Thursday, November 29, 2012

Social Security Is NO "Entitlement!"

Politicians keep calling Social Security, Medicare, and the like , “entitlements” and I'm getting tired of it. That’s a LIE. Those programs are ones WE have been suckered into paying into for many years. Now they’re trying to “duck out” on the responsibility to “pay up” by calling them “entitlements.” They’re “eroding” them first, buy increasing the age at which people have to be to qualify for benefits. They were PROMISED they’d be eligible at 65. Now they want to start RAISING that age, little by little until the original Social Security plan will be realized: (Nobody will live long enough to collect. The "average life span" then was 65). Social Security is one of the biggest SCAMS going, collecting BILLIONS from working people on a promise that will NOT be fulfilled. It’s a “Ponzi sceme,” using money collected from later “contributors” to pay benefits to earlier “contributors.” Such schemes are destined for failure as the pool of RECIPIENTS becomes larger and larger. Soon the number of RECIPIENTS becomes more than the population of the world while the later "contributors" dwindles. The “pyramid” topples over of its own weight. (Yahoo News)

Kerry for Defense Secretary?

What a blunder! Obama is well known for doing things that “give us the finger” and appointing Sen. (Failed former presidential candidate) John Kerry to be IN CHARGE of the military when he “made his political bones” LYING about what troops in Viet Nam were doing does exactly that.. It’s obvious what he’s doing. He doesn’t even believe we are AT WAR with Islamic terrorists; he won’t even ALLOW members of his administration to USE the word, “terrorist” in describing events in Afghanistan and Iraq. Once again, Obama shows us he just doesn’t give a DAMN what we think about ANYTHING and now that he has been re-elected, he doesn’t even have to worry about THAT. Damn, what a FOOL this man is! (Radio Boston)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gvernment Taken Over By Criminals

In the old days if you had a problem with somebody you went to the local Mafia Don and enlisted his aid in dealing with it. So he sent hs people out to kill the person who was troubling you and you “owed him." One day he would come to you for payment, and you’d BETTER pay him off or you’re the next victim. Today, the criminals who are running OUR government operate much the same way, except their method is a little different: they set up “giveaway programs” using the tax money extorted from other Americans, and even from you. They pay people NOT to work, and all they want in return is your VOTE so they can stay in office and be able to dispense the money they extort from taxpayers and reap the benefits that come from that. They drive around in big chauffeur-driven cars and live in big taxpayer-provided houses.

The top criminals, like Barack Obama (and his wife), take many lavish “vacation trips” that cost us $MILLIONS and waste money right and left. Example: the White House Christmas tree, hundreds of feet tall, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars just to cut down and more thousands of dollars to deliver and to decorate (Clinton’s wife decorated it with phallic dildoes and rubbers). Obama has taken HUNDREDS of golfing trips all over the world, at taxpayer expense (even if he paid for the fuel for Air force One and for all those rental cars used by the Secret Service, there were many other expenses involved (not to mention many hotel rooms and prostitutes, which WE paid for). He has spent more (of our) money than there IS, and is promising to spend more. He has placed THOUSANDS of regulations on us; regulations that make it hard, if not IMPOSSIBLE for us to make a profit in our businesses. But that’s okay to him because he HATES profit for ANYBODY but himself.

He is working HARD to turn this country into a collectivist (socialist) state, even though collectivism, in ANY form, has proven itself to be a failure, every time it has been tried. Sure, it SEEMS to be successful for a time, until they run out of “other people’s money” to finance their “giveaway programs,” then it fails and is taken up by someone else; but usually not in the lifetime of this “boss.” They don’t care about that; all they want is the POWER to last as long as THEY live. If it does, they’re happy. They FEED on the backs of MOOCHERS in our society, who depend on them for their sustenance. These politicians are the LOOTERS of our society, who TAKE the money to keep their MOOCHERS in a style to which they’d like to become accustomed. And for this, all they ask for in return is their vote – something every American has, even if he or she is otherwise a pauper. (Commie Blaster)

"Working With the GOP"

I've heard that song before. That’s what Obama promised after the 2008 election but as with most of his promises, it didn't happen and won’t happen, as he proved in his first term when he actively BLOCKED Republicans from having a say in ANY major decision. And I expect him to continue this, no matter WHAT he “promises.” One thing you can be sure of: if he promises it, it won’t happen—unless it is to HIS benefit. Obama’s promises are like so much tissue paper. They don’t last long and he has a very short memory about them. So when he’s “called” on it, he denies ever making the promises. Obama makes a lit of “promises,” but keeps FEW. One thing we can count on with Obama; if he promises it, you’re probably not going to see it, (

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lying? Or Incompetent?

