Monday, December 31, 2018

Two Children Dead!

The liberal media is making a “big thing” out of those two children (so far) who have died “while in US custody,” completely ignoring the fact they both died after only a very short time in our “custody.” Which means, of course, to those of us with INTELLIGENCE anyway, that they died, not from our treatment of them, but from something that happened to them ON THEIR TRIP. Not from their treatment in our custody. The liberal media is doing their usual thing, blaming President Trump for everything bad that happens, any time, whether or not it IS his fault. One of them was known to be ill when they got here, and we tried to give him help, but his “father” (or at least the guy who CLAIMED to be his father) refused to allow it, setting him up to die. Nobody knows what has happened to ANY of these children on that rigorous trip to besiege our border. There may well be many more children (and some adults) who die during their long trek, and we, of course, will get the blame, from those who are predisposed to blame us, and especially President Trump. (Daily Wire)

Socialism Rising

And I could not figure out why, if I were not watching the way the left pushes socialist ideas on us. They keep promising “free stuff,” and many of the young, lazy people who have been taught that this country “owes them a living,” see how they can live mostly at the expense of others, and they like it. They haven’t been alive long enough to understand the evil of somebody TAKING something from one taxpayer to GIVE it to another. And that’s what socialism is. They can tell you how great it is, all they want, but the unalterable fact is, It is a system that is BASED on THEFT from those capable and willing to EARN, to GIVE to those who are either incapable or unwilling to earn for themselves and want to steal from those who are able. The very motto of socialism (one form of collectivism) is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making need a DEMAND upon the earnings of others. People used to be able to recognize the evil embodied in socialism, but they have LOST that ability through the constant din about how great socialism is, while being taught socialist principles in schools and colleges by socialist-leaning teachers and professors. They are taught to think it is a great system, and they don’t know any better when voting time comes about. So they vote for it, and benefit from the labors of the “producers” of new wealth while doing nothing themselves. Communism is another form of collectivism, with only “cosmetic differences” to socialism, and it enslaved Russia for 75 years, before it predictably collapsed of its own weight, as all socialist governments do, but not until they have done their damage to the populace. (Just common sense)

Are They Insane?

ometimes I wonder about the sanity of some high-ranking corporate executives who align themselves with people they know are disliked by all INTELLIGENT Americans. Dick’s sporting Goods, for instance, who infamously stopped selling guns, and even after losing millions of dollars by so doing, “doubled down” on that by announcing they’re stopping selling hunting gear in a number of stores. Then there’s Nike, that “gave the middle finger to America” by paying Colin Kaepernick a lot of money to headline their new “Just Do It” ad campaign. They have already lost millions of dollars in the first few days since they announced the ad, but they still persist, insisting that they will run the ad on the NFL Opening Day. How STUPID is this? Those executives who made those decisions should be dropped from the company and, if they’re on the board, voted out. And these two are not the only corporations headed by dunces who let their politics overload their butts and cost their companies millions of dollars. Unless the boards of those companies are peopled with a bunch of people just s stupid, they will soon be removed, before they can do their companies any more damage, while hoping the damage they have already done is not terminal. And if they are, they will soon “go down the tubes.” (Keep and Bear)

Friday, December 28, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez Botches Again!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has again proven that she not only doesn’t know anything, she thinks she’s the smartest person in the room. She is a “cartoon image” of a politician who somehow got herself elected to the House by ill-informed, really fact-challenged liberals in liberal New York. Now she’s botched the story of Jesus’ birth, and the reason why he was “born in a manger.” His father Joseph was NOT a “refugee.” He was simply following the law by going to Bethlehem to be “taxed,” by order of the Emperor. He was only in the manger because there were no rooms available at the inn, which he could have well afforded, were they available. He was a gainfully-employed carpenter who was only there because he owed taxes and that was the way the Emperor said they should be paid. All rooms were taken because people from all over were there to pay their taxes. It seems like every day a story emerges about this fool botching one thing or another through her ignorance and arrogance in thinking she knows more than she does. The danger is that this fool hopes to become president, one day. Think of what she could botch as president. And the way Dumocrats steal elections, her wishes just might come true. I hope I’m dead by then. (NY Post)

