Monday, January 31, 2011

Built-In Rationing

I’ve always wondered why the liberals in the Bush administration designed the “donut hole” in the big “we’ll pay for your medicine” program we were FORCED into by law. Before that, the manufacturer of Plavix and other medicines were providing patients a year’s supply of their medicine at a time for FREE (a $900 value for Plavix) because they could not afford the real cost. When Bush’s law went into effect, it made such things ILLEGAL if a patient was “on the program.” The fact that the patient was FORCED to BE on the program and FINED if he didn’t “sign up,” seems to be lost on everybody. Then when “the program” had paid for $5,000 worth of medicine, the patient could no longer get any part of their medicine costs paid until HE/SHE had paid for another $5,000 worth out of his/her own pocket—IF he/she could actually DO that.

At that time, he/she SURELY could not afford their life-saving medicine, which means he/she will DIE, and never make it to that second $5,000 plateau. Meanwhile, the government changed the “insurance” provider every year, in effect RAISING the patient’s cost for the same medicine, forcing him/her to pay ever higher cost to stay alive. Of course, they SAY the patient can choose his/her plan once a year, but they purposely make it so complicated that many cannot understand how to do it. Even those who are not “feeble-minded” can’t understand it. The very people who DESIGNED it and ADMINISTER can’t really understand it, though they CLAIM they do. So I guess we shouldn’t whine about the “rationing” in Obama’s health care swindle, since we’ve already GOT it. (Just common sense)

Demanding Welfare

The feds demanded welfare as a condition for approving the merger of Comcast and NBC. Where the hell do they get the idea they can demand such things? They shouldn’t even be putting their prod into the deal! It’s not the government’s business to force private business to give people welfare in order to “approve” a merger. This is an excellent example of the government exceeding its authority, which it does so often, it’s expected. The only reason they get away with it is because their friends are in the positions of power where any prosecution would originate. It’s the same reason nobody has successfully brought any charges against Obama. (Rush Limbaugh)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reid Lied, As Usual

Harry Reid just kept on telling us the lie that Social Security was “okay,” hoping it would become truth, as Nazi PR flack Geobbels did. He said it did not have a deficit. This when he KNEW it had a “permanent deficit,” according to the Congressional Budget Office. Reminds me of the way Chris Dodd and Barney Frank told us all about how there “was nothing wrong” with Fannie or Freddie just before both collapsed. One thing’s for sure. When a certain kind of politician assures us “everything’s okay,” you can be sure it’s NOT. None of these jerks know what they're doing, and it's beginning to be obvious. (The Blaze)

Liberals Are Damn fools!

We need jobs. Wal-Mart stores create hundreds of jobs wherever they are built. Compare that with one or two “Mom and Pop” stores that might have to close while “Mom and Pop go to work for Wal-Mart at a higher pay than they’re now making while charging us much higher prices for the same goods. Liberals are idiots because they go against the very things that can, and WILL bring us out of the recession. Liberals—and that includes those in the government, are incompetent. They don't know what they're doing. They make all the wrong decisions while thinking arrogantly that they are smarter than we are. They flat-out SAY so, as one liberal did on television recently. He says what liberals are doing is a “good thing,” and those who disagree are STUPID! (The Blaze)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Out of Business"

I’ve been "out of business" since last Friday, first because of computer problems. My computer went down and we fixed it. But when I got it back my problem with the built-in mouse getting in my way worsened and I took it back so they could disable it. They did it, okay, and disabled the whole keyboard along with it. Now I’m back to using a borrowed computer again while they get me a new keyboard. Then on Monday I tripped over my own damned feet (or over somebody else’s) and went down, giving myself a major problem. At first, I thought my left leg was broken but x-rays showed no broken bones. I had no idea a bruised bone was so painful. I’m slowly getting over it but it still “takes it out of me” just to move around.