The Obama administration is either LYING to the American people about the Benghazi murders or it is one of the most INCOMPETENT administrations in the history of America in getting intelligence to the president. General Petraeus (former CIA director) himself says he KNEW within TWO HOURS of that eight-hour-long siege that that little-known video had NOTHING to do with it, and SAID SO to the administration. But Obama, (UN ambassador) Susan Rice, and many others went out and LIED to the American public for many days afterward. Which is it? Is Obama and his administration INCOMPETENT, or LYING? Susan rice continues to insist she was only passing along the then “known intelligence.” Was she, or WAS she lying at the orders of Obama? I knew that was a lie before she told it. so why didn't she? The answer is, she did, and was LYING for Obama. Personally, I’m getting very tired of trying to sift trough the lies and misinformation this administration is feeding us. If what I write insults them, nasty break. I’m going to continue to tell the truth as I know it, and they can’t legally stop me. (Just common sense)

Robin Hood's "Bad Rap"

Just as they “got it wrong” regarding the Thanksgiving Story, which wasn’t the “largesse” or the Indians they were celebrating, but were merely inviting them as “friends.” It was the communist nature of their original government that led to the deaths of half the colony, including the governor’s wife. In the Robin Hood story, it wasn’t JUST “the rich” Robin Hood stole from to give to the poor; “the rich” in this story was  THE GOVERNMENT (THE GOVERNMENT), in the person of the Sheriff of Nottingham he stole from, to GIVE BACK the things this government STOLE from them. The GOVERNMENT unfairly used the labor of these “serfs” for their own good, and they “partied” and “lazed around,”  “lording it over the serfs. As usual, the story that survives aggrandizes “po folks” while making the “bad guy” always “the rich,” saying nothing about HOW they got rich, or just WHO the "rich" were.. (Just common sense)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

UN Blocked From Access

In Texas and Iowa, they’re being denied access to their quest to “monitor” the U. S. election, even though Obama has agreed to it. But Obama hasn’t the POWER to agree to an OUTSIDE AGENCY with NO power being allowed to “monitor” our election. The states are within their rights to refuse them access. I say tell the U. N. to “go to hell.” They can’t accomplish anything in REAL crises in other countries because they're usually complicit, why should they be allowed to interfere in our elections? We need to just GET RID of them, altogether. (Politico)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The True Story of Thanksgiving

It wasn’t in any way how you have been taught. The Indians didn’t “show the settlers how to succeed.” They weren’t invited to a dinner to “share the bounty” because of their help. What really happened was that they originally set it up so everybody had a share in EVERYTHING, whether they worked or not. It was COLLECTIVISM, a system that has since been proven many times not to work. The lack of incentive to work caused half the colony to die that first year, including the governor’s wife. So he changed it: he gave every man a plot of land, whose bounty he could KEEP and trade with others at his wish. That restored the INCENTIVE to “produce” on the part of the settlers and they PROSPERED. That year, they invited the Indians to dinner , not in appreciation, but in friendship. What the governor created was THE FREE MARKET, which made this country the “destination of choice” for ANYBODY who wanted to better himself. That first year’s disaster was caused by COLLECTIVISM (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism). Yet people are still trying to impose it upon us, Obama is working hard to do so. And we (not me) RE-elected this FOOL to another four years to ”finish what he started,” which, if he succeeds, will FINISH us. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Peace" Breaks Out In Gaza

Hillary did it, under Obama! At least that’s how they tell it. what they don’t tell you is that the agreement was made 24 hours before Obama’s “emissary,” Hilary Clinton, even arrived. But now she has that in her resume, that she “brokered peace in Gaza.” Of course, so did many others in the past. The “Camp David Accords” were supposed to do it. they didn’t, and this one won’t either. It’s funny this happened just DAYS after Israel destroyed most of the HAMAS ordinance, which was shipped from Iran through Egypt, to Gaza. I’ll tell you exactly how long this “peace” will last; it will last only as long as it takes for HAMAS to rebuild their stock of long range rockets, and no longer. They’ll attribute the “breakdown” to something else, but that will be the deciding factor.(CBS News)

Obama Killed "Joe the Plumber"

No, not Joe Wurzelbacher, but Joe the Plumber in Denver. This video is a detailed account of a bustling, successful business in 2008, that went “downhill” fast after Obama was elected, and under his laws and regulations. It only took four years, but this family, and the families of all their employees are now on unemployment, with NO prospects for either employment, OR for starting over. This is what Obama has brought us, and the story here is not unusual. But Obama still claims the economy is “getting better.” It’s not. He says HE “killed Obama.” He didn’t. Seal Team 6 did (IF the man they killed wasn’t one of his lookalikes after Bush killed him years ago). All he did was approve Bush’s plan

