Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Target On HIs Chest

I've talked about cops having that shiny “target” on their chests. Here's a case where a criminal took that seriously, but it didn't work out quite the way he planned. After shooting at the cops, one bullet bouncing off a cop's badge, he wrecked his car and died at the scene. The “Black Lives Matter” fools will probably play this up as the cops PUSHING him into running, when anybody with a modicum of common sense would have stopped, and “faced the music.” He ended up “facing the music” anyway, in a BIG way. He didn't manage to kill that cop, and he got himself killed while running away. Oh well, thugs have never been the smartest of people. That's why so many of them die when they attack cops. Cops are better trained, and better shots than the average crook, who doesn't bother with such training. Which is why they usually come out on top when thugs rtry and attack them. It's not that cops CHOOSE black people to shoot or otherwise kill. It's because the dead criminals more often turn out to BE black. And the “Black Lives Matter” fools play up every instance of a cop coming out on top in a gun fight with an ill-trained crook, “righteous shoots,” or not! (Guns)

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