Monday, September 5, 2016

Is NRA Racist?

That's what liberals are saying, now. Of course, that's what they say about ANYTHING with which they do not agree. It all started with Barack Obama, who told us electing him would forever END racism in America. So we (not me) elected him, and it not only DIDN'T “end racism for all time,” it made it worse, because Obama PROMOTED racism. Racism from BLACKS against WHITES. To make it seem true, they PUSH white racism against blacks, which had all but disappeared until Obama got in. But what is not said is that the DEMOCRAT Party is the racist party. It was DEMOCRATS that Martin Luther King marched against. Jim Crow was a Democrat! It was Democrats who voted in all those racist laws we finally got rid of. The Ku Klux Klan was the “military arm” of the Democrat Party for years. KKK members and “former” members conned themselves into high places in appointed AND elected offices in our government. They're “salted" throughout our government. Robert Byrd, long time senator, was a “former member” of the KKK, and a top officer there. And they have the nerve to call US racist! (Wikipedia)

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