No More "Investments"

When we need to stop spending so much when we have NO money to spend, Obama wants to spend further billions on a “bullet train” a la Japan and other things. We need to STOP SPENDING. We cannot “spend our way out of this recession. That is a FUNDAMENTAL misconception common to liberals (Democrats). That is one of the bases of their incompetence to lead us. We need to get rid of the next guy who says the word “invest” or the next one who says “spread the wealth.” Those words display a BASIC ignorance of economics in general and the way the world works specifically. Our fundamental problem is that we tend to elect to office, people who promise us the most. That has never worked, and never WILL work. I know it’s hard to do, but we need to elect more people who promise us LESS and a solid, working government and FREEDOM while they’re at it. (Boston Herald)

This Is the "New Tone" in Washington

Joan rivers apparently didn’t get the memo from the ”elite rulers” to “moderate her tone” and use non-incendiary words. She’s still calling Sarah Palin a “Nazi,” showing her complete ignorance about just what “Nazi” means, and calling Sara’s daughter Bristol, “stupid.” There will be no change in how liberals and Democrats (a repetitious phrase, that) talk, and what they say. Mostly because the call for “moderation of tone” is to “shut up” conservatives and other non-liberals. Not to control the language of liberals, who will continue to lie, cheat, steal, and KILL people who disagree with them. They’ll surely criticize me for that, but I don’t give a damn what they think or say. (The Blaze)

Political Destruction

A “renegade prosecutor” in Texas convicted Tom Delay of something that he couldn’t even prove was a crime in Texas. Something that is common practice in BOTH political parties; sending surplus moneys raised to the national party to be shared with other state organizations, This, he CALLED “money laundering.” It was NOT. But he so poisoned the minds of the jury about politicians in general that they convicted Delay, even though they could not prove a law was broken. This prosecutor went before SIX GRAND JURIES, one of which even returned a “no bill” before he found one on the LAST DAY before the statute of limitations ran out, that would indict him. That should not be allowed, just as more than one PROSECUTION on the same charge is not allowed. He twisted the law to suit himself, and should be removed from office for it. Delay’s conviction should be overturned (and no doubt will, on appeal). This prosecutor should be brought up on malfeasance charges, at the very least. Democrats have effectively "neutralized" one of the formerly most feared Republicans in the Congress with lies and innuendo. (Fox News)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Showing Her Abysmal Ignorance

Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee (D-TX) says repealing Obama’s health care swindle is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, showing her complete abysmal IGNORANCE of what is IN the Constitution. And this is a LAWMAKER who is IGNORANT of the contents of the one document that controls how laws are MADE! And these arrogant people pretend they are smarter than the rest of us. Not so! They are IGNORANT and they are too ignorant to realize they ARE ignorant. (The Blaze)

Obama Says: "We Need A Better Tone"

Then he’d better change HIS tone. He’s the guy who said “If they bring a knife, bring a GUN.” He’s the one who refers to people who disagree with him as “the enemy.” He’s quick to accuse others of the things HE’S doing. Some of the worst vitriol I’ve ever heard in politics has come out of his mouth, or out of the mouths of other Democrats. Where the hell does he get the idea he has the right to criticize OTHERS for their “tone?” I’m getting tired of his arrogance. I don’t have “a bad tone” when I tell the truth about him and his cronies—I just tell the truth. He calls THAT “a bad tone.” He accuses ANYBODY who disagrees with him, in any way, a racist. Now THAT’S not “proper discourse.” The people with the most guilt when it comes to lack of “proper discourse” are the Democrats themselves, and Obama most of all. So maybe he’d better “shut up” about it and start PRACTICING it. Notice this source is a “right-wing” source. That’s because I couldn’t find a source on the left. They’re not talking about it. (Google Groups)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can't find Obama's Birth Certificate

Hawaii’s governor (an Obama supporter) is searching diligently, but he can’t find Obama’s “long form,” hospital-created birth certificate. He says he’s “sure it’s there,” but he just can’t find it. It may not show he was born in the United States. because it isn’t there. That may be the reason Obama will not release it. I think Obama refusing to release it has CREATED the “raging controversy” about its existence. That, and his name appearing on birth certificate of another country. If he is an illegal president, does that make everything he has done not exist? Are all the laws passed during his presidency and signed into law by him illegal? (World Net Daily)

Where Do You Get That?

