Thursday, February 1, 2018

"Americans Are Dreamers Too!"

That's a phrase that Trump probably heard first on the Rush Limbaugh show, since one of his callers said it nine days before the State of the Union speech, and the Dumocrats are livid. They are complaining that Trump "just doesn't understand how that offends Democrats." So what? He understands it, okay. He MEANT it to offend Dumocrats, and to point out the fallacy of their stand, which puts the progeny of illegal aliens BEFORE American citizens, which is really crappy. Besides, who gives a tinker's damn if Dumocrats are offended? They offend Republicans every day with their damned fool references to Hitler, Nazism, and Fascism in their descriptions of President Trump. Do they really think President Trump even CARES about "offending Dumocrats?" Do they think they are the only ones that have the right to offend? What FOOLS they are! Yes, it's not the fault of those kids (who are now adults, for the most part), many of whom are now gang members, often engaged in killing innocents for sport or by accident, while killing other gang members. But to put them ahead of AMERICAN kids is CRIMINAL. But the Dumocrats ARE criminals, so what's different? (Breitbart)

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