Wednesday, February 28, 2018

"Deep State" Fights Back

In case you're wondering why Dumocrats hate Trump so much, I can tell you. It's because he PROMISED to "drain the swamp," and that's exactly what he is doing. He's "upsetting many applecarts" in the swamp. And he's being successful at it, which frightens them, no end. So they are dedicated to getting rid of Trump before he can complete the job and get to them, no matter what they have to do, what lies they must tell, or what laws they must break. In this, they have the complete cooperation of the liberal media, which refuses absolutely to run stories about his success. He has done more in just one year than all former presidents, put together. And that list includes Obama, whose "accomplishments" were mostly to disenfranchise this government. They not only refuse to run positive stories about him, they LIE about him, every day--with one major exception: Fox News, which tells both sides of ALL stories. The liberal media constantly runs false stories, based on UNNAMED imaginary "sources" that can neither be proved, or disproved. And they hate Fox as much as they hate Trump, because they DO tell the truth--which they hate. (Just common sense)

Trump's Personl Insults

There are some people, even some of his supporters, who don't like it when Trump personally insults someone on Twitter. This is wrong. Liberals were also very insulting to George Bush, but he never answered. And they managed to make him a very low rated president. Something he did not deserve. Trump has decided that he will NOT accept their insults without a response, will not allow them to ruin his reputation without opposition, and he's right to do so. If the liberals are allowed to lie about him on a regular basis, he should be allowed to respond, in kind. They call his beautiful wife a whore.

If somebody did that to MY wife, I'd punch him in the mouth. But Trump can't do that. What he CAN do is respond, in kind, to their insults, hopefully to blunt their effectiveness. And he does. He does it well. He makes them "jump up and down" with his Tweets. Yes, other presidents didn't "Tweet." That's because Tweeting did not exist for most of them and it takes things like that time to "catch on" for politicians. I'm sure more and more politicians will be Tweeting in the future because it's an excellent tool. Liberals hate it when Trump does it because they didn't think of it first, and his Tweets enrage them. They are SUPPOSED to enrage them. The more they whine, the more effective are the Tweets. (Just common sense)

"Tax Break for the Rich?"

Another Dumocrat LIE is that every tax cut for EVERYBODY (INCLUDING the rich) is always painted by Dumocrats as ONLY a "tax break for the rich." Yes, it is. But it is also a tax break for EVERYBODY. And the rich are entitled to a tax break commensurate with what they BRING to the economy. They bring more to the economy by their very efforts to make more money, so they are ENTITLED to a higher return, They also blandly tell us that "the rich don't pay their fair share," when the rich pay MOST of the income taxes paid. By the government's own figures, the top 1% pay 39% of taxes paid, according to the IRS. The IRS has no reason to lie about that, so you have to believe it. But Dumocrats not only don't believe it, they LIE to us and tell us the "rich don't pay their fair share." "About 1.7 million Americans, less than 1 percent of our population, pay 70.6 percent of federal income taxes. Is that fair, or do you think they should pay more?" The Dumocrats LIE to you on a regular basis. Believe that. The evidence is right there before you. (The Daily Signal)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

We "Promise" Protection

Liberals like to blame Trump, or the NRA for the mass shooting at that Florida school. Anything but the REAL reason. But the real blame belongs right in Obama's pocket, because he came up with the "Promise" Program that caused juvenile criminals to NOT be arrested for their "minor" crimes, Therefore, their names would NOT appear on the background check lists the "authorities" use to determine who will have the right to buy a gun. So people like the Florida killer would be able to easily pass such background checks and buy the guns they will use to kill a bunch of children LEGALLY, as Cruz did. Even after 39 visits by the cops, the MURDERS of many pets, and PUBLISHING, on his social media sites, his INTENTION to kill people. Not only that, the FBI got a DETAILED account of his activities that scared the hell out of me, but caused the FBI to do NOTHING. His "Promise" Program began in Chicago, and we know how successful it was there. Yet it spread, and is being used in several places in the country, INCLUDING Florida. Yet nobody in the anti-gun fool camp will blame that program. Instead, they blame their favorite "whipping boy," the NRA, or their most recent general "whipping boy," President Trump. Ignorance, personified. (The Last Refuge)

