Friday, January 8, 2016

Liberals and Freebies

This is why liberals (Democrats) seem to win so many elections. They appeal greatly to those who just want a “free ride,” and are willing to keep voting them into office, even though they make absurd decisions while giving away money that is not theirs. There are WAY too many of them in this society. That's what liberalism is: Socialism, and giving away other people's money. Taking from the PRODUCERS of new wealth, and GIVING that stolen to the DRONES of society who create NO wealth. It FEEDS off of those producers and ENCOURAGES those lazy people who want to survive without working. Bernie Sanders is an ADMITTED socialist, and Hillary is an UNADMITTED socialist. Both want to GIVE AWAY a college education, while I pay for it, even though I never got a paid college education. I didn't get one, PERIOD. And at the time, nobody thought anything about it. It was just the way things WERE. Before the liberals (socialists, Democrats) got hold of it. (Town Hall)

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