Tuesday, May 31, 2011

America Enforces Sharia Law

And everybody is ignoring it, especially the liberal news media and the American Civil Liberties Union, one organization that should be vociferously opposing it.. “Daniel Mach, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's program on Freedom of Religion and Belief, and Jamil Dakwar, director of the ACLU's Human Rights program, recently co-authored an article on the Huffington Post attacking legislative efforts to prohibit the application of foreign laws "inconsistent with the rights granted by the U.S. and state constitutions or state public policy." They make disjointed efforts to justify it, though ANY enforcement of Sharia Law on American citizens is unlawful and unconstitutional. There is NO argument that can support it. The liberal thinking amazes me. While they claim to support the constitution, they also support things that are patently AGAINST it. (The American Thinker)

A Month's Vacation Yearly

I don't understand the French. This guy thinks everybody ought to get a month’s PAID time off every year, so they can take a long, “unscheduled” vacation. This is considered a “right” in France, which long ago mandated a 36 hour work week, and now they wonder why they’re in financial trouble. I shudder to think how much the national productivity went down the drain when this mandate came into being. Think about it; 4 hours lost productivity from every citizen immediately every day, and an entire MONTH lost from each citizen once a year. And that’s not all—those who work more than 36 hours a week anyway, accrue more than a month’s vacation a year; some up to 11 weeks. He thinks (and I agree) “vacations” should be completely UNSCHEDULED, which is something my own sister would not understand. Her vacations are TIGHTLY scheduled. One time she came to Denver and scheduled only an hour for me. The next time, after hearing me grumble about that hour, she scheduled a whole afternoon for me. Oh, well. I love her, so I’ll take whatever time she’ll give me. (CNN Travel)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Burying the Lead

It ought to have been the main headline, but the Washington Post “buried” the fact that Obama’s budget didn’t get a single vote in the 17th paragraph of a 22 paragraph story about the failure of Paul Ryan’s budget plan, which got 40 more votes than did Obama’s budget. This is how they slant the news to suit the Democrats. I don’t know why, except to say most of them are liberals and dependably vote Democrat in every election. Reporters themselves admitted to contributing more money to Democrats by a wide margin than to Republicans, which should tell the tale. (Ken Shepherd)

"Perp Walk" Angers French

They don’t think anything of somebody “having a mistress” while holding down an important office. They think “treating him like a common criminal” (which he is, if the story is true) is a bad thing. The staff member at the hotel where he is staying says IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn forcibly tried to rape her. I’ll be watching this situation closely to see if there is anything to his claim that she was paid to accuse him. Of course, if you look at his politics, he’s a liberal; and such things are a “resume enhancement” to liberals, everywhere. Look at Bill Clinton and Chris Dodd, Teddy Kennedy and others who have been caught with their pants down (liberals all) who have gone right on as if it didn’t happen to gain more political credit. Clinton even lost his law license, and narrowly missed being removed from office, but is still getting six figures to regale liberal audiences with his drivel. (American Thinker)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Smart For Us To Understand

That’s how the liberals want us to think of Obama when he tries to convince us of how his ideas to scam us out of more money while infringing on more of our rights and fails to do so. They tell us he’s “so smart” the “average American” just isn’t smart enough to understand him. What a monumental ego that must require! In reality, Obama isn’t really very smart. He’s good at reading a teleprompter and making it sound like it’s his ideas, but that’s all. When he tries to say anything without one, he hems and haws endlessly. I’ve got a tape of him hemming and hawing for thirty minutes straight, without a single repeat. Frankly, if he were really that smart, conveying his ideas to us would be easy. He could figure out how, easily. He isn't smart enough. (News Busters)