Two Major Democrat Lies

The first one is that Trump's tax reduction will increase the national debt. It will NOT. There has never been a time when a tax reduction increased the national debt. Another is that a tax reduction reduces the amount of the "tax take." It does NOT. There has never been a (non-targeted) tax reduction that has reduced the tax "take." when Reagan did it, the "tax tke" almost DOUBLED. When both Clinton and Bush did it, the "tax take " INCREASED because the tax reduction spurred economic activity and created more income, therefore increased "tax take."

If Dumocrats would tell the truth (which they won't), they would admit this. But they continue to DENY it, in the face of sure EVIDENCE they're LYING. But they keep on lying because people who "pay no attention to politics" but still vote, buy their bullsh-t. The Dumocrats have a number of swindles they regularly work on the taxpayer. These are two. Another is the "baseline budgeting" scam, where each department is given a 10% INCREASE in their budget each year. And if Congress or the president reduces that INCREASE by say, 3%, is is labeled a "CUT." When actually, it is only a reduction in the INCREASE. (Just common sense)

Today's Gun Save

Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG. And today's “gun save” proves it, again: An Idaho woman saw a thug trying to break into her house and threatened him with a gun, He fled, and was captured trying to break into yet another house. Obviously didn't learn his lesson. He is now in jail. Proving yet again that the anti-gun fools have no idea what they're talking about, and that they get people killed with their ignorance. They keep telling us this doesn't happen, and we keep showing them it DOES. But they keep on telling us it doesn't, in the face of sure evidence that it DOES happen, every day. (Idaho Statesman)

Monday, February 26, 2018

Selective News "Reporting"

CNN made a big thing of USING frightened teenagers who survived the Florida school killings in Broward County Because they think that can feed their silly narrative to get rid of the Second Amendment, along with every LEGAL gun in this country. That this would leave the users of ILLEGAL guns still in possession of their guns to use to victimize the law-abiding doesn't seem to bother them. Meanwhile, they never hold a "forum" for the mothers and fathers of the victims of gang killings in Chicago, where the gun laws are so tight, and stop NO gun killings. I guess they aren't interested in promoting the TRUTH. The truth is, NONE of their highly touted "gun laws" do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down "gun violence." They want to not only IGNORE that, they want to HIDE it from the view of people who pay only peripheral attention to the news. You know, the people who ignorantly support those useless laws. The truth, again, is that in every city controlled by liberals (who are all anti-gun fools), the number of gun killings remains HIGH. But they don't want you to know that. (CNS News)

"Founded On Gun Control"

That's what liberal anti-gun fool Ed Asner says, that "America was founded on gun control." As usual, he's 100% WRONG. America was founded BECAUSE of an attempt by the British to take away the colonists' guns. He can't deny that, but he will, of course. People like him don't feel bound by facts. They think things are how they WANT them to be. Again, they're pushing that old, tired "militia" LIE, trying to define the Second Amendment to be there to keep guns out of the hands of everybody but militia members. Of course, that there was NO such thing as an "organized militia" in existence at the time doesn't seem to make much difference to them in their zeal to take guns away from all LAW-ABIDING Americans. Forget the law-BREAKERS, who don't bother to follow ANY of their useless laws. The Supreme Court has affirmed the fact that the right of EVERY AMERICAN to be armed in the "Heller Decision." I doubt if a washed-up actor and a comedy writer will make much difference to anybody but other anti-gun fools. (News Busters)