 He says al-Qaida is “on the run” and the auto business is “roaring back.” Neither is true. The only part of the auto business that’s “coming back” is Ford, which took NO money from the government. GM is ready to go bankrupt again. Is al-Qaida dead? Ask the American ambassador in Benghazi and the three staffers who were with him when al-Qaida terrorists attacked. Oh; sorry, you can’t. They’re dead, MURDERED by al-Qaida terrorists we can’t apprehend because Libya “won’t let us.” Since when have we not gone in to get those who killed our people whether or not the local government “lets us?” The man who masterminded that raid was found (by the media) sipping a latte in a restaurant while we couldn’t “find” him. If we re-elect Obama we’re going to be seeing many more of these stories, maybe with ourselves as the star. (YouTube)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Obama Lied, People Died

They (liberals) said that about Bush and it was a lie. Now it's the TRUTH when said about Obama. John Stewart, former Associated Press and Post reporter, found the “presidential briefing” that showed Obama should have known, within 72 hours, that the Islamic terrorist attacks that resulted in the DEATHS of four of our diplomatic personnel, including our AMBASSADOR were NOT instigated by a little-known video nobody has ever seen, but he claims he didn’t know it. Of course, we know Obama never attends his morning briefings and probably usually doesn’t even READ the briefing papers. Thus he knows NOTHING about what’s going on. I think we’ve found the hole through which much important information escapes his arrogant notice. He just ignores what his intelligence system is supposed to tell him until it’s too late. Then he lies, and the liberal media swears to it. Of course, they'll call me a racist for reporting this, but that's what happens today when you tell the truth about Obama. (Minute Man News)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Obama Stabbing Israel Behind the Scenes

He SAYS the Israelis “have the right to defend themselves” but is working hard behind the scenes to create yet another “cease-fire” that the Palestinians again will not observe, even if they agree to it. Egypt “brokering” talks is like in the old days asking communist Russia to broker talks between communist China and India when it’s common knowledge that Egypt, now under Islamic Brotherhood (Islamic terrorist) control, has openly pushed for war with Israel, culminating in Israel being “pushed into the sea.” What needs to happen is for the Palestinians to be utterly destroyed as a political entity, HAMAS first. And Israel is capable of doing it, with or without UN interference. (Minuteman News)

"Atlas Shrugged" in "Ho-Ho Ville"

Ayn Rand’s outstanding novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” is the story about what would happen if key entrepreneurs and other producers in a country finally realized how their own government was making it impossible for them to KEEP what they have EARNED and got tired of it, going on strike. This eventually caused their society to collapse. I think we are seeing the beginnings of an “Atlas Shrugged” strike in the Hostess shutdown, the company refusing to bow to the union’s demands that would have bankrupted the company anyway. My brother-in-law works for Allison’s Transmission in Indianapolis and is sweating a similar shutdown where he works as HIS union is on strike. He is among those who will be RUINED if that strike lasts more than a few days. Look for more of these strikes as unions all over take advantage of the fact that companies have more possible employees than they can hire due to the recession Obama (and his cronies) claim is now over. (The Right Planet)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Imprisoned Without Due Process

Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act which, long with the Patriot Act, allows him to imprison ANY American without charges or other due process for an indeterminate time, and without any kind of a warrant. He says, “I now have the power to imprison any American without charges for an indeterminate time, but I won’t.” What a whopper of a LIE that is. Why then, did he even SIGN this unconstitutional law? What he’s too stupid to know is that you CANNOT negate the Constitution with a simple law. It works the other way around. Laws are made under the authorization of the Constitution. I can’t believe he’s stupid enough to believe he can do this, but he is. He thinks he is already a dictator with the power of life or death over his “subjects.” And with the ignorant cooperation of his “federal agents,” he can get away with these illegal acts until somebody with a little clout calls him on it. (Belief Net)

Enough, Already!!

