Saturday, April 30, 2011

Superman Pushing World Government

In a recent comic book, he renounced his American citizenship. He says he is now a “citizen of the world.” Really? I thought he was an illegal alien, since he never BECAME a citizen after his space ship crashed on the Earth’s surface. Maybe this item ought to be titled, “Superman Goes Into Politics.” And, predictably, since he is a DC Comics character, he is a definite liberal. Liberals have a way of getting “their message” to youngsters too young to know any better than they’re being told in comic books like Superman. Notice the art is much "darker" than it used to be. (Wired)

They Never Give Up

The liberals in government have been trying for a long time to get a national ID system up in this country. Now they’re trying again. A new program being touted by the Obama administration as a solution to online identity theft actually increases the risk of identity theft while providing the government with a national ID system through the backdoor, paving the way for a world wide web in which users will need government permission to access the Internet. This very system was rejected in communist China as being “too intrusive.” So why does Obama, president of a “free nation,” want it? So he can “keep track of” those writing things on the Internet that disagree with the “flights of fancy” he calls “programs.” He also wishes he had it like they have it in China, where nobody disagrees with the government (that’s because they will “disappear” if they do). (Prison Planet)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oil Profits

The liberals are making a big thing about oil companies making “big profits.” You would be too, if the government wouldn’t let you get any new inventory and you didn’t spend the money you normally spend for hunting for oil and drilling. Look at the chart showing the biggest oil producers in the world. Notice there is only ONE American company on that list. Saudi Arabia is by far the largest; and only FOUR are privately owned. In other words, not STOLEN by a government after WE found the oil FOR them. Liberals are good at making things look good for themselves (like showing improving unemployment figures without telling us they’re only improving because many have given up and are not even signing up, any more), and bad for others, but facts are facts, and this chart shows all. (The American Thinker)

Canada Cops Demonize Legal gun Owner

They shut down an entire highway while they laid siege on this person's home because there was not a “proper trigger lock” on the guns in a house with NO children on guns that were stored IN a gun case the cops called a “closet.” “Ontario police recently shut down a portion of a major highway for an entire night because of a minor police call involving someone who owned registered guns, according to the Toronto Sun. The big offense turned out to be that trigger locks weren't properly attached to his registered guns, even though there were no kids in his home and the guns were stored in a "closet" (actually I am told in a gun case). Is this really serious?” this is how anti-gun freaks operate. They threw a “flash bang grenade” into his house and, when he surrendered, dragged him out on his face. He is now out on a $4,000.00 bond, charged with I don’t know what. He was just on his own property with legally-owned guns, and was besieged by cops. How is that breaking the law (except for the cops?)? (News Max/John Lott)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Destroying the Economy

I’ve said that any number of times and nobody seems to be listening; not anybody who can do anything to stop him, anyway. He is spending us into bankruptcy and Ben Bernanke is helping him do it. Ben is SUPPOSED to be THE expert on finance and the economy, but if he has ever made a right decision on this economy, I must have missed it. Just look at the charts Glenn Beck came up with, using the numbers the government itself released. I’ve seen charts like this in cartoons poking fun at “big business.” The only thing these don’t do is have the line run off the page. But they illustrate graphically how Obama has taken this economy in a radical downward direction with spending whose numbers go almost straight UP. If these charts don’t scare you to death, you’re either insane or brain dead. (Glenn Beck)

Maher Again Proves His Ignorance

He says Democrats do not use “vitriolic rhetoric” in their politicking, like Republicans do. He has his blinders on, tight. His "Democrat violent rhetoric filter" is in place. He just doesn’t hear it when Democrats talk about KILLING Republicans. He has “selective hearing” and he insults anyone who disagrees with him, as do most Republicans. He, himself, has used “vitriolic rhetoric,” but he doesn’t define it that way. He just thinks that’s the only way to describe some people and some things. He has talked about a wall collapsing on Eric Cantor and Michelle Bachmann. But I guess that doesn't qualify as "violent rhetoric," does it? I guess if you can define things as you wish, you can make such statements and think you’re right. (News Busters)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Compact Florescent Fraud

THE COMPACT FLORESCENT FRAUD: There’s a growing body of evidence that that the compact florescent bulb is NOT the “environmental savior” its proponents have led us to believe. Even to the point where the United States government is FORCING us to use it by BANNING the making or use of incandescent bulbs, which have served us admirably for many years. That CFL bulb can explode without warning, subjecting all in range to the effects of the Mercury poison within it and even start a fire. Electrical smog can form around these bulbs, and they should never be used in places without adequate ventilation. When they break, they can emit far more Mercury than their promoters tell you about. This report should be read by ANYBODY who is convinced they should use them BEFORE they make a final decision about their use. (The American Thinker)

Romer to Be Denver Mayor?