Anti-Gun Fool Cracks

All the time they come out with their statements that tell us just how IGNORANT they are. One of the latest is this one: "Republicans only want reciprocity because they want more people to die." That's almost as ignorant a crack as Rep. Peelosi's crack that,"We must pass the (Obamacare) bill to find out what's in it." I can't believe such ignorant people are in charge of making laws for the rest of us. They fervently believe that CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will somehow OBEY the laws they make. And they're surprised when they do not. They really think they can actually ELIMINATE the millions of (legal) guns out there. Of course, they have nothing to say about the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. They regard the reciprocity bill to be bad "because it allows known violent people to come into our schools," completely ignoring the fact that people with ILLEGAL guns are usually already there, because they don't bother to OBEY "no-gun zones." They bring their guns everywhere they go, and to hell with the laws made by these fools. (USA Today)

Friday, February 23, 2018

They Think They're Qualified

Just because Trump got elected president, Oprah thinks she's qualified to run in 2020. Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Lawrence are two more actors who think that, all of a sudden, they're "political experts" and can beat Trump at his own game. They think beating Trump will be easy. Then there's George Clooney, who has his own sexual harassment problems. None of these liberals have anything to offer the electorate, but they think they do, Which is illustrative of their ignorance of just what politics is all about. There are others, but I don't think any of them can muster the support of intelligent people they would need to even get on the ballot. And then they have that Trump mountain to climb. They hate his guts, but he insists on continuing to successfully keep his election promises while "clearing the swamp." Getting rid of the "swamp dwellers" who regard our tax money as their own, and will do anything to "cut themselves a piece of the pie." Clooney thinks "charitable giving" and gun control are the keys to his success. Nobody knows what Oprah is counting on, except name recognition and giving away Cadillacs while not paying the taxes. What none of them understands is, there's a lot more to the Trump success than just name recognition. I think they should ALL run, and learn just how small their minds really are. Clooney thinks being president would be "fun." Which further illustrates his ignorance. (Constitution)

He "Likely" Did It

The liberal media sprinkles many words in its "fake news" reports. words such as "likely" that they think absolve them of blame when their "reports" are proven false. But those words are designed to be ignored by the reader. such as the word, "likely" in the report about a mass shooting, where the killer is described as "likely" to have gotten his guns through "private sales," at a gun show, one of their "bugaboos." They SAY that would absolve him of the necessity of submitting to a background check, which would have revealed a previous felony conviction, and disallowed the sale of his guns. But that's a typical anti-gun fool LIE. Gun sales at gun shows DO require background checks. He is just as "likely" to have STOLEN them or bought them ILLEGALLY in a back alley somewhere. which would BE a "private sale," but one they cannot control. They use this ploy on a regular basis, so be sure to NOTICE the use of such words. The shooter's father said that, "He 'PROBABLY' got his guns at a gun show." Not the most reliable source, since his father was earlier arrested for violating a restraining order by "stalking" nurses at that same "retirement home." "Probably" is another of "those words." (Bearing Arms)

Banned Guns Killed Hundreds

In Egypt, where automatic weapons are BANNED for use by citizens (but not for the government agents, of course), Islamic terrorists used them to murder more than 200 Egyptian Muslims who were attending a Mosque. They used a bomb to get them to flee the Mosque, then shot them down like dogs as they fled, Then later, they, themselves, were blown to kingdom come by the government, which tracked them down and blew them to hell. Oops! I bet they didn't expect that! But the whole point here is that the very guns they used were BANNED in a country which does not have a Second Amendment, but they had those guns, anyway. How did they get them? Illegally, of course, again proving laws against guns do NOTHING to stop criminals or terrorists from getting them. Yet they keep making them. (Daily Wire)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Failure Upon Failure