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Hillary Clinton is “the gift that keeps on giving.” If there is any one thing that will keep President Trump in the White House for another four years, it is Hillary. She just won’t go away, and the Dumocrats know it, even though they can’t admit it. Hillary is now saying that “civility isn’t necessary” when dealing with Republicans, and that socialism is the way to go. She also says that anybody who votes Republican is stupid, and probably a terrorist. And like most Dumocrats, she is for gun control, single payer health insurance, and the government (you) paying the tuition for ALL potential students (with YOUR money, of course). Nancy Peelosi is another “gift that keeps on giving.” She is out there saying that if they regain control of any part of the Congress, they will immediately impeach Trump AND Kavanaugh, neither of which have done anything to WARRANT impeachment. She is also in favor of socialism, single-payer health care, free college tuition, and all kinds of other “free stuff,” using YOUR money, of course. Have you ever noticed that Dumocrats never give away THEIR things, only YOURS? They always fund a way (under the table, of course) to exempt themselves. (Conservative Tribune)

Another Mass Shooting

This time in Cincinnati. A shooter started shooting at innocent people on the loading dock of a bank, and the cops got there quick, for a change, and killed him before he could kill any more people. Of course, this again points up the fact that, if there was somebody there with a legal gun and the will to use it, that person could have stopped him before he could have killed three, and wounded two others. The article linked here said the result could have been worse, but for the quick response of the cops. What it doesn’t say is that an armed citizen already there could have made the result a lot better. The article also says nothing about whether or not the shooter got his guns legally or illegally, but they usually don’t. I’m not going to go on and on about having legally armed citizens in places like that as a deterrent, because I’m really getting tired of saying that over and over, and being ignored by legislators while they make their useless anti-gun laws that never work (Fox News)

Thursday, December 27, 2018

There IS "Russian Collusion"

But not what the Dumocrats want you to think. There is NO provable collusion with the Russians on the part of the Trump campaign. They spent the better part of two years, and more than $20 million dollars (and counting) of taxpayer’s hard-earned money to search under every rock to find that evidence, and have found not a shred of such evidence. Believe me, if it existed, they would have found it, But the only thing they have done is the ruination of several good men, simply because they once worked for President Trump in one way or another. Meanwhile, they have IGNORED completely PROVABLE evidence of collusion with foreign governments, including the Russians, by the DUMOCRATS, hoping to get Hillary Clinton elected president on a false claim. The then FBI Director (later fired), James Comey, actually CLOSED the investigation into Hillary’s illicit use of a private e-mail server for government business, in violation of at least government rules and regulations, if not the law, BEFORE it could be completed. He announced that, even though she did violate several laws, since “she didn’t mean it,” the investigation was closed without any charges being filed. The “fix” was truly IN. And still is. (Just common sense)

"Show Me the Proof!"

Melania Trump shut down the assumption that accusations, unsupported by evidence, is all liberals need to cite about Trump’s supposed “infidelity.” She also shot down all the Kavanaugh accusers with the same comment: “If you want to accuse, show the evidence.” It’s a simple comment, but goes to the core of the liberal scheme of accusing their enemies of foul, dastardly deeds, with NO KIND OF PROOF. Then they cite those accusations as if the mere accusation was evidence of malfeasance. This is one of their most recent scams, and they almost succeeded with now Justice Kavanaugh. They HAVE succeeded in previous cases, causing candidates to lose elections, based on their unsupported accusations of foul deeds. The point is, ANYBODY can ACCUSE somebody of nastiness, but that accusation alone, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, means NOTHING. They constantly accuse President Trump of lying, but cannot cite any real instances where he lied about anything. But they still insist that he lies, often. They print phony news stories, citing UNNAMED “sources” who probably don’t even exist. This is their story, and they’re “stickin’ to it.” (AP)

Kavanaugh's "Extreme Beliefs"

