Thursday, January 31, 2013

And So It Begins

 The Islamic terrorists and the drug cartels keep those who would investigate and arrest them, and prosecute them afraid to do their jobs by killing them off, one by one. The most dangerous job in “drug country” or “terrorist country” is that of a judge; or a prosecutor; or a cop. The “bad guys” target them and show they can be “gotten to” if they become too much of an impediment to those criminals’ operations. Soon these people are afraid to do ANYTHING to oppose these criminals so they won’t be killed. A deputy prosecutor in Kaufmann County, Texas was ambushed and shot to death on his way to work. The killers are yet to be found. They're studying his caseload to see if the shooters are connected to a current case. (KHOU)

Indictment of Gun Control

A legal immigrant recently testified before Congress and made this statement: “"If gun control actually did work, Washington, D.C. and Chicago would be the safest cities in your nation..." That is a really profound statement, but will fall on deaf ears in Washington. He also said, “Nobody saw the Third Reich coming until it was too late.” Another profound statement that they will not hear. Politicians have “selective deafness” that allows them to disregard ANYTHING that doesn’t promote THEIR agenda. Ong noted this: “Had the Koreans in the LA riots not had AR-15s and AK-47s with 30-round magazines — and Ruger 30s — their businesses would have burnt to the ground like all the other businesses in their neighborhoods. Theirs stood because they stood their ground.” This man sees things better than any politician out there, but will be ignored. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Praised for Not Making A Profit

One of the STUPIDEST things liberals push is the whole idea that there should NOT be a reason for ANYBODY to make a profit in business, which is one of the most foolish notions I’ve ever seen. Profit is the ONLY reason people get up in the morning and go to work. Otherwise, they’d just stay in bed and smoke pot—or do drugs—or just have sex with either their boyfriend or girlfriend, or both. They ask why a DOCTOR should make  profit for “curing you.” They completely ignore the fact that this doctor spent years of his life and THOUSANDS of dollars to learn HOW to be a doctor, so his e3fforts wouldn’t kill you. Hospitals likewise. They have to make a profit so they can afford all those expensive machines and other equipment they use to diagnose what is WRONG with you.

EVERYBODY has to make a profit or it’s not even worth it to get out of bed in the morning. Profit is what “lubricates” the “wheels of commerce.” Without it, this country would collapse. The very people who SAY people shouldnb’t make a profit make a profit themselves. They don’t work for nothing, even if they’re working for a “non-profit.” They get paid a salary and you can BET those RUNNING that non-profit do. They HAVE to, or they would starve. Amazon is now being praised for selling their products at a price that makes in IMPOSSIBLE to make a profit. Their profits are down 45% and their stock is going sky-high because stupid people are buying it. and why do people buy it? To make a PROFIT, of course. But if the company makes no profit for very long they’ll go “belly-up.” It amazes me that some otherwise intelligent people will think this way. Sheesh! (Rush Limbaugh)

Same Old "Bait & Switch"

They use the same old “bait & switch con over and over and our incompetent politicians fall for it every time. Even INTELLIGENT politicians have fallen for it. They promised Reagan they’d “cut spending” one and a half dollars for every new dollar in taxes he allowed. He allowed the taxes and no spending cuts EVER materialized. Bush (the elder) said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Then they made him the same promise so he let them raise taxes. But again, no spending cuts. So he lost his job. Now Obama himself is using it on Congress. He’s telling Congress if they will let him raise taxes, he will cut spending later. Never happen. Mark my words. And guess who will suffer? You and I, who had no say in it. (Just common sense)

Timely Increasae in Gun Violence

Does it seem to you there are more incidences of gun violence today than before Obama started talking about “ending gun violence,” which is code for “banning guns?” The gun violence didn’t begin with the Sandy Hook school shootings; it didn’t begin with Columbine, either. Nor Ft. Hood, where a proud Islamic terrorist who happened to be in the military killed a bunch of people. It began in the 1800s when a man went into a school to shoot the teacher and was killed by the children in the class, all of whom were armed. NONE of these incidents took place where it was legal for everybody to carry guns, but that little fact escapes our incompetent politicians, who only want to DISARM honest, responsible people so they can’t defend themselves. I’m not a “conspiracy theorist,” but some things like the sudden increase in gun violence at just the right time to help the “anti-gun Nazis push their favorite cause do not escape my attention and give me reason to suspect that certain “anti-gun extremists” just might be helping some of these fools who want to shoot up innocent people to do so, even ENCOURAGING them to help Obama “cry wolf” about “gun control, as if banning or more tightly controlling gun sales and ownership WOULD do anything about it. All those laws do is DISARM honest, responsible people who OBEY laws, while leaving them to be “easy prey” for CRIMINALS, who don’t. Think about it. (NRA)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

