Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why "Celebrate" Slavery?

Obama and other politicians are “celebrating” 60 years of communism in China. What the hell for? Why should we celebrate slavery, anywhere? Maybe because that kind of slavery under a different name is what Obama has planned for us, with HIM “in charge.” For my part, I don’t “celebrate” any part of what they have in communist China. I would only “celebrate” when communism collapses in China one day, as it already has in Russia. Any kind of collectivism MUST collapse one day, when people run out of productive people to loot and start “eating their own.” (IBD Editorials)

"Free Media" Framed for Terrorism

They tried to get in to see the Information Officer on a base to verify some open information. The soldiers laughed at them when they showed their credentials, and said, “The free media” isn’t the media,” and refused them access. After they left, he said, “They fled the scene.” Then they “opened a terrorist investigation” of them and put their names on a “terrorist list.” This without ANY proof of ANY connection to ANY terrorist organization. That’s what’s wrong with the “anti-terrorist laws.” They don’t need ANY kind of proof of terrorist connections (except somebody's opinion) to place their names on this list. If they read this, they’ll probably put MY name on a terrorist list. This is the same scam the “child protectors” use when they put the names of ANYONE they “investigate” for child abuse on a list of child abusers, guilty or not. And after it’s there, it takes an “act of God” to get it off. (InfoWars)

"Times That Try Men's Souls"

That’s a direct quote from Thomas Paine, the man who wrote “Common Sense,” a pamphlet that sparked the American Revolution and created one of the best countries in the world. One that grew so fast, civilizations thousands of years old have not been able to keep up with it. Why? Because it was based on liberty and capitalism, rather than dictatorship and collectivism, as most others are. Again, these ARE “the times that try men’s souls,” with Obama gaily going about spending more money than there is in the world while piling up a mountain of debt our grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to pay. We’re getting close to another American Revolution, folks. I hope it isn’t necessary, and doesn't happen in my lifetime, but something needs to be done to “rein in” this jerk. In his 96 minute long rambling speech to the UN, Moammar Khaddafy (however he spells it this week) said he’d like to see Barack Obama president of the United States forever; as he (Khaddafi) is in Libya. What a horrible thing to contemplate! If that happened, there WOULD be another revolution in this country, and somebody would surely hang Obama, as well as many of the criminals he has appointed to high office. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


That’s what a car dealer does to get his customers interested in buying a car at a much higher price. Then he slowly adds things to it (as they dicker) until the price ends up as high, or higher than the price he wants to get. Politicians typically “lowball” us every time they want to “sell” us another new “government program” that will cost us a LOT of money. Like Medicare, which was supposed to cost “only” $10 billion in ten years after it’s inception, but which now costs HUNDREDS of billions of our dollars, and does a lousy job of “covering our costs.” Like the income tax itself, which was supposed to ONLY apply to the “top 3%” of Americans, but now applies to the TIPS made by waitresses and taxi drivers. (Just common sense)

Trying to Stop the Taping

Congressman Baron Hill (Democrat, IN) tells a man appearing at one of his Town Hall meetings he could not videotape the meeting. Did he forget the First Amendment, maybe? With today’s technology there’s no way he can stop videotaping of his meetings so we won’t know what’s going on. He told one man he “could not tell me how to be a Congressman.” Seems like he’s forgetting who is really boss here. We elected him and we can DE-elect him. I recommend we do. He’s a Democrat, but I really had to hunt to find that out. It is mentioned nowhere on his web site, to my knowledge. Meanwhile, Shiela Jackson Lee chats on the phone while a constituent asks her a question. Maybe our elected representatives think they can be rude and get away with it. (Paul Jacob)

"Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy"

That’s what it sounds like Obama is saying about those opposed to his health care swindle. He just doesn’t want anybody to think the truth; that it is “reasoned opposition,” based on logic. He also wants us to think those opposed to him are “racists.” That way, he doesn’t have to answer the questions they pose, ANY answer to which will kill it. He is a consummate con man, and will say whatever he has to, to sell his swindle. I’ll be glad when he’s gone, and I fervently hope it will be soon. I hope his cohorts in Congress will be gone sooner. (Common Sense/Paul Jacob)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tne Unconstitutional President

The liberals tried, without success, to show that George Bush was an “illegitimate president.” But Obama is working hard himself to prove that HE is an illegitimate president. His questionable legal right to BE president aside (He REFUSES to prove his citizenship. Why is that? Why wasn’t he required to do so before he was allowed to take office? He could clear that question with one action; an action he REFUSES to take. Why is that?) Everything he has done as president is unconstitutional. Where in the Constitution does it say he can “fire” the CEO of General Motors? Or give billions of OUR money to top corporations “because they’re too big to fail?” Would it have been legal to “bail out” the buggy whip manufacturers when the auto came along? How about appointing a long list of “czars” who are BILLED as “advisers,” (who don't have to be approved by Congress) but who have powers never before allotted to “advisers?” The things he has done that are unconstitutional are legion. But nobody who can do anything about it objects (yet), so he gets away with it. Will those who CAN do something about it EVER “wake up” and DO something about it? I guess they don’t want to join his “Enemies List.” What? You didn’t know about that? Obama is LIVID about what certain people are saying about him. NO, Rush Limbaugh is not on top of that list. He’s only in the number two spot (which ought to make HIM mad). Glenn Beck is number one, because he has been able to actually CATCH one of his “czars” calling Republicans “a—holes” and having proudly ADMITTED to have been a COMMUNIST. Sarah Palin got on the list after she revealed his plans for “death panels” (some of which already exist in the VA), and said he “pals around with terrorists” such as Bill Ayers and others. Bill Clinton thinks he should “target” them, one at a time, and destroy them. This is not the actions of a president, but those of a would-be DICTATOR. Maybe if I could get to more people, I’D be on the list.. I’d be a much easier target, since I’m old, bent, and broken, and I don’t have any money (to speak of). This “list” shows how small and shallow he is. (Just common sense)

