Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chicago Airport Cops UNARMED!

And if attacked, they're instructed to RUN and HIDE! What the hell GOOD are they? All they are is “cannon fodder” if an Islamic terrorist or anyone else attacks O'Hare and Midway Airports. Whoever had the idea for this is an IMBECILE. They're a waste of money and many will DIE if somebody attacks that airport. A document published in support of this policy said this: “ 'We must also ensure that unarmed security personnel ... do not attempt to become part of the response, but could be invaluable to the evacuation efforts," the documents said.'.” In what way could they be “invaluable” to ANYTHING? Yes, they could help with evacuation of passengers—at the risk of their UNARMED lives. " 'We're not trying to replace the Chicago police officers; we just want to have the tools to do the job like every other law enforcement agency in the country,' said one officer who requested anonymity.”

Of course he requested anonymity. If they knew who he was, he would be FIRED, and maybe even subject to CHARGES in this “topsy-turvy” world we live in. “Wayne Black, a Miami-based security expert, said it's absurd to deploy unarmed trained police officers at an airport. The imbecile who did this, their “Chief,” Richard Edgeworth, wouldn't even TALK to reporters who asked WHY these officers were unarmed. Owen Kilmer, Deputy Communications director (mouthpiece) for the Chicago airports, said, “We think the strategy in place is working.” In what way is it working, Owen? In that none of your officers has been killed--YET? That very statement shows the level of INCOMPETENCE there. They're called a “force multiplier,” but they're a WASTE OF MONEY. Any cop who would submit him/herself to this is either a fool or is DESPERATE for a job. (Everything Lubbock)

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