Sunday, January 31, 2016

Forced Conversion to Islam

That's right. In America. In Maryland, to be exact. The school allowed her to spend ONE DAY learning about Christianity, and then TWO WEEKS “immersed in teachings about Islam.” I thought schools weren't even allowed to BREATHE the word “religion.” At one point, the class was told to say, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is His messenger,” which is all that is needed to CONVERT to Islam in the eyes of Muslims. They were also forced to learn the “Five Pillars of Islam,” and were subjected to disparaging teachings about Christianity. The father of one child, a former Marine, is suing the school for doing this. Parents should be ever vigilant about indoctrination of their impressionable children in the teachings of Islam while disparaging Christianity. This Marine was BANNED from the school grounds after complaining about this. That's part of his suit. This kind of thing is happening in schools across the country (why it is allowed, I don't know), and it needs to be STOPPED. I'd say the same if the kids were being indoctrinated about Christianity while Islam was being denigrated. Religious teachings, saying good things about one and disparaging the other is NOT allowed in American schools. (Patriot Update)

Comparing Cars and Guns

The New York Times is comparing cars and guns. They say that since cars kill more people than guns and are a universally recognized “privilege,” and are “regulated,” we should similarly regulate guns. That might be true if their “regulation” did ANYTHING to reduce gun deaths. In any case, owning and using cars is not a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution, as are guns. Therefore, the reasoning is a lot different between them. It's comparing apples and oranges. Regulation of cars has done nothing to reduce deaths by car, and has proven itself to be unable to reduce gun deaths, too. Yet they insist on making more and more of their USELESS laws that inhibit gun ownership and usage—the very thing the 'Constitution PROHIBITS. It says, “The right of American citizens to be armed shall NOT be infringed!” What is there about “shall not be infringed” that they not understand? The fact is, there is NO comparison between cars and guns, no matter how hard they work to compare them. (New York Times)

"Oscar Boycott Is Racist"

Academy Award nominated actress Charlotte Rampling is “telling it like it is” when she says the black actor's boycott of the Oscars is “racism against whites,” by people who are jealous because maybe no black person gave a performance that was WORTH an Oscar this year. That white against black racism had nothing to do with it. As with the liberal complaints about there being more black people in prison than whites, THAT may be just because more black people commit crimes than white people. Every time I see a news item on TV about a crime, and they put up a picture of the perpetrator, he (or she) is black, almost ALL the time. They got to prison because they EARNED it. Of course, the black racists will call what I say here racist. That's their “cover accusation” to hide what I'm saying, and attempt to discredit it. I'm not saying black people aren't good enough to merit Oscars, only that none did THIS YEAR. And their exclusion is because of their lack of a display of talent, not racism, and a boycott IS racism, and JEALOUSY on THEIR part. They might try working harder to EARN one, rather than gripe about not getting one and blaming others for their failure.. Boycotting the Oscars is ADMITTING the shortcomings of blacks in giving performances WORTH an Oscar this year. I know of many black people who merit Oscars--and have won them, but apparently none of them did it this year. (Yahoo)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fox: "Feet of Clay"

Fox still tells the truth, and brings out both sides in politics—usually. But they're just as guilty as the other networks of IGNORING certain news if things don't go their way. As it didn't in the recent Donald Trump “contretemps” where he “skipped” their Republican debate and held his own event concurrent with theirs, but on rival CNN in a “feud” with one of their moderators. I've been waiting and waiting for Fox to mention the results of Trump's event on CNN, and, aside from a few mentions of Trump's name in passing, NOTHING. 

I don't watch CNN except for Saturday morning because I have no interest in the two shows Fox runs from 9 to 11, one of which is all about the stock market, in which I have NO interest, the other about fancy, expensive real estate, in which also I have no interest. NOTHING has been said on Fox (to my knowledge) about how many watched Trump's event in comparison to those who watched the Fox event. And that's something I'd like very much to know. On CNN, however, Trump has been almost “wall-to-wall.” I really had to search for the results, but on CNN Money, they said “Trumpless” numbers on Fox was the second lowest of all the Republican debates.

Even though, according to CNN (IF you can believe CNN about anything), their numbers were still four times that of Trump's event. Something Fox SHOULD have been trumpeting, if true. But if you add MSNBC numbers (which also carried Trump's event, his results are much more impressive, at about 3 million. That's still low, compared to previous Fox debates, which numbered 23 and 24 million. Based on those numbers alone, Trump's boycott of the Fox event was no very successful. But in the overall, he still got a huge amount of coverage generally, even if they mostly ignored the numbers. I think his action was a mistake on his part, but, as usual, I don't think it's going to hurt him much. (News Max)

N. Korea Kidnaps Student

They must be getting ready to screw us out of something. That's how dictators do it these days, with that “limp-writsted fool” running this country. He signaled them last week that if they want something, just KIDNAP- an American who is foolish enough to be a “tourist” in your country or even LIVE there, and let Obama “negotiate” for their release after you've held them for a long time and tortured them. Soon, Obama will be falling all over himself releasing all kinds of prisoners, no matter how dastardly and dangerous their crimes. NO matter how many people they've murdered. He'll let them go, like he did for that DESERTER for whom he released FIVE murderous terrorists to go back home and kill more people. Iran tried it with those sailors who strayed into their territory, but the timing was wrong. If they'd have insisted on a “quid-pro-quo” for their release, it could have delayed their receipt of the BILLIONS of dollars Obama was about to give back to them. (Twitchy)

He Still Thinks It's "Contained"

One of Obama's most dangerous delusions is his belief, against all evidence, that ISIS is “contained.” He maintains that IGNORANT belief in spite of a preponderance of evidence to the contrary. Now he says that, “Since they're 'contained,' we can now turn our attention to the real war against gender-specific titles,” as if that were something important. Is it really important for men and boys to be able to pee in the same room with girls and women? It really frightens me to think that our PRESIDENT is so STUPID as to think ISIS is “contained,” when they are still killing innocent people all over the world. Yes, they have suffered some minor losses, mostly caused by forces from OTHER countries. Certainly not from HIS forces, which he has seen to it have been “hamstrung” by STUPID “rules of engagement” and the force reductions he has ordered. (Twitchy)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Shot Him In the Back

Lavoy Finchum (Oregon “occupier”) was shot in the back while reaching in his pocket, the cops say for a gun (he might have been reaching for his driver's license). They could have waited until they saw the gun before firing, but one cop (who0 couldn't see him reaching for his pocket) who was standing BEHIND him, shot him in the back. He was NOT standing with his hands up, as one “occupier” insisted Which proves how witnesses (or sometimes participants) LIE about the actions of the cops in such situations. I don't think they needed to shoot him in the back at that time. They should have waited until they SAW a gun. But the idea that he was “surrendering,” with his hands up, is amply proven to be a LIE. Some say they acted differently here than they did when the liberal “”occupiers” took over in several places, including Denver, where I was able to watch them from about a block away. The difference was these (Oregon) “occupiers” were ARMED, and had PROMISED to die rather than go to jail. The cops may have been a little “quick to shoot,” but he was NOT “surrendering when shot. I'll wait for better evidence before making a final decision. (Bearing Arms)

McAuliffe Crushed

Recently he tried to dissolve agreements with 25 other states to recognize their “concealed carry” permits in a “reciprocity agreement.” But he got so much “kickback” to it, he is now “backing off.” His action only lasted five weeks before he “caved” to logic and reinstated the agreements. McAuliffe had bragged about “confronting the NRA," and they CRUSHED him. They has assistance from Virginia's State Legislature, which was poised to pass (with veto-proof majorities, a law that would have BLOWN his effort to further limit guns in Virginia. That McAuliffe is a Democrat does not even need to be said. The only exception is the “domestic violence” part, which is dependent on a judge issuing a two-year protective order (which judges issue like giving candy to a child), saying, “:no one wants a violent abuser to have access to firearms.” As if they could stop them from getting a gun ILLEGALLY. Liberals, of course, hate it. (Hot Air)