Hundreds of Waivers

If Obama’s health care swindle is so good, why are so many people and organizations asking for, and GETTING waivers so they can stay in business? One-third of them are given to his union friends, although unions only represent 7% of the private work force. Does anybody see a pattern developing here? Obama is trying to “keep the lid on” until after the election, so people will not understand the awesome disaster this law will be. Just as liberals did with the Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976, which forced lenders to loan money to people they KNEW couldn’t repay it on pain of “investigations,” which could cost them billions to defend, even if there is no basis for it. Many people are “waking up” to this con man’s activities, and I sincerely hope it is enough to get rid of this criminal swindler so he doesn’t have four more years to loot this nation. (Tom Lewis)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Describing Obama

Doonesbury described what he thinks is Trump in this Sunday strip, but unwittingly described Obama to a “T.” A man who creates a toxic environment, decreases productivity, increases employee turnover. An obnoxious narcissistic bully who hogs all the credit and ducks all the blame. I don’t know if that description also applies to Trump, but it absolutely describes Obama. We’re sorry we “hired” him and hopefully, we won’t “hire” him again. (Doonesbury)

Just Don't Mention It

How do you handle “bad news?” News that destroys your long-held incorrect view of the world? Just don’t mention it. You can even go so far as to ban its mention from White House staff. That’s how Obama has handled many things, including the anti-Christian violence in Egypt. He will not admit we are in a war with Islamic terrorists. He will not even mention the word “terrorist,” especially not “Islamic terrorist. Their atrocities are referred to as “man caused disasters,” or some such. I can’t keep track of liberal “wordsmithing” to avoid issues they don’t like. (White House Dossier)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hard to Arm Themselves

Drug cartels find it easy to get American arms to use in killing anybody they wish. They get them from American dealers, at the behest of the Obama administration. This administration SAYS they allow it so they can “track” where the guns go down there. But they’re not “tracking” anything, and many of the guns sold down there have turned up in murder cases on both sides of the border. But U. S. citizens can’t seem to get a gun to use in defending themselves against those Mexican bandits who rob and kill on both sides of the border, despite the lies told by Obama. Obama says violent crime rates in border states are going down. Anybody who lives there knows what a LIE that is. Just ask some of the ranchers who have been murdered when they objected to the illegal aliens crossing their land and making a mess as they do. (John Lott)

Predictions That Came True

I predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over in Egypt, even while the “revolution” was still raging. People thought I was crazy, as they do with many of my predictions that have later come true. Now a top member of the Muslim Brotherhood has “thrown his hat in the ring” to run for president of Egypt. Will he win? Probably. Muslims everywhere haven’t proven themselves to be too swift when it comes to actually ELECTING people like this, and then asking us to rescue them later. (The Blaze)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Schumer Wants ACCUSED to Lose Gun Rights

Never mind that until they are CONVICTED of a crime, they are INNOCENT. Next, he’ll want to bar anybody that somebody pointed to and said “he’s guilty of a crime” from having a gun. Then it’ll be somebody ANYBODY just doesn’t like. Meanwhile, like many other politicians, he either has a carry permit or hires people who do to keep him safe. Like most politicians, he wants rules for US, but not for HIM. He thinks people “in his position” should be above laws for us “little people.” (John Lott)

Cops As Bandits

Are the cops the new bandits? They can stop you if they “think you look wrong” (in their opinion) and confiscate (steal) any money you might have (Some politicians think over $50 in cash in your pocket is grounds to take your money because it "might" be drug money). They even have scanners to see if there’s enough money in your pocket to make it worth while. “NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A major NewsChannel 5 investigation has uncovered serious questions about Tennessee's war on drugs. Among the questions: are some police agencies more concerned about making money off the drugs, than stopping them? At the center of this months-long investigation are laws that let officers pull driver over looking for cash. Those officers do not even have to file criminal charges against a person to take his/her money. It turns out, those kind of stops are now happening almost every day in Middle Tennessee.” It happens elsewhere, too. We need to stop this insane “war on drugs.” It does nothing more than give cops an excuse to do what they can’t do otherwise: loot citizens. It doesn’t work, anyway. There are more people abusing drugs now that before they started it. So what good is it? (Sky 5 HD)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is Today "Judgment Day?"