...And Obama Went to Bed

He just doesn’t care that his ambassador in Benghazi was dead or dying. He know it within 90 minutes—and went to bed. This shows that he just doesn’t give a damn, and that puts the ambassador’s blood on his hands along with the future murders to be committed by the terrorists he releases from GITMO. Does he really think he can remain  in charge if he keeps doing despicable things like this? Who does he think he is? Hugo Cahavez? This arrogant fool doesn’t even care if Americans know about the STUPID things he does. Can it go on much longer before somebody does something about it (To those government agents monitoring my blogs, I don’t mean I would do something about it)? Only the worst kind of damn fool would think that. But this government is FULL of such damn fools, starting at the top. (Freedom Outpost)

"Gun-Free Zones"

Except for those carried by criminals and crazies wanting to shoot everybody in sight, that is. People who obey laws obey gun laws. Criminals don’t. Recently, such a fool murdered 19 CHILDREN, some as young as 5. the day before that, another killed at least two people in another shopping center. The news media went “wall-to-wall with it. In Denver, at least one radio station spent the entire DAY into the night talking about it. I’m sure this happened all over the country, maybe even the world. And they should, because somebody killing a bunch of CHILDREN is a real tragedy. What did these two shootings gave in common? They were both “gun-free zones.” But what about that shooting last year in a GUN SHOP where the guy shot a clerk and was instantly made into “Swiss cheese” by the rest of the clerks, including the one he shot? It was a news item for a few hours and then “sank like a stone.” Except for the Indianapolis media, nobody was interested in the story. Why? Because the victim was armed and able to defend himself. Even the “anti-gun crazies” shut up about it because this kind of story, where the victim was armed just didn’t fit their narrative. I’ve always noticed that such shootings didn’t happen at gun shows or anywhere else where everybody was armed, and for a good reason. In “gun-free zones” like schools and the like, they might as well put up a sign saying, “No guns here. We’re defenseless. Come on in and shoot us.”

Yes, such shootings are bad. But trying to eliminate guns to stop them is illogical and STUPID. The GUN didn’t kill these people. The man HOLDING the gun did. You don't blame the HAMMER for hurting the nail. If he couldn’t get a gun (doubtful) he’d find something else to use in killing innocent people. Anybody who BELIEVES that a CRIMINAL, who violates the law for a LIVING, will OBEY a law saying he can’t be armed is STUPID. And that includes all those stupid politicians who think so, including our illustrious President Obama. I’m getting very tired of repeating this and having it fall on deaf ears while more and more people DIE because of this rampant STUPIDITY. I’m still waiting for our incompetent politicians who WAKE UP and realize that the ONLY WAY to eliminate such atrocities is to allow as many GOOD people as possible to be armed, including in those ubiquitous “gun-free zones” for self defense so the crazies and criminals won’t be FREE to kill innocent people. It is a PROVEN FACT that where there are MORE GUNS in the hands of innocent people, violent crime goes DOWN. In Florida, where getting a carry permit is easy, the violent crime rate has PREDICTABLY gone DOWN wile the deaths and injuries to armed CRIMINALS has gone UP. There cannot be more OBVIOUS evidence this is true. But our anti-gun politicians are blissfully IGNORANT of this fact. They’re PURPOSELY ignorant of facts that do not advance their narrative. (

Sunday, January 27, 2013

We're Being "Ruled" By Morons

That’s what Rush Limbaugh says, and he’s right. The morons who are “ruling” us now mostly think collectivism (socialism) is the way we should go, and they’re wrong. Socialism, in its many forms, (communism, socialism, Fascism, Naziism, Progressivism, another name for communism) has failed each time it has been tried, eventually. Those that still exist are dependent on the others loaning them money from what they have left. They DEPEND on the earnings of the free market to give them money to steal and one day soon run out of “other people’s money” and collapse. If Obama succeeds in making this country into a socialist state, it, too, will collapse when the world runs out of “other people’s money.” We are the LAST great free market and when we succumb to the socialist swindle, there will be nowhere for them to go to steal the money they need to keep going. (Just common sense)