Brian Williams, of NBC Nightly News had the temerity to ask new Majority Leader Bohner where he got it that America wanted Obama’s health care swindle repealed, saying polls show the country is “equally divided” on the subject. What I want to know, what polls has he been watching, and what polls has he been IGNORING? Hasn’t he (Williams) been LISTENING to America? Obviously not. They say it represents a half billion in savings. Over WHAT? They don’t say. Meanwhile they have been quietly giving “selected” businesses “waivers” because they just can’t afford the higher rates they will have to pay because of this law and Obama can't have that happening before the 2012 election. (Media Research Center)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gun Sales Up 60%

Gun sales up 60% in the wake of the Arizona shooting. And this is a problem how? I’m glad to see it. Maybe there will now be fewer people like Jared Laughner out shooting into crowds now that he can’t depend on there not being anybody in the crowd with his own gun, ready and able to put a few in him before he can kill any more people in the crowd. Have you ever noticed such crazy shooters never go to a GUN SHOW to shoot it up? That’s because he doesn’t want to resemble a “Swiss cheese” right after he starts shooting. One man actually went into a GUN STORE to hold it up. When it was over, he had 13 bullet wounds from guns in the hands of the store owner and two customers in the store, who happened to be police officers. By the way: has anybody seen anything about this in America’s media? (Guardian)

Soros "Coming Out of the Closet"

He’s loudly screaming now that we need to stoop opposing the “New World Order.” Something that, heretofore, was something you avoided admitting allegiance to because America wanted no part of it. America STILL wants no part of it, even though our leaders DO. That's today's difference. Obama is a socialist through and through. The American Communist Party has given its approval to his policies. The United Nations is trying to get us to agree to a measure that, if we accept it, will NULLIFY the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the very thing that kept the Japanese from attacking the mainland in World War II. The thing that dictators most want to eliminate so they can “round us up and kill us” as many dictators did in the PAST. Glenn Beck is daily exposing George Soros and what he stands for while he is calling Beck a liar with NO proof. Meanwhile Beck plays videos every day of Soros telling us what and who he is. (Zero Hedge)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Computer Down

Sorry no posts for several days. My computer went down last Saturday and this is the first I’ve been able to get on another computer since. I’ve seen a lot of anti-virus programs, but I have yet to see one that’s worth a damn. Since I got my new computer about a year ago I’ve spent $500 on de-virusing it, in two visits. This is the third time. I can get another new computer for that much! When I complain, they tell me there is no way to COMPLETELY protect my computer since hackers usually stay ahead of them, coming out with new viruses almost quicker than they can update their programs. What this means is those programs are useless and a waste of money. They say without them I’d get ten times as many viruses. Do you believe that? (Just common sense)

Liberal "Climate of Hate"

Liberals like to SAY only conservatives are violent, but they have NO proof they can cite. Meanwhile Michelle Malkin has so much proof of LIBERAL hate it takes a lot of room to list it, and there are numerous videos of hateful liberals committing violence. When we mention this to a liberal we get merely hateful rhetoric that means nothing but is very loud and profane. (Michelle Malkin)

Ayn Rand's "Tinfoil Hat"

Word is she believed in UFOs. So what? That doesn’t refute the genius of her philosophical discoveries. I don’t DISbelieve in UFOs. Neither do I believe in them until or unless I see some PROOF of their existence and that they ARE actually “observing” our world. I just don’t know. But I’d be a FOOL to reject it out of hand. Wouldn’t I feel stupid later if it were revealed that they were real? Just believing in the possibility does not mean she’s either stupid or crazy. I will “wait and see,” (Atlasphere)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Killing Talk Radio