Iran Wants to Be Russia

Russia (a/k/a: The Soviet Union) is no more. At least as a major power, anyway. Iran wants to take over that role in the world. They’re following the same template Russia used to intimidate other countries, including subverting other countries in many ways, and parading their weapons in public. Even weapons they know are non-operational. They still look frightening, especially to largely unschooled and ignorant Iranians and others in the Middle East where education is spotty, at best. What they apparently don’t know (even though they try to convince their people it is true) is that their actions put them squarely in the “target zone.” We don’t yet consider them enough of a threat to “target” them. But before much longer, we will be FORCED to target them before they are able to target US. Their leaders are plainly insane, and are “working like beavers” to gain nuclear weapons (no matter how much they insist they’re not). When they do, we have no doubt they will hasten to use them, and when they do, we will be forced to ”take them off the map,” even if it does kill millions of innocent people who happen to live in their country. They think we will hesitate because of this, but we will not. (Yahoo News/AP)

Taliban Boss Dies In Captivity

“ISLAMABAD – A feared Taliban commander known for beheading opponents died in custody Sunday from wounds sustained during a fierce firefight with Pakistani security forces last week, the military said. Sher Muhammad Qasab died after being critically wounded in the gun battle in Swat Valley, the army's media center said in a statement. Qasab's three sons were killed when he was captured. Qasab is an Urdu-language word meaning ‘butcher.’ He was given the title because of his ruthlessness toward enemies. The arrest of Qasab — who had a $121,000 bounty on his head — was the third from the army's list of 10 most-wanted Swat militants. Qasab allegedly decapitated many Pakistani troops in Swat when the Taliban was in control.´ And THIS is the kind of man liberals are “worried” about how we treat in captivity. This is the kind of man we should KILL as soon as we capture and “catch in the act.” We should kill as many Islamic terrorists as we can, as quickly as we can, after draining them of as much information about their murderous activities as we can, WHATEVER methods we use. Nothing we do could be as bad as what they do to us. We should not be wasting time and money “investigating” the CIA and its “interrogation methods” used on these people. That’s stupid. Just remember how many THOUSANDS of innocent men, women, and CHILDREN they have wantonly murdered. They don’t DESERVE to be “treated humanely.” (Yahoo News/AP)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Wall-to-Wall Obama"

Even if I liked him (which I don’t), I’d be getting very tired of seeing Obama’s ugly mug on television and in every magazine or newspaper I see, or on just about every web page I visit, including some of my own (the ones on which I don’t control the ads), and everywhere I turn my eyes. Actually, I’m a little disappointed. He hasn’t been on television now for at least fifteen minutes. What’s wrong? Is he sick? (He said with a hopeful expression on his face). Frankly, I hope he continues on this path, for it can only reduce the effectiveness of his ability to promote his collectivist (socialist, Fascist) plans (Socialism is where the government owns AND controls the means of production. Fascism is where YOU own it, but the government tells you how to run it.). Everything he does is not only unconstitutional, it's stupid. “Opening our arms” to terrorists, who only want to kill us for not believing the same way they do, while reducing our military readiness by scrapping missile defenses Bush authorized, not for any reason except it was Bush’s idea, and “investigating” the very people who kept us safe for the last 7 years instead of hailing them as heroes. What stupidity this man (and his friends) display. I’ll be glad when he’s gone (if I live long enough to see it) and will fervently hope a more intelligent administration can undo all the damage he has done. (Just common sense)

Khaddaffi Speaks

And the UN listens (those few who stayed, anyway). He’s speaking now (as this is written) to the UN, and Fox (which the liberals say is “far right wing") has it on. I had to mute it because I got tired of saying, “Shut up, stupid!” over and over as he expounded in his stupidity to an equally stupid audience at the UN. He doesn’t even know how to smile! Or maybe his mother’s warning came true and his face froze in that stupid expression. He doesn’t even know how to use a teleprompter. All he has is his little booklets, in which he has a hard time finding the idiocies he’s spouting. There are many pauses as he searches through several of them while the delegates wait to hear more of his rambling idiocies. I think the UN agreement we signed that allows any thug and murderer who happens to have “taken over” a tiny country to speak such things on our soil was the stupidest thing we ever did (He says the Somali Pirates are NOT pirates, among other things. WE are the pirates, he says.). Rejecting the original “League of Nations” was a smart thing to do. But then our stupid liberals later succumbed to their ignorant ideas and okayed the UN, a “league of dictators” who want to rule the world. Fortunately, the UN has proven to be largely impotent. It’s mostly a “debating society for dictators.” (Just common sense)

