Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GFITMO Too Expensive

Obama is now saying GITMO is “too expensive” for us to keep open. Basing that, I suppose, on the small number of prisoners now incarcerated there. Which was CREATED by his unconscionably releasing them by the hundreds so he could make this excuse while they go back to killing innocent people for not believing in their phony “religion.”. What makes this an abomination is the fact that, even if he closes GITMO, we will still have to have a place to keep the Islamic terrorists we capture while they're busily murdering innocent people, somewhere. Unless we just kill them where we find them, something of which I approve, if they're caught in the act of murder. The idea of closing GITMO is IGNORANCE of the highest order. And on the grounds of COST is STUPID, especially from a president who has spent more money than there IS. More than ALL previous presidents, COMBINED. He's never worried about the expense before, why now? I think that's just an excuse. (Minuteman News)

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