I, and millions of other people have been suffering listening to the candidates for president and for other offices lying about each other and twisting what they do unmercifully. Some criticizing their opponents for doing what is RIGHT; such as Obama criticizing Romney for wanting to defund Planned Parenthood, the biggest baby-murderer in the country. Obama criticizes Romney for wanting the Supreme Court to reverse one of the worst decisions they ever made: the one that has meant DEATH for millions of innocent babies, MURDERED (as birth control instead of using a rubber) before they even have a CHANCE at life. And they keep repeating that insufferable phrase, “:We ask millionaires to give a little more.” How much more do they WANT “the rich to pay? They’re ALREADY paying MOST of the income taxes that are paid (the top 25% of wage earners pay 86% of all income taxes paid, according to no less an authority than the IRS). The “rich” are the very people who, if they are left a little more of the money they earn, CREATE every job there is outside of the GOVERNMENT JOBS people like Obama create, to suck more money out of us.

They criticize him for realizing the truth that almost 50% of Americans pay NO tax because they’re on some kind of “dole” and won’t ever vote for anybody who might take them off “the freebie list” and actually has the GUTS to say it out loud. (They're not "workers" as Obama calls them, they're the LEECHES on society). They LIE about what Romney did with Bain Capital. You don’t make money by destroying businesses. You ONLY make money by SAVING them. And Romney has a 90% PLUS record of SAVING the companies he buys. Democrats concentrate on the FEW he FAILED to save while intimating he made MILLIONS by CLOSING them. WRONG! We’re getting tired of it. I, for one, was glad when the ONE DAY after the election came when there are no political lies on the airwaves. ENOUGH, already, politicians! It’s time to stop the lies and twisting of the facts, for at least a LITTLE while. (Update: Well, Obama won and Romney lost. Apparently, a majority of Americans "bought Obama's BS) (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Debbie Gives Cops and Mayor A Hard time

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Democrat Party Chair) apparently thinks she’s “above the law.” She was blocking traffic, even STOPPING CARS before they could go into the street leading to a polling place so she could distribute Obama signs. A policeman requested she move onto the sidewalk (As everybody else is required to do) and she got into a “shouting match” with him and the mayor after she made a phone call to supposedly a “higher-authority” which got the mayor into it. She also gave the mayor an “earful” and never DID get out of the street until 20 minutes later when she left. What delusions of grandeur this woman must have! She IS a congresswoman, after all, and congresspeople should be allowed to do WHATEVER the hell they wish, right? Damn! This silly female not only LIES every time she opens her mouth, she also thinks she’s better than anyone else. Did you read about this in the liberal media? (The Blaze)

Enough, Already!

I, and millions of other people have been suffering listening to the candidates for president and for other offices lying about each other and twisting what they do unmercifully. Some criticizing their opponents for doing what is RIGHT; such as Obama criticizing Romney for wanting to defund Planned Parenthood, the biggest baby-killer in the country. Obama criticizes Romney for wanting the Supreme Court to reverse one of the worst decisions they ever made: the one that has meant DEATH for millions of innocent babies, MURDERED (as birth control instead of using a rubber) before they even have a CHANCE at life. And they keep repeating that insufferable phrase, “:We ask millionaires to give a little more.” How much more do they WANT “the rich to pay? They’re ALREADY paying MOST of the income taxes that are paid (the top 25% of wage earners pay 86% of all income taxes paid, according to no less an authority than the IRS). The “rich” are the very people who, if they are left a little more of the money they earn, CREATE every job there is outside of the GOVERNMENT JOBS people like Obama create, to suck more money out of us.

They criticize him for realizing the truth that almost 50% of Americans pay NO tax because they’re on some kind of “dole” and won’t ever vote for anybody who might take them off “the freebie list” and actually has the GUTS to say it out loud. They LIE about what Romney did with Bain Capital. You don’t make money by destroying businesses. You ONLY make money by SAVING them. And Romney has a 90% PLUS record of SAVING the companies he buys. Democrats concentrate on the FEW he FAILED to save while intimating he made MILLIONS by CLOSING them. WRONG! We’re getting tired of it. I, for one, was glad when the ONE DAY after the election came when there are no political lies on the airwaves. ENOUGH, already, politicians! It’s time to stop the lies and twisting of the facts, for at least a LITTLE while. (Update: Well, Obama won and Romney lost. Apparently, a majority of Americans ":bought Obama's BS) (Just common sense)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Progressivism IS Communism!

I know that most people’s “eyes glaze over” when they hear the word, “communism.” But make no mistake; communism IS “alive and well” all over the world. They just call it “progressivism” today to fool those who don’t know any better. The whole “communism collapsed” thing in Russia was a “set up.” “Two steps forward and one step back” is a well known scam the communists use to make us think we have “won a great battle” while they still make progress. The then communist boss in Russia, Gorbachev, once told his “ruling body,” not to worry about such things as “Peristroika.” They are merely something to “put the Americans to sleep.” And, for the most part, particularly among our “leaders,” it has been spectacularly successful. They equate communism in Russia as being the only communism that meant anything and when it “failed,” communism was dead the world over. It is NOT.

