Friday, February 9, 2018

"We'll Do What We Want"

President Trump has told that toothless giant, the United Nations, that they cannot do ANYTHING to stop us from doing exactly what we want on immigration. Immigration is something we have a COMPLETE right to control, absolutely, and they can do nothing about it. The U. S. pulled out of the UN pact on immigration and refugees, telling them that immigration is something they have no business telling us what to do. He told them, “We simply cannot, in good, faith support a process that could undermine the sovereign right of the United States to enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders.” Under the UN, such decisions might be made by people not dedicated to the support of our Constitution, and that cannot be. And it might undermine our national security. How we got into that pact in the first place is unconscionable, and only a damned subversive fool like Obama would have entered it. Trump has rightly abrogated it. (Constitution)

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