I’d lay odds that Denver’s next mayor is going to be named Romer. That’s because Denver voters are familiar with the NAME Romer (not this Romer), and not with what the other Romer did as governor of Colorado. They forget he was one of the worst governors Colorado ever had; they just remember his name, and that’s what most voters go by; name recognition. Not the best reason to vote for anybody, but that’s what they use. This is how we got Obama as president: he had the best PR of any candidate. Couple that with the fact that Republicans didn’t have anybody worth spit running against him, and he won because nobody knew what he stood for. He talked incessantly about “change,” but never told us what KIND of change he meant. So he was elected, and now we know his “change” is to change this country to a socialist state. (Just common sense)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Getting Tired Of It!

I’ve been spending most of my time since I retired, writing about the evils of what our politicians are doing to us and NOBODY is listening. Oh yes, they listen to what I say, read what I write, and tell me what a good (or bad, in they’re liberals) thing I’m doing. Then they go out and wash the car or go to a movie and do nothing at all about it. I’ve written two books about it, and sales have not even begun to equal the cost of promoting their sales. I tell people their politicians have CREATED the high oil prices by keeping our oil companies from drilling ANYWHERE the U. S. runs things while our current president gives away BILLIONS of our (taxpayer) dollars in Souh America to help finance THEIR oil drilling, telling them we’ll be their best customer. This is the kind of thing our politicians are doing with out money. And they’ve LOST $125 BILLION dollars in just the last year to incompetent management or corruption. And that’s only a 16% INCREASE over last year! I tell people these things and they say “Oh, well. Ain’t it awful?”

And then go home and build some model trains or pursue other time-wasters while their own politicians are ROBBING THEM BLIND! Frankly I’m getting tired of spending most of my time trying to wake people up and being IGNORED. I won’t have to live through most of the next few years; I’m in my seventies. I’ll be dead (I hope). But my children will, and my grandchildren, and my great grandchildren. I don’t want that, but it WILL happen, due to the APATHY of people who don’t pay attention to politics and thus elect people like Barack Obama, Barney Frank, Bill Clinton, and others who have stolen from us under the guise of HELPING people. When are we going to learn to PAY ATTENTION to what our politicians are doing to us and DO something about it? I’m very happy to see SOMEBODY (The Tea Parties) beginning to wake up, but so far their efforts have been feeble and not enough. Our own MEDIA lies about them and belittles their efforts.

Some even say the Tea Party's new magazine is “worse than the al Qaida magazine." Even REPUBLICANS try to “take them down” because they see the threat to their own little fiefdoms. The shooting of congresswoman Giffords in Arizona was speculated to be because of things the Tea Party said. Obama likens ALL criticism of his policies (which are EVIL) to “racism.” He never details HOW that criticism is racism, he just SAYS it. He hates ALL “rich people” (except himself and his friends, of course) and wants to tax them unmercifully to pay for all his “flights of fancy” masquerading as “helping people.” I’d better start hearing a lot more about people actually DOING something. I’ve “shot my wad.” Somebody else had better start doing something because I won’t be around forever. Not even for very long. Don’t be afraid to speak out because if you don’t, “you’ll just be feeding the crocodile, hoping he’ll eat you last.” (Ronald Reagan)

Stop With the Birth Certificate, Already!