He Needs to Be Taught

Ethan Crouch, the kid who used the defense to killing FOUR PEOPLE in a drunken auto accident, that he had been “coddled,” and didn't know any better, was taught, by his parents, that he and his family were “above the law” and only had to “give people money” to get out of almost ANYTHING. His MOTHER had been previously convicted of reckless driving after she intentionally ran another motorist off the road. She paid a small fine and was released. His FATHER sexually abused a female employee and then FIRED her when she complained. Then he punched a CUSTOMER when that customer stopped his employee from using an unsafe saw.  He got a few days in the local pokey, not the FELONY conviction he deserved. There were many other abuses since the eighties, proving they all thought the law could not do anything to them that money couldn't “cure.” This fifteen-year-old kid was a “smart mouth” whenever he was confronted by law enforcement. He (and his parents) need to learn that money doesn't cure all ills, by spending some significant time in prison when they violate the law. The next time this kid (or his parents) break the law, they need to have the book thrown at them, just to teach them a lesson, if nothing else. His mother should go to prison NOW for helping him flee to Mexico to avoid PROBATION for killing FOUR people. There's no telling how many MORE people this kid (or his parents) will kill with their attitude if they aren't disabused of the notion that they're “above the law.” (Mail News)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trump's Own Event

Showing just what a rich man can do when snubbed by “the establishment," Donald Trump has signaled that he will not appear at the scheduled Republican debate. Instead, he will host his OWN event, at the same time! And I'd “bet the farm” that his event will outdraw the Fox event, again proving his drawing power. Frankly, in spite of what the “establishment Republicans” (and the Democrats) say, I think he will be our next president, in spite of everything they can do to get in his way. I wasn't paying attention to politics then (to my regret), but word is, Reagan faced similar opposition from BOTH SIDES, and for many of the same reasons. He says (and I think he's right), he has brought lots of voters who haven't been interested in politics into things, and that will result in a big win for him. I think he's right. (Town Hall)

Another No-Account Clinton

Hillary's pulling out all the stops. She really needed SOMETHING other than her “zipper down” husband. So—enter Chelsea, who has done nothing in her life except go to work for a TV network doing little or nothing for a huge salary so her mother will help them stay solvent while others are failing. Oh, yeah—she had a kid. That must have been really hard, since so few women do it, ya know (sic). She says Bernie will destroy Obamacare—and that's supposed to be bad? She's in favor of a “woman's right to choose,” which is a euphemism for killing babies. She went after Bernie and whosis—the other Democrat in the race, whatever his name is. If she's in favor of women being able to say what happens to their own bodies, why doesn't she talk in support of prostitution? “She said Sanders would “dismantle” Obamacare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Medicare — along with private insurance programs… Er, isn't that what Obamacare has DONE? I figure in a few years, Chelsea will be running for president, on her own. And the way her life has been given to her on a silver platter, she'll probably make it—unless we can destroy the Democrat Party once and for all this year. (Hot Air)

Democrat "Secret Weapon"

At least, they THINK he is. With Hillary coming nearer and nearer to being charged with several felonies after e-mails that have a HIGHER than “Top Secret” classification on her server, so secret that even some members of Congress don't have high enough clearances to read them, they're ready to provide a replacement. They don't want Bernie any more than we do. And they don't want “Whosis,” either. Bernie and Whosis were just “pretend candidates,” anyway (in the beginning). No, if Hillary is charged, which seems more likely every day, “Ol' Joe” is “waiting in the wings, ready to take over her followers. If that's not good enough, they're thinking about running Chelsea! They really think he will be a suitable candidate, and they KNOW he will be loyal to Obama and not get rid of a single one of his abominations. Actually, that's the worst thing they could do (from the view of human beings), beyond continuing to support Hillary, in spite of her being charged with several crimes. If they think he can beat Trump (or anybody else strong enough to beat Trump, if there ARE any), they have several other thinks coming. The pressure to indict her is becoming tremendous. They may not be able to continue to resist it. “Ol' Joe is an obvious FOOL and all of America knows it. If they try to run him, you can count them out, for sure. But they're too dumb to know that. (Town Hall)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Phony, But It Worked

The boycott of the Oscars because no black person gave a performance this year worthy of an Oscar has been successful for the black against white racists. It's a phony movement (like “Black Livers Matter”), but it has worked. The “Academy” is “taking steps” to make the Oscars “more diverse.” Meaning they are “dumbing down” their requirements. In addition to getting rid of the “lifetime members” of the voting board and instituting ten year terms with three “term limited governor seats” that presumably have more than the usual voting power, The Academy has also launched a mysterious but 'ambitious global campaign to identify and recruit qualified new members who represent greater diversity'.” Which, of course, means people who would be biased TOWARD blacks, to INSURE blacks will be nominated whether or not they're qualified. (Twitchy)

No, It Doesn't!

Ol' Joe Biden says, “The Constitution says you can limit the people who can have guns.” But it doesn't. How he gets that out of the simple one sentence that covers it, I don't know. He lists “criminals,” “crazies,” and such. What is there in these few words, that says you can pick and choose who may own a gun? “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” What is there in that saying you can CONTROL who may buy a gun? Somebody tell me. And this guy is a “heartbeat” away from becoming president—for a while, yet. In any case, no amount of laws and regulations will keep criminals and crazies, and Islamic terrorists, for that matter, from getting their guns ILLEGALLY. They don't OBEY laws. You can't stop them from getting guns by limiting gun ownership for HONEST people. (Daily Caller)

Ignorance In Politics

The ignorance in politics isn't all on the Democrat side. It's on the Republican side, too. The Republicans are so much against their front-runner that their “leadership” is threatening to go for Hillary Clinton, the Democrat front-runner. How STUPID is that? They say Trump “isn't a conservative.” So the hell WHAT? Being a conservative isn't the end-all and be-all of Republican politics. Trump is BETTER than conservative. He believes in almost everything conservatives believe, and MORE. He is his own man. He doesn't NEED their money, so they can't control him like they can a normal politician. He can buy and sell ALL of them, and that frightens them. On the Democrat side, their front-runner is a career criminal who has committed many felonies (whether or not the DOJ ever charges her).

Right behind her is a dedicated Marxist socialist who wants to take away the profit EARNED by the producers of new wealth for the benefit of those who can't, or WON'T produce ANYTHING. Behind him is a NOBODY that nobody ever heard of outside his own state, whatever state that is, all of whom push socialist policies (which is how Russia became communist, which is simply a slightly different form of collectivism from socialism). Too many people wanted to live at the expense of others, and voted the thieves into office and let them do what they wanted—which was to have TOTAL power over them—and that's what they got, until; communism predictably FAILED, 75 years later, after killing MILLIONS and destroying their lifestyle. We have a chance now to REJECT a similar fate, if we will. You don't have to be a conservative to want the government to stay out of your life, to pay fewer taxes, and stop supporting the “drones” of society. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Punishing The Whistleblowers

They have INDICTED the anti-abortion activists who made those videos revealing the MURDEROUS activities of Planned Parenthood. In the process, the Grand Jury in Houston, Texas, said that “Planned parenthood did no wrong.” I guess mass MURDER is “no wrong. It's a pretty piss-poor world when a MASS MURDERER of INFANTS is “judged:” to have “done no wrong,” while the people who revealed their CRIMES are punished! I'm glad I'm old enough that I won't have to live in this screwed up world much longer. Yes, abortion IS “legal” according to the Supreme Court's ignorant decision in Roe v. Wade.. But it's not MORAL. The Justices who made that decision in Roe v. Wade ought to be in prison themselves, awaiting execution for INFANTICIDE and MASS MURDER. They're responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS of babies, who had no chance at life. I hope they can sleep well at night. They probably can, since they seem to have no consciences. One of the charges is “tampering with government documents.” Where the hell these FOOLS get that is beyond any logic. (Mail News)