Liberals called his view that the Second Amendment should be enforced as such “extreme views on guns.” Since when is obeying the Constitution “extreme?” They say his views are “right out of the gun lobby’s playbook,” and why shouldn’t they be, since the “gun lobby” is only lobbying for the law to be enforced, and the Constitution to be followed? They say his views will allow domestic violence offenders to have guns, which they will NOT. Domestic violence offenders soon become felons, and then are not allowed guns, UNDER the Constitution. Meanwhile, real “common sense gun laws” would allow his intended VICTIM to be armed, so as to defend herself against him. He’d probably get a gun illegally, anyway, which is very easy for those who don’t care about obeying the law. That’s something the anti-gun fools never consider. In Denver recently, one woman violated the “waiting period” laws and bought a gun illegally. Which was a good thing because she soon had to use that gun to keep from being KILLED by that ex boyfriend. I’m not sure what happened to her after that, but a short stint in prison for having a gun illegally is a lot better than DEAD. Liberals are afraid he’s going to get rid of Roe V. Wade, too. Another short-sighted decision by a liberal dominated Supreme Court years ago that resulted in MILLIONS of deaths of innocent children, still in the womb (and sometimes OUT of the womb). Liberals are afraid of him because they KNOW he will go BY the Constitution and the law, not their cherished liberal scams. (Think)

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

They Were For It

Now they’re against it. Dumocrats have said many times that they wish to have an effective border wall (or barrier, or fence, whatever they call it) UNTIL President Trump said he wanted it. Then the Dumocrats made such a fast “turnaround” it’s a wonder they didn’t break their own necks. Now they’re working hard to block ANY effort to build the wall, even to the extent they’re having yet another “government closing.” They’ve long known President Trump was going to insist on funding for his wall—the wall he PROMISED as one of the main planks in his campaign—and now they’re “holding the taxpayer up” by refusing to fund his wall and allowing the government to close down (partially) because of their refusal. They really think that’s not going to hurt them in the polls in the next election. They only listen to other Dumocrats, so they never know the power of those who elected President Trump on the strength of that promise to follow through and finally give him the majorities he needs to get his wishes passed into law. (Just common sense)

And They Wonder Why

I remember a few years ago when I was very surprised when my car got “egged” because it wore a pro-Ayn Rand sticker that said, “A is A.” I’m surprised today that the “egger” even knew the meaning of that sticker. He/she was obviously ill-informed, and at least ignorant, probably stupid. But today I don’t put stickers on my car because the left has become very violent, and I can’t afford to lose a car to the stupid. Today, the left doesn’t “egg” people’s cars if they don’t agree with them, they BOMB them, as they did with one truck that carried a Trump sticker. Today, the left-wingers realize, way down deep, that they have no answers for any of the questions asked by the non-left wingers, so they call us names and commit violence upon us. They’re so afraid to let a “right-winger” speak because what he/she will say is logical, that they can’t allow him/her to speak, so they RIOT to keep them from being able to speak truth to stupidity, as they have done in several colleges, where the students, who have not been on this Earth long enough to know anything, think socialism is great, and anybody who disagrees should be shot. But not yet being ready to shoot them, they just beat the hell out of them and riot to keep their views from ever coming out. (Just common sense)

It's Not "Common Sense"

The Anti-gun fools like to refer to their useless laws that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence as “common sense gun laws.” But they are anything BUT “common sense.” They just don’t work, because they don’t take into account the number of ILLEGAL GUNS there are already in circulation and the fact that criminals don’t obey laws. We’re talking MILLIONS of illegal guns out there in the hands of those who would victimize the rest of us. All their “common sense laws” do is DISARM the honest, law-abiding people who OBEY laws, making them “easy targets” for those who obey NO LAWS. They have to be aware of that, but they keep on making them, while people die in their “gun-free zones” where law-abiding people are not armed, while the bad guys ARE. They trot out victims of mass shootings like loudmouth teenager David Hogg, treating him like some kind of expert, while all he actually is, is (maybe) a VICTIM of gun violence that usually occurs INSIDE one of their highly touted “gun-free zones.” Chicago, which has some of the toughest anti-gun laws anywhere, also has the highest criminal use of guns anywhere. And they want to make even more of those useless laws that only make it LOOK like they’re “doing something.” They’re NOT. You know it. I know it, THEY know it, but that makes no difference to them. (The Herald)

Monday, December 24, 2018

No Posts Tomorrow

Since it’s Christmas day, I’ll be spending time on family doings. I hope you have a good Christmas, too.