Coulter Says: "Tax RICH Liberals"

And she’s right. Rich liberals aren’t the “job creators” of this society. They’ve mostly already MADE (or inherited) their money and are not affected by Obama’s “tax the rich” swindle. So what we need to do is start taxing rich liberals! There would soon be a bigger holler about that than there has ever been about anything else. Unfortunately, that’s taxing the same money more than once. Oh; I forgot. They already DO that to everybody. I’ve never made a dime that wasn’t taxed at least six times on several levels. But never on money I HAVE, not money I’ve MADE. The already rich liberals don’t care if those who are still EARNING their money are taxed at a higher rate. They will benefit the most from socialism, which will PREVENT other people from becoming rich. (Ann Coulter)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Communist Party Approves

They have “echoed” Obama’s call for more gun control legislation. They think their gun control policies work best. Of course, it always kept guns out of the hands of “criminals” in communist Russia, didn’t they? We always need the “approval” of the representatives (in this country) of that FAILED system that RAPED Russia for so many years, don’t we? Damn, are people STUPID to take this outfit seriously! You know, the one that has caused so much misery in this world during their existence. The only reason they are considered worse than the Nazis is that we CONQUERED the Nazis. We haven’t been SMART enough to conquer communism. Oh, boy! There I go again, using “forgotten words like Nazi and communist. Many people’s eyes will “glaze over” when they hear it. Sheesh! (The Examiner)

Not In the Liberal Media

A theater shooting copycat of the Aurora, Colorado shooting tried to do a “mass shooting” in a San Antonio, Texas theater but his shooting spree was cut short by an off-duty policeman who was there; thus proving my thesis that ONE GUN in the hands of someone not afraid to use it, could put a stop to such shootings. But did you read about this in the national (liberal) media? Not likely. They rarely report such stories because it destroys their anti-gun rhetoric. Yes, this did appear in the local media, but that’s as far as it went. A story that would be a “media sensation” like the Aurora shooting was roundly ignored in the liberal media, and what’s tragic is that it’s not surprising. (My San Antonio)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Kill 'Em Where They Stand!

There’s a lot of argument over how to treat the terrorists we catch in the act of killing Americans. Some want us to coddle them. Others want us to give them “constitutional protections.” What stupidity! I don’t think people who only want to KILL innocent people DESERVE any rights, of any kind. I say just shoot them where they stand when we catch them in the act. That's what they'd do to us. And when we DO capture them alive, give them an expedited death sentence. If we just imprison them, other terrorists will kill some people just to get them out of prison. If we just kill ‘em where they stand we avoid many problems, most of which are created by liberals and other terrorists. (Just common sense)

Clinton: "What DIFFERENCE Does It Make?

Hillary exploded at the questions she was being asked at the “hearing” into the “Benghazi incident” by Rep. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and asked “what difference does it make?” to which I would add “that the president and all his accomplices LIED to America long after the truth was known?” It makes a LOT of difference when the president and all his accomplices (including Hillary) LIED to us to keep us from knowing his lies about al-Qaida being “defeated” were a “pipe-dream.” I guess she scared Johnson to the point where he abandoned that line of questioning. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Keep Infant Murder Legal!"

The people who demonstrate to keep abortion legal might as well be carrying signs saying, “KEEP CHILD MURDER LEGAL.” They call it “a March for life,” but it is really a “March for Death” because that’s what abortion is. What kind of twisted minds they must have to think abortion is NOT infant murder? Some Germans thought the Nazis’ “Final Solution” that led to the extermination of six million Jews was “the right thing to do” while it was going on, and it was LAW. But it really was MASS MURDER by the government. Our policy to allow parents to MURDER the result of unprotected sex instead of using birth control is our OWN “holocaust” Our country’s abortion policy makes me ashamed to be an American. They SAY it’s for “women’s health” and to support “woman’s right to choose’ what happens to their bodies, but those are LIES. Protecting a woman’s right to choose is SELECTIVE law enforcement, since there are laws against prostitution, which is also “a woman’s right to choose” what she does with her body. And it might be about “women’s health,” but what about the health of those unborn infants.  (

Child Deaths "In Custody"

