Sunday, January 3, 2016

Can Bernie Beat Trump?

Not on his best day. Bernie is a committed SOCIALIST, and that doesn't work in this country. That's why people like Obama and Hillary deny to the death that they ARE socialists. The call it something else, so as to fool the gullible fools in the Democrat Party and SWEAR what they call it is NOT socialist. Bernie, at least, is “up front” with it. But that doesn't make him electable in a country that was made the fastest-growing country economically in the world by using the FREE MARKET. Some fools (like Bernie) still think socialism is the way to go, but they're fatally deluded. He says he will “convert” Trump's supporters to himself. Talk about a big laugh! This imbecile still thinks an economic system that is based on THEFT from producers for the benefit of NON-producers works. A fool like that has no business being president in the greatest non-socialist country on Earth. (Freedom Force)

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