It has just taken a new name and continues on, unabated. They just don’t call it COMMUNISM any more. Notice that in Russia the SAME PEOPLE are still running things as under communism. Vladmir Putin (now president again) is the former head or the SECRET POLICE under communism and they're now a SOCIALIST country. Communism and socialism are merely two different kinds of COLLECTIVISM. There are only cosmetic differences between the two. (Naziism is another. Nazi stands for “National SOCIALIST.” The Soviet Union was the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.” It is a “thin disguise,” but our politicians and most of the “lesser people” in this country have “bought it. ” COLLECTIVISM is the enemy, and our own president is one of collectivism’s highest-ranking promoters. He is working day and night to impose it upon us. He has already succeeded in “taking over” 1/7th of our economy, the medical profession.

He has also taken over most of the auto industry (the government now OWNS General Motors, and CONTROLS large segments of the other auto companies—that part he hasn’t allowed to be sent to China, of course). What part of the “private sector” he doesn’t OWN, he CONTROLS, through regulations. He is well on his way to creating “The American Socialist Republic.” We stupidly (not me) re-elected him to another four year term so he could complete the job he started. He even THREATENED to do so when he said, “I need another four years to finish what I started.” Make no mistake; he means to complete the job of SOCIALIZING America and becoming our “Vladmir Lenin” with that clown, Joe Biden as his Josef Stalin. People will say that what I say is just “the ravings of a dotty old man,” so they can dismiss it. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m one of the FEW people in this country who REALIZES what they’re doing. I doubt if I will be alive much longer. If I don’t die from old age, I believe this government will do something to “get rid of me” because I “know too much,” as did Peter McWilliams, who they murdered by putting him in prison for using the ONLY thing that kept him from vomiting up his medicine until he was found one day drowned in his own vomit. Look his name up on the Internet (if you can) or in the library (if you can’t) if you don’t believe me. Look up his book, “Nobody’s Business If You Do.” My own grandson worked for a thinly disguised “Re-elect Obama” organization during that recent interminable election. When I asked him why he was helping Obama spew his poison he told me “It was a job when there were no others.” That might be a good excuse for somebody who doesn’t know just who the enemy is, but not for me. If we don’t wake up soon, we’ll be the next “collectivist showcase country.” (Just common sense)

Muslim Leader Says, "Kidnap Amreicans"

Ayman al-Zawahiri (Osama’s successor) IS EXHORTING Muslims to “kidnap Americans” to use in getting Jihad prisoners released. He really thinks that will work. It might, as long as Obama is in the White House, since he has been PROVEN to be a “pantywaist.” But not when a REAL MAN becomes president. The solution to this is not to IMPRISON those caught “in the act” of doing a terrorist act, just kill them, on sight. That’s what they do to us, so why not do them likewise? And Ayman al-Zawahiri should be the first. He shouldn’t be too hard to find so we can put a bullet in his brain or blow him to flinders. Notice these fools always have a machine gun in the picture when making their stupid pronouncements. (The Blaze)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playing the "Race Card" (Again

A liberal (looter) professor (Stephanie Li at University of Rochester--[New York, of course]) has come out and said that the only reason Romney was doing as well as he was, is because he’s white. That’s about as RACIST a statement as I’ve ever heard. He no doubt thinks the only reason so many white people voted for Obama was because they felt guilty for their racism. He doesn’t think there is ANY REASON other than that as to why white people voted for a black man and have now sworn not to do so again. He discounts Obama’s miserable record of spending, lying, and overregulating business; things that have made the recession worse, just as FDR (another Democrat) did after the depression. For my part, I don’t care if he’s GREEN. He’s a danger to the welfare of this entire country and I want to be RID of him, as quickly as possible (I say the only reason OBAMA is doing as well as he has in the polls is that the polls have been "skewed" by oversampling of Democrats). (The Blaze)

Whitewashing the Black Panthers

In Winston-Salem, NC, they are “honoring” the Black Panthers for “the good things they’ve done,” ignoring the “bad things they’ve done.” Including trying to intimidate voters into voting for Obama in the 2008 elections; a crime for which the attorney general refused to prosecute them because “they’re MY people.” Now some liberals (looters) are HONORING them for supposed “good things” they have done. How stupid has this world become? To HONOR a domestic TERRORIST organization that has made no secret of their wish to KILL white people for BEING white is stupidity personified. But they do it, and criticize those who criticize them for it, calling them racist. Even though that appellation is “wearing thin” through overuse. (The Blaze)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Stop Blaming the Media!"

