Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ungrateful Muslims

A liberal family in South Africa invited a number of Muslim “refugees” into their home in an abortive attempt to be helpful. They were “rewarded” by those Muslims driving them out of their own home and threatening to murder them. This is the kind of treatment you can expect from some Muslims. Some of them are too arrogant to be helped. They not only ASK for that help, they DEMAND it, and threaten people with DEATH if they don't give them exactly what they want. And people wonder why people don't welcome Muslims with “open arms.” They call those who don't give them exactly what they DEMAND “bigots,” “racists,” and “religious haters” or some such. I have nothing against Muslims, in general. I DO have something against Muslim “haters” who think ALL white people are against them, for NO reason. If they are against them, they have GOOD reason. (Conservative Tribune)

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