"It's Global Warming"

Whatever happens, it’s global warming. In Atlanta, which has been in the throes of a drought, they now suffer from an abundance of water, which has flooded them out. I have heard environmentalists say the drought is because of global warming. When the floods came, they said THAT was because of global warming, too. Of course, they no longer call it global warming, and insist we call it by their new name, “climate change." That’s because the globe is no longer warming, OR cooling, and that disrupted their fund-raising. So now it’s “climate change” and they continue their scam. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CPS Out of Control

Wal-Mart employees reported what MIGHT have been child porn when they saw pictures of a naked child in a bathtub, taken by their parents while on vacation. They did it because they MIGHT have been included under the law that FORCES people who regularly come in contact with children to report ANY possibility of child abuse or be in trouble themselves (Under the Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Act [fed. legislation passed in 1974]), Which is okay, if the “child protectors” didn’t take this and “run with it,” taking the children from their parents on the “off chance” the pictures, which were innocent pictures like most parents take of their kids, MIGHT be child sex abuse. It wasn’t. But the “child protectors, who have “dirty minds,” took the children anyway, and kept them for a month, collecting a “fee” from the feds for every day they were “in the system.” (Under the Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act of 1974 (CAPTA). When they finally came to their senses, they returned the kids (though they usually keep them and put them up for adoption, abuse or not, and collect $4,500 to $6,000), but probably charged the parents thousands of dollars for Denver Ex“the cost of foster care” which they neither wanted, nor asked for. That’s how CPS makes their money. I wish I could say this is an unusual occurrence. I can't. It is common. (Denver Examiner)

It's Misinformation!

That’s what Obama and his henchmen call reports (verified) that Obama wants to pull out of our commitment to a missile defense shield in Europe. “Last month we (The Heritage Foundation) reported that news outlets in Poland were saying that the Obama administration had made the decision to abandon our anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Today Czech Premier Jan Fischer confirmed those reports telling reporters that President Obama phoned him overnight to say that ‘his government is pulling out of plans to build a missile defense radar on Czech territory.’ ” Apparently, every time Obama is “caught out” on one of his schemes, it is “misinformation." That scam has worked so well in his efforts to rebut the truth we have been spreading about his health care swindle, he’s decided to use it elsewhere. I guess saying this makes me and Heritage racists. (The Heritage Foundation)

"Racist America"

Anybody who has the temerity to actually CRITICIZE Barack Obama is a racist, according to Obama and his henchmen. Never mind that (we think) a majority of Americans ELECTED a black man (at least, HALF a black man) president; forget there are a lot more black politicians in office today than ever before; that every other bureaucrat in Washington, AND in state governments are black (some of them black females); that most of the best-known MAYORS all over the country are black. If ANYBODY disagrees with ANY of them, they’re racist. What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is America is now truly a "third-world country." (Just common sense)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ACORN By Any Other Name

Is still a dedicated criminal organization. Soon, ACORN will disappear, while at the same time another organization, comprised of the same people, and with just as many “sub-organizations,” most of them the same ones under new names, attached to them. As with large companies, when they “get in trouble,” they’ll change their name and the world will forget ACORN and all their crimes, the biggest of which was the vote fraud that put Obama (their biggest supporter) in office as president. It is SAID that “Congress has de-funded them,” but I doubt it will happen fully. Congress will continue to fund all their subsidiaries, at least the ones not KNOWN to be part of ACORN, who will funnel money to the rest. ACORN will change its name and continue to get money from the feds. (Just common sense)

Obama Does all the "Sunday shows"

Except Fox. Is he afraid of Fox, or what? That’s the message I get out of that. Obama and other elite liberals do not DARE to go on Fox because they know Fox will ask them “uncomfortable questions” they’d rather not answer. They know that Fox will ask them questions based on TRUTH and logic, and that frightens them tremendously. Frankly, I’d like to SEE Obama or his henchmen on Fox. But that will never happen. He's too afraid. (Just common sense)

Why Do They Do It?

Why do companies with well-known and respected names suddenly change them? Companies such as Pinkerton, which had a name known and respected for more than a century, change its name to “Securitas,” a name well known in Sweden and Europe, but completely unknown here (Probably because the new Swedish owners thought their name was as well-known here as it is in Sweden)? Why does Brinks Home Security suddenly change its name to “Broadview?” Maybe they LIKE having to start all over again in building name recognition and spending a lot of money to do so? I’ve always wondered, while watching the incompetent people running many companies doing stupid things, while the companies still remain relatively profitable, how much MORE profitable they would be if their employees and managers were actually competent. (Just common sense)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