The "New Racism"

Obama said that if we elected him, “We would forever end racism in America.” Instead, he just changed it's focus. Racism in America is worse than ever since we elected a half-white, half-black president who PREFERS to be black, He attributes EVERY criticism against his policies to racism while his cronies follow suit. Along with that, they promote the whole IDEA of white racism against blacks, which, until Obama, was almost gone. It was now no longer “enshrined” in law, as before..Now, with blacks finding white against black racism under every rock, racism is now one of the hottest issues. But the REAL racism today is BLACK against WHITE racism. They've turned the entire racism issue on its head. Today, the biggest racism in this country is black against WHITE racism. And they not only want to disrespect us, they want to KILL us. Especially If we wear blue and have badges on our shirts.(Human Events)

Typical Horse Manure

An elderly man shot and killed a burglar inside his home, and the burglar's family is mad as hell at him, saying, “He didn't warn the interloper before he shot him.” Since when is it incumbent upon a homeowner to WARN a CRIMINAL who is invading his home before shooting him? Maybe the burglar should have called that old man and given HIM advance warning that he intended to break in and steal his property! People really come up with some STUPID ideas in an effort to JUSTIFY crime and blame the VICTIM for what the CRIMINAL did, and the result thereof. It has become almost standard practice to blame the VICTIM these days, because liberals are dumb enough to allow it,. And liberals have wormed their way into way too many powerful positions, through lies and misdirection. That's what blaming the victim is, so they understand and approve of it. They just don't understand that if you're found ILLEGALLY inside somebody's house, you're LIABLE to be shot, and WITHOUT warning. Whoever finds you there will be afraid you want to kill THEM, so they will act accordingly. NO sympathy should be found for the family of such people. (Bearing Arms)

Monday, January 25, 2016

I Knew This Was Coming

Now there's a movement to allow MEN who think they're women to COMPETE against real women, in addition to being able to pee beside them in their bathrooms. Never mind they're bigger and stronger than women, even if they are SELF-DELUDED into thinking they're women. Liberals are STUPID enough to believe their THINKING they're women MAKES them women and thus will vote to allow them to compete against women. I think the women they want to compete against should refuse to compete in the events in which these men are entered, citing unfair weight and strength issues, even if the fools running things won't even CONSIDER disqualifying the men on gender issues. What FOOLS liberals think we are! (Red State)

Does He Regret It?

At the end of the most recent Democrat Debates, Andrea Mitchell asked Bernie if he “regretted bringing up Hillary's husband's sex escapades.” which shouldn't even BE a question. In a presidential race, NOTHING is “taboo,” and Bill's sex escapades is the “elephant in the room” and SHOULD be explored, since she was an ENABLER. I wouldn't even be surprised if she participated, but probably not. Notice that there has never been even a whisper about HER sexual activities, and I don't believe she's been WITHOUT all these years. She's not a priest, after all. Huma comes to mind. She's also an “enabler.” Some people would say I'm “no class” by suggesting that, but why not? Why Bernie should REGRET asking about Bill's “zipper down” policy would be a mystery to me if I just forgot that they're DEMOCRATS. In that party, you can be forgiven ANYTHING if you don't get caught. (News Busters)

It'll Never Happen

Not even Obama, who thinks he's smarter than everybody, will attempt to debate Wayne LaPierre (NRA's perennial vice-president) on “gun control, because he KNOWS his arguments are LIES. And such a debate, to which LaPierre is challenging him, would reveal that. So he'll find some lame excuse to ignore that demand. Maybe he'll just repeat his efforts to discredit LaPierre and NRA like he usually does, and say to debate him would be a waste of his time. That way, he doesn't have to answer any tough questions. LaPierre says Obama is choosing to be against what he doesn't understand. He doesn't even know for sure what an “automatic weapon” IS. If it did happen, LaPierre would dismantle his lies, one after the other and make him look like the fool he is. So there's no way he will ever allow that to happen directly to him. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Muslims Desecrate Kid's Pools

These are “PEACEFUL Muslims, mind you. And “Muslim refugees.” The ones Obama insists on allowing into this country at our taxpayer expense, even though many of them are NOT “peaceful Muslims” and will soon be killing us in wholesale numbers if Obama's “gun control” keeps guns out of the hands of Americans so we can't shoot those bastards to death as they APPROACH. They “beat off” into a Jacuzzi and broke into a child's dressing room and molested CHILDREN. They even pulled down their pants and CRAPPED into another kid's pool. You name the asinine (as-hole) action, and they'll do it. There's nothing so ghastly that they won't do it. And these are the “peaceful Muslims.” If what they do is “peaceful,” those who describe them that way have a very different description of “peaceful” than do most Americans These kind of people should be “run out of town on a rail” after being “:tarred and feathered.” They'll call me a bigot for writing this, but who the hell cares what Muslims say? (Freedom Outpost)

Gun Better Than A Cop

More and more sheriffs all over the nation agree that “a gun in your hand is better than a cop on the phone” when a “bad guy” is threatening you with his ILLEGAL gun. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd in Florida agrees, and advises all citizens in his county to get guns, learn how to use them, and keep them handy, saying they'll stay alive longer that way. He says,  it's the job of him and his deputies to keep them safe, but it's the job of the citizens, to help. He says further, “If you're foolish enough to break into a home in Polk county, you can expect to get shot.” Which should make ALL burglars think twice before doing it. And that's the whole idea. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark agrees, saying, “I want as many law-abiding citizens to arm themselves in this county as we can get.” Such loudly stated support of the Second Amendment is a “crime-fighting tool” and isn't limited to “red states” like Florida. All law enforcement with INTELLIGENCE feels the same. (Fox News)

I Just Don't Understand

Why the American government bends over backwards (or frontwards) to accommodate Muslims because they CLAIM to be a “religion,” after Muslims flew four airplanes into three buildings and one cornfield, killing almost 3,000 innocent people in ONE DAY, all because they don't believe the way they think they ought to. And people are still dying from this action, 16 years later. Most are the “first responders” to that atrocity who are STILL dying of illnesses traced to 9/11. Muslims whine about Americans treating them shabbily, just as if Muslims didn't treat more than 3,000 innocent people shabbily on Sept. 11, 2001 by KILLING them. And Muslims continue to treat non-Muslims shabbily to this day. Meanwhile, American courts FAVOR them in their frivolous lawsuits for IMAGINED ills while considering making UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws to punish people who tell the TRUTH about their depredations.

A good example of this is the lawsuit Muslim truck drivers filed after being fired for refusing to deliver alcohol when they KNEW when they were hired that was part of the job. They won a six-figure judgment in that suit, and that's only ONE of the frivolous suits they have filed, and have won, when gullible judges lined up on their side. And these are the “PEACEFUL Muslims.” Meanwhile those “not-so-peaceful Muslims” KILL people all over the world, and increasingly in the United States for not believing in their phony “religion.” They still wonder why Muslims have a “bad name” in the United States, and elsewhere. I'll tell you why. It's IMPOSSIBLE to tell the difference between the “peaceful Muslims” who will only SUE you for imagined ills or maybe crap- in your kid's pool (they've done it), and the “not-so-peaceful-Muslims who will KILL you for looking at them wrong or saying something they don't like—or the BIG ONE, not being a Muslim, until they KILL someone.

