Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making Guns Useless

You probably didn't know that most of the guns they get in “gun buyback programs” are old, and useless guns nobody wants any more, so they're turning them into money, so they can buy newer, better guns—both legal and illegal. They tell you how many guns they “take off the street” while not mentioning that most of them are useless. Gun buyback programs” are as useless as are most of the ideas the anti-gun fools come up with. They don't “get guns off the street—not, at least, guns that work. They only provide money to buy newer, functioning guns to use in victimizing us. Another of their stupid ideas is the “gun-free zone.” the idea is to make certain areas “gun-free,” which doesn't work, worth a damn. Criminals, who BREAK laws, can't be bothered to leave their guns at home when they go there. Something two cops learned when they were called to a Panera Bread restaurant, on a “suspicious person” call. All 1,800 Panera Bread locations are “gun-free zones.” But at least one guy ignored their “policy,” and shot and killed the two cops who came there to investigate. Which proves again that such zones are a useless effort, because criminals, who don't obey ANY laws, don't obey these “zones,” either. And their policies only get people killed. (CBS Minnesota)

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