Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nobody Wants To Know

The feds lie about it. Sen Menendez’ office says they had no way of knowing, and this intern is now nowhere to be found. Knowledge of his status was DELAYED on orders from SOMEONE in our government, but we can’t find out who gave the order. This sounds like a standard government scandal. Nobody knows ANYTHING; nobody WANTS to know anything. Ask a question about it and get “stonewalled.” This is the type of scandal that would have SUNK a Republican, but will “bounce off´” Obama and Sen. Menendez like a basketball off the rim of a basket. This administration is so corrupt, everybody concerned should be FIRED. But nobody will be. Just like in the “Benghazi incident,” nobody wants to TOUCH it. (Hint: Benghazi is a city in Libya, not a guy named “Ben Ghazi” as some people think) (Talking Points Memo)

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