A Year In Review

There have been many things happening in the last year; the last TWO years, actually. Ever since the Dumocrats lost the 2016 election so badly, they have been having a “temper tantrum” exhibiting their hate for President Trump. They still think that election should have been theirs, as much time and effort and our taxpayer money they put into stealing as many votes as they could (I would have said as “humanly possible” except I don’t think they are human). They bad-mouth Trump every chance they get. Nothing he does ever gets a speck of appreciation from the Dumocrats, even (especially) when he does things their “perfect specimen of a president, Barack Obama," never could do. Hillary continues to grouse over her abysmal loss in that election, and is even promising to run again, so Trump can whip her again and send her back to Chappaquiddick with her tail between her legs (again). That scares the hell out of the Dumocrat Party.

The stock market is down today (as this is written), which is not an unusual thing. It goes up and down, but the general direction over the long haul is UP. All you have to do is look at a chart of its performance over the years. Trump has brought the economy up to record levels; unemployment is DOWN to record levels; something Obama told us would never happen because he had no clue as to how to MAKE it happen. But Trump did it in less than 2 years, and the Dumocrats hate that. The liberal media refuses to report on his many successes, choosing, instead, to find ways to criticize everything he does, hoping to bring his approval numbers down by their false reporting, as they did with George Bush. All in all, President Trump has been amazingly good for this country, even if nobody will give him any credit for it. Yes, he has made a few missteps. But that is to be expected, since he has never been a politician, before. But all in all, he has done well. (Just common sense)

Who Do They Call?

The anti-gun fools say we don’t need guns with which to defend ourselves. But what do they call for when they, themselves, feel threatened? Gun-toting “security men,” that’s who. Or they get a license and carry their own gun, while denying us the same right to own and use the means to self defense, a gun. One good example of this is Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the most vocal of anti-gun fools, who not only has armed security everywhere she goes, she also has a “carry permit” and carries her own gun. Most anti-gun fools aren’t that blatant in their irony. They just HIRE their guns so they feel like they don’t have to carry their own. I remember a columnist (now deceased) who railed against guns, who once shot at a teenager who was using his pool without permission. The stories of anti-gun fools showing up at anti-gun rallies with armed security are rife. And it’s obvious that they don’t see the contradiction therein. They spend their time trying to violate our constitutional right to be armed, while HIRING guns to protect themselves. (Just common sense)

Laws Absolutely Don't Work

Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation. some of them are so tough, they have been declared unconstitutional. Yet over the last July 4 weekend, 33 people were shot. I hate to keep harping on this, but if I do, maybe some day somebody will actually notice, and DO something about that. Where did the shooters GET their guns? And how? ILLEGALLY, of course. Criminals don't obey laws. So laws making it illegal to own guns only affects honest, law-abiding people, not the criminals. So the only common sense way to reduce the deaths of innocent people at the hands of those criminals is to give the potential victims the ability to fight back. That means allowing them to have, and carry, their own guns. Yes, that will INCREASE gun violence—for a while—as those honest people kill the users of illegal weapons who try to victimize them. Then it will go WAY down, and stay there, because most of those who do that violence will be dead. It's a simple solution, but one the anti-gun liberals won't even hear of. They think if everybody was armed, they would shoot each other over trifles—which criminals do, now. But, as Robert Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society,” for a good reason. It will no longer be a case of an armed man against an UNARMED person. All the current laws are USELESS to do the job for which they are designed. They know that, but they keep making them. If I had a dime for every time I said this, I'd be a rich man, now. But nobody's listening. (Chicago Tribune)