ACORN Extortion Swindle

I’m getting really tired of ACORN repeating their “mantra” over and over every time they get “caught out,” as they have in the “advising a pimp on how to fool the IRS scandal.” Their “mantra” is, “a few low-level employees gamed the system.” That was after they accused the maker of the video that caught them out of "falsifying the video." I guess that’s because the “higher-ups” are better protected than those “in the trenches” who actually DO the illegal things ACORN tells them to do. The whole point is, this is a massive legalized extortion racket that began with Jimmy Carter’s “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976 (CRA),” which FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could NOT repay it (an exercise in futility and a recipe for economic disaster). The law FORCED lenders to participate in what has proven to be a scam, after the Fed “pulled the plug on its “safety valves,” Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to elect Obama and other liberals and take over the government with the unwilling and unknowing cooperation of the Republican Party. Now ACORN is “investigating itself” after having fired the “low-level employees” caught on tape (they'll probably show up later as employees of one of ACORN'S hundreds of "affiliates"). Does anybody think they won’t just “sweep it under the rug?” A key factor here is that ACORN has HUNDREDS of "affiliate organizations," which makes it very difficult to figure out just which ones are run by ACORN. (Lew J. DiLorenzo)


The Democrats are very miffed that a new congressman dared to use the word “lie” in his uncontrolled outburst at Obama’s speech to the entire Congress, where he (Obama) lied every time he opened his mouth. The congressman apologized, but, like Obama’s apologies, he didn’t say what he was apologizing FOR. Maybe he apologized for using the word “lie” instead of a “weasel word” like “prevaricate,” or something else equally non-descriptive. For my part, when I see someone lying, I say, LIE. I don’t use “weasel words. I say what I mean, and mean what I say. Unlike politicians. (Just common sense)

Typical U. N. Fact Twisting

“Israel on Wednesday rejected U.N. calls to open an independent inquiry into its conduct during last winter's Gaza Strip military offensive and said it would launch a diplomatic offensive to block any attempt to bring its soldiers before an international war crimes tribunal. The defiant tone came a day after a U.N. "investigation" accused Israel and Palestinian militants of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. While the report criticized rocket attacks by Hamas and other armed groups on Israeli towns, the bulk of the findings focused on Israeli actions.” Forget the daily rain of badly-aimed rockets into Israeli territory by Hamas. Forget the suicide bombers who have killed so many in Israel. Let’s “investigate” Israel’s RESPONSE. Why don’t they "investigate" Hamas and their depredations? The U. N. is an organization run by socialist dictators and everything they do is to advance the depredations of those dictators. They’re got the “deck well and truly stacked” in favor of the dictators and the U. S. can’t get anything done in the U. N. (Yahoo News/AP)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The REAL Racists

“Martin Luther King fled the scene. He took to his heels and disappeared, leaving it to others to cope with the destructive forces he had helped to unleash. And I hope that well meaning Negro leaders and individuals in the Negro community in Washington will now take a new look at this man who gets other people into trouble and then takes off like a scared rabbit.” This is a statement from Robert (Sheets) Byrd, Member of Congress, on March 28, 1968. Back when he didn’t need to hide the fact that he (a DEMOCRAT was a “Grand Kleagel” of the KKK). The “Obama folks call ANYBODY who disagrees with Obama on ANYTHING a “racist.” Unfortunately for him, the REAL racists have historically been in the Democrat Party. (Rush Limbaugh) “Racist extrordinary (according to the Democrats).

The "Daschle Fungus"

“Tom Daschle is the human toe fungus of Washington -- a persistent infection that may disappear from time to time, but always comes back with a vengeance.” Americans never learn, especially Democrats. Despite abandoning his secretary of Health and Human Services nomination in disgrace in February 2009, the K Street tax cheat who evaded IRS rules for years remains a top White House confidante and policy strategist.” (Michelle Malkin) No Democrat ever seems to be “lost” by such things. Like the now congressman who was IMPEACHED as a sitting judge for corruption; then there’s Bill Ayers, who was sent to PRISON for terrorist bombing in the past; Bill Clinton, who lied to Congress and was IMPEACHED, but wasn’t removed form office after getting oral sex in the White House. They all come back and are welcomed with open arms by the Democrats who will knowingly appoint an avowed communist to high office, as they did with Van Jones, FORMER “Green Czar” to Obama. (One News Now/Michelle Malkin)

Taxpayers "On The Hook"

“Former Fannie Mae executives Franklin Raines, J. Timothy Howard, and Leanne Spencer are accused of cooking the books to increase their bonus compensation -- yet the three claim they had nothing to do with the accounting irregularities that were discovered at the mortgage giant in 2005. Shareholders sued the executives because Fannie's stock collapsed when those accounting problems emerged. But under the terms of their employment contracts, Raines, Howard, and Spencer were indemnified from having to pay legal bills that arose out of shareholder lawsuits.” What this means is they had “a license to steal,” which is not surprising, since their very company’s existence WAS a “license to steal.” They were in business to buy all the bad mortgages the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” forced lenders to make, until Democrats found it timely to "pull the plug," which happened just before the 2008 election and resulted in the Democrats “taking over” in Washington in a “bloodless coup.” (One News Now)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carter Shows His Ignorance (Again)

Jimmy Carter says Joe Wilson’s outburst in Congress calling Obama a liar is “racist.” What abysmal ignorance that displays! GOP party chairman Steele (a black man) says, NOT! He says to Carter, “If you want to see racism, walk in my shoes for a day. That isn’t it.” This is just more proof that electing a black man (half black, anyway) to the presidency does NOT “eliminate racism in this country forever,” as many said. It “enshrines” it and allows Obama and anyone on his side to ACCUSE anyone who disagrees with him of being racist. The only racism I see is on the part of Carter and other liberals, Obama, and his henchmen. (Daily Beast)