They think they can do these things and Americans will not react. They call Americans keeping a close watch on them “bigotry,” or “religious intolerance,” or “racism,” even so they are NOT a “race.” They think Muslims can KILL people and other Muslims will; not suffer because of it. I call it “common sense,” All religions think members of other religions will “go to hell” when they die, but only ONE will HELP them die for not believing in THEIR religion. (Just common sense)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Everything Is Racist

If you find racism under every rock, as do most liberals (Democrats). Racism (black against white racism) is more prevalent in America today than at ANY time in our history, fed and LED by Barack Hussein Obama, who consistently USES racism for his own purposes. He told us that, if we elected him president, it would “forever end racism in America.” But what really happened was that, under his “leadership,” racism is now “out of control” in America. But it's not the racism of the past, with whites supposedly on top. Today it is BLACK racism against whites, and it is very close to being “enshrined” in law, as white against black racism USED to be. Now some blacks are pushing for their own water fountains, something that they hated when it was the other way around. Obama is as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black, so he can cry “racism” every time anybody opposes him. (Twitchy)

A Hundred Year's War?

A Daily Caller writer says we should be “prepared to fight a hundred year's war” with radical Islam. What? We've already been fighting a much LONGER than “hundred year's war” with Radical Islam. It “simmered down” for a few years for lack of money to support that war by radical Muslims. But with the infusion of the oil money WE helped them acquire, they now have plenty of money to support their terrorism. Remember “The shores of Tripoli” in the Marine Hymn? That refers to the battle against Islamic terrorism in Jefferson's day (which we won), and the war has been going on ever since. Rush Limbaugh says, “Our memories tend to begin when we were born,” and he's right, as usual. People born recently don't REMEMBER the battles we've had with radical Muslims over the years, and our current government suppresses mention of them. (Russ Read/Daily Caller)

Making Legal Guns Useless

Liberal politicians and other gun grabbers can't just BAN guns altogether in this country, like they did in Australia. So they make rules making the guns in your possession USELESS. The Founders didn't prohibit that in the Constitution. They didn't foresee the gyrations some politicians would go to, in order to “get around” the Constitution. FOUR cities in New York State (where else?) Have now required ALL guns in your home be “locked up and disabled,” so when a criminal; crazy, or Islamic terrorist comes there to rob or KILL you, it'll take more time than you will have to get it into action, making it USELESS. “Gun locks” have worked to do that for some time, all over the country. ALL such laws should be ignored, so your guns are instantly ready to use to defend you from the attacks if the “bad guys,” who HAVE no such restrictions on their ILLEGAL guns. If you do, remember that the cops may charge YOU with a crime for not following their orders. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do to protect yourself. (Guns 'N' Freedom)

Friday, January 22, 2016

"Avoiding Constitutional Arguments"

Liberal Maryland Senator Barbara Milkuski said she “wanted to avoid constitutional questions” in the discussions about Obama's UNCONSTITUTIONAL “executive orders.” Sure she would. Constitutional questions are the ONLY thing that should be discussed about that. If you rule them out, you (Democrats) win the argument, hands down. That's what she wants, obviously, but she ain't gonna get it. It's this kind of thing that usually lets the liberals (Democrats) win the argument, if they manage to get it done. They always give it “good-sounding names,” hoping to fool voters who pay no attention to politics until just before an election, when the lies are flying. If you can't include “constitutional questions” in the discussion, there's nothing left to discuss—which is what Democrats want. (Daily Caller)

Ho, Hum. Another "Investigation"

Congress has launched yet ANOTHER “dog and pony show” (investigation) intro Hillary's e-mail practices. That's outside the FBI's CRIMINAL investigation. They already have enough to put her UNDER the jail for the next 100 years. But NOBODY has seen fit to bring any CHARGES against her, and probably won't until after the election, so as not to mess up her chances of becoming president. If she wins, forget it. If she loses, I STILL doubt they will bring charges. She's “royalty,” after all. Ordering a flunky to strip the “classified markings” from some e-mails, so she could say she never SENT a classified e-mail, is by itself, enough. But will it be? They're dumping millions of dollars into three or four “investigations,” while coming up with NOTHING, according to them. But we're more intelligent than they are. (Town Hall)

Why Bernie?

Why is Bernie Sanders, an admitted, dedicated SOCIALIST, who wants to sponsor giveaway programs that will cost $18 TRILLION, leading the Democrat lists, even once? It isn't because of anything he offers. It is because nobody really wants Hillary, and he's the only known NAME candidate on the Democrat side besides her. It's only because so few really want Hillary to be their nominee that Bernie is “surging ahead.” He's all they've got. He wasn't supposed to be any competition, at all. He was supposed to be there only to make it LOOK like Hillary actually had some opposition. That gave Whosis inspiration to enter himself, and that has proven a money-waster. And he wasn't any competition at all, until Hillary's crimes became so obvious. If his supporters really want socialism, they're ignorant. Socialism (and communism, another form of collectivism) has proven itself to be nothing but governmental THIEVERY and those who like it simply want a “free ride” at somebody else's expense. It failed in Russia and other places, because it does not produce any new wealth, and only leeches off the producer of new wealth. (Just common sense)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Boy, Would THEY Howl!

If Christians destroyed a Muslim “shrine.” they'd cry “religious intolerance” so loud, they'd hear it on Mars. But they think NOTHING of destroying a CHRISTIAN monastery that has been in existence for thousands of years (in Iraq) and will cry the same if we object. And be willing to KILL those who protest (killing is their stock response to ANY opposition). They think they can rape women (and men and boys) with impunity, but if a Christian LOOKS cross-eyed at a Muslim woman, they lose their minds. They behead and otherwise kill Christians (including CHILDREN) and think we should not be allowed to complain, much less kill them back. I think we should keep a “close eye” on Muslims, and when they do something to support terrorism, kill them on the spot! Don't put them in a prison for a few years and then release them to go back and kill some more, as Obama seems bent on doing. (Town Hall)

It's Not About Religion!

Nikki Haley said she doesn't like Trump applying a “religious test” to allow people into this country. But it's not ABOUT religion! Islam is NOT a real religion, in the first place! It is a political movement DISGUISED as a religion so they can take advantage of the “perks” we allow religions. It's a Nazi-like movement that intends to envelop the entire WORLD! What Trump IS saying is that we need to LOOK CLOSELY at Muslims before allowing them in so we won't allow millions of Islamic TERRORISTS in, to kill as many of us as they can because we AREN'T Muslims. For them, it IS about religion. The only reason Muslims are even MENTIONED is because Muslims are killing us for not believing the same way they do. Why she can't see that, I don't know. And she's a REPUBLICAN! The fact that these killers happen to be Muslims is immaterial to us. They're KILLERS. MONSTERS! Rapists, beheaders of men, women, and CHILDREN! It's impossible to tell a “good Muslim” from a deranged KILLER “playing at” being a Muslim, so we need to find a way to properly “vet” them, and WAIT until we accomplish that. She is falling into the TRAP the GOP has laid for Trump. And that can only mean a WIN for Democrats in the end, if enough fools buy it.. I don't think she wants that. (CNN)

Stopping Hundreds of Criminals

The anti-gun fools say it doesn't happen, and their dutiful accomplices in the liberal media make sure we don't learn of it when it happens, mostly. But legal gun-carriers have stopped HUNDREDS of criminals in the act of robbing or hurting someone. The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) surveyed 200 cases where individuals defended themselves, or others with their legally-owned and carried guns. The users were of all ages and sexes, and socioeconomic subsets imaginable, but mostly the middle-aged. Only 69 of the 200 crooks faced with a citizen with his/her own legal gun were killed, with most fleeing or just being caught. The majority of cases were decided without a shot being fired. (Eagle Rising)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ignorance In Politics

The ignorance in politics isn't all on the Democrat side. It's on the Republican side, too. The Republicans are so much against their front-runner that their “leadership” is threatening to go for Hillary Clinton, the Democrat front-runner. How STUPID is that? They say Trump “isn't a conservative.” So the hell WHAT? Being a conservative isn't the end-all and be-all of Republican politics. Trump is BETTER than conservative. He believes in almost everything conservatives believe, and MORE, while discarding the bad parts. He is his own man. He doesn't NEED their money, so they can't control him like they can a normal politician. He can buy and sell ALL of them, and that frightens them. On the Democrat side, their front-runner is a career criminal who has committed many felonies (whether or not the DOJ ever charges her).

