Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It's Mostly A Con

Muslims come here and refuse to "assimilate" to our culture. Instead, they DEMAND that we CHANGE our way of doing things to "accommodate" their "religion." They have DEMONSTRATED, even RIOTED to force restaurants to serve "Halal meat," and to allow Sharia Law in the United States. "Only for Muslims" now, but like the camel who wanted to put his nose in the tent, and ended up all the way in the tent in the morning with the Arab OUTSIDE the tent, for ALL PEOPLE later. They come into bakeries and insist that the Christian bakers bake cakes "honoring" Islam, and when they refuse, they sue them into bankruptcy, assisted by iberal judges that are carefully selected for their liberal judgments. They CLAIM that ANY opposition is a "racial thing," or "anti-religion," when their very activities are both. But that's the con. Their basic belief is to "convert or kill" those who are NOT Muslim. Yes, mostly RADICAL Muslims do that, but ALL Muslims are at least agreeable to it, as a tenet of their "religion." We have GOOD REASON to shun these people for the most part, which is okay with them for the most part, except when it gives them an excuse to make trouble. They only come here to con us, though they CLAIM to be "escaping warfare" in their own countries. What they don't tell you is THEY were the ones MAKING war. (The Three Percenter)

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