How Liberals Operate

Keith Olbermann was miffed when Glenn Beck gleefully reported the resignation of Van Jones and is now openly soliciting “any dirt” his listeners can find on Beck, AND Roger Ailes. I suppose anything they send will be dutifully “reported,” with NO fact-checking, as usual. He says he will increase his audience this way, but I doubt it. I don’t think there is ANYTHING he can do to “increase his audience” outside of having Obama make a law REQUIRING people to listen. Oh. Is that unconstitutional? So what? Everything else Obama has done is unconstitutional, but nobody (who can do anything about it) seems interested, so he gets away with it. I think we need to start searching for “dirt” on Olbermann and other liberal “newsmen.” (News Max)

Professional Prisoner

I’ve always questioned the government practice of “suspending” cops and other offenders who are government employees “with pay” while their cases are investigated. I’ve always wondered why a ”vacation with pay” was any kind of punishment. Now I wonder about prison for criminals. We give them paid rent, paid food, paid medical care, paid educations, etc. The guy in this story wouldn’t leave prison if you tried to force him. He’d commit another crime to stay in. There must be some way to make a stay in prison more onerous. (Telegraph)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Didn't Know!

Charlie Gibson (liberal newsman) was asked why the liberal media hasn’t reported about the ACORN scandal. His answer was, “I didn’t know about it!” Can you believe that the news anchor of a major news service DIDN’T KNOW about one of the biggest scandals going? One that has caused Congress to END all funding for ACORN? (Gimme a break!) I don’t. I think he’s lying. Maybe he wants us to believe he only looks at LIBERAL news sources, where it is being studiously ignored. I think he is just one of those who are ignoring it. Talk about “journalistic malpractice! (Just common sense)

Big Deal!

“U.S. special forces aboard helicopters penetrated into Somalia and, guns blazing, attacked a convoy said to contain a top al-Qaida fugitive. A local official, citing intelligence reports, confirmed on Tuesday the target was killed and Islamist insurgents vowed to seek revenge.” So what? They “seek revenge” for something or other every day, and we deal with it. If they think they’re frightening us, they’re sadly mistaken. They might kill a few people, but that’s what they do every day, and we kill even more of them. Then they “vow revenge,” kill a few more people, then we kill some more of them. Ho, hum. I’ve heard that song before. Yes, we should be concerned about the people killed on OUR side. But that can’t deter us from our efforts to wipe the Islamic terrorists off the face of the earth. (Yahoo News/AP)

What If Joe Wilson Had Been A Democrat?

And the president had been a Republican? Will the Dems punish Pelosi for calling Bush a Nazi after they “censure” Joe Wilson for publicly calling Obama a “liar,” interrupting his “litany of lies?” How about Murtha, who called our troops in Iraq “murderers?” What a bunch of hypocrites these jerks (Democrats) are! They want to “lynch” Republicans for doing the very same things they have done in the past. (Just common sense)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Forgot

For a little while after Islamic terrorists performed an act of war upon the United States by murdering 3,000 of our innocent citizens at the World Trade Center in New York City, Americans “came together” and determined to DESTROY those terrorists. Then President Bush attacked not only Afghanistan, from whence this aberration came, but also Iraq, which was run by a totalitarian dictator who harbored these people and gave them free rein, even training them to “take over” airplanes and in other skills of terrorist war. Even Democrats in Congress agreed. But time went on, and we forgot. The “powers that be” refused to show pictures that even contained the “twin towers” in the next years, let alone pictures of those airplanes destroying those buildings and all life within them, as well as in the airplanes themselves, saying “it was too painful,” (how wimpy was that?) and thus contributed to our forgetting of this act of war. Then we elected a Democrat president (Democrats are mostly against ANY kind of war unless they start them). Americans went on to other things while George Bush’s people thwarted attack after attack for the last seven years of his term, while Democrats worked to get rid of him. Soon they were “worried” about our treatment of these “terrorists” we were holding, much like “prisoners of war,” until the cessation of hostilities. They were afraid we’d “hurt” them in order to get information from them. I say, so what?

So we “hurt them” to get information that can scotch their plans to kill more and more Americans. I have no wish to do anything to these people except kill them, as they wish to do to me and every other American who does not believe the same way they do. Not because of their religion, but because they want to kill ME because I don’t believe the same way they do and they want the power to FORCE their beliefs on me They BEHEAD their prisoners, just to make a political point. I don't "hate" these terrorists, but killing them seems to be the only way to stop them from killing us. We need to REMEMBER the atrocity visited upon us on September 11, 2001 and do everything we can to STOP these people who will not stop until they’re ALL dead or have been otherwise rendered powerless to attack us. As I write this on Sept. 12, 2009, eight years later, I have NOT forgotten, though many others have, and some revile me for remembering. They think me an “extremist” because I still remember the THOUSANDS of innocent Americans, many of them women and children, killed that day. I don’t care. People like that mean nothing to me, even if they are family. I will do everything I can to destroy these evil people (the Islamic terrorists) to the day I die, even if that day comes soon. And hope that somehow, what I’ve done has inspired someone else to continue my work. (Just common sense)

Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Our erstwhile government is doing just that with their breathless “swine flue epidemic” screams. The “swine flu” strain isn’t even as bad as the yearly REGULAR flue that comes around every year, while those taking the shots to avoid “swine flu” are at risk for a deadly disease that may be CAUSED by the inoculation. Yes, a few people (very few) have died after getting it, but only those who have “complicating factors” that make them more liable to get it. Most who have died have actually died from those “complicating factors,” not the “swine flu.” But it still is attributed to the "swine flu. All this has made a LOT of money for the companies making the vaccine. Companies that have donated many dollars to Obama and his friends. This has also allowed Obama and his accomplices to make many new laws to take away our rights (which is the main goal). Many just can’t believe their elected leaders are con men and crooks, and will call me an extremist. But just watch what Obama and his accomplices are doing. (Just common sense)

Twisting the Facts

Barney Frank says Teddy Kennedy’s two brothers were killed by his political enemies, intimating that they were killed by conservatives. In actuality, Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan were BOTH leftists, as was Teddy and both of his brothers. Obama’s buddy, domestic terrorist and bomber Bill Ayers actually dedicated one of his books to Sirhan Sirhan. How stupid does Barney think we are, that we would believe this outright LIE? (Rush Limbaugh)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I had to go into the hospital Thursday (on my doctor's orders) for a "routine checkup." They found that I was seriously low on potassium and wouldn't let me go home until they got it back up to respectable levels. I'm back home now after getting a "tuneup" and am back to work.

Taxing the Rich

Again, and again, and again, etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum. That’s the liberals’ answer to raising taxes any time, or their victim whenever a GOP administration LOWERS taxes for EVERYBODY. Then it’s a “tax cut for the rich” because, since they (the working rich) pay most of the taxes paid, they get more money back. I’m getting so tired of hearing that “tax the rich” crap they spout, I want to vomit every time I hear one of them say it. You’d think they’d get wise to the fact that this mantra doesn’t work any more because people now know there aren’t enough “rich” in the world to pay for all their pipe dreams, just as there isn’t enough money. (Just common sense)

"Snowe Job"

Many thought the “public option” in Obama’s health care swindle was dead. But you and I know it isn’t. They’ll just hide it better in the bill they’re DETERMINED to pass, whether or not Americans want it, to give CONTROL of the health care business to Obama. What is not known is that the “public option” IS Obama’s bill. No matter what happens, no matter what Obama promises, in the end, he will CONTROL your health care, one way or the other. That is his goal, and he will accept nothing less. One remaining “RINO" (Republican In Name Only), Olympia Snowe, is still trying to “snow” us about it. As usual, they’re trying to “low-ball us” about the ultimate cost, hoping we will forget their original figures when the cost ends up TEN TIMES what they told us it would be or that by that time it will be so "ingrained" in our society we won't be able to change it, (IBD Editorials)

General Inspects Terrorist Hoax

The terrorists, knowing an air strike was imminent, invited local residents to “take the fuel” in a tanker that had been wrecked. They even sacrificed a few of their own people. When the air strike came, they immediately screamed “foul” because many local residents, as well as a few of their own people were killed. Now we’ve got an American general “inspecting” the site. Under Obama, America will probably be blamed for every civilian death (especially in the liberal media and by Obama himself), even though the terrorists set the whole thing up. (Yahoo News/AP)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Questions About That Reporter Rescue

They say they “had it under control.” That the reporter and his people would soon be released with no ransom being paid. But then, what was the purpose of the kidnapping? Kidnaps are “big business” in Afghanistan. Would “negotiating” with the kidnappers do more harm than good by convincing them they can gain by it without consequences? The news only talks about ONE terrorist being killed in the rescue, while at least TWO “innocent persons” were killed. So how many terrorists escaped? (Yahoo News/Time)

China's Propaganda Victory

The communist China flag will fly at the White House on Sept.20. Apparently they conned Obama’s administration into it because our relations with communist China are “so good.” By whose definition? Sheesh! What the hell are they smoking? Would we have ever allowed the Soviet flag to fly at the White House? How stupid ARE these people? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since Obama appointed an ADMITTED communist to be his "Green Czar." (China Daily)

Taking Over the Internet

One of Obama’s chief enemies is the Internet (except when HE'S using it) because he can’t “shut us up.” So now he wants to be able to take over the Internet at will. Of course, he’s got a “good excuse,” since “a good excuse is better than none.” “A Senate bill lets the president 'declare a cybersecurity emergency’ relating to ‘nongovernmental’ computer networks and do what's needed to respond to the threat. Didn't they just collect our e-mail addresses?” Notice that all it will take is for the PRESIDENT to “declare” a “cybersecurity emergency.” He will be in COMPLETE CONTROL, as all “wannabe dictators” want to be. Be careful, folks. He's doing it a little bit at a time, just like Hitler did. Don't disregard this just because I mentioned Hitler. I only do so because of the similarity in process. You'd BETTER "pay attention." (IBD Editorials)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stossel Destroys Socialized Medicine