That’s what Glenn Beck says, showing he just doesn’t understand the problem. I think Beck is right in most things, and I respect him for it. He’s about the most hated broadcaster there is, to the left, because he uses their own words and actions against them, and puts widely separated happenings together to let America know the scams and schemes that are being run non us. But in this case, he’s dead wrong. If Obama is NOT a citizen, which he, himself, has ADMITTED (I heard him do it), he is not QUALIFIED to be president of this country and that calls into question EVERY one of his actions and every bill he has signed into law. Officially proving he is NOT a citizen (which nobody seems to want to do) means we have not HAD a president for more than two years, and that could create a constitutional crisis the kind of which we’ve never seen before. (Glenn Beck)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mich. Cops Routinely Download Cell Phone Info

That’s during TRAFFIC stops. And that’s WITHOUT any kind of a warrant. They stop you, and demand your cell phone. And then download all the info on it, even a list of anywhere you’ve ever been if it’s an iPhone, which now has an application to keep track of EVERYWHERE you’ve been, how long you stayed there, and everything else that is none of their business. Why apple did this, I don’t know. I DO know Apple top people are all liberals, so I’m not really surprised. They made this app undeletable so the only way to keep anything you don’t want anybody to know about to yourself is to leave the iPhone home. Turning it off doesn’t even stop it. (The Newspaper)

Bill Ayres Lies Again

He says John McCain is a war criminal, and the Pentagon is a “terror organization.” This from a man who has bombed buildings in support of his ill-considered causes in the past and gotten away with it. It’s easy for such idiots to throw such charges around, and many people don’t bother to ”consider the source” and believe it. Mostly because they don’t know any better. They “don’t pay attention to politics,” so they probably don’t even know who this “home-grown terrorist” IS. Yet he has the GALL to cast aspersions on the institutions that protect us all. I really get tired of such people being given “air time” in the media, and even sometimes being taken seriously. Like Al Sharpton, #2 race-baiter (Jesse Jerkson is No. 1) actually being taken seriously by the PRESIDENT, who even appeared with him recently. This guy should be in PRISON for extortion, but NOOO! He is revered by many for his extortions. Bill Ayers has even been a “professor” at a university, teaching impressionable kids how to be terrorists, I presume. (Larry Elder)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

lPhone Tracking You

How would you like to be carrying a device that can track your every move, and tell anybody who wants to know, where you’ve been, and how long you stayed there, since you bought it? Yes, BOUGHT it! Your iPhone does that now, according to a researcher who has found a hidden file on your iPhone that does that, and you can’t turn it off, even by turning the iPhone off. You didn’t ask for this, and you weren’t asked if you wanted it. One lady, I presume she either works for the government or Apple, says the main problems are that you didn’t “opt in” on this, and that it is not encrypted. Not so. The biggest problem is that nobody ASKED you if you WANTED to “opt in,” and you can’t turn it off! Talk about “Big Brother!” there are many things we do that we might not want unauthorized people to know about, and this is a complete violation of privacy. What the hell was Apple THINKING when they created this abomination? Word is that it is also on the iPad. Update: They're now saying you CAN turn it off. Only problem it will still be recording your every move and that info will be available to those who know how to access it. (The Blaze)

"Massive" Communist Protest

I guess that Glenn Beck is making more trouble for the communists than I thought, because 8 of them showed up at one of his “road shows” to protest him. But I guess they couldn’t gather many communists who had enough incentive to take the time and do the work of demonstrating outside of one of his shows. Gives you an idea about just how successful the communist movement to enslave America is today. (Glenn Beck)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Barred From Life-Saving Medicine

This is a personal story and I am “the source.” Before the law was passed for the government to pay for your medicine, I was doing okay in getting the medicines I needed to stay alive. The manufacturer of Plavix, a blood thinner necessary to keep my blood pressure down, was providing the medicine at NO COST to me. After the law was passed, it started costing me (my co-pay) $150 a month. The law makes it ILLEGAL for this maker to continue to supply it, and I cannot take advantage of the deals some drug stores offer to provide certain medications at very low prices, as low as $4 a month because it’s against the law while I am “on this program.” I would “resign” from this “program” if I could, but I can’t. so I’m stuck. I can no longer afford Plavix and several other medicines necessary to keep me alive because of this law. Further, what happens when I reach that “donut hole” they, in their wisdom, built into the law where, after they’ve paid $5,000 for my medicine, my “coverage” stops completely until I have bought another $5,000 worth of medicine. Remember, this is only ONE medicine I must take daily to stay alive, and ALL are very expensive. The first year after I was FORCED onto this “program” against my will (they wanted to fine me for not signing up), it was okay.

