Saturday, September 10, 2016

No Guns, Government Rules

In communist China, the government RULES, as demonstrated in Tianenmen square a few years ago. One of the most poignant pictures was the one of the one man standing in front of a tank. But nobody knows what happened to that man, and I'd BET he didn't survive. He was brave, but not too bright. But the simple fact that this demonstration for human rights from an oppressive government turned into a massacre of UNARMED people by soldiers, with grenades, automatic weapons, missiles, and TANKS, sent in by the communist Chinese “rulers” to put down this uprising, not by people wanting the freedom they didn't have, but by what they called “hooligans.” They say, if those citizens had had guns, the massacre would have been even worse. They're right, but it would be worse for those troops, many of whom would have been injured or killed, instead of coming away with no injuries, while murdering their own people. This is what happens when guns are completely BANNED, as they are in communist China. Don't let it happen here! (Jerry the Geek)

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