I DON’T KNOW HOW John Stossel is able to remain on ABC. He blows liberal ideas out of the water on a regular basis, as he does here in this special that DESTROYS Obama’s health care swindle. First, he shows how socialized medicine in Canada and Britain destroys innovation. Profit EQUALS innovation. ANIMALS can get CAT scans in one day. Humans can’t. People with dangerous maladies requiring IMMEDIATE attention have to wait as much as 23 hours to be seen. Others wait as long as SIX MONTHS! Obama says people who say he’s after a “single-payer plan” are lying. Only problem is, HE is lying, and Stossel shows a video of him SAYING that’s what he wants and that he has to do it "slowly" so people won't notice. He shows famous people and heads of state who have come here for treatment. This Stossel special should be “required viewing” for anybody who thinks socialized medicine is okay. (Stossel on 20-20)

Bit His Finger Off

An Obama union thug at a California meeting “targeted” the oldest man around and got “in his face,” about an inch away, demanding to know what he thought about the “Obamacare” swindle (my word). When he said he didn’t like it, the guy BIT HIS FINGER OFF. )Of course, this old man "clocked him," which probably scared this huge, burly union thug to death. A bystander found it and took it to the hospital to which they’d taken the old man so they could reattach it (if possible). When he went back, the union thug was still there. But the cops weren’t interested. This was told, on the air, on the Rush Limbaugh program on Friday, September 3, 2009. The liberal news media is saying the old man struck the first blow before the union thug bit his finger off and spit it out. Maybe so. But if I had been him, I would have kicked him in the crotch if he had been in my face like that. I may be an old man, but I still wouldn't take that. (Associated Press)

Cash for Clunkers

It’s a “rousing success” according to Obama. Of course, when you offer to give people money to do something they were ready to do anyway, and they actually DO it, it makes you wonder. They were surprised when so many people lined up around the block with their hands out (which just shows the incompetence of those running the “program”). The first $1 billion lasted only a week. Then they authorized another $2 billion and it lasted another week (or maybe two weeks, I don’t know). Now they’re going to do the same thing with appliances. How stupid ARE these people? (Just common sense)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do What I Say...

not what I do. Apparently that’s what Muslims want. “In recent years, Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was killed by a Muslim angered by his movie about the mistreatment of Muslim women...Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders was placed under 24-hour guard after releasing a film Muslims viewed as critical of Islam...And 12 cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed were published in a Danish newspaper, triggering massive protests in Muslim countries. Now Dutch prosecutors have turned the tables and said they would charge an Arab cultural group under hate speech laws for publishing a cartoon suggesting that the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were exterminated, is a fabrication. The cartoon appeared on the Web site of the Dutch arm of the Arab European League. It shows two presumably Jewish men standing near a pile of skeletons with a sign that says "Auswitch" — an obvious reference to the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. One man pokes a bone with a stick and says, ‘I don't think they're Jews.’ The other man replies, ‘We have to get to the 6 million somehow.’ The public prosecutor's office in the Dutch city Utrecht said the cartoon insults Jews as a group and is therefore an illegal form of discrimination, the Jerusalem Post reported.” The Muslims really shriek when people make jokes about THEM, but they think they can do the same about Jews with impunity. (News Max)

China to "Cut" Use of Executed Prisoner's Organs

Seems to me they ought to stop it altogether. I’ve been writing about their use of them for years and they have constantly denied it. Now, they not only ADMIT it, but “say” they’re going to “reduce it.” They’ve relied on prisoner’s organs for so long, they even located “organ centers” close to prisons to reduce the possibility of an organ “spoiling.” People wonder why they kill more prisoners in a MONTH than we do in a YEAR. That’s so they’ll always have a plentiful supply for transplant organs for their high-ranking politicians. You think that’s wrong? Look at the figures. (Yahoo News/AP)

Misplaced Priorities

Obama is releasing Gitmo murderers while talking about “investigating” their interrogators. Why the hell is he, and his gang, so worried about our treatment of people who just want to kill us? People who BEHEAD our people when they capture (kidnap) them? What planet has he been living on? Are they afraid they will one day be subjected to the same after we realize just what and who they are? Not a chance (damn it). They ARE, at least, CITIZENS of this country (Obama possibly excepted) and DO have “Miranda rights.” Foreign nationals who just want to kill our people don’t. And should NOT. (Just common sense)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Education Boss Says, "Silly"

The head of the federal Department of Education has dismissed Americans who don’t want Obama to propagandize their children as “silly” and he doesn’t have time to worry about “silly things.” What arrogance! People not wanting a politician to propagandize their children are NOT “silly,” as he will learn in the future when he loses his highly-paid job because he has no respect for the people he’s supposed to “serve,” not “boss.” Gawd, these people are STUPID! (Just common sense)

Reappointing Bernanke

Obana has reappointed Ben Bernanke to the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve for another term. He praised him for his patience and determination, and most of all, for his loyalty. Which means, of course, his willingness to go along with Obama’s fanciful schemes, even though they are contrary to anything but “Keynesian” economics, which has been long discredited. Bernanke is obviously more willing to lie about economics than anybody else, and it’s more important to him to keep his job than to promote HONEST economics. Good economists think he is a “sniveling fool,” and they’re right. But he’s a sniveling fool with a lot of power. (Just common sense)