The “child protection services” ought to be called the “legal child murderers.” In the years from 2007 to 2012, 72 children died while under CPS “investigation.” I don’t know how many more children died WITHOUT CPS “investigations,” but I’d bet it was a lot less. CPS are SUPPOSED to be “protecting children,” but they seem to be KILLING more children than they save. Further, there are children hurt while under “CPS investigation” than in any other situation. Meanwhile, they ruin the lives of COUNTLESS families with their heavy-handed, unconstitutional “investigations,” in which they use methods the Nazis would have loved. At the same time, a MAJORITY of “investigations,” after all the depredations committed by CPS, are later judged “unfounded.” (Just common sense)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nobody Wants To Know

The feds lie about it. Sen Menendez’ office says they had no way of knowing, and this intern is now nowhere to be found. Knowledge of his status was DELAYED on orders from SOMEONE in our government, but we can’t find out who gave the order. This sounds like a standard government scandal. Nobody knows ANYTHING; nobody WANTS to know anything. Ask a question about it and get “stonewalled.” This is the type of scandal that would have SUNK a Republican, but will “bounce off´” Obama and Sen. Menendez like a basketball off the rim of a basket. This administration is so corrupt, everybody concerned should be FIRED. But nobody will be. Just like in the “Benghazi incident,” nobody wants to TOUCH it. (Hint: Benghazi is a city in Libya, not a guy named “Ben Ghazi” as some people think) (Talking Points Memo)

Islam Whining About Geller Ads

Islamic terrorists, who KILL people for not believing the exact same way they do, even other Islamics, are “getting their panties in a twist” over some truthful ads Pamela Geller has been running in the New York subways. Have you seen some of THEIR ads being run in Muslim-run countries? Pamela’s ads are on such a higher plane, I’m surprised they can even SEE them. They really think they can DO what they do, run the kind of despicable ads THEY run, and nobody is going to do something to oppose them? What a bunch of ignorant FOOLS these “fifth century thinkers” are. Pam, stop running ads and use that money to support people who will go out and KILL these fools. It’s not “Islamaphobia” to want to kill them before they can kill US. What FOOLS they are to think we will believe their LIE campaign? (Atlas Shrugs)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I've Cut spending By $1.24 Trillion"

That’s what Obama says he has done, but that’s a HUGE LIE. The biggest LIE going! Typically, he’s LYING about what he has done, and WILL do. I don’t know if he actually thinks we’ll believe his lies, or just doesn’t CARE and simply wants it on the record he CLAIMS to have reduced spending. The fact that there isn’t an iota of evidence to support this claim doesn’t matter to him. If people “call him” on that lie, he will just call them names, ridicule them, talk about how “reprehensible it is” to question him and go right on as if nobody said anything. That’s his “modus operandi.” I think he feels like his "people" are ALL ignorant through not paying attention to what he does until just before an election, and for the most part, he's right. The proof of that is his re-election, despite his MISERABLE record. the sooner we get rid of this FOOL, the better off we'll be. I've seen some presidents in whom I didn't have much faith, but he is the WORST I've ever seen. (Just common sense)

Creating A "Gun Crisis"

The New Chicago Mayor is well known for saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” He probably also said (A little less publicly, perhaps), “If a good crisis doesn’t exist, CREATE one.” I believe that’s what the “anti-gun morons” are doing, right now. There aren’t enough “gun crimes” available right at this time to advance their agenda, and they want to take advantage of the various “anti-gun” legislation now making its way through various legislatures, the Congress, and even the United Nations. To take advantage of that, supporting more mass shootings would be a boon to them (especially if they don’t care how many people die to make their point). Right now, the most important gun legislation is that in the United Nations, which only requires the “president’s” signature to be implemented as a treaty if he never presents it to Congress.

If he doesn’t, it can be enforced as if it were law in the “interim (That's the way the "treaty laws" are stupidly written).”How easy is it for anti-gun law” supporters to actually SPONSOR some of these mass shootings to “create an atmosphere” where people will agree to laws and regulations they would usually reject without the panic over “all those shootings.” These people know who the crazies are who might be “edged” in the right direction towards a shooting and they know how to “edge” them. They’ll call me crazy for even SUGGESTING such a thing, but the very fact that it is UNTHINKABLE makes it more liable to be true, in my opinion. After the Sandy Hook killings of CHILDREN, there have been way more illogical shootings, one after the other, all of a sudden. As I write this, they’re talking about the shooting of FIREMEN responding to a fire as they arrived. What’s next? Will there be another assassination of a popular politician? (Just common sense)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trying For A Third Term