That’s what many Christians say. That today is the “Day of the Rapture.” The day all those who have met God’s terms “rise up” and “meet God in the sky.” I have a sure way to tell if that’s true. My wife will no longer be here tomorrow if so, because if ANYBODY is going to “rise up and meet God in the sky,” it’s her. She’s been trying for many years to convince me that her religious views are true, but with no results. Yes, I believe in a “supreme being” that orders this universe. I would be a fool not to do so. It’s too well put together and complicated. But my idea of what this power is , may be a lot different from that of anybody else. The idea that it came from the execution of a Jew way back when is one of the hardest stories to believe, though I did believe it in my younger (and more gullible) days. The whole concept of such a being caring a whit whether or not I believed in him/her/it or worshiped him/her/it is, to my mind, ludicrous. Such a powerful being wouldn’t care about such things.

He/she/it wouldn’t even be aware of my existence as a single entity. The idea that such an entity wanted his people to KILL "unbelievers," as in the Muslim religion, is even more ludicrous. Further, the promise of “72 virgins” with which a man can have sex for all eternity without making them into non-virgins if he dies killing an “unbeliever” is laughable. There are aspects of other religions that are just as laughable and unbelievable, and they strike me as merely man’s efforts to control his fellow man, while collecting the money to do so from him. If my wife is gone tomorrow and bad things (more than usual) start happening, I might change my mind. But that’s not likely. People have attempted to predict a specific date for the end of the world before, without success (even the Bible says it's impossible). If they turn out to be right this time, it won’t matter to me. I’ll be dead. Please don’t write me in protest at this post unless you have arguments that don’t require FAITH on my part for me to accept. Besides, if you're a "believer," you won't be here to write me. You'll be up in the sky talking to God. Notice that the people pushing this idea still want your donations. What for? (The Blaze)

Post Office Going Broke

And they don’t understand why. They seem not able to figure out that the rise of e-mail has eaten seriously into first class mail and that they should do something to make it easier and cheaper for mass mailers (their biggest cash customers) to send out mail; even small mass mailers. Or lower other rates to create more mail? I remember when they had a third class mail that cost exactly the same as regular first class mail, and only required it be marked “Third Class Mail” to let you mail twice as much for the same money. They quietly eliminated that a few years ago and lost a lot of business in the small mail order field. Nobody but us small mail order dealers noticed. There is no telling how many other things they did to “run away business” along the way. Now they’re doing their usual thing, raising rates while cutting back service. They’re the “buggy whip manufacturer” of today and they don’t even know it. (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to '67 Borders?

Obama is telling Israel they need to give the Palestinians their own state, and to “go back to the 1967 borders when they do it. They rightfully told him to “go to hell.” He’s insane if he thinks a Palestinian state will solve any problems, no matter under what conditions. That would be like telling US to give Japan back all the land we won in World War II. It is idiocy. But then, nobody has ever accused Obama of having any sense. He thinks a socialist government is right for this country and will do anything he has to do to attain that goal, including spending us broke; no matter how many people have to DIE because of it. If Obama thinks that will ever happen, he doesn’t know Israel. They are quite competent to take on the entire “Arab world” and win. They already did it once. (Fox News)

Don't Tell Me What I Am!

I hate people like fat boy Michael Moore telling me what I am if I think differently than he does. Sounds as if he’d like to do the same things the Islamic terrorists do to people who don’t believe exactly the same as they do. Michael Moore has a big mouth and he uses it regularly. Unfortunately, that’s not enough exercise to get rid of his correspondingly big body. This is not a condemnation of overweight people: only of Michael Moore. He should spend more time working to get rid of his flab and less on telling me what I am because of how I think. (Media Research Center)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Socialist Representatives