Friday, December 21, 2018

Seeds of Our Destruction

Liberals in our government are causing us to “cast the seeds of our own destruction.” “The Nation of Islam, led by rabid anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan, is a hate group. Farrakhan constantly spits out hate towards whites and Jews. The man referred to Jews as termites and hailed Hitler as a great man. He authored the book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews where he accused Jews of spreading the slavery trade and controlling the global economy. Farrakhan has even said he thinks the Jews masterminded 9/11.” And as if Farrakhan’s ideas have not caused enough strife in our prisons, as well as later, when his acolytes leave prison, now, the United states government is giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars to “teach” classes in our prisons. Frankly, this is giving Farrakhan an “open door” to recruit in the prisons, where he can find many people who blame the government for their own self-created problems. A fertile recruiting ground, and will create many more malcontents for his subversive army. (Legal Insurrection)

Radical Politics

Dumocrats are getting ever more hysterical in their opposition to President Trump. They think their rioting and violent actions will advance their narrative and make them winners in the November election. They couldn’t be more wrong—but they will never know that—they’re too stupid. They think their tactic of finding, and harassing, everybody who supports Trump and his policies is the way to go, and they will be very surprised when it doesn’t, and the “blue wave” they’ve been predicting never materializes. They’ll cry “foul,” and imagine they’re “been robbed!” They’ll whine and blubber, and stomp their feet, and hold their breath as long as they can without killing themselves. And think that will make a difference. They’ll talk about impeachment for people who have done not a single thing that would warrant impeachment, as if that threat can make those people “knuckle under” to their insane demands. I find it hard to believe that such stupid people have managed to get themselves in positions where they can dictate policy for so long. But we’re onto them now, and they are revealing themselves like never before.(Just common sense)

Two In the Chest

And call me in the morning (if you can). That's the prescription this fool got filled at this pharmacy. He tried to rob a pharmacy in Waynesboro, PA and a pharmacy employee gave him two bullets instead of medicine, or money. A legally armed employee who was there when the gunman started demanding money and drugs, grabbed his gun and put four in the robber. The robber was only critically injured. Too bad. If the guy had been a better shot, there'd be one less robber out there. As it is, he'll be able to rob again after he gets out of prison. This pharmacy had previously been the target of holdup men, and employees decided to do something to get ready for the next one. This situation probably won't make the media outside of the locals, because it doesn't advance their agenda to disarm Americans. This proves again, my contention that armed citizens holdup men don't know are there can make ALL the difference. (Concealed Nation)

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why No Trump Wall?

The Dumocrats are going way out of their way to oppose letting President Trump spend a paltry $5 billion dollars (I never thought I’d ever see me writing something like that) on the wall he PROMISED in his campaign for president. They talk as if it were an unreasonable request, but it is NOT. It would be a TINY percentage of the total federal budget. Then you consider the $150 billion dollars Obama sent to Iran, one of our implacable enemies. Where did HE get that money so he could send a PALLET of cash to Iran? Did he get approval from Congress? Was there ever actually a VOTE to allow him to do it, or did he just divert money from other budgets? Even if he did, it was a stupid expenditure, and convinced our enemies that we were wussies they could “wind around their little fingers.”

They lost complete respect for the United states because of it, and President Trump was only able to restore that respect by being resolute in his dealings, convincing them there was “a new sheriff in town” and they could no longer get away with “slapping us around.” The Dumocrats have long been IN FAVOR of a wall on our Southern border—until TRUMP wanted it. So now they’re trying to deny him his wall because they hate him. That’s the only reason. They want to deny him each and everything he wants to do, on general principles. As long as he is president, they will try to deny him, at every turn, and it’s childish. It’s like a childish tantrum that runs for four (maybe eight) years. (Just common sense)

The End Is Near!" Again!