Not satisfied with winning re-election to a second term (I think he stole the election), Obama has pushed his supporters to introduce H J Resolution 15, which, if passed, will eliminate the 22nd Amendment of the constitution, which limits presidents to TWO terms. If it passes, Obama will be able to run for a THIRD TERM. I can’t think of ANYTHING that would be worse trouble for this nation. It could make Obama our FIRST DICTATOR. It’s bad enough we have to suffer him for A SECOND TERM. Don’t allow him to become America’s Hugo Chávez. He’s the WORST president in memory. Do you want him to be “president for life” as he squeezes every penny he can out of those who work and EARN their own living so he can GIVE that stolen to those who DON’T? (Investment Watch)

All They Can Think Of Is "The Guns"

Every time somebody commits a mass shooting, all our INCOMPETENT “leaders” can think of is “BAN GUNS.” They’re all about “getting rid of guns.” They don’t even THINK about the SHOOTERS. Some people “give lip service” to improving mental health. But what they really want to do is BAN GUNS. That’s ALL they’re interested in. People like Wayne LaPierre (perennial VP of NRA) says there should be an armed cop in every school, but even a NON-uniformed one costs a lot of money because that will be all he/she does. Simply ALLOWING one or more STAFF to be armed and TRAINED costs a lot less and would work well. But they ridicule that, saying that staff member would be a “source of danger.” When are these incompetent people going to WAKE UP and get rid of the “no-gun zones” that are an OPEN INVITATION to people who want to come in and shoot up the schools? (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gun-Hating Paper Now Has Armed Protection

Remember the Journal News, the newspaper in New York state that published the names and addresses of those who held gun permits in their area? They’ve gotten so much backlash they have hired ARMED SECURITY. One wonders if the staff of the Journal have applied for their own licenses to carry guns in response to the supposed “danger” they fear from all those scary “armed people.” Or are they going to just HIRE people to carry the guns FOR them, as do anti-gun politicians. Or if they do, are they going to publish their OWN names and addresses? The Journal is following the “time-honored” method of all gun-haters; they hate them until they need to use them themselves. Then, since most of them are rich, or well-to-do, they HIRE people to carry their guns FOR them or, like one of the best-known gun haters, Senator Diane Feinstein, carry their own guns. These people are such hypocrites they make me want to barf. But they’re apparently not smart enough to recognize that. (ABC News)

Robbers Killed By Armed Citizens

It’s not surprising this happened in Florida, a state which makes it easy for responsible citizens to get “carry permits.” The gun-haters predicted “wild west atmosphere” in Florida as a result.  It didn’t happen. There weren’t even many cases of people shooting criminals in the act of robbing them, unless they were suppressed by a liberal media. This story will not be seen much in the liberal media, except for the LOCAL media. It doesn’t promote the gun hater’s preconceived notions. They’ll say this is a  “aberration,” but it’s not. Less biased reporters tell us people shoot robbers and would-be murderers millions of times per year, but they aren’t, for the most part, reported in the national media. (Miami Herald)

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Mother Jones" Lied

They did an article that concluded that “civilians with guns have never stopped a mass shooting.” WRONG!  The only reason there are very few instances of this is that they are not ALLOWED to be armed, so CAN’T stop mass shootings. But I know of a few instances where armed civilians HAVE stopped mass shootings. One of those was in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where a guy who had already shot up one church, attempted to do it again and ran into a parishioner who had her own gun and shot him. He then killed himself after only killing two other people in that church. They CLAIM she was a “security guard” hired by the church, but that’s a LIE. She was a parishioner who was armed, and they ASKED her to FUNCTION as a security guard while there. That’s a whole lot different. She was armed, and the shooter didn’t know it. That proves my theory. (Weekly Standard)

"More Guns for Good Guys"

As predicted, the National rifle Association (NRA) recommends “more guns in the hands of good guys” to protect our children from the “guns in the hands of bad guys.” He asked if you would have guns in the hands of good guys ten minutes away (as with calling the cops) or a gun in the hands of a good guy standing beside the bad guy? The cops are always at LEAST ten minutes away and this “bad guy” can kill a lot of people in just a few minutes. The shooter in Newtown, CT killed all 26 CHILDREN in 3-1/2 minutes. Had there been a “good guy with a gun” there, that number could have been a lot less as that “good guy” put a couple in his head” as soon as he started shooting. The “anti-gun freaks” have always ridiculed this idea, but it is the ONLY idea that can be successful in dealing with these indiscriminate shooters.

