zone.” the idea is to make certain areas “gun-free,” which doesn't work, worth a damn. Criminals, who BREAK laws, can't be bothered to leave their guns at home when they go there. Something two cops learned when they were called to a Panera Bread restaurant, on a “suspicious person” call. All 1,800 Panera Bread locations are “gun-free zones.” But at least one guy ignored their “policy,” and shot and killed the two cops who came there to investigate. Which proves again that such zones are a useless effort, because criminals, who don't obey ANY laws, don't obey these “zones,” either. And their policies only get people killed. (CBS Minnesota)

Kroger to MOMS: "Stick It"

“Moms against Guns (or something like that) has been pressuring Kroger Stores to ban guns in their stores so “bad guys” can come into their stores and shoot people without worrying overmuch about there being anybody there with a gun to oppose them, since law-abiding people DO obey such rules, though “bad guys” do not. Kroger, unlike Target Stores and Wal-Mart, is run by intelligent people and told them to “stick it.” That “We obey local laws.” Which means, of course, if a “bad guy” comes in to shoot up the store, he just might run into a gun in the hands of someone who might “put a couple in his head” before he can kill many people. It's time more people like that tell people like “MOMS” to “go to hell” with their stupid pressure, making their stores safer, unlike Panera Bread did, allowing a “bad guy” who ignored their “no-gun policy” to kill two cops who came to investigate a “suspicious person” report. (Guns)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Democrats Are the Racists!

Democrats try very hard to paint the GOP as a “racist party,” even though THEY have been historically the “racist party.” They CREATED the Ku Klux Klan to be their “military arm” in their quest to “put down” blacks (And NO, I won't call them “African Americans” because that is a Democrat construct, which they go along with since it DICTATES what name people MUST use to refer to them). The KKK killed a lot of blacks in their “night riding.” Famous Democrats, such as Al Gore, Sr. were KNOWN racists, and there were many Democrat racists elected to Congress and thus appointed to many bureaucratic positions. They permeated the government, at all levels. One of the best known racists in Congress was Robert Byrd, who was, at one time, a “Grand Kleagel” in the Klan. Democrats made him a HERO when he died. Democrats FILIBUSTERED the Equal Rights Amendment, while the GOP got it PASSED. Jim Crow was a Democrat. Martin Luther King marched against DEMOCRATS. So take their exhortations against Republicans with a BIG grain of salt, and just mark it down to just one more of their LIES while attempting to change history—at least in the minds of those who don't pay attention to politics until just before an election—and then they vote. That's how Democrats get elected. That, and election fraud. (National Review)

Insisting On Stupid

Recently, Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rubio put forth legislation to protect and restore Second Amendment rights in DC. In response, Rep. Elanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) better known as the “Hairless wonder” said “The GOP defense of gun rights is like bullying.” that's a typical response from an anti-gun fool. Any defense of a  right GUARANTEED by the Constitution has got to be “bullying, because she doesn't like it. Never mind the anti-gun efforts by people such as her IS “bullying.” Not LIKE bullying. What motivates these fools is beyond me. They just won't accept that gun rights are “settled law,” and have been since before the ink dried on the Constitution. Like other Democrats who liken the NRA to a “terrorist organization” for the same reason, they're STUPID. And, being stupid, have no idea they're stupid. She's so stupid as to suggest that protecting a RIGHT is “infringing on rights! How STUPID can you get? Where do we get these FOOLS? And how do they get elected, anyway? (Breitbart)

Is NRA Racist?

