Thursday, February 8, 2018

Too Much Even for A Liberal

Suing a baker for refusing business was even too much for a liberal judge, in California, fergawdsakes! Kern County Superior Court Judge David Lampe ruled in favor of the bakers, who have the RIGHT, under the constitution, to refuse to do business with ANYBODY, for ANY reason, or NO reason at all. But in this case it was a fight between religious rights, and the "right" of gays to "marry" each other, which is a phony "right." He'll probably be reversed if it goes to the "Ninth Circus Court of appeals," but they will be reversed (again), since they are the most reversed court in the land. The bakers should not have said it was a "religious thing," because liberals hate anything religious and so do most judges who are liberals, themselves. I guess we found an exception. All those gay women had to do was go down the street to another bakery, but they were bent on destroying THIS bakery with their useless suit. I'm guessing they probably did just that, while they tried to sue this bakery out of business. Fortunately, this judge scotched that effort. So far. (Conservative Tribune)

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