Many years ago, AlGore, the “father of the global warming swindle” told us, “We have only ten years until the world ends, because of global warming.” And when that fateful ten years passed, and the world didn’t end, he either made excuses for a faulty prediction, or just ignored it, and made another false “prediction.” Others have made similar “predictions” from time to time, with estimates ranging from ten years to fifty or more. And when that time passes and nothing happens, they ignore it and go right on as if they had not made those silly “sky is falling!” predictions. Then some even went on to make MORE predictions, as the United Nations is doing, right now. This time the prediction is “12 years.” So now we have a new timetable to watch, and if the world doesn’t end in 12 years, how many years will they give us then? Remember, this UN report comes just 12 years after Al Gore declared we had 10 years left to save the planet. And we’re still here. And 36 years after the UN itself said we had 20 years. And they wonder why nobody (of any intelligence) believes their “chicken little” predictions, any more. So much so that some want to make “denying” global warming a criminal offense. They have nothing else, so now they want to FORCE us to believe in their fairy tales. (Patriot Post)

Slow Day In Chicago

Only 21 shot, and four killed, in Chicago in a recent weekend. Which makes those numbers very different. Usually the number of people shot approaches 100, while only a dozen seem to be killed. That shows a certain LACK of skill in handling their guns by on the part of the thugs who keep shooting people in spite of a plethora of silly anti-gun fool laws on the books there. Those laws don’t work. That’s obvious to those of us with a little bit of INTELLIGENCE, but it doesn’t seem to dawn on the fools running things in Chicago. Meanwhile, people die, every day, and especially on the weekends, where many of them prey on people who don’t work weekends and are out “playing.” Another, more evident cause of this bloodletting is “gang violence.” Street gangs are peopled mostly by those too young to be able to legally buy a gun anyway, so they just buy them illegally, or STEAL them. The point is, they got them, in spite of all the fool laws that can be passed for them to ignore. Again this is an old argument, and one I’m getting tired of making, while the fools in charge ignore me and more people die fro their ignorance. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Raising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the fifth time lately, in hopes of slowing down the economy that President Trump has caused to improve drastically. They claim it is to “slow down an out-of-control economy,” which is a lie. It is to destroy all the improvements Trump has made in the economy so liberals can claim he is hurting the economy. The “swamp” hates the fact that he has made liars of all of them who claimed this was “the worst economy in 50 years.” It has never been that, but they hope just saying it will make America believe it. The swamp hates everything Trump has been able to do to make things better for Americans because that makes them look bad, as it should. President Trump is making real inroads on the power of those “in the swamp,” and this is one way they’re fighting back. They’ve been trying hard, without success, to make Trump’s approval numbers go below 30%, as they did successfully with President George W. Bush. This is their latest effort. (Just common sense)

Damned Subversive Democrats

It’s not just that I disagree with them, or that they disagree with me. It’s that they treat ANY disagreement with them as a “sin” requiring a violent response. One of the most common headlines is, “Democrats Infuriated At (fill in the blank).” They get “infuriated” easily. All you have to do to “infuriate” them is disagree with them, and state that disagreement publicly. That will predictably send them into a “meltdown.” And they do many things that merit criticism and disagreement. The recent media circus against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, for instance. They pulled every evil, dirty trick they could think of on him. They included three women (without proof, of course) claiming he raped them or (almost) raped them (or THOUGHT about raping them). Of course, none of them could remember ANY of the details because they were in such a dazed state, at the time, (usually too drunk), but they insisted that they KNOW it was Kavanaugh. Some couldn’t even say that. They just “thought” it was him. The “witnesses” they named to back up their stories were either dead, couldn’t be found, or denied they were there, or didn’t remember any such thing.

As a final desperate ploy, they even claimed that Kavanaugh ran “rape rooms,” where women were “plied with liquor” and then “gang raped” by many boys, and some men. Again with NO PROOF, only CLAIMS. They promote subversive policies, and when they had the White House, they ENACTED subversive policies, and when Trump rightly reverses them, they scream bloody murder. They lost that fight, and Kavanaugh is now the latest addition to the Supreme Court. Now they’re promising (IF they take back the House and Senate in that “Blue Wave” they promised, but which ain’t gonna happen, and DIDN’T happen) to immediately impeach both Trump, and Kavanaugh, then reverse each and every Trump policy. Never mind neither have done anything to MERIT impeachment. They still insist that BOTH are guilty of past sexual assaults, even though NO EVIDENCE of that has ever surfaced, after all their searching. They are guilty of much more, but I neither have enough room here to list them, nor a wish to list them, lest I miss a few because of MY “faulty memory” and be criticized for it. (Just common sense)