The conservative side of it, anyway. That’s what liberals are after. “Despite the fact that the AZ shooting has nothing to do whatsoever with talk radio, that's somehow become agenda item number one in Washington D.C. in the aftermath. Al Sharpton, Mark Lloyd, Jim Clyburn and now the governor of Rhode Island has banned employees from speaking on talk radio. WHY? It's all part of an agenda - they're taking Rham Emanuel's advice: "never let a crisis go to waste." Will talk radio survive the onslaught?” I think it will because the world has had enough experience with the lies told by the left that they will not allow their lies to destroy talk radio. Even if it does kill conservative talk radio, it will not kill conservative blogs such as this. They will only shut me up after they kill me. (Glenn Beck)

"Anchor Citizens"

Why should we REWARD people for breaking the law and coming here illegally by making their CHILDREN citizens? This provision has CREATED an untenable situation and told them all they have to do is come across the border any way they can and their children will be citizens, simply by being born here. The Constitution should be changed to REQUIRE citizenship on the part of the PARENTS in order for the children to become automatic citizens. Otherwise it is an INVITATION to illegal aliens. (Patriot Update)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stupnik Worst Sheriff Ever

He not only ignored all the signs when dealing with the Arizona shooter BEFORE the shooting, he comes right out and blames the shootings on people who have NO responsibility, Rush Limbaugh, and others who do nothing but tell the TRUTH about what his liberal friends are doing. He’s gone EVERYWHERE to push his erroneous theories, and everywhere he goes, he shows his own ignorance. He’s against Arizona’s law demanding the feds ENFORCE their own immigration laws and refused to enforce it—which is a violation of state law, itself. (Michelle Malkin)

Thank God for Guns!

At least, guns in the hands of honest people. Usually, television shows decry guns in EVERYBODY’S hands because most of the producers of such shows are gun-haters (except for themselves, of course). But apparently the producers of “Boston Legal” are of a different sort, as witness this delightful video, taken, apparently, from one of their episodes. I don’t usually watch that show because lawyer shows bore me. I have nothing against it, but I actually go out of my way to watch only one or two series, such as NCIS and Bones. But maybe I’ll add this one to my list. Watch the video and get a good laugh. (Boston Legal)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's NOT Radio, OR Guns!

It's the idiots who use them. Politicians are all over the map trying to advance their own personal agendas on Gabby Giffords’ head—literally. Those who want to shut conservatives up are using her shooting by flapping their lips about talk radio “instigating” these shootings while others are blaming the gun or the high-capacity cartridge-holder instead of the completely ‘round the bend jerk who used it to kill 6 people including a federal judge, a nine-year-old girl and (almost) a congresswoman. They talk about “vitriolic rhetoric” when the most vitriolic rhetoric comes from their very own mouths. They talk about the “wild West atmosphere” prevalent in Arizona and the West, while making sure their own ability to carry their guns or hire their armed bodyguards is secure. It's absurd to blame the guns, or other inanimate things like cartridge cases when the REAL blame is on the heads of such idiot lame-brains as Jared Laughner. This guy is completely 'round the bend, and if you don't believe it, just look at his booking photo, wherein he gives us a very "spooky" grin. This guy should have been locked away from society long ago, but nobody paid any attention to his stupidities. That's where the blame lies: crazies running around spouting their craziness, while nobody does anything about it. Very few people like him have any trouble getting the guns they use, regardless of the law. In fact, the tighter the gun laws, the easier it is to get them illegally. (Los Angeles Examiner)

Swapping Chicago Thugs

Rahm Emanuel, a known Chicago political thug, resigned as Obama's chief thug to run for Chicago mayor, while Bill Daley, of the infamous Daley Family Machine in Chicago, is said to be being “considered” to replace him as Obama’s new chief of staff (which has now been confirmed). Talk about Chicago “taking over” in Washington. Soon, we’ll have a Daley as vice-president, then Obama will be assassinated and he will become the next unelected president. With Nancy Peelosi right behind Joe Biden in line to be president, Obama had a good “three-way” life insurance policy. Not so with a Daley right behind him and Peelosi having been unseated as Majority Leader in the House. (Right Pundits)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Anti-Gun Laws Do NOT Work!

