Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Active Shooter" Training

In Ohio, they not only allow legally armed teachers to carry their guns into their schools, they train them in how to “take out an active shooter.” This probably makes anti-gun fools throw up. The thought of ANY legally-allowed gun in a school makes them dirty their pants and release all kinds of bodily fluids. They're afraid of gunfights between teachers over the possession of blackboard erasers. That's their regular fallback position: talk about the absolute “worst case scenario,” something that would NEVER happen. They automatically assume the average citizen, if he/she gets his/her hands on a gun, will be having gunfights in the halls of the school—or wherever. They have no faith in the responsibility of honest people to properly handle their guns. Or they PRETEND not to believe in the responsibility of teachers to carry guns in school. That's their scam. (Breitbart)

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