The very people who FAILED to stop numerous mass shootings, and simple armed robberies and murders now want us to believe they "know better" as the debate on "gun control" goes on, and on. The anti-gun fools have made, or caused to be made, numerous "gun laws" that have FAILED to stop, or even slow down those who wish to obtain a gun or guns for nefarious purposes. Yet they pretend to know what's best for us. They refuse to even CONSIDER arming many teachers and/or other school staff so there would be armed people THERE in the school when a mass shooter started killing students. The very fact that the killer cannot know WHICH teachers will be armed, and ready to shoot him before he can kill any more children is a PREVENTATIVE. He will go to other places where the "no gun policy" is still in force and leave those schools alone. No gun zones, which ALL schools are today, are an "engraved invitation" to would-be killers because they can be pretty sure there will be nobody there who is legally armed, and not in uniform. That's one of the basic flaws in their thinking. I have been preaching this for a long time, but those fools aren't listening. They think they know better. Their minds are made up, and will not allow facts to get in their way. We need to find better minds to work on the problem. They say armed teachers "might" go crazy and BECOME mass shooters if they had a gun to use. By that reasoning, any police officer or other armed official "might" go crazy and start killing people. so what's the difference? (Just common sense)

Constitutional Enforcement

We need to establish an organization charged with enforcing the Constitution. This will not apply to the citizens. It will apply to the POLITICIANS who knowingly pass unconstitutional laws and enforce them until DECLARED unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, or even a lesser court. The problem now is that the Founders screwed up. They thought just the fact that unconstitutional laws could be nullified by the courts, that that was enough. It is NOT. And the damage to reputations, businesses, and LIVES done by those unconstitutional laws remains long after they are declared unconstitutional because unconstitutional laws can be enforced for YEARS until the courts move--and the courts are notoriously slow in doing their job. So many people and institutions can suffer greatly BEFORE the unconstitutional laws are declared so. So we need somebody to move in and STOP the enforcement of known unconstitutional laws and PUNISH the POLITICIANS who pass them. The only reason they insist on passing them is they know they will not be punished for doing so, and they can create all the havoc they wish in the interim between passage and reversal. Then they can pass ANOTHER unconstitutional law that does much the same thing with "cosmetic differences,", and enforce it until reversed--and again, and again. California is an outstanding place where such action is required. (71/Republic)

"White Men Love Guns"

Sayeth a black man while cleaning one of his many guns, many of which were illegally obtained, so as to defend himself against other black men who would be shooting at him later. The anti-gun fools seize upon anything to make people who want to retain the right to self defense look foolish. That statement above will, of course, be called racist by the fools who make up those things. But it's not. It's a recognition of reality that MOST of the gun violence is created by one or more black men shooting at another black man who is intruding upon their "turf." I'm talking about gang members, who are overwhelmingly black or Hispanic, definitely not white. They love to promote the MYTH that "white men are gun crazy," but it is THEY who have, and regularly USE guns, thus creating the NEED for white men to have their own guns for self protection. The difference is that most white men's guns are LEGAL, and they don't usually fight over "turf." They're too busy earning a living. This is NOT an indictment of ALL black men. Most are good, hard-working people who contribute much to the community. this is about that smaller subset of gang members. (Pacific Standard)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trump's "Listening Meeting"

Trump held a gathering that included survivors of the Broward County school massacre and everybody there demanded he "do something" to keep things like that from happening. Only problem is, nobody but the anti-gun fools and their dupes (which included most, if not all the students) had any idea WHAT to do. And all they could come up with was the old, tired ideas that have never worked, and they *the anti-gun fools) KNOW they never worked. Others had no idea what to do, but they insisted they do SOMETHING. I'm sorry for what they've lost. but what doesn't work doesn't work, no matter how much you might want them to work. I hear a lot about universal background checks, which MIGHT allow the cops to find the shooter AFTER he has killed a bunch of people (IF he in fact stood for one), but does NOTHING to STOP such shootings. The Shooter in Florida had his gun or guns ILLEGALLY. Which means he violated many laws in obtaining them. Nobody knows how he got his gun or guns, or if they do, they aren't talking. But the world is FULL of stories about shooters who PASSED a background check because up to that time they had not committed a crime. That was tru of the killer in Las Vegas. So either he passes one, or doesn't. And that has never even slowed down a man who wants to commit mass murder and often himself does not expect to survive. When they're out to commit mass murder, they just don't care about a piddling little law that says they can't be armed. They'll find a way. (Just common sense)

