Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Trusted" to Own A Gun?

That's what the Arkansas State Police say about people who have concealed carry permits. and as such they have "entered into a contract" to not only get training, but to return to be "recertified" every few months, because some people are so stupid they "forget" basics, such as how to load a magazine. Yes, people who get guns should get trained in its use. But having to "return every few months" for further training (and to pay the fees required) is an abuse of power. First off, nobody has the right to "trust' somebody to own a gun for self defense. Owning and using guns is a RIGHT, not to be "trusted" by ANYBODY. The very idea that you must be "trusted" to own a gun is stupid. But that's how anti-gun fools think. They think they have the right to"trust" us to own a gun, which they do NOT. Even stupid people have the inalienable RIGHT to own a gun for self defense. Natural selection will "weed out" the really stupid ones. Except those in the anti-gun fool category, most of whom carry their own guns, while wanting to deny that right to others. (The Geek Blog)

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