That's what liberals are saying, now. Of course, that's what they say about ANYTHING with which they do not agree. It all started with Barack Obama, who told us electing him would forever END racism in America. So we (not me) elected him, and it not only DIDN'T “end racism for all time,” it made it worse, because Obama PROMOTED racism. Racism from BLACKS against WHITES. To make it seem true, they PUSH white racism against blacks, which had all but disappeared until Obama got in. But what is not said is that the DEMOCRAT Party is the racist party. It was DEMOCRATS that Martin Luther King marched against. Jim Crow was a Democrat! It was Democrats who voted in all those racist laws we finally got rid of. The Ku Klux Klan was the “military arm” of the Democrat Party for years. KKK members and “former” members conned themselves into high places in appointed AND elected offices in our government. They're “salted" throughout our government. Robert Byrd, long time senator, was a “former member” of the KKK, and a top officer there. And they have the nerve to call US racist! (Wikipedia)

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Don't Take Polls Seriously

People LIE to pollsters. For years, pollsters have gone among us and asked if we have guns. They're told “NO” by many people who DO own guns, but don't really want all the anti-gun fools out there to know it, lest they be targets for confiscation when that time comes—and it will come, as long as liberals (Democrats) permeate the government, at all levels. There have been gun confiscations in many countries in the past, and many people simply BURIED their guns where the “confiscators” (government thieves) couldn't find them. The anti-gun fools make a big thing of such polls, trying to convince potential gun owners that they are in the minority, when they are definitely in the MAJORITY. That's how Democrats win elections, too. They conduct polls in known Democrat territory, asking questions GUARANTEED to get the answers they want. Then they use those polls to “mold” public opinion. (NRA-ILA)

Why Cops Kill Blacks

That's one of the questions being asked by black promoters of “concealed carry for blacks.” The answer is simple. With few exceptions, it's because so many blacks try to kill cops. And they kill each other in outlandish numbers, while cops try to stop it. When a cop comes on an armed black man brandishing a gun in his direction, his only option is to shoot him before he can be shot by that black man. One of the things “Black Lives Matter” fools ignore is the number of WHITE criminals that are killed by white AND black cops, as well. And for the same reasons. The black man who was recently killed during a traffic stop, for example, WAS armed, and brandished his weapon at the cops. That's one way to commit suicide, and he did it. They “cherry pick” stats about BLACK men being killed by cops, but IGNORE the WHITE men similarly killed, and the fact that the black man was usually trying to kill the cop at the time.. The same is true when they complain about so many blacks being in prison. As if there was not a good reason for them being there. They were committing a crime, were arrested, tried, and convicted of that crime, for which they were then sent to prison. They say the justice system is rigged to put black men in prison, but that is stupid. It's not rigged. There are numerous black judges and prosecutors, who would not stand for that. This article is surprisingly even-handed. But they are wrong in several places, which you can decide for yourself. (Ebony)

"Just Change the Name"

That's a common government “get-around” of the law. If the law prohibits something (like gun owner databases). Just call it something else. But to me, if it “walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck.” Gun owners have long feared a new database of gun owners, but it already exists. It's called a “data warehouse.” Not a database, get it? So they're not violating the “Firearms Owners Protection Act” (they think) because it's not a database. It's a data warehouse. Get it? But to me, if it looks like a database, and OPERATES like a database, it's a database, no matter what they call it to “get around.” the law. They have lots of such scams in the government. You just have to learn how to recognize them. Mostly, they're used when the public “tumbles” to what they're doing, so they change it's name to fool us. In this case however, they used a different name from the beginning because they KNEW they were violating the law and wanted “believable deniability.” Deniability is important to them. You both know they're lying, but they'll never admit it. They'll even go to court and lie under oath. (Truth About Guns)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Letter to Kaepernick

Linked below is the full text of a letter written to Colin Kaepernick and posted on Facebook about his refusal to stand for the National Anthem because black males are “so abused” in this country, and he will not do so until that stops. He thinks people CARE if he stands. They don't. They're outraged by the lack of respect he shows, but that's all. It does, in no way, change people's minds about a situation he completely misunderstands. Cops DO kill black males. That's right. But usually while the black makes are trying to kill THEM\, or somebody who is unarmed and defenseless. You see, most black makes who get killed are killed by other black males while they're committing crimes. That's a fact you can't truthfully deny, though you will probably try. This cop was almost killed in the altercation where he killed that black male. And ALL cops know that, due to the LIES put out by the president and “Black Lives Matter,” they go around in their well-marked cars, wearing their distinctive uniforms with that shiny target on their chest. So if they kill a few more black males, who can blame them? Those black males are probably shooting at them at the time. And it's their JOB to shoot back. His letter told Colin to enjoy his football games, while being PROTECTED by those very police officers. (iPatriot)