Right behind her is a dedicated Marxist socialist who wants to take away the profit EARNED by the producers of new wealth for the benefit of those who can't, or WON'T produce ANYTHING, or EARN anything. Behind him is a NOBODY that nobody ever heard of outside his own state, whatever state that is, all of whom push socialist policies (which is how Russia became communist, which is simply a slightly different form of collectivism from socialism). Too many people wanted to live at the expense of others, and voted the thieves into office and let them do what they wanted—which was to have TOTAL power over them—and that's what they got, until; communism predictably FAILED, 75 years later, after killing MILLIONS and destroying their lifestyle. We have a chance now to REJECT a similar fate, if we're smart enough. You don't have to be a conservative to want the government to stay out of your life, to pay fewer taxes, and stop supporting the “drones” of society. (Just common sense)

Living In A Dream World

That's how professionals describe Obama as he assures us ISIS is NOT an “existential threat” to the United States. Many people today don't even know what an “existential threat” IS, considering the state of America's schools, today as they go about teaching the kids “political correctness” and all about the Koran—but NEVER the Bible, which is the handbook of OUR religion, OR about real history. They say he should ask some of the millions of innocent people they have killed—Oh, yeah—he can't. They're dead. And they note that there have been more Islamic terrorist acts IN America during his administration than during ANY previous one. If this fool would ever “wise up” I might even support him. But that ain't gonna happen. He's too incompetent. (CNS News)

Threat to Cops Not Over

That's what they're saying about the “threat to police in Philly.” Which shows a COMPLETE ignorance of how things are! The “threat to police” is just BEGINNING! The Philly shooting is just ONE of the instances, SO FAR. There will be more, as misfits all over the world target the cops, and ambush them when they least expect it. Of course, what's going to happen is that more thugs are going to die as cops, whose nerves are on edge, react quickly when the thugs think they aren't paying attention. They SAY cops kill too many black men, but now they're going to get that, in spades, as cops are MUCH quicker to shoot than ever before, and it will be mostly black men why try it, and will die from it. And nobody with any intelligence at all, will blame them (the cops). They want to stay alive, after all. (Conservative Byte)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Turning the World Upside Down

That's what's happening today. Ignorant people are doing things that are completely AGAINST their own interests. An ILLEGAL alien wants to violate the Constitution he doesn't understand (because his country doesn't have one) by making it ILLEGAL to use the WORD “illegal” to refer to ILLEGAL ALIENS. The bad part is, he may find some liberal politicians willing to do it for him, and a liberal judge willing to penalize some people for using it. An ADMITTED socialist is giving HIllary FITS in the presidential race, while she remains either the front-runner or close, while fighting THREE congressional “investigations” and an FBI criminal investigation.

And in at least one place, people are wearing hijabs “in solidarity” with Muslim women while Obama is PAYING to import hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists disguised as “refugees” so they can get together and kill us for not believing in their “religion.” They call us paranoid for saying that, while they continue to KILL innocent people world wide. You're not paranoid if people are really out to kill you. Meanwhile, Obama releases many convicted Muslim terrorist MURDERERS in exchange for a few INNOCENT hostages held by Iran while giving them back hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to use in sponsoring even more terrorism. Are we STUPID, or what? it has become obvious to me that many of us ARE. The list of STUPID things we (not me) have done is long, but I just have neither the room, nor the time to list them all. (Twitchy)

Robbers Get Surprise!

In Chicago (Rahm town) where the gun laws are TIGHT, and criminals should not HAVE guns, two gun-wielding robbers walked into a T-Mobile store, attempting to rob it. Instead, the store clerk pulled out his own LEGAL gun and shot them both, therefore putting one more nail in the coffin of the anti-gun fools, who tell us all the time that a “good guy with a gun” won't make any difference in gun crime. He shot one of them in the “family jewels.” Both fled after being shot, with the armed store employee in “hot pursuit.” The article doesn't say whether or not the crooks were caught, but you can at least bet they won't be robbing any stores for a while. T-Mobile allows CCW holders to carry their guns at work (they're smart that way) I'd bet robbers who pay attention will go somewhere else to ply their trade if they don't want to lose the “family jewels.” This is probably the best advertising against being robbed there is.(Chicago Tribune)

It's Obama's Failings!

People blame everything BUT the real reason for Trump's rise to the leadership in the GOP side, in the race for the GOP nomination to run for president. They say he's “too loud,” that he is too “thin-skinned,” and other nasty things. They TWIST everything he says to THEIR advantage. Example: SC Governor Nikki Haley in her “rebuttal” to Obama's “State of the Union” never even MENTIONED Obama (in any meaningful way), but took Trump to task for wanting to apply a “religious test” to immigration when letting just ANY Muslim in is tantamount to importing DEATH. She apparently can't figure that out, for herself (you liberals, now call me a “woman-hater”).

But it is Obama's FAILINGS as president that has resulted in the effort to elect a NON-POLITICIAN to the presidency. As to his being “too loud” or “too thin-skinned,” what the hell's wrong with that? OBAMA is “famously” thin-skinned, but doesn't really FAIRLY retaliate. He goes behind people's backs with IRS audits. But “firing back” with an “A-Bomb” is the kind of response we WANT in a president, not the TEPID “nasty notes” Obama sends when someone OUTSIDE the United States angers him. Trump doesn't NEED the money the GOP can offer an office-holder, so the GOP leadership wants no part of him, even to the point of supporting a DEMOCRAT! How damned STUPID is THAT? (Town Hall)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Why's Hillary Still Running?

I don't think we've ever before had a serious candidate for president with THREE or more congressional investigations and an FBI CRIMINAL investigation into her practices, who is STILL being taken seriously as a candidate. But then, that's not at all unusual for a Democrat. There are so many of them who are just like her in the Democrat Party (I call it the Democrat Party because there's nothing “Democratic” about it), just about anybody they pick will be in a similar position. If a REPUBLICAN had so many negatives in his background (and current-ground), he/she'd have long since been forced out because of the DIN Democrats would have raised.

Democrats are still pushing her enough to keep her NEAR the front. If she is indicted BEFORE she's nominated, MAYBE she'll be forced to drop out, once and for all. But I hope not. She'll be so easy to CRUSH in the election. So will Bernie and Whosis, but I'd like to see it happen to HER. Do I dislike the woman? Absolutely! What's not to dislike? She's never done anything good, and many things bad, many of which have gotten people KILLED—and she's LIED about it. She's almost as good a liar as is Obama. But at some point, we HAVE TO realize she's a CRIMINAL, and should NEVER be seriously considered for president, woman or not. Being a woman doesn't mean she should be automatically elected. There's a woman on the GOP side, too. But she's a “backmarker,” and nobody's crying about her being a woman. (Town Hall)

In Only One Quote

The article linked below says, “Everything You should Know About Socialism In 20 Quotes.” But why complicate things? I can give you ONE quote that is “everything you should know about socialism.” It is this: “Socialism is based on STEALING the fruits of the ideas and labors of a PRODUCER of new wealth for the benefit of those who can't, or WON'T create new wealth, and prefer to live at the expense of others.” (Quoting myself) If that doesn't tell you all you need to know, here's another. Their basic motto is this: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making NEED a DEMAND on the earnings of those capable of earning, to benefit those INCAPABLE or UNWILLING to earn for themselves. Either of these quotes amply Illustrates the DISHONESTY of socialism, and all other forms of collectivism. (Town Hall)

Simple Logic

”I don't need a gun; I have never needed a gun; I hope I never need a gun; And in all likelihood, I'll never need a gun; However, should I ever need a gun, I'd better have a gun; therefore, I have a gun; And if the government ever says you don't need a gun, that's when you need a gun.” Obama says I don't need a gun while he runs around surrounded by ARMED guards while telling me having a gun will not protect me. I found this on Twitter, posted by a woman named Mia: “shooter's wife,” and it carried a logo, “Freedom Fighters." More logic: Why are there so many laws against owning guns when the Constitution clearly states, “The right of Americans to  bear arms shall not be abridged? What is it about "shall not be abridged" do they not understand? (Just common sense)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Do We Hate the Government?