An armed civilian is NOT as crazy as are these shooters just because they aren’t cops. This is the solution I have recommended all along. But nobody (in charge) is smart enough to take me up on it. Wayne LaPerre, perennial vice president of NRA, recommends armed police officers in every school—which is pretty much what they have now. But these officers are usually IN UNIFORM, which makes it easy for potential shooters to “take them out” FIRST, from ambush. I say they should be in civilian clothes, and people not suspected of being armed so a potential shooter cannot “single him out” and eliminate him before “doing his dirty deed.” Schools should NEVER be “gun-free zones.” That is an OPEN INVITATION to people who want to shoot them up. (Huffington Post)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

School Shooting In California

In a state where the gun laws are the tightest, a student at Taft high School in Kern County, California managed to get a gun and came into the school shooting, hitting at least two people. If this doesn’t prove my contention that tight gun laws don’t stop such things, I don’t know what will. But the “anti-gun freaks” will ignore it and deny it if me bring it up. The shooting ended when the shooter shot himself. The REPORT is he used an “assault weapon,” but I doubt it, since they don’t even know how to DEFINE what an “assault weapon” even IS. Some people say we need to get rid of all guns, but not only will that never happen, if we were somehow able to get rid of all guns criminals and people determined to go into crowds and shoot people WILL still be able to get guns. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but there’s something very suspicious about the increase in shootings in SCHOOLS lately. I think somebody is PROMOTING people to DO these shootings to “whip up” support for tighter gun laws—and the anti-gun freaks are cooperating nicely. (International Business Times)

It's A Damned LIE!

Everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth, usually. But this is a lie called so by his own government! The IRS itself says the top 25% pay 86% of all income taxes paid. So how can “the rich” not be paying their fair share?” Obama and all his accomplices keep on repeating this lie and I keep refuting it; and people keep believing it. Like with the Mayan Calendar, they want to believe such things in the face of CERTAIN PROOF otherwise. What hurts is when they do things, based on a lie like that and it affects others, especially me. I’m getting tired of setting the record straight and being ignored. (Rush Limbaugh) Yes, this source is Rush, But he cites the IRS as HIS source and you can see the ORIGINAL source.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Left thinks We Won't Fight for 2nd Amendment

They couldn’t be more wrong! We will fight “to the death” to be able to defend ourselves from  criminals, who don’t care about anti-gun laws because they don’t OBEY laws. The left is fooling itself if they believe we won’t FIGHT to keep the Second Amendment. But then we knew the left were FOOLS, anyway. Most of the things they promote don’t make sense, but they’re too stupid to figure that out for themselves. So we’ll have to pound it into their tiny brains—the ones that HAVE one, anyway. The only thing the left knows how to do is CON themselves into political office. Beyond that, they’re LOST. (Minute Men News)

"Security Director"

Every school needs to have a “security director” who is ARMED and is in full charge of making decisions and policies that are for the SECURITY of the school. Someone who is NOT in uniform and is not KNOWN to be armed so he/she cannot be “picked off” right at the start of a “Columbine-style” massacre. The key here is that NOBODY except maybe the principal and maybe the school board is even aware of the existence of an armed security agent who is properly trained for that position, and of his/her identity. If the Columbine principal had been armed and properly trained he could have “hunted down” both shooters and killed them before their “body count” was able to be so big.

He was actually able to sneak up on at least one and watch while he shot into a room. The same is true at all the other shooting sites. The presence of armed (non-uniformed) security at the Sandy Hook Elementary School could have significantly reduced the number of CHILDREN and teachers the shooter could have killed by seeking him out and killing HIM early on. Banning guns in such places will NEVER stop such things from happening because people who will do such things DON’T OBEY LAWS. Why should they? They have SET OUT to violate MANY laws when they plan to kill innocent people in bunches. Making schools “no-gun zones” is an INVITATION to people who want to go into a school and kill people. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bank of America Freezes Gun Mfg. Account

They told them, “You shouldn’t be selling guns and parts on the Internet.” Who the HELL do they think they ARE? They don’t get to decide what’s right and wrong and freeze people’s accounts because of it. This is just as bad as STEALING their money because they don't like them. This gun manufacturer needs to quickly SUE this bank, get their money back, and move the money to another bank that isn’t run by FOOLS. And when they do, they’d better hope they don’t get a liberal judge who rules on his OPINION, not on the Constitution, as he is SUPPOSED to do. One of the shortcomings in our system is allowing a JUDGE, by himself, to REVERSE things that were passed LAWFULLY, just because he doesn’t agree with it. There should be a review process to GUARANTEE the judge does NOT rule according to his OPINION, not the Constitution. The law should “go after” this bank for VIOLATING the law by their action. (Patriot Action Network)

