Monday, September 12, 2016

Hates Pro-Gun Laws

Until he needs the laws for his own benefit. That's the way with anti-gun fools. Like that now dead columnist who wrote many columns against guns—until he found a boy swimming in his pool and threatened him with a gun. Or like Sen. Feinstein, who is one of the most virulent anti-gun fools, and has her own “carry permit,” in ADDITION to the ARMED security that surrounds her day and night. And others, who also go around behind a WALL of ARMED thugs while denying us “peasants” the same right. This guy used to be a Montana lawmaker and voted AGAINST a law that ALLOWED him to threaten someone with a gun if he thought he was in danger. It passed, in spite of his opposition. Then he pulled a gun on one of his tenants while she was moving out, and is citing that law in his defense in court. This is a good example of the irony of anti-gun fools getting in trouble for their own use of a gun while working to deny us the same right. (AmmoLand)

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