The gun didn’t kill a (Republican) federal judge in Arizona. The man who pulled the trigger killed the judge and wounded many others, including a congresswoman. Making laws to limit access to guns just DOES NOT WORK. Those who want to indiscriminately kill people will do it, with or without a gun. In Korea some time ago, a man went into a school and killed several students with KNIFE. The tighter the gun laws are in a given area, the easier it is to get a gun illegally because more people are selling them. I keep saying this, and nobody says I’m wrong. But nobody recognizes that I’m right, either. I talk and talk and talk, and nobody listens. And people die. People will continue to die until somebody with some INTELLIGENCE recognizes reality and allows honest people to have and use the means to their inalienable right of self defense, a gun. If just ONE PERSON had had a gun and been willing to use it in Arizona, maybe the shooter would be dead and the death toll much lower. But NO! The anti-gun nuts prevailed and six more innocent people are dead. (Just common sense)

Give Me More of Your Money!

That’s basically what Jesse Jerkson is saying when he screams about “radical reordering of American economy.” He wants this government to take more money away from those who EARN it and give more to those who don’t. Of course, he wants to be among those who receive some of this “ill-gotten loot.” This guy has made more money than he can count by threatening “big business” with accusations of racism if they don’t “contribute” money to one or more of his “charities,” all of which he controls absolutely, and from which he takes money to pay his Cadillac payments and payoffs to his girls. (The Blaze)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making Hay While the Sun shines

The anti-gun fanatics lost no time to advance their agenda to disarm all Americans based on the legality of the gun purchase by the Arizona shooter. According to the Wall Street Journal, he bought the gun legally several weeks ago, despite “certain people” knowing he was “disturbed.” But I’ll say this: insane or not, he would have had no trouble obtaining a gun, anywhere in the country. If he couldn’t get it legally, he’d buy it out of the trunk of some crook’s car on a back street or in an alley. And it is known that where “tight gun laws” prevail. It’s even easier to find such criminals willing to sell illegal guns. They say, ”Of course he had a gun. This is Arizona, after all.” As if it’s “Arizona, where it’s ‘the Wild West,’ after all.” Yes, no license is needed to carry a gun in Arizona. But Arizona (except for illegal aliens killing innocent ranchers) is one of the safest states there is. (NECN)

Bail-Out doesn't Work

And here is the proof: 100 banks that received “bail-out” money from Obama’s government are now on the verge of failure. They almost failed before because of bad management, and that same management used the bail-out money to fail again. Giving money to businesses that are badly managed only slows down the process by giving those bad managers more money to fritter away. Obama’s practice of FORCING some businesses to take bailout money is just as bad, though some of the banks and other businesses they forced to take the money have since paid it back. “Treasury insists that TARP continues to perform well, even with the eroding financial position of its recipients.” What this tells me is Obama’s government is myopic at best, blind at worst. They tell you they’re doing well when we all know they are NOT. (HotAir)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's NOT A "Fetish," Stupid!

Liberals ridicule the conservative “constitutional fetish.” Only problem is, it’s NOT a “fetish.” It’s reality. ALL laws MUST conform to the tenets of the Constitution. This was the “contract” made with America when this country was CREATED. It is the BASIS for ALL our laws. No law can be MADE that doesn’t conform to this guideline; ever. Anybody who doesn’t know that is just plain STUPID. And to say what they do merely reveals their abysmal STUPIDITY. The post talks about an appearance on "tomorrow's show," but unfortunately, it's too late for you to see it (The Maddow Blog)

Obama Cowers From Glenn Beck

This is probably the best picture of how Obama views Glenn Beck. He’s scared stiff of him. He calls Glenn a liar every time he gets a chance, but he has yet to come up with a provable lie. Glenn always includes PROOF of what he says about anybody. Usually video proof of the subject himself (or herself) making the statement. Glenn DEFIED Obama to call him and tell him about ONE provable lie he has told, about ANYBODY. He even set up a special “red phone” whose number was given ONLY to the white House for the purpose. In about six months the phone never rang, nor did Glenn ever expect it to. Obama would like very much for Glenn to be dead, but he’s afraid to do anything about it and he CAN’T legally stop him. (Just common sense)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Nancy: "We're All About Deficit Reduction"