"Gun Free Zones" Cause Deaths

People who wish to go into crowds and shoot people indiscriminately rarely go into gun stores or gun shows, or even police stations to kill people. That shows at lease SOME intelligence on their part. That’s because they KNOW there will be no guns there that they don’t know about so they’re free to kill as many people as they can without somebody shooting THEM. One man made the mistake of trying it IN a gun store and was made into “Swiss cheese” by everybody in the store who was armed. Another went into a church to kill people and found ONE GUN there in the hands of a small woman he didn’t know about, who ENDED his shooting spree after only two deaths. That’s what it’s going to take to put a stop to these shooting sprees: people shooters don’t realize are there who have guns to oppose them. If these people knew there was a great possibility there would be someone there to shoot THEM before they could kill very many people, maybe they’ll think again about doing it. But anti-gun laws will NEVER stop such shootings because people like that will ALWAYS be able to get a gun or guns, one way or another, REGARDLESS of the law. Criminals don’t OBEY laws that say they can’t be armed. (Just common sense)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Just vote NO"

That’s what Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has said he’ll do EVERY TIME he is presented with a bill on which he must vote WITHOUT time to read it carefully. The only reason they try that is because they think they can get away with it, as in the case with Obama’s health care swindle bill, which was THOUSANDS of pages and they were not given time to read it. EVERY member of Congress should have voted “no” and maybe the next time they would be given enough time to read it. The “Fiscal Cliff” legislation was presented to Congress with SIX MINUTES allowed to read it. Democrats KNOW most of the bills they present to Congress would never be passed if the members of Congress were given time to read them, so they don’t. This has GOT to stop. Really, a law should be made forcing members of Congress to READ  every bill presented to them for passage and swear, under oath, that they did. (Just common sense)

Another "One-Note Song"

ANOTHER “ONE-NOTE SONG”: Obama has assigned one of the worst “anti-gun fools” in his administration (besides himself, that is), Joe Biden, to be in charge of a commission to “address gun violence” in this country. What that means is Joe must come up with more and better anti-gun laws and ways to BAN GUNS. It doesn’t matter that NO amount of gun banning will keep guns out of the hands of criminals who wish to use them to commit crimes. All they will do is CONTINUE the practice of DISARMING honest people and keeping them from being able to defend themselves. Even Megyn Kelly of Fox News says Biden’s commission will “strike fear” into the NRA. Not even! The NRA knows the best way to approach “gun violence” and no amount of stupidity by Biden is going to “strike fear” into them. (Minute Man News)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

AlGore Avoids Taxes on Network Sale

After refusing to sell to Glenn Beck, he sold his failing TV network to Al-Jazeera and profited to the tune of $100 million; from an oil-rich bunch of Muslims, to avoid his “fair share” taxes by selling it BEFORE Obama's tax increases go into effect. This for the “king of green.” As one guy said, “Henceforth, AlGore’s name will be synonymous with hypocrite. Fox reports he made $100 million on the reported sale price of $500 million paid by the oil-rich al-Jazerra, which is owned by the Emir of Qatar. Gore said of the sale: “. . . both networks were founded "to give voice to those who are not typically heard; to speak truth to power; to provide independent and diverse points of view; and to tell the stories that no one else is telling." What a load of BS, with an emphasis on the s! I don’t know much about Gore’s network, because I’ve never watched it, or even investigated it. But I HAVE investigated al-Jazerra, and I know it to be a “branch office” of al Qaida and its propaganda arm. Hopefully, nobody will watch it, as they did not when it was Gore’s network. An aside: Gore is one of the biggest mouthpieces for the "rich-haters" among liberals, and one of the richest among them. Now he's richer. did he STEAL those riches as liberals think others did? (Fox News)

Obama's "One-Note Song"

Obama has ONE NOTE in the song he sings. His jealousy toward people who EARN a lot of money (except guys like AlGore) by being ORIGINAL in their ideas and come up with things lots of people want to buy thus becoming rich tells him to STEAL as much as he can from the PRODUCERS of society and give that STOLEN to the NON-producers (MOOCHERS) in this society. His “one note” is the COMMUNIST song sung by Vladmir Lenin, which resulted in 75 years of misery for Russians when he fooled them into allowing him to impose his COMMUNIST rule upon them. Yes, I know, some FOOLS “tune me out” when I mention such “outdated” words as COMMUNISM and NAZIISM because they THINK those words have no meaning any more. But they do. They represent the fact that collectivists are STILL trying to impose collectivism on us. They have FAILED for many years because we had (HAD) too many intelligent people in this country to fall for that foolishness. All that has changed for the worst.