Liberals like to say people like me “hate government.” We don't. We hate what government has BECOME under liberal “management.” We don't think gays should be able to “marry” each other, though we DO believe they should be able to make a contract between themselves SIMILAR to marriage, but should not be able to change the DEFINITION of marriage, which they seem bound to do.. We don't believe a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour WON'T cause more unemployment. We don't think Obama's announced “unemployment numbers” represent the REAL number of unemployed, since he's no longer counting those millions who have GIVEN UP on ever again finding a job and are no longer in the job market. We hate being forced to pay for Obama's “wild spending spree” that has added TRILLIONS to the debt this country owes. We hate having our right to self defense being limited while he imports hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, under the GUISE of “Syrian refugees,” so they can kill us with ILLEGALLY-obtained guns. We hate a lot more than that, but I don't have room here to list them all, and I don't want to bore you. (Just common sense)

Audit the Fed!

Where the hell does the Federal Reserve, which is a private organization that has been CEDED so much power over our economy, get the right to REFUSE being audited? They should not have the power to BLOCK being audited, no more than any American citizen can block the IRS from auditing THEM. They continue to do so, as they have been doing, for years. What are they hiding? We should send in a SWAT-type team with orders to “clear the way” for a federal audit, with terms to assure there will be no obfuscation on the part of the auditors. But Obama hasn't the backbone to do that. (Tea Party)

An Increaase In Gun Violence?

That's what anti-gun fools say. They say if everybody is allowed to be armed, there'd be an increase in “gun violence.” They're right. But not in the way they imagine. There would be a TEMPORARY increase while armed honest people killed of the ILLEGALLY armed criminals who “didn't get the memo” and try to victimize them. Then it would end, when all the ILLEGALLY armed criminals are in boxes, underground. Then the honest people truly wouldn't need their guns. Those anti-gun fools really think honest people will “go nuts” and shoot each other over trifles. But the reality is, ILLEGALLY armed criminals do it, already. Which is why there IS so much “gun violence,” and will continue to be as long as the politicians keep us unarmed and defenseless. (Just common sense)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Watch Them Closely

Every day it seems, we hear of yet another case of an Islamic terrorist gunning people down or blowing them to smithereens somewhere in the world. And liberals politicians deny the evidence of their eyes and ears and say “It's not Islamic.” The latest, at this writing, is in Burkina Faso, Africa. But with Obama bringing hundreds of thousands of “Syrian refugees” in., many of whom ARE Islamic terrorists, even paying their way with OUR tax money, it's going to begin happening more often here, too. As witness the shooting of that cop in his squad car. If you can't remember where, it's because it has happened so often all over the country.

From New York to Las Vegas, and California. cops have been murdered in their squad cars everywhere. And Muslims all over wonder why we should be “watching them closely.” That's easy. It's because they're rushing to live among “unbelievers” (Infidels) even though the Koran tells them not to. Why? Because they want to make as much trouble for us as possible by suing us for imagined “slights” that they manufacture, even if they don't want to kill us themselves. And it's impossible to tell the “good Muslims” from the killers until they KILL somebody, and then it's too late. The only way to “get ahead” of them is to keep them under INTENSE scrutiny Let them whine all they wish, keep it up. It's NOT “religious intolerance” or “racism,” it's COMMON SENSE. (CBS News)

Mom Faces Ten Years

For what? For oversleeping and not walking her nine-year-old son to school. TEN YEARS! When I was nine, my brother and I both walked six blocks to and from school every day, and we survived. This is an excellent example of the insane things liberals have done to this society with their “pipe dreams.” They're now wanting to have somebody ELSE than the student or his parents pay for college tuition. Like a college education was an ENTITLEMENT. I never got somebody ELSE to pay for college for me. And nobody even SUGGESTED that somebody should. We were much smarter then. And my life has been pretty good without it. That's the main problem with this society today. Too many people want a “free ride” at somebody else's expense (they don't care who, as long as they don't have to pay for anything). That's how Russia became a communist country—too many people who wanted a “free ride” without having the bother of EARNING it. And the communists took advantage of that, and took over. (Survival Joe)

Dems Promote Sharia Law In U. S.

They're trying now to get a law passed in violation of the constitution to prohibit “hateful words toward Muslims.” Never mind “hateful words” are a constitutionally protected speech. Sharia gives Muslims the right to DECIDE what is “hateful words” toward them. The law would be so wide open, it would allow them to say ANYTHING is “hateful words toward Muslims.” If this law is passed, ANY group could punish ANYBODY who speaks against them. Outfits such as Nazis or the KKK, or even a politician. Allowing this is letting the Muslim “camel's nose under the tent,” and will result in sharia law being widely accepted by the fools that run this country. Muslims, of course, will jump on my mention of a camel as being racist, and "hate speech toward Muslims" so they won't have to argue on the real merits of this situation. (Tea Party Journal)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Al-Jazeera Shutting Down

Surprise, surprise! They spent billions of dollars to create a LOCAL propaganda source, and they lost. They really thought they could get enough Americans to view their propaganda, and use it as a “recruiting tool,” as they try on many other fronts. They didn't count on Americans being “wise to them” and staying away from their network like the plague. They made AlGore a billionaire, for nothing. But they don't really care. They steal more than that doomed venture cost them, every day. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Making Al-Jazeea popular would be like making a NAZI-based propaganda machine popular during WWII. That time, we were too smart. But this time, we were forced to let the market do it to them. I feel sorry for the Americans who went to work for them who lost their jobs, but that's what “consorting with the enemy” will get you. (Town Hall)

Just the Opposite

It's just the opposite of how things should work, according to the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL of our laws. Rand Paul, GOP presidential candidate, and still a Senator, has introduced legislation to stop Obama from VIOLATING the Constitution and ILLEGALLY trying to legislate by fiat on gun control. Something he hasn't been able to accomplish by conning the Congress. He still thinks he is superior to the Congress, when, according to the Constitution, which CREATED this government, he is NOT. Congress is a CO-EQUAL branch of government, and if it chooses not to act on his unconstitutional laws, they're not being “lazy,” they're doing their jobs. He is NOT “their boss,” and if they choose not to pass his pipe dreams into law, that's their RIGHT. This guy thinks he is some kind of a dictator, and he's wrong. Somebody needs to “slap him down (figuratively) and educate him on how things work in this country. (Bearing Arms)

Even Her Friends Don't Like Her

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was asked to resign by her chief opponent for the Democrat Party chairmanship. I know the PC Police want me to use another term for that, but that's the best one I can come up with without trying to walk upside down on the ceiling. In any case, I don't give a damn what the PC Police think. Word is, it's because of her ”standing tall” for Obama's anti-Israel policies. But others insist it is because she's also “standing tall” in support of murdering babies, and criticized young women for “not being strong in support of it, too.” Whatever the reason, I think it's a good thing for this frizzy, wild-haired bimbo to get out of the limelight so she'll stop embarrassing herself every time she opens her gob. Although any Democrat would be a bad choice. Go figure. (The Examiner)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Religion" of Peace?

