Saturday, January 23, 2016

Everything Is Racist

If you find racism under every rock, as do most liberals (Democrats). Racism (black against white racism) is more prevalent in America today than at ANY time in our history, fed and LED by Barack Hussein Obama, who consistently USES racism for his own purposes. He told us that, if we elected him president, it would “forever end racism in America.” But what really happened was that, under his “leadership,” racism is now “out of control” in America. But it's not the racism of the past, with whites supposedly on top. Today it is BLACK racism against whites, and it is very close to being “enshrined” in law, as white against black racism USED to be. Now some blacks are pushing for their own water fountains, something that they hated when it was the other way around. Obama is as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black, so he can cry “racism” every time anybody opposes him. (Twitchy)

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