Members of Congress should not be allowed to openly be members of organizations seeking to overthrow our system of government (free market, ak/a capitalist) while Congresspeople. This is not a violation of their constitutional rights because they are not being jailed or fined for it. But they are members of a subversive organization. They would be merely being asked not to openly promote such a thing as socialism or communism while a Member of Congress. If they refuse to separate themselves from a socialist or communist organization they should be asked to resign. Currently, six members are members of the ”Democratic Socialists of America” organization, which is a subversive organization on its face. They are: Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Luis Gutierres (D-IL), John Conyers (D-MI), Danny Davis (D-IL), Jim McDermott (D-WA), and Keith Ellison (D-MN). All have written letters to AG Eric Holder in SUPPORT of Islamic terrorists. Notice all members mentioned are Democrats. They used to feel like they needed to hide such associations. Now, with a socialist PRESIDENT, they feel like they no longer have to hide it. (Rebel Pundit)

Typical Liberal Thinking

Mallard gets it absolutely right very often, but this strip is so right it is uncanny. The same complaint, different presidents. In one, the liberals “have a cow,” and in the other, they think it’s hilarious. It just depends on who it’s about. Their thought processes make me sick, but somehow, they still keep enough ignorant people enthralled to do a lot of damage in their quest to run all of our lives and take our money to do it. (Mallard Fillmore)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Was Osama Shot In the Back of the Head?

That’s what some in the liberal media are asking. Frankly, I don’t care. He might have been running away from the soldiers who broke into his room. I don’t care if he was shot in the butt, or had his neck wrung as long as he’s dead. Osama was not a human being. He was worse than an animal, whose only goal in living is to murder ANYBODY who does not believe exactly the same way he does. He has convinced many ignorant Muslims that if they die killing “Infidels,” they will go to “Paradise” and be able to have sex with 72 virgins for all of eternity (though how they remain virgins is “above my pay grade.”). The normal laws do not apply to him. The longer he lived, the more people die at his hands, or at the hands of his “believers.” Now he’s dead, only his “believers” will be able to kill innocent people. (KJRH Channel 2)

Black Race Pimps

It’s a big moneymaking scam that has grown exponentially lately, with race pimps Al Sharpton (Sharpie) and Jesse Jackson (Jerkson) leading the way. The one that has made me the sickest recently is an organization called “Color of Change” (probably one man in his basement in his underwear making good use of a fax machine and a logo). "An African-American political advocacy group is targeting 'Celebrity Apprentice' star Donald Trump in the aftermath of what many feel are racially tinged political comments made about President Obama. On Thursday, the organization ColorOfChange launched a Twitter-based campaign to persuade black 'Celebrity Apprentice' cast members Star Jones and Lil Jon to denounce Trump for what the group terms 'race-baiting.' " (Text by Daniel Miller, Reuters) How do you define "race baiting?" they ought to know; they do a lot of it. (Lloyd Marcus/American Thinker)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Post Saturday

Sorry there was no post yesterday. Blogger was not available all day.

Common "Socially Conscious"

That’s what the White House says in defense of the decision to invite this “cop murder celebrating” sixties terrorist loving rapper to the White House, which has to have enhanced his career. What a load of bullsh-t! I have one question: WHAT “socially conscious” things has he ever done? And would I consider them “good things?” “White House press secretary Jay Carney said it’s not fair to boil the rapper’s works down to just a few examples, and that the president and first lady have been clear about how they feel about over-the-line lyrics.” It IS fair to “boil his works down” to just a few. His “works” have constantly praised cop killers and other assorted felons. What is there “good” about that? If anybody can tell me ANYTHING he has done that I would consider “good,” I’d appreciate it. (Washington Times)

Did We "Overreact to 9/11?"

How is it POSSIBLE to “overreact” to 9/11 and the wanton MURDER of 3,000 INNOCENT people? But liberal Lawrence O’Donnel (who runs a program called "Rewrite," which attempts to rewrite history) thinks so. “Like many folks on both sides of the aisle, Mr. O‘Donnell wants to find a way to associate the ’good news‘ part of Bin Laden’s death with his political party of choice while also managing to lay blame for any bad elements of this event on the opposition. Supporters of GITMO and the enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding are proudly stating, we would still be looking for OBL were it not for these tools of war (not crime).