Taking Stupid Pills

That's what this Mexican politician must be doing. Mexico's Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu, speaking at a UN meeting in Switzerland, says “buying a gun in the US is as easy as buying a quart of milk or a box of cereal.” Which is stupid on it's face. YOU try to buy a gun and see how the stupid anti-gun laws have made it a complicated process—unless you buy it from that “back alley gun dealer” who doesn't care abut the law. I can't see why buying guns in the US is even of interest to Mexico, except that every gun bought in the US is one less for the Mexican drug cartels. Especially since the number of gun deaths and injuries in Mexico is FIVE TIMES that in America. Maybe Mexico needs to clean up it's own “gun problem” before criticizing ours. I wonder where they GET such stupid people to run their country. Ours, too. (Guns)

"Teach 'Em How"

The best way to reduce the possibility of kids shooting each other and themselves is to make that gun hidden in the closet (where they KNOW it is) no longer an item of mystery by teaching them all about guns, their purpose, and their potential danger if “played with.” On top of that, there are many adults who know nothing about guns and might also accidentally shoot themselves of others while trying to figure them out. That possibility is put forward by the anti-gun fools, who think ALL people who have guns are MORE LIKELY to shoot themselves, or others, by accident, rather than shoot an attacker. They're right, to a degree, when talking about those who are not trained in their use. They hate the NRA, because it champions our “right of birth” to own and use firearms for protection. But part of what the NRA does is TRAIN both kids, and adults, in gun use, and gun safety, which does reduce that possibility. But the answer IS training people so they won't BE shooting themselves or others, because they don't know anything about their guns. But they think kids, if they even know a gun is in the house, will misuse it. Which they will NOT, if they're trained. But they don't like that, because it will make their predictions untrue, and they make a lot of money trying to suppress gun ownership and use. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Hillary Is STUPID!

It's a well known thing that Hillary is really stupid when it comes to economics. But she DEMONSTRATES her complete economic stupidity when she says, “Corporations and other private businesses don't create jobs.” Does she seriously think GOVERNMENT creates jobs? That demonstrates a DEEP stupidity about economics! Government cannot exist, except for the tax money they collect from workers, who are hired BY private corporations and other businesses. The idea that government creates jobs is ludicrous! The best government can do is “get out of the way,” and create the ATMOSPHERE where private enterprise CAN create more jobs, Mostly, they just get in the way with their ignorant policies and regulations. And she says, what they call “trickle down economics,” but which intelligent people call “the free market” has failed badly. It has NOT. It is the diluted form of it liberals have enforced in recent years that has failed miserably, and it has been BLAMED on the free market. (Constitution)

Gittin' Tired of It!

The writer of the article linked below is “gittin' tired” of trying to beat sense into the granite-hard heads of those who want to DISARM Americans in order to make them DEFENSELESS in the face of the proliferation of ILLEGALLY-owned guns in the hands of the “bad guys.” They think the way to self defense is to make yourself DEFENSELESS and show others you're no threat, which is a STUPID approach. If they think we're unarmed and defenseless, they're going to victimize us. They INSIST on the stupid idea that the Second Amendment was not designed to recognize the inherent right of birth to self defense, and to own and use the means to that, a gun. They think the founders meant only to recognize the right of an organized MILITIA (which did not exist at the time) to remain ARMED, rather than of the PEOPLE, who are specifically mentioned. That could NOT be true, since there was NOT an “organized militia” in existence, at the time, so they could NOT have meant that. But they reject that, in favor of their preconceived notions, and, like this writer, I'm really getting tired of pointing this out to these stupid people and having it be roundly ignored while they try and disarm me and make me defenseless. (The Federalist)

Is Gun Control Racist?

