Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kerry Is Insane!

He declared the “climate deal” as the “biggest accomplishment of the year.” Actually, it is the “biggest CON of the year,” that the liberals have pulled off. It has allowed AlGore to become even richer and Obama to become more powerful AND the government richer. It has conned many more millions out of Americans and promises to con them out of a lot more when the United Nations does its dirty work. Controlling any part of America has been the “wet dream” of the UN for years. And soon they'll have it with that limp-wristed piece of spaghetti sitting in the Oval Office. (That description has nothing to do with his sexuality (so the gay trouble makers can just shut up). It has everything to do with his wimpy way of running this country. Global warming (whatever name they have given it today to better con us) is the biggest, grandest SWINDLE ever to be perpetrated upon gullible people in the history of this nation, and it keeps getting bigger, due to the IGNORANCE of people like Kerry. (Town Hall)

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