CIA Chief Leon Panetta admitted that information from Waterboarding helped in locating bin Laden.” And they ARE “tools of war.” Not to be used on common criminals, which people like O’Donnell want us to think people like Osama are. They are NOT. They are “combatants” in a “war” declared on us by Osama bin Laden and should be subject to whatever methods we must use to gain important information that can save lives. “Reading them their rights” on the battlefield is insane, and will lead to the death of many soldiers who try while others have them in their sights. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Kind of Fools Are These?

The Obama administration is starting a “crackdown” on lending institutions that are “redlining.” Translation, they are now again forcing lenders to loan money to people who cannot afford to pay it back The very thing that CREATED this economic disaster in the first place, and which was PASSED in a Democrat-run Congress and signed into law by a Democrat president (Carter), then strengthened by yet another Democrat president (Clinton) in another Democrat-controlled Congress. It was Clinton’s attorney general (Janet Reno—you know, the butcher of Waco among other things) who threatened them with “investigations,” which meant that even if nothing was ever found it would cost them MILLIONS to defend themselves. Why they’re doing it now, I don’t understand. They successfully used it to create a “bloodless coup” and take over the government. But what can they gain now, except the gratitude of the people who benefit from it, in the next election? (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Who Is Bin Laden?

“Who IS this bin Laden character, anyway? That’s the question being asked by many teenagers today after we finally managed to find him and kill him (according to Obama). This makes it obvious that their education is sadly lacking in knowledge of names involved in recent (to us oldsters) events. People who have blocked teachers from mentioning Osama’s name are not to blame, it’s the “administrators” who will not allow them to do so. And they are given their “marching orders” by the NEA (National Education Association), or teacher’s union, which controls everything taught in our public schools. This is done so these kids are easier to control as they grow up, since they know nothing about important things in history. Additionally, our government, and even their liberal press have kept this knowledge out of the news because it was "too disturbing." what a load of stinky brown stuff! It should have been kept in the front of our minds to keep people from forgetting it or not even KNOWING about it. Did we hide The Alamo from America? How about Pearl Harbor? What WIMPS this government and it's press must think we are! (The Blaze)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Is It?

The Navy Seals killed Osama. No, they didn’t. He used one of his wives as a human shield; no, he didn’t. He was armed and resisted. No, he was NOT armed, but resisted anyway, and was shot and killed. There were no guns in his bedroom; yes, there were. He was captured, then shot; no he wasn’t. He was shot while resisting. One of his sons was killed; no, it was the other. The Pakistani government knew the raid was coming; no, they didn’t. They helped; no, they didn’t. The raid, and the death of Osama resulted from our “enhanced interrogation techniques; no, it didn’t. He was shot in the head and the chest; no, just the head. We’re going to release the photo of his dead body; no, we’re not. It was a “mansion”; no, it was not. It was his international command center; no, it was not: there was no TV, and no Internet connections; yet the only picture put out was of him in very primitive conditions, watching himself on a small TV with a “rabbit ears” antenna while wearing a blanket and a stocking cap to keep warm. What is the truth? Nobody knows except Obama himself. And he ain’t talking. Osama does, too; and he SURE ain’t talking. He’s dead. (Personal Liberty Digest)

HIgh Gas Prices: Bad or Good?

Depends on who is in office. When George Bush was in office the liberals “made hay” of it, blaming Bush for it. I think the price was about $3.50 a gallon at the time. Now Obama is president, Democrats still control the Senate, and nothing is being said about the high price of gas, which, as of this writing, is approaching $4.00 a gallon and still rising. What’s different? Democrats are running things (mostly) and their “lap-dog press” is not willing to do any stories about high gas prices. This is how they “spin” things to suit themselves and win elections (that’s besides stealing every election they can). Yes, the Republicans aren’t much better. That’s why we need to get RID of those now in office (including some Republicans) and install some who will not rip us off. (You Tube)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Oops, We Screwed Up!"

