Monday, February 5, 2018

Complete Ignornce About Guns

Gabby Giffords' brain must have suffered some serious damage when that killer bounced a bullet off it. Now she wants a law requiring EVERY PART that makes up a gun to have a serial number--and, of course, to go along with that, a requirement for the "authorities" to keep track of all those numbers, including changes when new parts are installed while making repairs. She obviously has NO IDEA of the bureaucratic nightmare this would create. Whole new databases would have to be created, and kept up to date. That includes the changes when new parts are installed. She obviously is ignorant of the sheer COST of such activity, to keep track of all the parts in LEGAL guns, while the ILLEGAL guns are completely ignored. And criminals more often than not do not carry LEGAL guns. Local officials are hoping against hope that her bill does not pass into law, because I'm sure it does not include increases in their budgets to cover the insurmountable COSTS. That's even if they AGREE with her on "gun control." (The Geek Blog)

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