That’s what Joe Scarborough says, but I ask, “Why?” The media “selects” what stories they will run, and nothing that is bad for Obama will ever see daylight. If that isn’t a good reason to “blame the media,” I don’t know what is. They completely IGNORED two very good productions, “2012” and “Atlas Shrugged” because they went against the “liberal line.” The liberal media did its best to HIDE anything that might go against Obama and ANYTHING liberal. That’s as good a reason I can think of for “blaming the media” for whatever bad happens in the next four years as Obama moves to rape us good. Which he will. (News Busters)

"The Will of the Arab People"

The Muslim Brotherhood says America “must accept the will of the Arab people.” What FOR? Muslims have NOTHING to do with running the United States of America and shouldn't have; and have NOTHING to say about it. They’re STUPID if they think they do. Muslims will NEVER have ANYTHING to do with running this country, no matter how much they wish it. Sharia Law will NEVER be widely applied to ANYTHING in this country. We will not ALLOW it. Who the hell do they think they are? They SAY Sharia Law will be applied all over the world one day. But those who say that are STUPID. Intelligent people won’t allow such an IGNORANT “pretender to be law” to be applied in this country. (The Blaze)

Under Clinton

Eric Holder, Mark Rich, and many others were pardoned; six-year-old Elian Gonzales was forcefully captured and shipped off to Cuba, that Island prison run by the Castros; after campaigning on “no new taxes,” his first month in office saw one of the biggest tax increases yet, and it was unconstitutional, being retroactive; Laws were changed, allowing us to teach the communist Chinese how to aim their missiles, and without Clinton breaking the law; Clinton got oral sex in the White House while Islamic terrorists waited in the outer office; he taught America’s children that oral sex was NOT sex, and increased the incidence of oral sex among high schoolers, and even among some grade schoolers; almost 100 people died (many of them children) at Waco, Texas, at the hands of Janet Reno, his Attorney General. These are just a FEW of the things that happened under Clinton, the third worst president in my memory. Barack Obama is THE worst, and Jimmy Carter the second worst. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Committing National Suicide

I can’t believe we did it. I didn’t think the American people were THAT stupid. We committed national suicide yesterday and I know why. It was that 49% on the dole who would NEVER vote for somebody who would not “keep the goodies coming.” That’s why Democrats got so upset when they heard Romney actually SAY it. They were sorely worried that the rest of America would realize that there are enough AMERICANS so willing to be “kept” that they would re-elect a PROVEN incompetent to the presidency so he would “keep them in a style to which they have become accustomed.” It’s going to happen, people! We are GOING to become a “socialist state” defenseless against the rest of the world as Obama and his crowd destroys our national defense and uses the money to prop up his “”giveaway programs.” If this sounds like “sour grapes,” maybe it is. We’re DOOMED to see Obama’s face everywhere we look and hear his voice on his captive media everywhere AGAIN for the next four years.

But worse, we have given him the right to “finish what he started” in the next four years. He will continue to BANKRUPT the coal business), which will ALSO destroy the energy business and we will be plunged into darkness—LITERALLY, not figuratively. He will finish moving this country to socialism, which is just a little way from the COMMUNISM that destroyed the Russian government. He promised to “kill off” the oil business and he is well on his way to accomplishing that with his restrictive “regulations,” his continuing to BAN drilling on federal property ANYWHERE, his attempts to stop “fracking” and his refusal to allow the Canadian oil pipeline. Another four years with Obama in charge is one of the WORST things that can be visited upon us. While he’s “finishing what he started,” I will continue to try and convince myself “It isn’t that bad,” when it IS. I just hope the country survives him in some way. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ending With A Big Lie