They paid for much of the cost of my medicine. Each year they changed me to different “providers” without asking me if I wanted to change them. With each change, my “co-pay” went up. I had no choice. I MUST use what they give me, and what they “give” me today is little or nothing while my very existence “on this program” makes it impossible for me to get my life-saving medicine from anywhere else. Today, my “insurance” pays about $6 of the cost for one necessary medicine while I pay $32 each time I refill the prescription. This is a medicine I MUST have or calamity (which I will not describe) results. If I run out of money and cannot afford it, don’t get near me until I can get some. Frankly, I think this “program” is about as worthless as are many other government “programs” that PRETEND to make things easier for seniors, but actually make it more difficult. Deaths from this cannot be accurately gauged, and that’s the way the politicians like it. If I DIE because I can’t get Plavix or some other medicine, they can claim no responsibility. But they WILL be responsible. (Just common sense)

Laws don't Apply to Them

California lawmakers, who have made some of the tightest “gun-control laws” in the nation to keep US from defending ourselves, now get to carry their own guns, since so many Californians hate them for destroying the state’s economy. This is typical. Politicians just don’t want to be forced to OBEY the laws they make fore the rest of us. So they don’t. They either specifically EXCLUDE themselves from the law or make another law to do it. We need to find a way to make a law forcing legislators to LIVE by the laws they make. But it’ll probably never happen, since it’s the legislators that will have to MAKE that law. (The Sacramento Bee)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Steal From Work Day

This is how liberals think; if your boss makes a little more than you do, it’s okay for you to steal from him. This is how they operate on a national basis and it is reflected in their twisted ideas about how much to tax you. They think because a business owner “takes in” over $250,000, he’s RICH. But he isn’t. In New York City, for instance, which is COMPLETELY run by liberals, a $250,000 paycheck is “just getting by.” They think he gets to keep every dime he earns. But he doesn’t, and liberals aren’t smart enough to realize that. They see this “big number” coming in, and think they can steal as much of it as they can. Carry that further and you get something like “National Steal from Work Day,” something that robs your boss of untold amounts of money he needs to spend to REPLACE the things you steal.

I notice the operators of this web site haven’t the guts to even tell you who they are. That’s another thing liberals do: promote illogical and illegal schemes from behind the scenes with nobody knowing who they are. They tell you to contact some made-up named organization (most likely a just-out- of-his-teens kid in his Mom’s basement, who has a computer (bought by Mom) and a printer-fax machine (probably also bought by Mom) he uses to send out press releases and make trouble for people who actually WORK for a living. Notice he stole an image from a well-know comic strip for his web site. I wonder if he got permission; I doubt it. His Mom probably pays for his ISP, too. (NSFWD)

We're Losing Ground

Congress is patting itself on the back for cutting the budget by $39 billion; meanwhile, the debt jumped by $54 billion while they did it. What is WRONG with these people? They think they’re doing such a great job because they’re “saving” billions of dollars, while nobody (but people who pay attention) say anything about the REAL figures. It's like a race driver congratulating himself for setting a fast lap while the leader gets smaller and smaller in his windshield. As fast as this government is spending our money, it’ll take a lot more than a $39 billion cut to make a dent in the national debt. Meanwhile, Obama says, “We’ve got to live within our means.” What a LOAD, coming from the biggest free-spender in the world. Who does he think he’s fooling? (Most of America, I guess; the ones who don’t pay attention to politics). Obama needs to be tossed into the trash bin of history. (CNS News)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

No compromise With Democrats

When Democrats scream about “compromise,” it means one thing: they want US to compromise our principles and agree with THEM. They NEVER compromise with us, unless it’s something of no importance. They have a congenital inability to compromise, yet they insist WE do. Do they think we don’t NOTICE this? They think the America people are stupid, that we know. We will NOT compromise our principles to get an agreement from Democrats. Not if we’re smart. Democrats pulled a flim-flam on Reagan when they conned him into raising some taxes by promising spending cuts that never materialized. They destroyed Bush I by similarly conning him into raising taxes after his “Read my lips; no new taxes” comment. Democrats want one thing: absolute CONTROL over everybody in this country. And they will not compromise on what it takes to accomplish that. (Las Vegas Sun)

Again, Blame the Gun

That’ll be the response from the “anti-gun Nazis” when they hear about the gun attack in Philly that injured nine and killed one at a party. As usual, nothing is being said about the legality of the shooter carrying the gun he used. That’s because one: if he had a “carry permit” that’s an illustration that anti-gun laws don’t stop such shootings and; two: if he didn’t, how easy it is for criminals to get guns in “tight” gun law areas like Philly. But you can count on them to “blame the gun,” which is an inanimate object that cannot kill anybody unless in the hand of a human who can pull the trigger. (Fox News)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Not Qualified to Be President"