What? How stupid does Nancy Peelosi think we are? When she first took the gavel the deficit was only $8,670,596,242,973.04. when she gave it up, it was $13,858,529,371,601.09 – a roughly $5.2 trillion increase in just four years. If this is being “all about deficit reduction,” I’d hate to see what would happen if they were not. Nancy has told a lot of lies during her “reign,” but this is one of the most transparently false. Somebody needs to tell her Americans aren’t as stupid as she thinks they are. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lot of hot air. (Hot Air)

Fillmore Does It Again

One of the big problems (maybe an advantage) in dealing with liberals is their complete ignorance about what’s really going on. We HATE Obamacare; they’re taxing us into poverty; we hate everything they’ve done in the last two years; but they can’t see that. They think it’s just the “usual incumbent loss in a “middle of a presidential term” election. Nothing we say will penetrate their ignorance. Only them becoming unemployed (like a lot of the rest of the country) will penetrate, but they’ll STILL make excuses and do the same things they’ve always done, while lying to us about it. (Mallard Fillmore)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taking Down Nancy

This picture is one I’ve wanted to see for a while. Workers taking down the sign over what WAS Nancy Peelosi’s office door. And I hope to see a similar sign on Harry Reid’s door come down in 2012. She can whine all she wants about the Republicans destroying what she has created, and she’s right.; But it’s not what she has “created.” It’s the disaster she has “created” that cost her this job. She sytill thinks what she “accomplished” was good, which just shows her continuing stupidity. Democrats keeping her in a “leadership post” by electing her MINORITY Leader shows THEIR stupidity. At the risk of being slammed as a “religious bigot” by Democrats, I will remind them of what Christ said as he was nailed onto the cross: “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.” That’s Nancy and Harry’s problem. (Just common sense)

The Cocky Rhetoric" of the Left

“A tension always exists between the cocky rhetoric of the left and its undemocratic tactics. Were left-wing ideas as popular as they claim, liberals wouldn't need to advance them in such an underhanded way or lie about what they're doing. "Progress" on the causes most dear to them usually take place not at the ballot box but in judicial chambers, or, as it happens recently in an undemocratic lame-duck session of Congress. A smug and beaming Obama declared at the signing ceremony for the repeal of the ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell’ policy on Wednesday that people will look back and wonder why homosexuality in the military was a ‘source of controversy in the first place.’ But people are more likely to look back and wonder why such an arrogant president who enjoyed total control over Washington for two years had to wait until a lame-duck session after his party got pulverized at the polls to pass the repeal.” The answer is that he had to do it before he lost his majority in Congress to appease his ultra-left base. He didn’t want to. He HAD to. (American Spectator)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Typical Liberal Politician

“New Yorkers, stop complaining! We’re doing the best we can.” But it isn’t good enough! They have a RIGHT to complain. But Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t want to hear it. He’s a Republican, you say? That’s right, but being a Republican doesn’t prevent him from being a liberal. He’s incompetent to do the most basic things a mayor is supposed to do, but he can tell restaurants to tell people how many calories or salt are in a sandwich. If he’d stop all the liberal “regulations” and concentrate on PREPARING for the snowfall he KNOWS will come in the winter, maybe he could accomplish something. He now says “96% of NYC streets are cleared. But if you try to go out and see for yourself, you get stranded in that 4% he hasn’t yet gotten to. (New York Daily News)