California Gun Fight

Wait—aren’t guns supposed to be mostly illegal in California? How then, did the guys who got in a gun fight in San Bernardino that wounded ten people, with three of them extremely critical condition, get their guns? The cops say both handguns and rifles were involved (though they didn’t use the infamous words, “AR-15,” or “assault weapon”). The perps are still at large, having escaped long before the cops arrived (an old story) to clean up the scene and get rid of the (this time still alive) bodies. It’s an old story. In places where guns are illegal or VERY hard to get for the law-abiding who OBEY laws, lawBREAKERS ignore the laws and get their guns ILLEGALLY, putting us all in danger of being killed by one of their badly-aimed illegal bullets. And the anti-gun fools will predictably politicize this shooting, even before the blood has dried on the ground, demanding even more USELESS laws that do NOTHING to “stop gun violence,” instead of pursuing real solutions, such as finding out WHY people like this do what they do, so these things can be predicted and prevented. But that’s an old argument, and one I’m getting tired of repeating over and over for the anti-gun fools to ignore, while they call me names so they don’t have to answer my questions. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Killing Obamacare

I’ve been critical of many federal judges, who seem bent on blocking everything President Trump does. But now comes one that has ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional because, when Trump eliminated the REQUIREMENT to buy the insurance it put forward, it stopped being a tax, and was thus unconstitutional. That’s not just an opinion, it is FACT. Without the phony tax description, it cannot be constitutional, and Obamacare is dead. He may be reversed, since Justice Roberts was the one making that erroneous opinion in the beginning. He MIGHT allow Obamacare to remain, even if he has to make another phony assumption to do it. But I don’t really believe he is that shallow. I think he believed what he put in his opinion, even though it was erroneous, so he might not block this opinion. Nevertheless, there have been way too many instances where judges have taken it upon themselves to block the chief executive of this country from being able to govern without opposition from the judiciary, which is supposedly only an EQUAL branch of government, not a superior one. (Legal Insurrection)

Guilty Without Evidence

One of the cherished rights enjoyed by Americans is the right to be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty, which is the reverse of how it is done in almost (maybe ALL) other countries. There, if the government (or anybody else) accuses you, you are “guilty until proven innocent.” But here, for most of our existence, the need, on the part of the government, to PROVE us guilty has BEEN the “rule of law.” UNTIL Dumocrat politicians want your scalp. Then they accuse you (WITHOUT proof) of sexual impropriety, and treat that accusation as Gospel, as they did with our most recent Supreme Court Justice. The problem is, with ANY “accusation” of sexual impropriety, no proof is required. Just the accusation is enough to ruin a person’s life. I, myself (when I was in my late seventies, and not much interested in sex), was once so accused, as usual WITHOUT EVIDENCE, when I worked for Avis. The details were so silly that, except for interviewing me, nothing ever came of it, to the credit of Avis.

But imagine what I was thinking, when I was so accused, and that interview was what I thought was going to be the beginning of action against me for something I hadn’t done, nor had ever even THOUGHT of doing. Frankly, there are only two women working there I would ever even consider having anything to do with working there, and I had friendly relations (not sexual) with both. There were also a couple I suspected of making that accusation. One thought every man in the world wanted in her pants. The other was “very touchy” with every man there. The first one was so ugly nobody in his right mind would have wanted to mess with her. The other was better looking, but her attitude would put most men off, including me. The point is, if Avis had pursued those “accusations,” I would have been denied my basic right to “confront my accuser” and I would have been shunned by all other employees, and be forced to resign. All over something that had never happened. Now, some who don’t like what I write will take that and use it in an attempt to discredit me. So be it. Let them do their damndest. At my current age, it will not bother me. (Just common sense)

