Thursday, September 1, 2016

Doing Something Right

The NRA must be doing something right, if the New York Times hates them so much. They published a recent anti-NRA screed in which they said, “Donald Trump Courts Pro-Gun Zealots.” Of course, that means he didn't “court the ANTI-gun zealots” as represented by the NYT. The article is filled with hyperbole, unsupported claims, and outright LIES. They've apparently abandoned any effort to make the public think they're neutral regarding the presidential race, OR the fight for, and against gun ownership for self defense. With this article, they ADMIT their bias. NYT says it publishes “All The News It's Fit to Print,” but that's no longer true. It may NEVER have been true, but it was better concealed. They're unalterably opposed to private gun ownership (never mind the ILLEGAL guns owned by the “bad guys,”) and the election of Donald Trump as president. What the hell they see in that GANGSTER, Hillary, I don't know. Maybe they're gangsters, themselves, and see her as their “banner-carrier.” In any case the NRA is simply championing a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution, for which they vilify them. This article details their LIES and myths. It will do you good, in arguing with anti-gun fools, to read it, print it out, and keep it handy. (NRA/ILA)

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