Islam still claims to be a “religion of peace.” It is not. And has never been. The number of people they have murdered and even beheaded is numberless. Religions, TRUE religions do not behead people and their practitioners don’t DELIGHT in it. If anybody questions Obama’s sympathy for Muslim atrocities, this should convince all but the most stupid. He continues to insist on sending $BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to Syria so al-Qaida can use them to behead innocent people. Of course, they say NOBODY is “innocent” (except “believers," of course). And apparently they can get away with ANYTHING they do to “unbelievers,” according to the Koran. The “rise” of Islam is the best reason I can think of to allow all Americans to arm themselves so they can kill a few of these fools before they can kill THEM. (Barracuda Brigade) Sorry. Looks like somebody got to their provider and this page no longer exists, because Muslims didn't like it. But the facts on it were self-evident. which is what Muslims didn't like.

Well, I Predicted It

Just like Clinton (Bill) before him, Obama's next thing is to become Secretary General of the United Nations, where he can manipulate things so as to become King of the World. Clinton failed, and hopefully, so will he. The UN is a “toothless monster” under current management, and will remain so under Obama, if he ever makes it there. Except for the insufferable damage he can do to America. It seems he feels like his job of making America a “socialist partadise” is not yet finished,. And won't be in January, 2017. This fool has a head as big as all outdoors. He thinks he's the smartest man in the universe, and that will be his undoing, as people much smarter than him “take him down.” But, like that flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind, his ambitions are much bigger than he can ever attain. He thinks the fools who bought him the presidency can do the same at the UN. But George Soros might have other ideas. If he does, Obama will be a goner. (Town Hall)

What's This?

James Woods says we need to get guns and learn how to use them. That this goes exactly opposite to what is usually preached about guns by the Hollywood “intelligentsia” is obvious. I wonder how many movie roles he will lose because of this. But he's exactly right. When a CRIMINAL comes to your home or stops you on the street and holds you up at gunpoint, what will you do if you have no gun to use to oppose him? What will you do if you're in a crowd and a gunman starts shooting into the crowd? Or when one of the MILLIONS of Islamic terrorists Obama is letting into America (many at taxpayer expense) comes to kill you? Anti-gun fools say everybody owning and carrying guns will cause an increase in gun violence—and they're right—for a while, while honest people “kill off” those criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists who are using their ILLEGAL guns to victimize them, and then it will become mostly non-existent. (Eagle Rising)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Everybody Hates Trump

Except the masses that fill his meetings, of course. Even Nicky Haley, governor of South Carolina, in her speech after Obama's “lie-fest” before Congress, otherwise known as the State of the Union. Apparently, she's “right on board” the “hate Trump” bandwagon. It's really strange to me how an entire political party (at least their leadership) would be against their own front-runner, even to the point of saying they'll vote for the DEMOCRAT front-runner if Trump gets the nomination. How STUPID is that? I guess they just don't want to win this election. What's their excuse? They say he's “not a Republican.” On what do they base that? The fact that he has never been in politics before? How about Dwight Eisenhower? He spent his career killing people and breaking things before he became president, and he is universally regarded as one of our BEST presidents. They just know they can't control him because he doesn't need their money, and CONTROL is what the party “bigwigs” are all about. (Hot Air)

Raats Leaving Sinking Ship

That's what's happening to Rahm Emanuel's ship. As mayor of Chicago, he has done as lousy a job as has his former boss (Obama) has done as president. He was “riding high” on a “wave of Democrat success” when elected, and has some of the TIGHTEST anti-gun laws in the nation, most of them unconstitutional, some of them already declared so by the courts. Despite that, he also was presiding over one of the HIGHEST gun death rates in the nation, again proving that the kind of laws liberals promote do NOTHING to reduce gun violence, and instead, PROMOTE it. Now, after suppressing a video showing a cop killing a teenager by shooting him in the back while he was walking away, then filling his corpse with 16 bullets, one of his own people is now making an attempt to get him recalled. It's going to take some doing, but it just might happen. (Conservative Tribune)

Trump to Reverse Actions

He says he will immediately REVERSE every one of Obama's “administrative actions,” especially the ones inimical to gun owners, as soon as he takes office as president. Gun rights people have SHOWN themselves to be as much in the majority as it takes to stall Obama's every action against gun ownership for American citizens, so why the hell WOULDN'T they elect Trump president? Jeb Bush recently CANCELLED an appearance at a gun show, claiming “problems getting there.” But we all know the reason: he is AFRAID to be “pro-gun,” as are most politicians.

He MIGHT “become” pro-gun” after being elected, but not before. He doesn't have the
gonads. Trump says, “You know Obama's going to make “Executive Orders” AGAINST the Second Amendment (which is unconstitutional, but what does Obama care about that?). And when Trump takes office, they will be reversed. Unfortunately, the guns Ofumble “confiscates” (steals) will be gone. He will have “disappeared them.” Texas told him to “come and get our guns,” which will not be an easy task, Other states too, have indicated their willingness to go against him. (Fox40)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When's the FBI Gonna Move?

Every day I hear a new revelation about Hillary's crimes, both as Secretary of State, and otherwise. But no charges. What is it going to take for them to actually MOVE against this criminal masquerading as an “honest politician?” (If there is such a thing, at least in the Democrat Party.) Her numbers of ILLEGAL e-mails are now in the THOUSANDS, and it is now KNOWN that she accepted “donations” (bribes) from people for whom she worked assiduously to benefit as Sec. Of State. She apparently ordered a staffer to strip the “classified” label from e-mails that WERE “classified” (that poor fool will probably go to jail before she does—IF she ever does!). What's holding them back? The fact that the Democrats really, really, want her to be their nominee? Is Obama himself holding them back to avoid a “stain” on the Democrat Party? Will they wait until she becomes president (doubtful)? If those crimes don't rob her of enough votes to allow the GOP to defeat her, I give up! The electorate will have proven themselves to be as “dumb as rocks” and deserve to get what they want. The only problem is that I, and others like me have to live through the stupidity. (Town Hall)

"Christian? No Guns"

The anti-gun fools have come up with yet another absurd claim: “You can't be a Christian and be pro-gun,” hoping to con Christians over to their side. But it won't work. People are too smart for that. Christianity does NOT bar us from self-defense. This is just one more effort to screw people out of their rights, that are guaranteed by the Constitution. Don't fall for the exhortations of these imbeciles. Evangelicals, who ARE Christians, are the strongest supporters of gun rights. Larry Pratt, who runs Gun Owners of America, is an Evangelical Christian, and he says ALL Christians should be armed, in self-defense. He says that self defense is a “God-given right.” The Constitution merely guarantees it. He personally saw the results of gun violence, all of it done with ILLEGALLY OWNED guns. It is those ILLEGAL guns that create just about all the “gun violence,” not the LEGAL guns owned by law-abiding people. There ARE a few examples of gun violence committed by legal gun owners, but they are absolutely in the minority. That is proved by FACTS. (Just common sense)

"Ready for War"

That's what that pudgy little dictator in N. Korea said in his New Year's message to his “nation.” He no doubt included America on his list of possible attackers. He really thinks he can “whup” us! That reminds me of a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. If that fool has a death wish, this is the best way to accomplish it. He thinks N. Korea is “bullet-proof” because they weren't beaten in the last war with America. But N. Korea didn't “beat” anybody in that war. What beat us was our own politicians' refusal to do what was necessary to win. We certainly had the resources, but not the WILL. Liberal politicians opposed every proposition that WOULD have destroyed N. Korea, and forced “negotiations.” Which ended up in the “standoff” that remains to this day. (Just common sense)

Monday, January 11, 2016

And You Wonder Why?