Obama has ended his presidential re-election campaign with one of the biggest LIES I’ve ever heard him tell. We all know he has spent more money than there IS and gotten nothing for it. That our unemployment numbers are as high as they’ve EVER been; that MILLIONS are out of work and are losing their cars, houses, and other things that are important to them: that the real estate market is DOWN; people are SUFFERING from the effect of his ignorant policies and he DID NOT "save" the auto industry. GM is still on the brink of bankruptcy He says he created 5 MILLION jobs. WHERE? WHEN? That might sound good when he says it, but it's not enough to even KEEP UP with the birth rate.That in the midst of a big oil crisis, he has made policies GUARANTEEING we will be dependent on people who HATE us for our oil, for years to come. Then he runs an ad saying, “We’ve tried our way and it has worked!” WORKED? When and WHERE? I haven’t seen a single idea he’s tried that worked (If anybody can show me one I’ll be grateful). “We tried their way and it DIDN’T work.” WHEN and WHERE did they EVER “try their way? He shut Republicans OUT  of every important decision. He says, “We won two wars in the Middle East.” WHEN? WHERE? We RAN from both Iran and Afghanistan! Then he said, “We brought our troops home.” Right; we did it by “running for the hills” while the terrorists were blowing up our consulate and MURDERING our diplomats. Obama LIES bigger and bigger every day. I thought he was a FOOL when he claimed to be able to “lower the sea level,” but nobody ever took that seriously. I’ll tell you what, folks’ if you give him another four years to screw us even more, you’re FOOLS and deserve the biggest FOOL to ever occupy the White House and what that will bring you.. (Just common sense)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are We Really THAT Stupid?

Polls report Romney and Obama TIED in the race for president. Really? Is that even POSSIBLE considering all the STUPID things he’s done? He says, “You KNOW me!” We do. He got elected four years ago because we DIDN’T know him. Now we do, and he can’t hide his ignorant mistakes by BANNING the release of the information as he has consistently done with records of his past, NOR his ignorant policies based on his lousy basic premises. He says, "You know I tell the truth." NO, we don't. We know Obama lies consistently unless he is just "stonewalling" us about one of his many mistakes until after the election . Then there's watching while he lets four embassy people DIE in Banghazi. He asks, “Who do you trust?” The answer is, “Not you!”  He denies “American exceptionalism. Why? If we are not “exceptional, why do so many people, all over the world, from many different countries, consistently come here to better themselves? Why is America the destination of choice for ANYBODY who wishes to better themselves? Anybody who is not completely IGNORANT will NOT vote for Obama.

If enough of them do to let him be re-elected after his many mistakes we’re in for MORE than four years of misery as he moves us ever closer to becoming the “American SOCIALIST Republic.” He wants America to be the NEW “socialist showcase country” (as long as it can last that way) after the USSR “went down.” He doesn’t even know that the system he wants to impose on us against our will, will finally, DESTROY this country. We don’t really know if Romney can make things better, but we DO know Obama will make them WORSE. The only thing I can think of as to WHY Obama seems to be maintaining his position against Romney is that he MUST be “fiddling the polls” by “over sampling Democrats” across the board. Obama is in BIG TROUBLE whether or not he knows it. WE’RE in big trouble if Obama DOES win re-election. The ONLY poll that means anything will be on Tuesday, and hopefully Obama cannot “fiddle” that one. (Just common sense)

Obama Has To Lie

There is NO WAY he can tell the truth about his record OR his plans and remain a viable candidate for re-election. So he lies about what he has done while accusing Romney of wishing to do the same things HE (Obama) is DOING. He SAYS he has created millions of jobs. He has NOT. Any number of jobs his policies HAVE created do not even equal the number of jobs that have been LOST under his administration. So until his policies create more jobs than they have LOST us, he cannot truthfully say he has “created” jobs. He says Romney will “send the economy out of control” while he (Obama) is doing exactly that. Everything he says Romney will do as president, he is ALREADY doing. What a loser! (Just common sense)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

When Obama Bankrupts Coal

Obama has PROMISED to “bankrupt the coal industry.” Coal is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the creating of electricity, which we can’t do without, as we did 100 years ago. Look for the “buggy whip industry” to “come roaring back” if Obama gets re-elected and has his way. Horse and carriage will be the only viable means of transportation if we can keep enough horses alive with no electricity. How will we live without electricity after we have become dependent on it? Take a look at New York City and its environs today, with NO help forthcoming from the feds and the power knocked out. Obama’s goals are DISASTER for us. In New York, while we have plenty of gasoline, without electricity they can’t PUMP it. So we might as well not have any. Is this what you want for the whole country? Then re-elect Obama.(

Self-Correcting Problem

Nobody ever said criminals were smart, but most are too smart to try and commit mass murder in a GUN STORE. This guy wasn’t. He came into Don’s Guns in Indianapolis to commit murder and got instantly killed himself. I’ve always said smart criminals never do their thing in a gun store, and this is why. This guy walked in and rented a gun and fired several boxes of bullets. Then he used it on a clerk, who immediately killed him, even as he was, himself, wounded. I don’t know what he was on, but it got him killed. Thus my opinion that you don’t want to try and commit murder in a gun store is proven true. Smart criminals only try mass shootings in places where there are NOT a bunch of armed people around. They stay alive longer themselves that way. Other places where they BAN guns are a much safer environment for would-be mass murderers. (Fox 59)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Misplaced Priorities

