Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Cruel and Unusual Punishment"

I thought the Constitution prohibited “cruel and unusual punishment.” Then why is a court freezing the bank accounts of a bakery that refused to “service” a gay “wedding?” Is stealing ALL their money and, in effect, putting them out of business, even if they were “guilty” of bigotry,” which they are not, right? There should be laws AGAINST such treatment of people by the courts on specious grounds. But there are not, and won't be, until we can get rid of ALL the liberals in places of power, such as this judge. Liberal judges are making a mockery of justice in cases such as this. There is no reason why they should be ALLOWED to do such things under the “no cruel or unusual punishment” clause in the Constitution, and many reasons why they should NOT. This “judge” should be removed from the bench for cause. (The Blaze)

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