Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Government Stupidity

Money is “fungible.” That means if you give someone money for one purpose it frees up money they already have to spend on what they want. We know that. If the Muslims get some money, it can REPLACE the money spent to prop up Islamic terrorists, so giving them ANY money is stupid. They'll spend the money they already had for subversive activities and REPLACE it with this money. Of course, they'll call this report “racist” or “religious intolerance.” that's their way of stifling ANY criticism, or any TRUTH being told about them. That's why they're HIDING behind a “pseudo-religion.” Would we have given millions of dollars to the Nazis during WWII? No; we were smarter then. We KNEW who the enemy was. But our idiot government has given $2,739,891 in grants to a SINGLE mosque in Kansas City. When we investigate, how much will we find they have given to other mosques? This particular mosque has KNOWN connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a KNOWN Islamic terrorist-connected organization. Why they're allowed to continue operation in America, I can't fathom. I'll bet if they pull a surprise raid on that mosque, they'll find lots of guns and ammunition there, as France did when they raided some of their mosques. But, under Obama, they don't have the INTELLIGENCE to do something like that. (Daily Caller)

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