Many people, INCLUDING OBAMA himself, have said Obama is not an American citizen, but was born in Kenya. By the time you get to the story to which we've linked, it may have been removed at Obama’s orders. But I’ve seen this video and heard him say it himself. This is sufficient proof to me. He also mentions “my Muslim faith.” The liberal media will not cover this because they are in his back pocket. He, and all his friends will call me a liar, and “crazy” for pushing this because they are “afraid” of the consequences of it being “officially” found to be true. But I don't care. At first, I wasn't interested in this controversy; until Obama spend millions of our tax dollars to keep his birth, and other records secret. I figure there's got to be something to it, for that reason, if for no other. He could "clear this up" easily by releasing those records, but he will not. (YouTube)

"Gloom and Doom"

That’s what they say about Glenn Beck when he takes all the independent news stories and puts them all together to see what is happening literally before your eyes. Look around you. The world is “coming apart at the seams” and NOBODY but Glenn is trying to put it all together. For that, he is being portrayed as one of the “tinfoil hat people.” But you know what? He’s been right more than he has ever been wrong. But he doesn’t just “allude” to things. He PROVES it with his famous chalkboards, videos, and tapes of their own words. One of the things he said a log time ago is that Japan’s nuclear sites were not built to withstand a massive earthquake. Guess what? They weren’t. Now we have to handle a massive radiation leak coming out of—where? Japan! Is Glenn “crazy?” You tell me. He talks about inflation stealing your money right out of your bank account and your pocket. Is he crazy for saying that? Do the numbers and you’ll see. The government itself tells you this when the culprit is a criminal counterfeiting money, not the government themselves. Are you now in better shape than before Obama was elected? Glenn said you wouldn't be way back before 2004. (Just common sense)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mumia Abu-Jamal is also a cop killer. So lately he’s written a few things liberals like. So what? He’s a COP KILLER! And deserves to be EXECUTED, not supported at taxpayer expense got the rest of his life while liberals go on and on about how he should be released. Now he’s being supported by the AFL-CIO in his efforts to get his conviction overturned. “Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former member of the Black Panther Party, was convicted of shooting, multiple times, Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981. He reportedly confessed to the crime and was given the death penalty.” Yet he now maintains his innocence and says he was “railroaded.” (The Daily Caller)

Taking Sharpton Seriously

Why do people who should know better still take race baiter Al Sharpton seriously? MSNBC has added him as co-host with Rd Schultz to “The Black agenda.” What? If ANY network started a show called “The White Agenda” they’d be laughed out of business by blacks and whites alike. What’s WRONG with these people? Are they insane? Up to now the show was hosted by Ed Schultz alone. What? A show about “The Black Agenda” hosted by a middle-aged WHITE man? Couldn’t they find a CREDIBLE black man, instead of one that has made millions BLACKMAILING corporations? If this is the quality of our news media, Fox should continue to thrive, in spite of the efforts of liberals to discredit it. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Business According to Calvin & Hobbes

This is published by in an effort to discredit private business, but it doesn’t. Calvin thinks he can demand a high price for his lemonade, a high salary for himself as CEO, and subsidization if he fails. It doesn’t work that way. There is only a small part of the business community who think this way, and they’re soon out of business, or being "subsidized" by receiving tax money from a socialist government if they’re "too big to fail." Meanwhile, REAL entrepreneurs are working hard with a viable business plan and making profits, which liberals hate. But they are the ones who BUILT this country and have kept it running while socialists try (so far unsuccessfully) to tear it down. (

Same Old Tune, Different Dictator

Syrian President Bashar Assad blamed everybody but himself for the “unrest” in his country. He most lately blamed it on “conspirators.” Ya think? But why are they “conspiring” to get rid of him? You think it may be because he is a tyrant and has murdered many of his people in the “name of law?” Every dictator, when threatened with a revolt, tells the world it’s not HIM, it’s something else, and that something else is inconsequential. Khaddaffi said it was “the press,” conning his citizens into revolting. Forget that he is a murderous dictator who has not only murdered many of his own people in the name of “the law,” but has sponsored terrorism all over the world. Forget there are many good reasons for getting rid of BOTH. They don’t think so, and want to con us into believing their version of things. Say: I seem to remember our own president blaming his own troubles on a "vast, right-wing conspiracy." Dictators and would-be dictators all think alike, I guess.( News)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Birther" is a Con

