Monday, September 12, 2016

Lying About guns

It's too bad there isn't a “board” or “committee” somewhere to approve of the veracity (truth) of what is written about guns in the liberal media. There are too many fools who know absolutely NOTHING about guns, who write these pieces that contain many lies and misrepresentations. It's hard for the average person to “filter out” the lies, and see what's true. They preach the same old crap they've read in other liberal publications without questioning it, so as to notice the contradictions in what is preached. Like the idea that the Second Amendment is NOT an “individual right,” but a recognition that an “organized militia” needed to be armed. Which is a “flight of fancy,” as the amendment itself makes clear, since there was NO such thing as an “organized militia” at the time, so they HAD TO mean that ALL THE PEOPLE must have the right to be armed, so THEY could be “called up” in an emergency. And that's just ONE of the lies and misrepresentations, just in this one article, linked here. Another is the fiction that it only covered MUSKETS, which were the guns in general use at the time it was written. Today, the guns in general use are the automatic and semi-automatic weapons in use by the military and by the cops and government agents (and crooks). (The Dana Show)

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