Sunday, September 4, 2016

Don't Take Polls Seriously

People LIE to pollsters. For years, pollsters have gone among us and asked if we have guns. They're told “NO” by many people who DO own guns, but don't really want all the anti-gun fools out there to know it, lest they be targets for confiscation when that time comes—and it will come, as long as liberals (Democrats) permeate the government, at all levels. There have been gun confiscations in many countries in the past, and many people simply BURIED their guns where the “confiscators” (government thieves) couldn't find them. The anti-gun fools make a big thing of such polls, trying to convince potential gun owners that they are in the minority, when they are definitely in the MAJORITY. That's how Democrats win elections, too. They conduct polls in known Democrat territory, asking questions GUARANTEED to get the answers they want. Then they use those polls to “mold” public opinion. (NRA-ILA)

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