And a way to divert people from asking questions that make people uncomfortable by applying a derogatory name to those asking the questions. They call anybody asking for Obama to PROVE he is constitutionally able to BE president a “birther.” I am a “birther.” I don’t care what they call me. I want him to SHOW his birth certificate proving his citizenship. I don’t think he can show one proving he IS a citizen. I have heard him say he is a citizen of Kenya with my own ears. If he cannot, he has no business BEING president. He can call me all the names he wishes; I will NOT be diverted. How long can this despot keep fooling the American people with one scam or another with such evidence existing? If they let him continue to con us about this, they DESERVE him. (Just common sense)

"Journalism Award" for a Dictator

He “cracked down” on the media in his country, closing some down and “disappearing” some of the people employed there for publishing stories he didn't like. But the University of La Plata is giving him its Rodolfo Walsh Prize. What has he done to deserve it? He funded a state-owned and controlled network to “compete” with privately funded, free enterprise news organizations. Kinda like Fox, only this one DOES lie to the nation. This is how liberals everywhere “pad” their “resumes” by getting awards from other liberal organizations. Notice conservatives get a lot fewer such honors. That’s because liberals control most such honors. (The Blaze)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's His Fervent Wish

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough says that without Fox Glenn Beck will fade to irrelevancy within a year. This from a man who IS an irrelevancy NOW. Scarborough doesn’t have anything NEAR the number of viewers that Beck has on Fox, nor the number of people who read his two main web sites on a regular basis. It is Scarborough’s “fervent wish” that Beck will “fade into obscurity” in the next year, but it ain’t agonna happen. He’s too well known, and he is NOT “leaving Fox. He’s merely changing his association with them. It’s like saying John Stossel is “obscure.” Both are too good at “ferreting out” the facts and presenting them in a believable way. That’s why Scarborough hates Glenn. I don’t know what he thinks about Stossel. (The Blaze)

The State of Today's "Art"

THE STATE OF TODAY’S ART: I’m an artist. I do photo-realistic art in colored pencils (after 45 years of doing the same thing on 40 ft. billboards in oil paints). I look around me and see what is CALLED "art" today and I want to cry. To me, art is something composed with some TALENT. One time I saw a guy back a jet up to a large canvas and start the engine while he threw gallons of different colored paints into the jetstream. Then he cut it into one foot squares and sold each for $5,000.00. One time I took an old paint pallet I had used for years (it was a piece of clear plastic), turned it upside down and framed it. Then I entered it in an “art show” and won best of show. I did it just to prove a point. That’s the level of talent in most art today. People like me are called “dinosaurs.” They say if they had wanted a photograph they’d have bought a camera. This is how they con people into buying their "art." The only kind of "art" in this is the "con-art." in convincing people what they do IS real art.

One time NASCAR wanted a cover for the next year’s program at an auto race won the last year by a first year rookie by three inches over two former national champions. They only had a grainy black& white photo of this, which was at the time, the closest finish in the history of NASCAR, and won by a rookie. They needed color. So I used the photo for car positioning and did a colored pencil rendering of it. I even had to call them to learn the color of the lettering on the wall behind the cars (This was before TV covered every NASCAR race). Another time I did pictures of 12 super markets, where photos wouldn't do. I removed power lines, newspaper boxes, fireplugs, parked cars, etc. Something you couldn't do with a camera then. This was what I specialized in: creating photos where none existed, or while removing nonessentials. That takes talent. Most of today’s “art” doesn’t. This cartoon to which I’ve linked tells a lot about today’s “art.” (Sherman’s Lagoon)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

NYC Bans Fried Food

No, not for everybody, but “That's the new edict for employees of the same city Health Department that brought you calorie-counting menus and snuffed out smoking on beaches and in parks.” Frankly, I’d tell them to “stuff it.” I eat what I want, not what some jerk bureaucrat says I can. What the hell gives these idiots the idea they have the power to dictate what people can eat, even if they DO give them a paycheck? If the company I work for part time EVER tried that, I’d be gone before the smoke could clear. Somebody needs to “rein in" Mayor Bloomberg. He obviously has a “dictator complex.” (NY Daily News)

