Sunday, January 24, 2016

Muslims Desecrate Kid's Pools

These are “PEACEFUL Muslims, mind you. And “Muslim refugees.” The ones Obama insists on allowing into this country at our taxpayer expense, even though many of them are NOT “peaceful Muslims” and will soon be killing us in wholesale numbers if Obama's “gun control” keeps guns out of the hands of Americans so we can't shoot those bastards to death as they APPROACH. They “beat off” into a Jacuzzi and broke into a child's dressing room and molested CHILDREN. They even pulled down their pants and CRAPPED into another kid's pool. You name the asinine (as-hole) action, and they'll do it. There's nothing so ghastly that they won't do it. And these are the “peaceful Muslims.” If what they do is “peaceful,” those who describe them that way have a very different description of “peaceful” than do most Americans These kind of people should be “run out of town on a rail” after being “:tarred and feathered.” They'll call me a bigot for writing this, but who the hell cares what Muslims say? (Freedom Outpost)

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