Too Big for His Briches

Would you believe teenage anti-gun fool bigmouth David Hogg (well named, there) is raising money to put a billboard quoting Trump’s earlier comments against Sen. Ted Cruz when Cruz was running against him for president? He really thinks (and so do his Dumocrat “controllers”) that will have an effect on what Trump is trying to do. His grossly expanded head tells him so. He (and they) forget that, in politics, previous statements made in the “heat of battle” (so to speak) of an election are NEVER held against a candidate later. Of course, with all the irrational Trump hatred out there, it just might work this time, but I doubt it. The people who support Trump are intelligent enough to discount such peripheral issues. (If you don’t know what “peripheral” means, you must be a Dumocrat) Cruz has enough political clout on his own, that he doesn’t really need Trump’s support, although I’m sure he welcomes it. Furthermore, maybe Trump figured he wasn’t a good presidential candidate, but wants him for a senator. (Breitbart)

Monday, December 17, 2018

Pecker Goes Down

Not really. An executive of the National Enquirer, David Pecker, has told “authorities” he “bought and buried” stories about Trump’s “hush money payments” to various women to “protect” Donald Trump. Of course, there is nothing to prove it actually happened that way, or that the whole thing was a figment of his imagination. But then it seems that, today, real proof is not needed in order to tarnish someone’s reputation. Example: Justice Kavanaugh. Yes, he did manage to get on the Supreme Court, but there will always be an asterisk next to his name, while some people insist that he is a rapist, and the “ringleader” of a “doping and raping ring.” The accusation will never go away, even though it could not be proven. It will remain with him to his dying day, in the minds of SOME people. In the same manner, Pecker’s “admission” will never go away. Some people will always refer to President Trump as a “bad person” because he “paid off some women to keep quiet about his affair with them,” even if it never happened. There are many other reasons to pay people, other than “hush money.” They haven’t proven it was, but some people will insist it was, as usual. Anything to “get” President Trump. Even if true, there is nothing illegal in what Trump is supposed to have done. (Just Common Sense)

Democrats Will Whine

They will cry, and they will stamp their feet as they continue their tantrum after Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice—a lifetime appointment. They could no longer hurt him, unless he committed some foul deed, which he is not likely to do, even though they accused him (without any kind of proof) of many foul deeds in their tantrum to keep him off the Court. They will use many hankies as they blubber for a long time. They will continue their tantrum for many years. They are deathly afraid he will help reverse that faulty decision by a previous (liberal) Court that has resulted in the untimely deaths of millions of helpless, defenseless, innocent babies, before they even got a chance at life, for the “convenience” of their parents, who didn’t want the responsibility of raising them, and so had them murdered. They’re afraid he will stop their efforts to disarm all Americans by abolishing the Second Amendment. Something they sorely want for future politicians, who don’t want to meet a gun as they come to take private property. Something for which they have already started the process with their RICO laws, under which they can come and TAKE all your property without even bothering to convict you of any crime. They see him working with Trump to “tear down their house” as he “drains the swamp,” and they’re frightened. I, and all intelligent Americans, are happy. (Just common sense)

He "Feared for His Life!"

The guy who shot and killed the man who pushed him to the ground while he was giving a woman a hard time for parking in a handicap zone and then turned to walk away, said he “feared for his life.” And how is that? How can a man threaten your life by walking away? Yes, he pushed you down. But that’s not something that should demand the death penalty. Of course, what doesn’t seem to be talked about is the fact that you threatened HIS life in the past, and he didn’t get a gun and shoot you. So just how is pushing you down and walking away threatening your life? I submit that you just wanted an excuse to kill this man, and hopefully to get away with it. Well, you have now killed him, and, so far, you’ve gotten away with it, due to a gullible sheriff. There is nothing “stand your ground” about this killing. You were humiliated by this man pushing you to the ground. He didn’t even bother to use his fist on you, which made it worse, in your mind. So you killed him. And you should be in prison for it, maybe suffering your own death penalty. This is an obvious abuse of the “stand your ground” law. The prosecutor didn’t agree that this was self defense, but only charged him with manslaughter instead of the at least second degree murder it was. Considering all circumstances, it should be first degree murder. (Liberty Headlines)