Professional Freeloaders

I’ve always wondered when I see those dirty-looking, stinky people standing with their hand-printed signs by the side of the road, begging. I’ve always thought about following some of them when they get ready to leave, and see just what’s true about them. John Stossel, of Fox News did that in at least one case he told about in his Fox News special. There was a pretty young woman standing with a sign telling about being “stranded” after coming here to live with a boyfriend, who left her broke and homeless. She made $50 an hour with this scam, then walked a couple of blocks to a home where she appeared to live alone. Watching her house provided him with a picture of a woman who went shopping in the mornings wearing expensive-looking clothes, then put on her old clothes and walked the two blocks to her “station” where she assumed the “homeless” scam again. In one case, he made himself up as a homeless person and collected enough money that, if he had continued for eight hours, he would have made $90 a day, easily, while sitting down with a sign on his lap.

This is what we have come to in a country where liberals (yes, liberals) have taught us all our lives that “the world owes us a living.” Demonstrators many times say “Nobody should actually work for a living.” Somebody, somewhere, will give them what they want with no work on their part. But there’s a flaw in their thinking: somebody, somewhere, must WORK and EARN money before there is anything for them to give them. Thank God for those who DO work for a living, and find it easy to give part of what they EARN to those who will not work. Liberals (yes, liberals) in the government are the biggest enablers for such people, spending BILLIONS of dollars of “other people’s money (OPM) dollars to make life easier for these people. I’ve never understood the mentality of those who wish to live at the expense of others and think that’s right. I’ve never done it, and I’ve never given money to those who encourage it. I have always worked and earned my own living, while the government stole money from me for the benefit of those who will not work and want ME to support them. (John Stossel/Fox News)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Supporter or Opposer?

The cops say they don’t know if the guy who was attacked in San Fran was for or against Obama. Can they not READ? There were many signs on the booth he set up, and the one we notice most is the picture of Obama with a Hitler’s moustache. But they can’t figure out if he is FOR or AGAINST Obama. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! The press (who can’t tell either) ran the story as if he was FOR Obama because that supported their LIES that conservatives are violent. Unfortunately, like MOST of what they tell us, it’s not true. The only group that has a PROVEN violent nature is the LEFT. The only things they can point to is . . . wait a minute . . . NOTHING. But they continue to make the bombastic statements like (The Screamer) Howard Dean recently made that conservatives and Tea Party people bomb buildings and hurt people. But he can’t prove it. Meanwhile, he keeps screaming it. (Glen Beck)

"Soft Spot for Communists?"

Why else would Obama APOLOGIZE for his “bad remarks” in the past about communists? Maybe because he is IN FAVOR of communists and communism? Believe it, folks! We have elected the son of communists who was brought up as a communist to be PRESIDENT. A man who promotes everything communist and socialist (basically the same thing) at every turn. Will he turn this country into a communist or socialist country? I’m sure that is his aim. But don’t listen to what I say; watch what he DOES. That should convince you if you’re paying attention. Notice that the media (except for al-Jazeera) did not cover it. (Glenn Beck)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Never Talk About Palestinian Rockets

That’s what happens when anti-Israel people condemn Israel for RETALIATING against the “Palestinians” for their indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel. They ignore those and accuse Israel of “holocaust” for defending itself. It pains me that even CATHOLICS have joined the anti-Israel bigots in condemning Israel for defending itself. Now a Catholic priest echoes that stupidity. When are we going to start listening to people of INTELLIGENCE instead of these “hate-mongers?” (The Blaze)

Liberal News Is Dying

Meanwhile, News Max, World Net Daily, Fox News, and other news organizations that tell both sides thrive. Liberals just can’t understand why that is. They have their blinders firmly in place. They don’t understand that you can only lie to the pubic for so long and they will begin to “vote with their feet” and go to places they can depend upon to give them the truth. Places like those mentioned above and others, such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the like. Newspapers all over the country are failing. Just in Denver where I live, the Rocky Mountain News, which has been around forever, folded, with another local paper, the liberal Denver Post, picking up where they left off. Now the POST is crying poverty and is cutting back. I stopped buying it when they raised the price at the same time they cut the size of the paper in half. All I bought it for was the comics anyway, and I can get those on the Internet at little cost. Other forms of liberal news organizations are shriveling, too, for the same reason. Hopefully they’ll open their eyes and realize what’s going on, before they fail, too. (NewsMax/John Stossel)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Birther" Issue to Stay Around