ShoutingThem Down

Yes, conservatives shout at those “town hall” meetings. Mostly to be heard over the shouting by those congresspeople who are being asked REAL questions, rather than those “wishy-washy” questions the liberal media asks them. Democrat congressman Barney Frank, the architect of the “economic slowdown,” is worse than the rest. He’s always got his mouth open. Sometimes for purposes other than shouting, however. And these people call the Americans who show up there an “angry mob.” The “angry mobs” that DO show up are Obama’s union thugs who came there to intimidate those against Obama’s socialized medicine swindle. One of them actually bit off the finger of an old man who was no danger to him. (Just common sense)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Common Sense

Is a common term we all understand, but which many ignore because they just don’t pay attention to politics and thus do not know what’s going on in the world, and how it will affect them. Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet that sparked the American Revolution. Glenn Beck has written an up-to-date book of the same name, with the purpose of sparking people today into realizing what liberals are doing to us, and how to stop them. I once wrote a pamphlet called, “Common Sense for the 21st Century,” which is included as a chapter in my first book, “What’s Wrong IN America,” where I covered much of the same material. You can get either or both books from Amazon.

There's A Good Reason

Obama is blaming the Republicans for the fact that his socialized medicine swindle is in trouble. He says it’s “that ol’ bugaboo and boogieman,” the Republican Party, who want to kill it, just like they killed Clinton’s swindle. In one way he’s right. The Republicans, and EVERYBODY “outside the beltway” don’t want ANY PART of what he’s trying to stuff down our throats, just as they didn’t want Clinton’s swindle. Many in his own party don’t want it. America simply doesn’t WANT socialized medicine. He says the “public option” only “levels the playing field” and gives us another option but it does not. It cannot “level the playing field when it “stacks the deck” in favor of the government’s “option” by pitting private insurance companies, which MUST make a profit to survive, against the government “option,” which DOES NOT. Why don’t people REALIZE this? This country is BROKE. How does he expect to PAY for his grandiose schemes? He can’t. That’s the mostly ignored factor that makes everything else a moot point. He has ALREADY promised more than there is money in the WORLD to pay for. There is NO WAY he can tax us enough to get enough money out of us to do it. So why is he doing it? To gain more POWER over us, that’s why. That’s the simplest reason of all. (Just common sense)

"Crying Wolf"

Obama and his liberal friends “cry wolf” all the time so we’ll agree to the most outrageous things to allow him to “solve” all our problems. Unfortunately, politicians have been doing it ever since I can remember, and before. But so far, they haven’t “solved” a single problem. So why do we (not me) keep on believing them and ceding so many of our rights and our money to them? (Just common sense)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Don't Always Lose

One Father in Missouri that the Missouri VOCAL (Victims of Child Protection Laws) organization worked with finally got to see his son after SEVEN YEARS “in the system.” A baby sitter falsely accused this father of sexually abusing his then 4-year-old child. But the child (whose “coaching” apparently didn’t “take,”) said nothing of the sort ever happened. CPS persisted. The charges were eventually dropped, but that meant nothing to the “child protectors,” who viewed him as guilty even though he was acquitted. CPS kept the son, and his behavior kept getting worse until he was finally imprisoned in “Boy’s Town,” where the father is now able to visit him. This resulted in the boy’s behavior improving. The “child protectors” did irreparable damage to this boy but will never admit it, although they are now talking about letting him go home with his father. (This story came from VOCAL of Missouri)

Kennedy Wanted to Designate His Successor

Teddy Kennedy is dead. Good riddance. Before he died, he asked the governor of Massachusetts to have the law changed to allow the governor to APPOINT his successor when he dies (he did) rather than the current method (made that way when a Republican was governor so he couldn’t appoint a Republican). This way, Kennedy can “designate” the person he wants to replace him and the Democrat governor will no doubt go along with his “suggestion” (something they didn't want to allow a Republican governor to do). He wants to make sure his “safe seat” remains “safe” in the hands of Democrats. That way he can continue to influence state and national politics even after he is dead. What chutzpa this jerk has! Too bad something like that didn't help his pregnant girlfriend when he swam off and left her to die. How this man managed to stay in office and influence national politics for so many years after this murder should be beyond me, but it isn't. He's a DEMOCRAT and they can get away with ANYTHING with minimal inconvenience. (Just common sense)

Government-Mandated "Insurance Mess"

They talk about the “health insurance mess” and the “high medical costs” as the “reason” for government intervention in both. What they DON’T tell you is that ALL those things are government CREATED. The high medical costs are because of the government-mandated paperwork that takes up so much of SOMEBODY’S (sometimes the doctor’s) time and all the “rules and regulations” in the insurance industry doing the same. Does anybody (outside of liberal politicians) think more government intervention will make it any better? Notwithstanding the government doesn’t have any money left for ANYTHING and continues to print “legal” counterfeit money. I, and many others keep saying these things over and over, but nobody seems to care. If somebody doesn’t do SOMETHING about this, Obama’s swindle will be a reality and we won’t be able to stop it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Computer Died

If you're a regular reader you've probably wondered why there has been no update lately. That's because my computer died and an effort to put the contents of my old hard disc failed and the new computer died, too. It is now undergoing a "heart transplant." (or better should be called a "brain transplant." I hope to get it up and working today, but failing that, soon after.