The Obama administration, noticing that they were getting less money from people who buy gas because they weren’t buying as much gas, now are considering taxing motorists by the mile driven, PLUS by the gallon of gas bought (NO tax ever goes away). They’re finding often that their policies regarding AlGore’s global warming swindle (I REFUSE to call it “climate change,” as per AlGore’s orders,) actually COSTS them money so they’ve got to find new ways to swindle it out of us. (The Hill)

Proof Obama's Birth Certificate False

There are certain thing that happen when you produce a document today, and they didn’t happen in the case of Obama’s “long form” birth certificate released recently. It has to do with “errors” (not human) that occur in the process itself and are not visible at normal magnification, but are when magnification is very high. So it’s obvious this document was created recently. The type, for example is modern-day computer-generated typing, not the product of the typewriters in use then. Aside from the obvious human errors of using the word “African” to describe his father’s race (“African American” was not in use then to describe blacks) and the mistake of using TODAY’S name for the hospital (it was a very different name then), these naturally-occurring errors in the process itself PROVE this “long form” birth certificate is a phony. Why would Obama, who has access to the finest forgers in the world, use such an obvious forgery? He doesn’t CARE. He can now say he released the long form and the “birthers” (his derogatory word) are STILL not believing it, as he said they would. But they have good reason not to believe it. It's a phony. (Ticker Guy)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Al-Qaida Vows Revenge

So what? Who cares? How will that change what they do every day? These fifteenth century idiots just can’t understand that when they stir up a “hornet’s nest” they’re liable to get stung. They bring down two of the biggest buildings in New York City and murder 3,000 innocent people in ONE DAY, and spend the next ten years killing more innocent people world wide; then they wonder why we set out to kill the main man responsible for that, as well as many other acts of wanton murder and mayhem, usually perpetrated upon people who did nothing to them. They send ignorant people into crowded spaces strapped with bombs for the purpose of killing as many innocents as they can, then wonder why we kill theirs. Osama brought his fate upon himself. If he had settled in and simply lived the life of a rich Saudi and left us alone, he’d still be alive, living in peace with his three wives and thirteen children. Not so; he just HAD to send people out to kill people whose “crimes” were only to believe in a different religion than his. So for HIS crimes, we will forever be “hunting down and killing” Muslim extremists as long as any of us lives—and they will have it coming. (Mail.com)

Van Jones Is An Imbecile

He’s also a self-admitted communist who wants to do everything he can to damage the United States as a free market nation so his henchmen (which includes Obama) can move us ever closer to socialism, and then maybe the communism he so loves. One more scheme if his is the one to extend “voting rights,” not to a human being, but to “The Earth,” which is not human, but merely an entity; an entity that cannot vote, which would require appointing a human being to CAST that vote. He really thinks we are so stupid as to accept his contention and actually GIVE the Earth a vote. A vote he means to control. (George Russel)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"It Was A Kill Mission..er, Capture; uh, Kill, er, Capture...

Stories out of the White House about the raid supposedly killing Islamic terrorist leader Osama bin Laden are changing every time a spokesman opens his/her mouth. They just can’t get it straight, which is usually the job of the press. First Osama was armed and hid behind his 17-year-old “wife” (one of many “wives” he had), then he was armed but his “wife” jumped in front of him and was killed. Then he was not armed, was captured, THEN killed in cold blood, and his "wide merely injured. Personally, I don’t care HOW he was killed, as long as he’s dead, whether then or back in 2004 when we bombed one of his caves with him in it.