It's An Obvious Scam

Just before the Alabama election that sent the first Dumocrat to the Senate in years, somebody (unnamed, of course) sent word of a sexual misconduct allegation against Dumocrat Chuckie Schumer. Then, almost before the ink was dry in the newspapers, the accuser comes forward, saying it wasn't true. That the whole thing was phony. Good of her. I wish other so-called "accusers" would do likewise, particularly on the Republican side. I'm sure they're there. This is not to say that ALL the accusations are not true. It IS to say there are way too many of them for all of them to be true, especially with the story about a lawyer working HARD to get women to accuse Trump just before the election, whether or not their accusations were true. If there's one such attempt, there have to be more that haven't been discovered, and paying huge sums of money for their "testimony," true or not. What's their purpose, you may ask? That's easy. since they got caught up in their own scheme with numerous liberals in the movie, and other industries being the subject of similar accusations, they want to create a situation they can point to, to say that MAYBE all those accusations against liberals are not true, while working HARD to make the public think those against Republicans ARE true. (Fear and Blood)

"Armed Bear Escapes!"

It's true! Somewhere in Siberia, there's a bear who is armed with TWO rifles! He (she?) stole them from a secluded cabin when the occupant went to the creek and left them in the cabin. How he carried them is not known. But the armed bear escaped into the woods with the guns and some food. Actual headline: "Beware Armed Bear Armed With Two Weapons Loose In Siberian Region!" I guess there's not too much exciting news in Siberia these days, now it's no longer a repository for Russian "criminals." But, an armed bear? Will that bear start hunting people with those guns? (Siberian Times)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

They're Really Frightened

Liberals are badly frightened that conservatives might actually get their message out, and they have nothing with which to oppose it, except to shut them up. so everywhere ANY conservative goes to speak on any college campus, they organize a "demonstration" that often becomes a VIOLENT demonstration to keep them from being able to speak. They have no real arguments they can make for their side, so they sponsor violent demonstrations to shut them up. They KNOW that if they are allowed to speak, many students will realize how damned fool THEIR arguments are. so they HAVE TO shut them up. In Berkeley, California (a "liberal Mecca) students made such a violent protest of one conservative speaker that the university canceled many other conservative speakers to avoid another violent "demonstration." In Portland, Oregon, a demonstrator disabled the sound system to stop a conservative from being able to speak. There's a liberal campaign to get rid of freedom of speech. Liberals want no opposition to their foolish stupidities and they do violence to keep us from getting the truth out. (Constitution)

The Triumph of Fake Nws

Roy Moore losing the Alabama senatorial election by a SMALL margin that was CREATED by the UNSUPPORTED accusations of sexual misconduct 40 YEARS AGO. Such accusations are part and parcel of the Dumocrat's methods to win elections. The very fact that NO EVIDENCE is required to ruin a man's reputation is KEY. The Dumocrats spread the story far and wide, as if it were true, just because somebody ACCUSED him. Even many Republicans "bought the bullsh-t." And so he narrowly lost. They tried the same thing with Trump, but failed, because their scam was so obvious in his case. Now they're trying to revive it, hoping to get him impeached, or to resign. Good luck with that! Trump has proven his resolve not to be swayed by their usual tactics. And whether they like it or not, Trump IS president, for at least the next four years, and probably the next EIGHT years, in spite of their WORST efforts. (Just common sense)

"Common Sense" Gun Control?

Talk about a contradiction in terms! Gun control itself is NOT "common sense." The fools who call it that really ought to be smart enough to understand that, but they aren't. Not one single gun control law they've made has done a single thing to reduce "gun violence," because they don't apply to those who do not obey laws. They only apply to those who DO obey laws, and they are not the problem. To show you how stupid these people are, note this: they now want to ban or regulate MUZZLE LOADERS! As if a muzzle loader were actually something really dangerous in this day and age. It only takes a little longer to load one than it takes to play a football game, and anyone who felt threatened by it could take a club and bash the brains out of the potential shooter while he's loading it. We keep explaining their stupidity to the anti-gun fools, but they're too stupid to take notice, or even try to answer our charges. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Democrat Idiocy

The "Russian Connection" to put Trump in the White House. It's inconceivable that the Russians would WANT Donald Trump in the White House. It's much more likely they would want HILLARY to be in the White House because she is a "dedicated socialist," and socialism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Communism is another. they both STEAL the fruits of the production of new wealth from those producers, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, produce NOTHING. If Hillary had been elected. by now we would probably be an official socialist country--and Russia would love that. They would think of Hillary as a "kindred soul." So why in HELL would they EVER work to get Donald Trump elected? Those who believe that are STUPID.