Many Americans claim they have “other priorities” than keeping track of what their politicians are doing to them. Many keep track of EVERY MOVE of their favorite football or basketball player. They know how many times that player has the ball in his hands and what he does with it each time and they can recite the figures to you ad nauseum from memory,. But they don’t have time to know what their politicians are doing to them. Thus, those politicians are screwing them royally every day and these Americans don’t even know it. So they vote those politicians back into office, time and time again and wonder why their money is worth less every day. They wonder why their “tax bite” is getting bigger and bigger every year as politicians tax them more and more to pay for their “giveaway programs.” They wonder why they can't seem to do ANYTHING these days without going to a bureaucrat, "hat in hand," and ask permission to do things they have always had the RIGHT to do without question.

My own SON is more interested in how many bucks he can make than in what Obama does to him with his socialistic policies (which is okay, but he should do both). We have the opportunity tomorrow to do what the Russian people DIDN’T do when Vladmir Lenin was solidifying his power. We can vote Barack Obama OUT and GET RID of him. Will we? Only time will tell. But if we vote to keep our own “Vladmir Lenin” in office tomorrow, how many years will we have to suffer under a socialist government that sucks all that is good out of us as the Russian people have suffered under 75 years of a socialist (Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics) government that remains until this day SUPPOSEDLY under a “no longer communist government” with the SAME PEOPLE running things now as then who SAY “they’re no longer communists.”

We need to WAKE UP and get these socialists (Democrats) out of office and take our country BACK from those who would ENSLAVE us. THINK, people! Do you WANT a socialist government that sucks the good out of every man and woman who becomes  dependent on government for their very daily bread and thus MUST “follow orders” as to how to live their lives? Do you WANT to have to live life as some nameless, faceless bureaucrat tells you to live it? Or do you want to be free to make your own decisions and have the INCENTIVE to do your best? Socialism DESTROYS incentive because who wants to work for anything if the GOVERNMENT will take it away from them to pay for somebody else's needs? The only problem is, it only "takes care of them" at a SUBSISTENCE level. All while those who are still able and WILLING to WORK under these conditions pay the bills (as long as they continue to work under a system that robs them). Soon they will figure out that they are BEING suckered and robbed and will join the ranks of those wanting the GOVERNMENT to "take care of them" and there will BE no money for the GOVERNMENT to use to pay the bills for everybody. (Just common sense)

Islam Takes Up The Lie

Current al-Qaida leader (until we find where he's hiding and kill him) Ayman al Zawahiri has issued a “fatwa” against the United States for “allowing” that so-called insulting to Islam” video Obama and his crowd is using as a “patsy” to explain away that Islamic terrorist ATTACK on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Never mind that video had nothing to do with it and is constitutionally protected free speech; something the Islamic terrorists just don’t understand, since they have nothing like it.  It was a well-planned ATTACK that had been “in the works” for a long time. This ACT OF WAR will never be “avenged,” or even properly investigated as long as we have that incompetent boob in the White House. Never mind him actually DOING something about it. (The Blaze)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obama: "al-Qaida Is Decimated"

Tell that that to the ambassador and his three staffers in Benghazi. Oh; I forgot: you can’t. They’re dead. If al-Qaida is “decimated,” how did they manage an attack that killed four American ambassadorial employees in Benghazi? How is it they’ve made NUMEROUS ATTACKS on this embassy? Why in HELL didn’t Obama order increased security on this embassy after those many attacks? Why instead did Obama REFUSE to increase their security, even while they were BEING attacked and MURDERED? Damn, I HATE hearing lies such as this coming from this president, but we will continue to hear them as long as he IS president after suckering the American people into electing him in the first place. Now he wants to sucker us into RE-electing him to an office he isn’t COMPETENT to hold. (Just common sense)

Obama Finally Wakes Up (Maybe)

After years of being in denial about there even BEING a “war against Islamic terrorists” he (maybe) has come to his senses and renewed the National Emergency Declaration first put out by George Bush after they murdered 3,000 innocent people at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, not to mention those they murdered in a Pennsylvania farm field since they were prevented getting the plane to the White House by some courageous Americans who died in that crash. But is that WHY he did it? Renewing it gives him tighter control over the military and he hasn’t proven to be very competent in “running things” up to now. I think getting our ambassador killed MORE than “cancels out” sending the Seals to kill Osama bin Laden. Refusing this ambassador's cries for help has got to be the biggest governmental BLUNDER in recent memory. (CNS News)