I wonder what the rest of his many underage “wives” think about this, now that they’ve been “widowed.” Will Muslim law require they be killed? Or will Obama's male family members "marry" them? This result has been waiting to happen since the day he unleashed his 18 killers on New York City in September, 2001. He must have known it was coming, and wondered why it had taken those incompetent Americans so long to find him. But his end was ordained, by his own actions. Terrorists can blame us and call us murderers all they like, but it’s simply a matter of the pot calling the kettle black. The next in line better start watching his back because we'll get him too, soon. (The Blaze)

Obama (Finally) Releases His Birth Certificate

But is it real? Obama has access to the best forgers of documents in the world. He can create a document that cannot be told from the real thing. He can even get a false document placed in the records, since he controls them. But until proven otherwise, I’ll accept it unless on seeing it, I see something amiss. The question still remains: why did he wait 2-1/2 years to release it? Did it take him that long to phony-up one? If he had it all the time, why refuse to produce it and even spend millions of taxpayer dollars to avoid showing it? He belittles us asking this important question, but it is actually the most important question going; if Obama was NOT born in the USA, he is not ELIGIBLE to be president and everything he has done AS president legally did not happen. It’s NOT a “side-show” as he alleged. It’s the very CENTER of importance. (Mail.com)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

National Orgasm

As this is written, we are now in the second day of the “national orgasm” over the “supposed” death of Osama bin Laden in an attack sent out by Barack Obama. But Obama didn’t die yesterday; he died over seven years ago when we bombed one of his caves with a “blockbuster” bomb. We made him into a cinder that day, but then President Bush couldn’t claim it because there was noting left. NO OBAMA: There has been NOTHING from Osama since that day, except taped images from a long time ago. Maybe a few audiotapes they CLAIMED were Osama. But nothing that could have been said to be PROOF Osama was still alive. They tried valiantly to con us into believing it, so we kept wasted time and resources looking for him.

Until their con produced a location where one of his doubles was living with Osama’s girl friend and his son Notice they “buried him at sea” in a “humanitarian action” for the murderer of more than 3,000 Americans. They took DNA, which is in THEIR custody. There is NO WAY to prove that DNA is real. They took pictures of his body, but since he is now at the bottom of the sea, there’s no way to prove they are of Osama, and not a lookalike. This looks like yet another Obama con to give him something else to claim when re-election time comes around. I don’t believe it for a minute. It’s just too timely. The burial at sea was supposed to be to “respect Muslim burial customs,” but it didn’t. It only served to make sure there was no body available to be closely examined by a competent medical examiner not particularly part of Obama’s entourage. (The Blaze)

Don't Mess with Glenn

If you attack Glenn Beck, you’d better have all your ducks in a row. Mike Huckabee (former Ark. Governor) did just that after Glenn said he reminded him of a progressive, and lost, big. Glenn took him apart, point by point, from outright lies he told to simple misunderstandings, and made him look silly. I’m like Glenn; I like Mike, but I wouldn’t want him as president, unless the only other choice was Obama. If Obama’s in the race and the only other choice was Pluto, I’d vote for Pluto. Here I thought Obama was the most thin-skinned politician in this country. Now he’s got to move over for Mike. (Glenn Beck)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Real Homophobia

It can be found in the liberal establishment. Nothing says this guy he calls and hugs at his homecoming surprise party is not his brother. But liberals can only “feel a gay vibe" from the fact he called this guy first and didn’t have a real relationship with the girl he hugged later. What a bunch of jerks. They SAY conservatives are, among other things, “homophobic,” but the real homophobics are the LIBERALS and they push it every way they can. So what if this guy IS gay. What difference does that make on any human scale? But liberals think so. They’ll probably intimate I’M gay for saying this. Or they'll say I'm a racist. Never mind that doesn't work. they'll do it anyway. (The Blaze)

"We Can't spend More Than We Take In!"

This is a direct quote from Barack Hussein Obama, the man who has, in less than three years, spent MORE MONEY than we will take in, in the next 200 or more years! Who has spent, not only more money than we took in, but more than ALL presidents before him have spent. How can he be so STUPID as to say this? Does he think we have no memory at all? That WE are STUPID? Or did he just forget which LIE he told them before and now is telling them this LIE. (Just common sense)