Imam To Promote WTC Mosque

He says he “wants to promote interfaith understanding.” why don’t you start with “interfaith understanding” in Muslim countries where they MURDER people for switching from Islam to any other religion, and where the LAW prohibits ANY other religion but Islam? Where Muslims kidnap and MURDER Christians, Jews, and followers of other than Islam religions? And don’t say I’m LYING about that. I have PROOF this has been going on for at least HUNDREDS of years. Building a monument to the murderers of THOUSANDS of unsuspecting Americans is STUPID. If you think you can convince enough Americans to approve of your abomination, go for it. I hope you survive the trip. (The Blaze)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Reining In" the Tea Parties

That’s the “buzzword” in Washington right now. Democrats apparently are blissfully unaware that the Tea Party people are THE power in the Republican Party now, and won’t be “reined in” by the usual “power structure” that think like liberals while masquerading as Republicans. They just can’t understand that power has shifted in Washington and the “same old business” is not going to wash. Their “giveaways” won’t be routinely approved any more. The big “pork packages they’ve promised their friends will not be approved. Every expenditure will be examined in detail and unnecessary ones will be refused. Budgets will be cut. Real cuts, not the Washington kind where a reduction in the INCREASE is called a “cut.” The Democrats and other liberals had better wake up, or they’ll be the next round of firings in Congress, along with Obama in 2012. If the Tea Partiers don't do this, THEY will be replaced in 2012. (Just common sense)

Emanuel Thumbs His Nose at the Law

Surprise, surprise! A Chicago election commissioner has recommended that Emanuel be allowed to run for mayor of Chicago despite living outside Chicago for two years. Nobody will say if this commissioner is a Democrat or a Republican, but since most “officials” in Chicago, especially ELECTION commissioners, are Democrats, I’d bet he is a Democrat. In any case, Emanuel, being the front runner, will continue the dominance of “the machine” in Chicago politics if (if?) elected. (Big Government)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stupid Statements

At the top of the list of STUPID STATEMENTS made by politicians in 2010 and ignored by the press and everybody else is Nancy Peelosi’s “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” crack while stumping for Obama’s health care swindle bill. Apparently she doesn’t know that’s not the way we do things in this country. We’re not a dictatorship where the only way to find out what’s in a new law is to PASS it. Yet the media makes nothing of it. Only a few people like me, who pay attention to what people like Peelosi are doing say anything, and we are not heard. What the hell makes this idiot woman think we need to PASS something into LAW before we find out what’s in it? Something like that is congressional INCOMPETENCE for which she should be run out of Washington on a rail after being “tarred and feathered.” Instead of staying in congress in the MINORITY LEADER post she created for herself by her rampant stupidity. I am going to be talking about this idiotic statement many times this year, hoping SOMEONE will actually DO something about it. It’s probably a forlorn hope with the idiots we (not me) continue to elect and send to Washington. (Just common sense)

We're BROKE!!

“We're broke and can't help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc........... We allow illegal aliens to enter our country, have babies that we provide FREE housing, medical care, food stamps, welfare, education that cost us broke ass Americans 22 BILLION a year...not to mention the thousands of Americans that have been victims of crimes and DUI's. In the recent past we have provided aid to Haiti, Chile, and Turkey. Our retired seniors are living on a 'fixed income' receive no aid, nor get any breaks while our government and religious organizations pour hundreds of millions of dollars into Foreign Countries!

We have hundreds of adoptable children [not those stolen from their parents by the “child abus . . . er, protectors” –RT] who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans. USA, a country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, elderly going to bed without needed meds, mentally ill without treatment, etc. etc. Yet . . .they have a Benefit for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations, ships and planes lining up with food, water, tents, clothes, bedding, doctors and medical supplies. Imagine if the government gave us the same support they give to other countries.

And don't forget our new Health Care Law mandates that we all pay into it or pay a fine, or go to Jail if we don't. Yet Illegal Mexicans and Arabs still get free Health Care in our country at our expense! It is written in the bill that way!” I’m not against aiding people in foreign countries. I AM against aiding them FIRST. We should aid our TRULY needy BEFORE we aid those in other countries, especially since we are now BROKE. Happy New Year to all! (Thanks to Barry Cooper for this)