Donald “The Hair” Trump is now working for Fox News, and, even though Obama tried to make those who insist on seeing his REAL birth certificate seem like idiots, the “birther” issue is unlikely to go away; nor should it. If Obama is not an American citizen, he has no business being president. He should have been required to produce proof of his American birth before he was even allowed to file to run for president. Somebody screwed up royally when he wasn’t. That screwup may create the biggest constitutional question that has ever happened in the United States if Obama is required to leave office because he is not legally entitled to BE president, and all that he has done becomes moot and nonexistent. Will the “powers that be” ever allow that? It might be out of their hands if one of the most powerful businessmen in the country prevails. I don't know if he is a citizen or not. But the fact he REFUSES to show it is, to me, telling. If he HAS one, he should show it and set this issue to rest. Why doesn't he? Hmmmm? (L. A. Times)

Bombay to Mumbai

What do they do it? A name becomes a recognized thing after years of use. Then the “powers that be” change it and we have to learn the new name all over again and things just aren’t quite the same. INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) is now ICE (I don’t know what that stands for) but is still responsible for stopping illegal immigration—a job is seems not to know how to do. It sure “went out and did it” when it came to going after a six-year-old boy and sending him back to that Island prison in Cuba. This seems to be happening all over, both with government agencies and private companies.

I wonder what advantage there is to, especially private companies to change a well-known name to something nobody recognizes. I used to work for a security company called “Pinkerton.” A name that has been well known for a hundred or more years. It was bought by a Swedish company whose name is well known in SWEDEN, but not here. So they changed it to “Securitas” and spent all the money required to change all the uniforms, badges, signs, paperwork, etc., only to have a name that people thought was a Spanish name. I don’t get it. (Just common sense)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Media Matters Lies Again

They said Glenn Beck had dropped below 400 stations, which is patently a lie since he lost 7 and gained 88. But don’t expect a correction and an apology from Media Matters. Responsible news sources LEAD with their mistakes. Irresponsible ones do not. What they don’t tell you is that even with only 400 stations and slightly less, his is the third most listened to talk radio show in the nation. Neither do they tell you that this is normal for ANY show to lose some and gain others. This is the kind of “news” we’re subjected to in the liberal media, which predictably played this “report” from Media Matters up. Don’t expect any corrections or apologies from them, either. Like Media Matters, they hope you’ll remember the story and forget it was a lie. (Glenn Beck)

Profiting From Stupidity

Some people will pay big money to see just about ANYTHING. They’ve proven that by actually paying up to $700 a seat to go to Charlie Sheen’s “Crazy Show” (He doesn’t call it that, of course). He still thinks his idiotic ravings are of value to people, and there is a segment of society who are ignorant enough to believe him. For them, maybe he’s right. Frankly, I wouldn’t pay $700 a seat to go to ANYTHING. I’m not that ignorant. I hope, for his sake, Sheen makes a LOT of money from this, because it’s a lot less than he was making at the job he scorned, ridiculed, and destroyed, while causing a lot of good people to lose their jobs. (The Blaze)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Assad: "It's the Conspirators"

No kidding! Wasn’t it “the conspirators” who succeeded in liberating what became the United States from England? Wasn’t it “conspirators” who deposed Egypt strong man Hosni Mubarak? How about Saddam? Were there “conspirators” involved there? What difference does it make? It TAKES a “conspiracy” to overthrow a dictator. So what? (Yahoo News)

Is Trump Stupid?

That’s what Obama and his people will say when they hear he “doubts” Obama was born in Hawaii. I may be stupid, too, because I more than doubt it. Mostly because he will not do the simple thing of SHOWING his REAL birth certificate. Even the governor of Hawaii says he can’t find it. Why he absolutely REFUSES to do this simple thing and put this whole constitutional question to rest tells me there is more to the question than he wants us to know. And the answer can SINK his presidency. So if he COULD, he WOULD show it. Ergo, he can’t, and he’s like a cat covering up the stuff in his litterbox. (UPI)