Liberals like to label everything that opposes their policies as racist, until the “racist label” no longer means anything. But gun control IS racist. It always has been. It BEGAN as racism, to keep blacks UNARMED, so they could be more easily “dealt with.” That means shot and hanged, with no fear of “incoming fire.” It is pretty much the same today. Realizing this makes it a little easier to move a few “fence-sitters” in the anti-gun crowd, although it will do nothing to convince the hard-headed ones who won't believe ANYTHING that doesn't agree with their preconceived notions. In any case, this article gives some very good reading suggestions for people who want to know the truth. The Ku Klux Klan started out as a “gun control” group by the Democrat Party, so they would have to fear less gunfire directed at them as they did their “night riding” to “rid the world” of black people. They believe, like most anti-gun fools, that all you have to do is make a LAW to keep people from having guns for self defense. They were wrong then, and are wrong, now. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Covering Up Mass Murder

I once thought the murders committed by Planned Parenthood were an anomaly. I thought our government would “rise up” in “righteous anger” about the murders. And they did. But not about the murders, about the people telling us about them. They're “righteously angry” about the people who are revealing the murders. In California, they're even in the process of making just TELLING about them a violation of the law!. That, in spite of the First Amendment to the Constitution. That tells me a lot about this government, under Barack Hussein Obama. He's IN FAVOR of those murders! And so is Hillary! She has even SAID so! In public! And she's still taken seriously as a presidential candidate by a large segment of the population! Tthat makes them BOTH criminals.

I never thought I'd see the day when politicians would OPENLY support the MURDER of millions of BABIES! And get away with it! But that's what we now have: CRIMINALS, masquerading as politicians, and running things to suit themselves, regardless of the Constitution. Worse yet, one of the ringleaders is a BLACK MAN! (At least, he CHOOSES to be a black man) Notwithstanding that Planned Parenthood was STARTED by a racist, for the stated purpose of killing as many BLACK babies as possible! And that hasn't changed in the years since. Their very CLINICS are set up right in the middle of areas where black people live, to make it more convenient for them to come in and be an accomplice in the MURDER of their children. Of course, they'll call me a racist for pointing this out. That's all they've got: name-calling. (World Net Daily)

Doing Something Right

The NRA must be doing something right, if the New York Times hates them so much. They published a recent anti-NRA screed in which they said, “Donald Trump Courts Pro-Gun Zealots.” Of course, that means he didn't “court the ANTI-gun zealots” as represented by the NYT. The article is filled with hyperbole, unsupported claims, and outright LIES. They've apparently abandoned any effort to make the public think they're neutral regarding the presidential race, OR the fight for, and against gun ownership for self defense. With this article, they ADMIT their bias. NYT says it publishes “All The News It's Fit to Print,” but that's no longer true. It may NEVER have been true, but it was better concealed. They're unalterably opposed to private gun ownership (never mind the ILLEGAL guns owned by the “bad guys,”) and the election of Donald Trump as president. What the hell they see in that GANGSTER, Hillary, I don't know. Maybe they're gangsters, themselves, and see her as their “banner-carrier.” In any case the NRA is simply championing a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution, for which they vilify them. This article details their LIES and myths. It will do you good, in arguing with anti-gun fools, to read it, print it out, and keep it handy. (NRA/ILA)

It's An Invasion!

Slow motion, to be sure, but the Islamic terrorists are sending hundreds of thousands of their killers into the United States through the porous border maintained that way by Obama's directives to the Border Control people NOT to do their jobs. Plus, all those he's “importing,” pretending to be “refugees.” They're probably coming in from Canada, too, as that border is even more non-existent than the one between us and Mexico. Meanwhile, Obama still runs guns to the Mexican drug cartels, but with more secrecy, and less subterfuge than during “Fast & furious.” Soon there will be enough of them here, and they will, by then, have brought in enough ILLEGAL guns to use in killing us for not converting to their stupid “religion” and so they can “take over” and create a caliphate in America. I say, “stupid religion” because those who truly believe in it aren't too bright. Which is why Muslim “leaders” keep their adherents as close to illiterate as possible, so they won't see the contradictions in their teachings. Like the difference between “virgins” and raisins. (Washington Free Beacon)