Friday, February 9, 2018

Guns for Cops?

What fool decided that cops should not be allowed to carry guns when they confront criminals, who have no qualms in carrying their own guns? In Great Britain and Scotland, many cops DON'T carry guns, while criminals DO. In France too, apparently some cops are unarmed, which was revealed when some cops could do nothing but cower behind their cars and WATCH while a couple of Islamic terrorists killed 11 people at a satire newspaper for having the temerity to publish a DRAWING of their "prophet." Now Scottish cops are crying out to be allowed to carry guns, so they can defend themselves against the criminals, who HAVE guns. In Scotland, the police union says their cops "feel vulnerable and ill-equipped." Ya THINK? Why any cop would want to go up against an ARMED criminal without his own gun is ignorance, and "natural selection" will rid us of their presence. In Scotland, there are about 600 armed cops, who are only deployed in situations where there is a serious possibility of violence. But what about situations where violence was not expected, but breaks out, anyway? What happens to those cops SUDDENLY faced with an armed suspect? Do they die, while the armed cops (many of whom are part-time) are deployed? A simple routine call can quickly become deadly, as they did three times in a few days in Colorado, where three cops died and several others were injured, while answering routine calls. (Keep and Bear)

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