Dumocrats don't, but it's a good excuse to avoid seeing the real reason they lost--Hillary's incompetence as a candidate, and the fact that Americans don't want another socialist president. Trump has never said there was NO Russian meddling in our elections. It's common knowledge they do. So do we interfere in the elections held in other countries. Everybody does it. What he DID say is that there was no Russian collusion between HIS campaign and the Russians. Of course, the liberals (Dumocrats) twisted his words so they could "prove him wrong." So Mueller indicted 13 RUSSIANS for election interference, hoping that gullible Americans will think that proves their "Russian Collusion" fairy tale. So what? There is STILL no proof that they colluded with Trump. And there won't be, unless they manufacture it with lying testimony, not supported by facts. (Just common sense)

Tip of the Iceberg

A scheme to pay off women to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct has emerged. Gloria Allred's daughter, Lisa Bloom has been working feverishly to whomp up accusations off sexual impropriety on Trump's part, just before the election, without reference to whether or not the accusations were true. She just didn't care, as long as she could get them to accuse him. Proof was not needed, nor even asked for. In one case she offered $750.000.00. That kind of money could buy a lot of lies. If true, and I think it is, it CAN'T be the only such scheme out there. Logic tells intelligent people if there is one such scheme, there are many, all trying to SINK the election of Donald Trump to be president. So how many accusations of Republicans were "bought and paid for?" We don't know. And we'll probably never know. Did Dumocrats engineer the defeat of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama the same way? Is this a routine Dumocrat scheme to defeat Republicans that they, themselves got caught up in? Again, we'll probably never know. They're usually too good at hiding their corruption. (Liberty Headlines)

Banning Guns Won't Work

The theory pushing the anti-gun fools is that if they can get rid of ALL the guns in the world (impossible), that will cause crime to dry up. That shows a complete ignorance of how things work in the world. First, there is NO WAY they will ever get rid of all the guns in the world. Second, violent crime pre-exists guns by many years. Back when guns were non-existent, thugs found other things to use in victimizing the law-abiding. Such as swords, blackjacks, and other kinds of knives. Swords and other bladed instruments have been used for hundreds of years to victimize people. The only real answer to guns in the hands of criminals is guns in the hands of the law abiding, so they can defend themselves. Criminals will always be able to get guns to use in committing their crimes. They buy them ILLEGALLY, or just STEAL them. These people really should be intelligent enough to understand that, but apparently they aren't. Or they just want to "feel the power' of telling you that you can't own a gun. (America's First Freedom)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Now He's A Racist

Liberals are, even now, publishing stories (based on claims by real white supremacists, of course) that the killer of 17 mostly kids in a Broward County, Florida school was a member of a white supremacist group. Anything to inject racism, particularly the black against white racism, into it. That's their story, and they're stickin' to it. The same people who would rather crawl over broken grass than say the words, "Islamic terrorist" easily buy this story. Unfortunately, for them, the cops have a higher standard for evidence. The cops tell us they have found NO EVIDENCE that he had any connection to ANY "white supremacy" KKK-like group. But they don't want to hear that, so they ignore it, or ridicule it, claiming the cops are lying to hide his white supremacy. Lack of evidence has never stopped liberals from pursuing a false narrative, as witness the "Russian Collusion" narrative they've been pursuing ever since Donald Trump was elected president. They still can't figure out why, so they WANT to believe the "Russian Collusion" scam. But that's another story. (Clash Daily)