Tuesday, January 29, 2013

...And Obama Went to Bed

He just doesn’t care that his ambassador in Benghazi was dead or dying. He know it within 90 minutes—and went to bed. This shows that he just doesn’t give a damn, and that puts the ambassador’s blood on his hands along with the future murders to be committed by the terrorists he releases from GITMO. Does he really think he can remain  in charge if he keeps doing despicable things like this? Who does he think he is? Hugo Cahavez? This arrogant fool doesn’t even care if Americans know about the STUPID things he does. Can it go on much longer before somebody does something about it (To those government agents monitoring my blogs, I don’t mean I would do something about it)? Only the worst kind of damn fool would think that. But this government is FULL of such damn fools, starting at the top. (Freedom Outpost)

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