Why we're wary of the hundreds of thousands of “refugees” Obama wants to allow to come here? Even those whose way he PAYS with OUR money? He's importing death and destruction for innocent, non-combatants, IN America. And he's either too stupid to know it, or that's exactly what he wants. The number of sexual assaults and other attacks by Muslim “refugees,” just on New Year's Eve in Germany alone, now numbers 500! And they were ALL committed by “Muslim refugees!” will Obama take notice of that and END his importation of death and destruction for Americans? Probably not. I think it's working exactly how he wants it. The more Muslim terrorists kill people in American the more he has an excuse to DISARM Americans, “for their protection, dont'cha know” This is the moist dastardly president we've ever had, and we need to “broom him” out of there before he single-handedly ENDS us. (Town Hall)

What WE Should Do

Saudi Arabia just executed 47 Islamic terrorists, including one Imam who was PROMOTING terrorism. They didn't just arrest them in put them into a special prison for a time, then release them to go back and murder more people. They CONVICTED them of terrorism, then EXECUTED them. Our policy toward Islamic terrorists is a JOKE. It does NOTHING to deter them from committing terrorist acts, and actually ENCOURAGES them. Frankly, when they're “caught in the act,” they should be killed on the spot. Not “taken into custody” and coddled for a few years, then released to kill again. I speak NOT of Muslims who have not committed crimes.Them, we should leave alone, but watch carefully.

They came here, even though their “Bible,” the Koran, tells them not to associate with unbelievers. They make as much trouble as they can, using our court system against us, with the ASSISTANCE of gullible judges and lawyers. But that doesn't necessarily rate a death sentence. But Muslim killers? They WANT to die, in the “service of Allah.” We should help them reach that goal, as soon as possible when they try and kill us. Forget imprisoning them for a while, then letting them go. Let them know that killing innocent people carries a PENALTY. It may not stop them, but when they're DEAD, they can't kill any more innocent people, including children. (The Blaze)

Not Legal, So Illegal

Obama can't legally take away our gun rights. He has tried, numerous times in Congress, and failed. He has even acknowledged that failure, saying, “My biggest regret in my administration is my failure to take America's gun rights away from them (My words, not his. He said it differently.).” There's no LEGAL way he can do that, so he's going to do it ILLEGALLY. What do laws matter to him? He has violated laws and the Constitution many times, and gotten away with it. Now he's going to try “the big one.” He forgets what happened the last time a government tried to take away America's guns. King George tried it, and he got a WAR. A war he LOST, against forces he THOUGHT would be easy to defeat, and which created this “free country.”

If Obama thinks he can succeed, even ILLEGALLY, he's got another think coming. No matter how much firepower he can command. Americans, most of which this country's military TRAINED. He can't beat a bunch of ragtag Islamic terrorists, and he SURE can't beat Americans. I'm just waiting for the rebellion to start, while America still has their guns. Guess who will be the first to go when that happens. There are always some stinky rear ends willing to trample on people's rights for a “taste of power,” but I'm betting there are many more Americans who won't stand for it, and they're still armed. Be afraid, Obama. Be VERY afraid! Real Americans are coming! (Town Hall)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

How Many By Muslims?

Of 452 suicide attacks on innocent people worldwide last year, how many were done by Muslims? The answer is, 450! (All but 2!) And Muslims wonder why they're viewed with suspicion. They'll probably call this item “religious bigotry,” ignoring the facts, which show that Muslims are the biggest group of killers operating in the world. They think Muslims should be able to kill at will, without punishment. But they're not. Only in Muslim-run countries can they flout the law of reason with impunity. And even if they don't kill people (or not get caught, anyway), they still make as much trouble as they can, suing right and left for imagined slights and “offenses.” They demand “rights” that don't exist, like the right to pray while blocking the streets outside their mosques with their taxicabs. They demand time off to pray and a place to pray, when nobody else gets such “rights.” And they sue when they don't get it. They take jobs hauling alcohol, KNOWING that's part of the job, then sue when they get fired for not doing their jobs—and WIN in courts run by gullible judges. (The Blaze)

Gun Confiscation Begins

California made a law saying that they could confiscate guns from anybody that, in somebody's OPINION' was, or COULD BE a “danger to themselves or others.” All that was required was a special kind of “restraining order,” which has been handed out like candy to kids, all the time. Liberals keep saying “we don't want to take your guns.” Then they PROVE otherwise when they get enough power, which they usually do by giving out “freebies” like candy. That's what they're going to start doing in California January 1. The law allowing this is unconstitutional, but “following in the footsteps of Obama,” they don't care. By the time any case can come to the Supreme Court, they will have already “disappeared” the guns they have confiscated under this unconstitutional law, and nobody will be punished for MAKING IT. While many people will be punished for LEGALLY owning guns.  (Red State)

'Not Entitled"

The Supreme Court has ruled (in 1969) that seniors are “not entitled to Social Security." What? What IGNORANCE contributed to that decision? We're FORCED to pay into it at the point of a gun (You think that “gun thing” is wrong? You try and NOT pay in and see how quick the guns come out), but we're “not entitled” to get our money back (even without interest? They only pay you “out of the goodness of their hearts"). What damned fools are RUNNING things in the Supreme Court? Oh. I forgot. Many of them are liberals. The recent liberals in the white House have seen to that. I guess we're lucky for ANY decisions to go our way. I'm sure their decision is based on some “fine print” nobody noticed when the original law was passed, that politicians have only now revealed. (Just common sense)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Obama "Ended Two Wars?"

Obama likes to brag that he “ended two wars,” but he didn't. He RAN from two wars, but people keep dying there. There were 575 deaths in Afghanistan while the war was going on, under Bush. After Obama “ended two wars,” 1,663 people were killed in just Afghanistan, alone. THIS is “ending wars?” I don't THINK so! This is deluding yourself and attempting to fool the nation. That is the “legacy” that will be left by Obama. The practice of telling the world just the OPPOSITE of what is true. Lying to make yourself look better. But it “ain't workin'!” It might have worked back before the Internet, but real information is too free today. He can't get away with lying to us like politicians in the past. There isn't a thing a president does; not a thing he says, that isn't on video somewhere. That's why we have Obama himself talking about “my Muslim heritage,” and are able to know his narrative on the Middle East wars is PHONY. (Front Page Magazine)

Fire In Houston Mosque

Was it a “hate crime?” Unless you consider hatred by a Muslim for Christians, not even. The only “hate crime” committed there was in the media and the “Committee on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR), a known Islamic terrorist-connected organization in the United States. The media immediately tried HARD to connect it with the “extreme right” and “Muslim haters.” CAIR did the same. But when the arsonist was found, it was a MUSLIM who regularly attended this mosque. What his motivation was is not known for sure,. But I suspect it was to incriminate Americans, trying to blame them for the fire. And he got massive assistance from the media and CAIR. You can look for more cases like this, as Muslims work assiduously to make it SEEM like they're being “oppressed” unnecessarily, even though it was brought on them by the actions of other Muslims, or maybe even themselves. (Hot Air)

Press Lies to Incriminate Cop

They want the cop who killed Tamir rice prosecuted for murder, saying Rice was “open carrying.” he was NOT. And 12-year-olds are NOT included in those who CAN “open carry.” “Rice was concealing (not open carrying) a replica firearm by sticking it in the waistband of his pants under a loose-fitting hoodie. To carry a firearm in that manner, you must be 21 years of age, receive a minimum of 12 hours of handgun training (10 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of range time) from a certified instructor, demonstrate competency with a handgun through written and shooting tests, pass a criminal background check, and meet certain residency requirements.” The media clearly LIED so as to incriminate the cop, who had no way of knowing it war a REPLICA gun, which fired only BBs, if at all. It's part and parcel of the liberal media's attempts,. Both to impugn gun ownership in general, and the use of guns in their work by cops. (Town Hall)