The results of the last election show that there are more people now who only want a “free ride” than there are of people who realize that doesn’t work and are willing to watch this country “go down the tubes” as long as it doesn’t affect them because they are the RECIPIENTS of the government’s “free rides” at the expense of the PRODUCERS. He constantly intimates that “the rich” somehow STOLE their money from THE POOR. How do you steal from people who HAVE NOTHING? It doesn’t make sense. But this is what Obama is selling. But that has never stopped liberals before. They constantly convince the IGNORANT of things that don’t make sense and win election after election on the basis of LIES. A good example of the IGNORANCE of his constituents is a woman who once told me flat out not to say anything bad about Obama because she liked him. That was in the first year of the misery he has caused. She still feels the same way. This is the woman who has two stickers on her car, side-by-side: one talks about freedom of speech and the other says, “Get rid of Fox News.” She has no idea of the contradiction those stickers represent. But this represents the intelligence level of the people who re-elected him for another four years so he can “finish what he started.” Turning this country into a socialist country. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Sharing Your Faith" A Crime?

That’s what Islamists and the United Nations want in the United States. And it will happen if Congress okays the “Defamation of Religion” treaty that Hillary is “on board” with. Are you a Christian? Do you “share” it with others? You could end up in prison for it. This is “creeping Islam” making its slimy way into the United States. If we allow this to continue Islam will have taken over here without firing a shot. All the warfare and strife elsewhere is only a diversion to keep us busy while they quietly “take over: behind a cloud. (Act! For America)

"Musical Political Chairs"

If you look at all the “appointments” in Washington, you’ll find that there is a very small group of people who are perennially elected or “appointed” to powerful offices. These are the members of the “elites” who run Washington, no matter which party is in power. They go from job to job, dipping once in a while into private employment, until it’s safe to appoint them again to a powerful government job. As former federal employees, their pay continues uninterrupted, even while they are out of government office. Then they get paid twice for the same time. Once from the government, and second from their private job. That's one way they get their "payoffs" "legally." That’s how previous elites have set it up so they will keep being paid, even if they do no work for years. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Professor Is A FOOL!

“It is as inevitable as the rising of the sun; the Left, when thwarted in their quest for power, suggests the use of lethal force to compel those who disagree.” Who the hell do they think they ARE? To even SUGGEST lethal force to “deal with” people who disagree with their fool notions is criminal, and THEY ought to be imprisoned, at the least, for just the suggestion. Professor of MUSIC, fergawd’ssake, Richard Parncutt, at Graz University in Austria says people who “deny” global warming should be put to death. Like AlGore, he now calls it “climate change” because the scam is a “hard sell” under its original name, “global warming,” with the world actually COOLING lately. The FOOLS who believe in “climate change” are LOSING, and they know it; so they’re flailing about, trying to get rid of (or at least discredit) people who are intelligent enough to know “climate change” or “global warming,” whatever they call it, is a giant scam designed to put a lot of money into AlGore’s (and other people's) pockets. What they’re doing is discrediting themselves! (American Thinker)

Liberals Say "More Guards At Schools"

The Fox News best-known liberal, Alan Colmes, the one who was “bounced from the Hannity and Colmes show and is now only a “radio host”, says the answer to school shootings is “more guards.” What KIND of guards? ARMED guards in uniform, so a potential shooter can locate them first and kill them before killing other innocent people? What they NEED is more teachers, principals, janitors, and the like with “carry permits” who can “put a couple in” a potential shooter before they can kill more unarmed innocent people. Like happened at that church in Colorado Springs, Colorado when a crazed killer came in without knowing she was there. They CALL her a “security guard,” but she wasn’t. She was a parishioner who happened to be legally armed, and who they ASKED to “act” as a security guard. But the thing that allowed her to kill this shooter is that he didn’t know there was anybody there who was armed. And that was the “secret.” (Just common sense)